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Oh DO Shut Up Ben Foster

Ben Foster spent years of his career biding his time, hoping for the opportunity to be Manchester United’s number one.

His opportunity came last season when Edwin Van der Sar was ruled out for months with injury and dealing with the illness of his wife. Sadly, Foster blew his big opportunity.

Against Arsenal, he let a tame Arshavin shot in, although thankfully we won 2-1. Against Manchester City his communication with his defence was poor and this cost us a couple of goals, most notably their first by Barry. It is his display against Sunderland which irritates me the most though, with him timidly staying back as Kenwyne Jones towered above him to put them 2-1 up. Thankfully we salvaged a point from that game but a more commanding goalie would have seen us win that game (and therefore, the league!).

Still, I always had respect for him for more or less sacrificing his career for the opportunity to play for United, as he waited year after year for a chance.

But after leaving, he felt the need to stick it to the fans over the green and gold protest against the Glazers.

“There’s maybe too much made of it by the supporters,” he said. “They are obviously passionate about Manchester United, but sometimes they need to focus on supporting the club a bit more than getting carried away with the technicalities of who’s in charge. Personally, I think the Glazers have always put money in to Manchester United to buy players when needed.”

Of all the stupid fucking things to come out with by a former player, this was probably the worst. After all, it’s not Ben Foster who has had to pay the increasing ticket prices enforced by the Glazers, he also doesn’t have to see ‘the most valuable sports franchise in the world’ spending nothing like our rivals in the transfer market and it’s not the money he puts in to the club that is being gobbled up by the Glazers’ debt. Who the fuck does he think he is to tell us we’re making too much of it?

Anyway, ahead of our game against Birmingham tonight, Foster wants to use the game as an opportunity to ‘show us what we’re missing’. It’s easy to imagine he’ll have the game of his life against us, like Brad Friedel seems to so often, but at no point will I regret the decision the club made to get rid. Bottler of the highest order.

“I’m loving it here, I’ve never enjoyed my football more,” said Foster. “I don’t wish I’d stuck around at all. This is the best time I’ve had. A club like United is cutthroat, win at all costs, whereas here, you know you’re not going to win every game but the players we’ve got bottle and don’t give anyone a second breath. There is more pressure at United, without a doubt. Even if we drew there, it was the end of the world. I don’t keep up to date with what’s going on there, I look out for results but nothing more. I wouldn’t go back. I’m having more fun, that’s a huge part of football. It’s tough at United and in training it’s very serious. I’m not saying it’s not professional at Birmingham and I don’t want to be professional – there is more of a relaxed atmosphere here. It’s up to me to show United what they’re missing.”

We’re not missing anything, are we? We sold a player who doesn’t like the pressure of being at the best club, who is happy to play for a side who don’t care about dropping points, where he can have a laugh and feel relaxed. That is not the mentality of a Manchester United player, so we’re not missing a thing.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. willierednut says:

    Classic Goat lol.

  2. StatesideAussie says:

    Foster had the physical skills to be our number one, but I was always suspicious of his mental strength, or drive, or whatever you want to call it. There were times when he totally failed to command the penalty box, a trait that betrayed his lack of ‘steel’. Now, his own comments have confirmed that. I don’t hate him. If anything, I feel a little sad for him. He obviously does have ability, and with us, he certainly had the opportunity. Yet so long as he’s going to be that weak, that unambitious, that undemanding of himself, and that accepting of mediocrity, his talent can only be considered a waste. I will never understand people like that. How can you have enough talent to play football professionally in one of the most demanding leagues in the world, and then not want to make the most of it? What a fucking waste. (It’s like Tevez talking of retirement at the grand old age of 26, though I suspect in his case, it was just a naked ploy to get more money.)

  3. says:

    “i don’t want to have to start talking to the wife again, i remember those days and im not going back”

    Great line Goat, Hilarious as hell….

  4. hammons says:

    yes, classic comments from both goat and redbeard comments today.

