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Of Course Scholesy Has Signed A New Deal

Manchester United have today confirmed that Paul Scholes has signed a year long contract extension to keep him at the club next season.

As the years have gone by, Scholes hasn’t played as regularly as he wanted and this was something that has bothered him for a while. Sir Alex Ferguson had wanted Scholes to carry on playing but the midfielder decided that he wasn’t prepared to play a bit part role so retired. Scholes stayed on at the club though, working with the youngsters, training every day, and quickly realised that playing some football was better than not playing at all, and amazingly came out of retirement for United’s victory over City in the FA Cup.

It’s safe to say that Scholes’ return turned our season around. Whilst Michael Carrick had a great season, the long term absences of Fletcher, Cleverley and Anderson meant we had very few options in midfield. Patrick Vieira called the decision to bring Scholes back “desperate” but in actual fact, he was probably our most important player. This of course is a worry, that a 37-year-old still makes or breaks us, but the decision to get Scholesy back in the team was a great one.

There was no way he was going to come out of retirement for just a few months, unless he felt like he wasn’t good enough. It comes as no surprise that he has signed another contract with United, although it’s possible, not definite, that this will be his last.

Well done Scholesy.

Simply the best

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! Scholesy has made my day! Again! :cool:

    Nice write up on

  2. Mikekelly12 says:

    He scores goals galore, he scores goals……

  3. Mikekelly12 says:

    Evening shit stains

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    What a blessing to see him for one more season….Fucking legend

  5. TonyBee says:


  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Mike & MrBee

    Right back at ya you funny fuckers

  7. Cadelin says:

    @MK … This isn’t the Chavski or Dippers web site m8 !
    (Master of the feckin obvious me)
    : )

    The Ginger Ninja to rule for another season … Result !!!

  8. Mikekelly12 says:

    Eh up Marro me ol mucker! Txt you last night but it turns out it was my mate Mano! He didn’t have a clue what the fuck I was on about!!

  9. Northwalesred says:

    Lord Scholes of Salford, a true legend and an absolute privilege to watch.So glad he’s going to be around for another year. Shinji Kagawa will be furthering his education with the master, the greatest English central midfielder of the modern era.

  10. Unitedfanatic says:


  11. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    Fantastic player…my favourite UNITED player of all time! Great news that the legend will play on for one more season!!! :)

    Evening fellow Reds!!

  12. bruce thomas says:

    So let’s see, Paul Scholes replacement is — himself?

  13. CedarsDevil says:


    We live to confuse mate!!

  14. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    BEWARE fellow ROM’ers….we’ve got 2 trolls of the highest order over here right now!!!

    Don’t fall for Cedars and Mike….the former is a Leeds scum supporter and loves the concept of sheep shagging while the latter is a Shitty fan in disguise! Despise the lot of them i must say! :P

  15. Fred says:

    Bruce – you could have got very long odds on that one at the end of last season.

  16. Fred says:

    Scholesy has been wasted in the centre of midfield for all these years. Any manager worth his salt knows that Scholesy’s best position is left wing.

  17. Mikekelly12 says:

    You’re a hybrid of poirot and columbo, nothing past you fella! Heard Kagawa got Bundesliga player of the year. The ginger prince got premier league player of the half year!! We could have one and half years of pure gold in one season!! Are the RVP rumours true regarding signing for arsenal. Michael Owen was asking!

  18. CedarsDevil says:


    You’re fucking bonkers mate…… Keep it up!!

  19. Costas says:

    JANUARY 9, 2012 AT 17:14

    Costas says:

    I for one wouldn’t be surprised if Scholes is asked to stay on for another season at the end of this one.


    Anyone wants me to pick lottery numbers for them? ;)

  20. Mikekelly12 says:

    Yes please!!! Won £9.30 on the euro lottery last night…. Not good enough!! Still, we were born United fans so guess we won the biggest lottery of them all!!!

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Shinjii Kagawa: Bundesliga Player of the Year POTY

    Good on ya son!

  22. Mikekelly12 says:

    Echo echo echo

  23. CedarsDevil says:

    Never trust the Greeks, especially those bearing gifts…..

    Thank fuck our Costas is Russian

  24. Mikekelly12 says:

    Thought he was from sandwich?
    You can go off a man very quickly! Used to
    Like Brendan Rodgers!!!!

  25. CedarsDevil says:


    Only one legend from Sandwich mate

  26. FletchTHEMAN says:

    MikeKelly Cheers mate, I sometimes don’t read through posts that are carrying on about somat of minor import, so missed your redirect. Your POTY news was a pearl buried in other prose. I will aspire to do better, but will probably fall short from time to time.

    Onward then!

  27. Mikekelly12 says:

    Where is the Earl?? Not heard from the ankle biter in a while?

