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Of COURSE Nani’s Relaxed

It’s no bloody wonder that Nani feels relaxed ahead of our Champions League final, given the probability he won’t get to play, following a disappointing second season for Manchester United.

The winger has today revealed that preparations for the final are going well, with the team relaxed ahead of their biggest game of the season.

“We feel confident because we have a lot of players who are experienced in this competition,” said Nani. “We are relaxed and prepared for the game.”

It’s easy to be relaxed when you know you’re probably not going to play, eh? Unless we go to a penalty shoot-out, in which case he would have to be brought on, certainly ahead of Dimitar Berbatov is he’s still on the bench!

I’m sure he can’t wait for this season to be over with so he can’t start concentrating on 09/10. After an impressive debut season, scoring against Liverpool and Arsenal, as well as netting a penalty in the European Cup final, Nani has been a disappointment this season. The lad has got it though, I reckon, so now it’s up to the club to bring it out of him on a consistent basis.

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  1. costas says:

    For me, he still has a lot to offer.It’s all about consistency.If we beat Barca i will wait for him to one of his trademark dances along with Ando!

  2. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    i usally start my comments with an emily video about the player in question
    i refuse to teach her a nani chant.
    nani should be as relaxed as fred the red, he may get on tele but just because he’s wearing the jersey doesnt mean he’s gonna score the winner

  3. Tinsel Tony says:

    When Nani and Anderson walked up to the
    penalty spot I was shaking, both young lads,
    latin blood, prone to emotion and both kept
    their cool and scored, that’s something not
    many can do at their age.

  4. FusilliJerry says:

    Henry Winter of The Telegraph seems to be one of the few British-based pundits capable of professional objectivity (take note Chelsea-arselick Marcotti) but I think he got it wrong recently when he said Fergie hadn’t put a foot wrong in the transfer market in recent years. Paying out a fortune for a prospect like Nani must involve dedicated coaching and sports psychology to allow him to fulfil his potential, and a run in the team to play himself into form.

    As things stand Nani is looking like a very costly failure, with Tosic set to come into the side next season – at least Rooney will then be allowed to resume his goal-threat instead of playing as double left-back.

  5. Gudjohnsen says:

    Nani will hopefully get 90 minutes against Hull, a chance to step up and show his ability. I seriously doubt he’ll play against Barca, unless to take a penalty like you said.

    If Nani will give us another season like this one in 09/10, I think we’ll be saying goodbye to him next summer. But he’s got the talent, he just needs to work on his intelligence and decision making. We’ve seen too often chances go missed when Nani is in a good position and shoots when he’s suppose to pass…and passes when he’s suppose to shoot.

    Fergie will give him another chance next season and I hope Nani makes the most of it…

  6. confoundedbridge says:

    “Unless we go to a penalty shoot-out, in which case he would have to be brought on, certainly ahead of Dimitar Berbatov [if] he’s still on the bench!”

    Don’t agree with this. I’d back Berbatov over Nani in a shootout even despite the fuck up against Everton – the guy is an ice cool customer.

  7. keanesmagichat says:

    i wonder is there any truth in the rumours that he will be offered a part exchange for benzema….

  8. Ji-Sung Park's Dog says:

    I don’t think Nani is good enough. I just don’t see the same potential in him that there was with Ronaldo in his 2nd/3rd season. I can see him being shipped out this season, possibly in some sort of exchange deal. Hopefully to bring in someone like Benzema or Ribery.

  9. Stephen says:

    Swap Nani for two players who are desperate to play for Real? Not for me he has not winged all season about his lack of game time and has tremendous ability, we are United we don’t sell players with his potential.

  10. debaser says:

    Go easy on the guy and give him a few seasons.
    He’s got the raw skills and potential to be a huge asset to us, he just needs to mature and make better decision on the pitch.

    As for Tosic, rumour has it he was just apart of a package deal to get Adem Ljallic or however you spell it.

  11. kev says:

    “Nani was also asked who he thought the best player was between Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo. Nani surprisingly didn’t favour his mate.”

    did you mean messi there instead of tevez scott?

  12. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    i think nani has every tool to distroy hull on sunday
    but i know he’ll go out there with his “im the greatest player in the world attitude” and that will equal him doing nothing hitting row z with shots 30 yards out and kicking the ball into the chest of whoever is marking him when he trys to cross

  13. wazza says:

    keanesmagichat : where did u get that swap news from ? hope it does happen

  14. bchilds says:

    Republik of Mancunia only 18%?

    Come on everyone

  15. CHAMP10NS says:

    Sell him…end of story!

    More pressing matters….I need a new username, my current one seems a bit out-dated!!!! GET IN!!!! Any ideas?????

  16. wazza says:

    some good news coming in for Hull game.Brown & Rio likely to play some part

  17. gazmask says:

    it was actually tevez that was asked which of ronaldo or messi was the best having played with both of them. the interview with nani on sky sports tailed off with tevez’s name as if nani was being asked that question

  18. costas says:

    Great news wazza!So this is the updated possibe line up for Sunday:


  19. wazza says:

    costas : are there even Welbeck bro’s at United ? lol
    btw, the back 4 you picked is very strong.I doubt both of Rio & Wes will start.
    Rio will mostly come on as a late sub.i would go for Tosic to start.