  5. allskoolguru says:

    THANK GOD we sold him! Lousy piece of shit. End of story

  6. Raizzen says:

    NO Ben. Its what ur missing. Not this club.

  7. SirAlex'sSon says:

    What a pathetic fucking CUNT! You guys have nailed it already. Lets smash tones in tonight and watch him squeel.

  8. Dela says:

    I have absolutely no problem with Ben Foster after reading either comment. I had my own problems with the green and gold movement (which absolutely 100 percent failed to do anything at all except embarrass our players by blowing stupid whistles at them at the end of the season). If this was the other way around, if a goalkeeper had come from Birmingham to United and talked about how he wouldn’t go back and how he likes the cutthroat nature of United as opposed to a less-intensive approach at Birmingham etc., Scott would be talking him up like a God instead of this.

    In the first case Foster was asked for his opinion on the green and gold movement and gave it, and it was entirely his right to do so (also.. does it not make you wonder how many other players feel exactly the same way about it as Ben? After all, he did mingle with them every training session and I’m sure it was a topic discussed a lot between the lads) whether he supported it or not. The second comments he made weren’t a middle finger to United either as has been expressed here. It would do RoM well to realize a golden Internet rule… “Text Has No Tone Of Voice”… so why would you all automatically assume he meant it as a big giant fuck you to United???? Is he not in his right to talk himself up before a big game? Every other player does it. Whenever any United player says anything about another team RoM praises them immediately.

    He didn’t have a good season last year with VdS out (but then again, those are big shoes to fill) but he also has a couple of memorable moments such as his league cup performance in 2009, when we won on penalties.

    I just think this blog post and the majority of the reaction here was way overboard. Show a former player even a tiny bit of respect please.

  9. Rob(son) says:

    Ben who?

  10. bchilds says:

    Meh, he won’t be missed. Good goalkeeper but good doesn’t cut it at United. Hope he has to pick the ball out of his net plenty tonight!

  11. King Eric says:

    Dela. Fair points mate but can’t agree the crux is he didn’t have the balls or mental fortitude to cut it at united. His words smack of a small time cunt who couldn’t be arsed to fight for his place and prefers having fun. Will also never forget his whiny fucking comments how he was ingerlunds number one but uniteds third choice. No he has found his level at united. His decision making positioning and distyribution were in the main piss poor. I am looking forward to seeing lindergaard in action

  12. King Eric says:

    Sorry found his level at brum

  13. Abhishek says:

    the quality of writing at this site has really gone down..its sad cause it was my favourate place to come to on the web..Scott have you got a team of writers now? cause you seem to raking up a lot of petty issues..lots of non stories seem to crop up..the berb vs ballotelli..(its hipocracy wen we count the no of arrogant pricks we hav had) n how u seem to bring down rooney (wat hapend to supporting our players) the tvez obsession , n how u like an average joe seem to underestimate players like carrick,macheda not feeling happy to say stuff like this..but i thot some1 needs to bring it to notice..

  14. Dave says:

    More fun at Brum? The greatest feeling you can have in football is when your team win a trophy, and if you find a relegation battle more fun than winning trophies, then your mental issues clearly extend beyond an inability to perform under pressure.

    Oh, and you live in a shithole.

  15. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    I thought this was Scotts blog, his entire site, bought paid for as it were. In which case he can say what he bloddy likes. We do like the odd petty story on here. Alot of us are full time United fans and need to talk all things United on a daily basis unfortunately the club only plays 1 or 2 times weekly. I have enough bolox to share with the world 1 or 2 times hourly. Scott is a good writer and has dedicated his life in giving us a place to air our views. Im glad for you Abhishek that your life is so complete that you dont need to be immature and petty but i for one am a complete degenerate tosspot who likes a good rant and loves to be as useless and unproductive as i possibly can. You know it takes all sorts in this life, you say Potato, I say Badgers cock…….