  28. CedarsDevil says:

    The Noise has been busy with his pipes and stuff

  29. Mikekelly12 says:

    I dont blame you pal, they’re mostly nonsense anyway. I only saw it on twatter a few moments ago. Some great players in that Bundesliga so kudos to Kagawa for winning this award.
    I fucking hate city!!!

  30. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Mike

    Right now I seem to be a hybrid of sneeze and pharyngitis!!! As far as the word pharyngitis is concerned, I simply googled it to find a synonym for sore throat so I am not a medical person by any chance! :P
    But still this doesnt change the fact that you, like Eden the new King of Shitford Bridge, quite openly expressed your love for Shitty over here. We want fans like Sachu Sanchez and the Fly-in king over here not club-switching trolls like you!

    @ Cedars

    You are a die-hard Leeds supporter aren’t ya? When you couldn’t stand my claim, you are trying to be pally with me so that I can be drawn into giving in to you. No chance fella, I know you love Leeds the scum as much as Angelina Jolie’s lips!

  31. Mikekelly12 says:

    The pied biter of sandwich. Played on his flute rid the city of scousers!!

  32. Mikekelly12 says:

    I remember seeing you on the kippax with your inflatable banana so calm yourself fella.

  33. CedarsDevil says:


    You may err, kindly piss off now!! ha ha ha

  34. Mikekelly12 says:

    New thread.

  35. Busby babes says:

    ginger prince for another season invaluable

  36. prasan_UTDfan4life says:


    It seems that Super Agent Cedars along with his assistant Mike Bluemoon Alley have wrapped up a deal for young prodigy SANDWICH PIPER! He’s said to be the midfield general that can sandwich 2 opposition CM boobies in one go and would provide the much needed cover in defence when called upon!
    His key attributes include playing a pipe after scoring against rat munching scousers, taking out his pipe and tit-fucking the ladyboy’s & little whoring cunts of the bridge and to top it all has already been honoured with “Cedar’s orgasm celebration young exploit of the year” by French magazine La’Fuckquipe!

    Super Agent Cedars and Mike “always in his bluemoon pyjamas” Alley are said to be bowled over by his pipe skills and were both seen smoking a pipe with the Piper in the west coast of Armenia!

    It is reported that a deal is imminent once Cedars and Mike learn how to play with the pipe to fuck rat munching scouse bastards from the young prodigy!

  37. utd_fc says:

    There has never been, and never will be another like Paul Scholes. Absolute class on and off the field. It’s hard not to have the amount of respect for him that we all do.


  38. Costas says:


    I’ll see what I can do! Keep in mind that I usually bring the others good luck. Myself, not so much. :lol:


    I am also part Lithuanian. :D

  39. Hans says:

    Great news!

    It is a shame he could not be persuaded to sign up last year as well. Had he done so, we would have won title No 20!!!!

  40. Brendan says:

    Giggs and scholes signed up for another year, GRÉÂT……

  41. Gee says:

    Love Scholesy, legend, as is Giggs!! But have to say starting to worry we are gunna end up like AC Milan at this rate!! Hopefully Kagawa and another CM will sign. Like I say love both the old boys but need to be used more as impact subs now, not so much Scholes but defo Giggs!!

  42. Ganiyu Itopa Suleiman says:

    Scholes is a great player, no doubt about that. But his return again this season mean we are not going to sign the real players we all expected. What a shame on us. We need players like Javi Martinez, Modric, Gaitan, Jodi Alba and Kagawa, not Struggling players like Scholes and Ferdinand. Teams doesn’t fear us again, God of United will surely punish the Glazer family, Amen

  43. Daniel says:

    A team that has a midfield that cannot move wont win any trophies.

  44. Adam says:

    bruce thomas says:
    So let’s see, Paul Scholes replacement is — himself?

    – Too bad we didn’t have a young uprising young midfielder eager to prove his inormous potential on the field :) Oh well, I guess Jeventus will give him some game time

    Paul is a legend, but we should been fielding a youngster alongside him most of the season and next

  45. Denton Davey says:

    This not unexpected news is very much a mixed-blessing – on the one hand it means that a TRUE LEGEND will continue to wear the red shirt BUT, on the other hand, it probably means that SAF is being “economical with the truth” when he talks about rationing TheGingerNinja’s playing-time.

    To me, it’s worrying that Paul Scholes (and SirRyanGiggs) will probably get match-starts – both should be “situational substitutes”, mostly playing when skill and vision (not athleticism and drive) are called for.

    SAF has shown incredible loyalty to Scholes/Giggs but it’s time to become less reliant on this pair – regardless of whether they can still “do it”, most (or some) of the time.

    Of course, it’s up to Young Tom, Anderson (!), Kagawa and, maybe, MrJones, to force that decision on SAF

  46. Chuck Norris says:

    I wish he did not sign a new deal!Dont get me wrong i love the man, but we need change and that is not a true change.We need to get a new generation in the club, if this means another year with no trophy so be it.


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