  20. costas says:

    Thanx wazza.The excitement of seeing Wes again confused me!I meant Tevez partnered with Macheda.I know that the back 4 is strong,but i think that resting the O’Shea,Vida,Evans and Evra is just fine for us.I think a lot will depend on our back 4.That’s why it has to be as strong as possible.I do wish though that Rio will come on as a sub.

  21. gazmask says:

    won’t ronaldo be nagging at fergies ear to let him play some part so he can try to get the golden boot ahead of anelka?

  22. costas says:

    He probably will gazmask.But i hope that Fergie will be the reasonable one.Ronaldo,Rooney,Carrick,Vidic,Evra,VDS and Park shouldn’t play even for a minute.

  23. gazmask says:

    costas, i agree ronaldo shouldnt even be in the squad but ive got a funny feeling he might be on the bench what with all the north east lot baying for uniteds blood if the big names arent available!

  24. m34ch says:

    @ CHAMP10NS, why no try CHAMP18NS?
    Just a thought.

  25. Marq says:

    Wes Brown is out for the season I remembered correctly

  26. jamos9 says:

    Personally I believe the lads been treated unfairly- he never gets to play in his correct position (RW)- Plays roughly 45 mins then is yanked off even if he’s not been the worst player on the pitch(on some occasions i agree he’s not really shone) it’s not really confidenc boosting stuff he’s scored 5 goals- which is more than Park and has probably more assists?
    He can only be judged after a run of games which he didn’t get at all this year. The boy has talent no doubt, I think some confidence has been knocked out of him of late.

  27. john ferry says:

    @jamos9, I agree 100%. I hope I’m wrong but, maybe SAF knows he isn’t going to be around long enough to develop and nurture Nani (the way he did with Ronaldo). This might mean a possible Nani exit.

  28. Xyth says:

    I think next season will be make or brake for Nani.
    He will have to show much more if he wants to prolong his United career.

  29. Giles Oakley says:

    I still think Nani’s got the right stuff for United, given a chance. In his first season it wasn’t just his goals but also assists, including his corners which were better than anyone else’s. (Off the point, but why does Rooney take corners when he’s not that good at them, instead of getting on the end of them?) Nani’s confidence has slipped, that’s obvious, and it is admirable that as said, he doesn’t whinge. Give the kid a break. Let’s see the fight back begin at Hull, giving Fergie another headache on his bench selection.

  30. Devilton says:

    Next season is make or break for the lad…

    so too for Anderson I feel. Both have shown glimpses of talent, but they have to step up and perform on a consistent basis at a club like Utd. Anderson at least shows the desire. Nani on the other hand is hurt by the fact he looks like a lost member of the jackson five. The soul glow doesn’t help either. People just look at him and go…oh yeah, he’s a prat.

  31. Isaidso says:

    (1) Nani 2nd highest assists next to only Rooney last season, who beat him by 1.
    (2) Best crosser of the ball into the box United have, and THAT’S A FACT!

    (3) Only reason he hasn’t been just as effective this season, is because he hasn’t bloody played. So the criticism from some of you on this blog is unfounded. Another FACT. No player should be judged, when they have not had a good run of games.

    4. If I was Nani, I would leave OT, because some of you lot are full of it, and before you make comments on Tosic, I suggest you watch his dissapointing displays for our reserves. Nani will seem like a fucking Maestro in comparison. Tosic from what I have seen, is shite in comparison. But hey, each to his own eh?

  32. TheTipIsRed says:

    Nani’s also had the bad luck of having a string of injuries too. It’s been start/stop for most of the season. Last year’s season was just mind-blowing especially for the new signings…Tevez, Anderson, Hargreaves, and Nani…simply amazing. Anyone would hope for a dream season like that and those four players lived it.

    This season hasn’t been the same for any of those players. Poor Hargo had the worst break of the lot. It’s the curse of the sophomore slump. It’s almost to be expected, look at Tevez and Anderson (although they do take their chances better than Nani). Sir Alex is fairly loyal to players that know their place and besides Ronnie needs a wing-man for those pool parties.

  33. mayday225 says:

    For the life of me, I’ll never understand why people are criticizing Nani all season for his lack of play. People honestly, make it sound like he’s the only player on the bloody squad, or any squad for that matter, who’s ever had a bad run of play!

    Nani’s a great talent, he’s dedicated and passionate about football, he was astounding at Sporting Lisbon, and if I’m not mistaken, SAF had been scouting after him since they bought Ronnie. The gaffer saw something in Nani and didn’t just buy him for the fun of it.

    The problem with some people is that when Nani first came to ManU, people were building up to be the “Next Ronaldo”, when he didn’t live up to that comparison, people considered him to be a complete waste. If people stopped wishing for him to be a “Ronaldo” and let him be himself then there might be a little less negativity surrounding the poor lad.

    He’s young, fit and his skills are undeniably impressive, and if ManU let him go, they’ll regret it. He’s going through a rough patch and it’ll pass, and God knows that when he scores again and if it’s one of his trademark thunderbolt goals, the world will love him again until something else happens and Nani becomes public enemy #1…once more.


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