  16. Devil310 says:

    ENGLAND’s NUMBER 1!!!!


    What a joke this guy is….

  17. King Eric says:

    Abishek. You know what to do then pal. Fucking do one. Last I looked it was scotts blog. If you don’t like it start ya own blog.

  18. United1990 says:

    I’d go with what the title of the article says as a comment

  19. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Dela 16:33 . Top post mate. Personally I thought that had Kenwyne Jones done that vs chelski or l’arseit would have been given as a foul. Didn’t help him that his back four was constantly changing every week. Had Rio and Vidic been in front of him every game during his run in the team I think he would still be here.

    Anyway lets see what this Lindergaard fella is like, no doubt he will get slagged off once he makes a mistake.

  20. McQueen says:

    Can’t handle the heat? Get out the kitchen!

    Here’s hoping he fumbles one into the path of Berba tonight.

  21. TonyBee says:

    oooooh Goat……… giving it large….you on the blob this week lol

  22. McQueen says:

    Abhishek – no one will miss you mate. Judging by the popularity of the blog, not many share your grievances. It’s true that Scot likes to have a laugh at our rivals expense, and so do I, so I’m glad he writes about it. It’s just a bit of banter!

  23. keano86 says:

    He’s got a point about the protest i guess, you see too many people who will wear green & gold, but at the same time have a sky sports subscription and drink budweiser, wearing nike trainers – utter CUNTS like that. But i hope he slips in the second half. Hope ando breaks gardners fucking knee.

  24. keano86 says:

    He’s got a point about the protest i guess, you see too many people who will wear green & gold, but at the same time have a sky sports subscription and drink budweiser, wearing nike trainers – utter CUNTS like that. But i hope he slips in the second half. Hope ando breaks gardners fucking knee!

  25. Always Be Closing says:

    And again at the near post!

    Fucking beauty.

  26. Always Be Closing says:

    @keano86 – yeah dick, because not having a Sky sub means missing United games, and wearing Nike clothing has nothing to do with United.

  27. keano86 says:

    Of course not, you stupid cunt. ;)

  28. Southy Redballs says:

    Looks like he really is happier tonight. I guess what he said is true, shame Rooney can’t show some passion too. I think the crowd got on his back after his shocking tackle at Birmingham in his Everton days. Maybe us Reds should enjoy football more because we will win nothing unless we play as a happy team.

  29. United-Sthlm says:


    ” There is more pressure at United, without a doubt. Even if we drew there, it was the end of the world. ”

    Really? No shit!?
    ofc theres more fuckin pressure at united then at Birmingham, United are fighting to win trophies while B’ham are fighting to remain a ‘mid/upper-lower table team..

  30. RedScot says:

    This is not a fight that leaves my thinking and work I do .Not to be better than anyone.Its just my passion for United.
    He cant keep me quiet, no one can on this aspect of United.I here people call me names and insult me because they slavishly think they support United.
    Square the circle as Ed Barker says on United rant. Dont go to Old Trafford and most certainly dont buy any official merchandise.
    We need new owners, not some imaginary half wits from the middle east with oil money. that are engractiating themselves for the World cup in 2022. i mean its a nonesense.changing all the league programme to accomadate these imposters.A population of no less than Birmingham, to hold this tournament. Can you not see what Oil and gas does for a club, think in London, none other than Chelsea.He is not investing now, is he?. The sweetie shop has gone.He wants a return.
    I have big ideas for my magnificent club, and I work on that!
    I say keep it British for the long term greatness of United.
    This is a United institution not some “toy” for glory hunters and glamour rich investors to piss around with.
    Long live United.
    We shall see in the future, pray and hope the next step is do or die.

  31. Fze123 says:

    My dislike for him started after his display in the 4-3 derby last season. Which was in September. Make of that what you will.

  32. gitan_reel says:

    he is relaxed there ,.no pressure ,. anything ,.
    It seems that guys there smoking Hoble Boble after game in backyards ,.


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