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Old Shirt COMPETITION: Who Scored The Goals At Highbury That Night

After the players voted our black shirt from the early 90′s as their favourite, Nike produced an all black strip for us at the start of the 2003 season.

We wore this shirt when away at Highbury during the season we ended Arsenal’s unbeaten run. After winning 2-0 at Old Trafford, we were promised a reaction from the Gooners, and after 8 minutes when they took the lead, it looked as though they were going to be true to their word.

United came back and won 4-2 though, with a United legend, an up-and-coming star and total surprise scorer giving us the goals.

Continuing on with our promotion of old shirts instead of the latest strip, RoM are offering you the chance to win this shirt.

Q: Who were the goalscorers at Highbury that evening?

Send your full name, address and shirt size to: Winners will be asked to e-mail a picture of themselves wearing the shirt.

Colton McCann from Las Vegas is wearing his old shirt with pride after winning the first shirt.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Butlersrevenge says:

    The black kits always look good, almost ninja like???

  2. cheranthedingo says:

    mate it was 04 when the kit came out..

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    From “See You Out There” to Ronaldo getting Patted on the head by Henry after terrys late tackle only for onnie to push him away and tell him to fuck off , from Heinze becoming(at the time) a united hero by playing that match like Stevie Bruce would have to that wonderful chip – from Nevilles stare during a hand shake to tweety pie fowl on freddie- that match was unreal

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Scot I entered but is it the united goal scorers of the 6 goal scorers cause i only answered with the united players

  5. King Eric says:

    One of my favourite games of the last few years.

  6. Scorp says:

    A brilliant pass from Scholsey for that Cantonaesque goal. Another pass I cannot forget is one from Wazza which RedNev almost turned it in.

  7. SmartAlex says:


    Too late, she cried!
    Tell you what, if I win it I’ll send you a picture of my girlfriend taking it off.

  8. obertanthenewstar says:

    lovely chip frm the young player then!! so just shows how long he’s been with us.. still playing.. but i still think we have better options that him

  9. Drew Vader says:

    Saw a full replay of that game last summer, and my word the pace of the match was unfreakin believable. Passes were being pinged around at 100 mph by both sides.

    I also hurt my shoulder watching that game because in celebration of our 3rd to take the lead I punched the air too enthusiastically and hurt myself…. What a match

  10. Red phil says:

    This was also the day that “he plays on the leeeeft, he plays on the riiiiight….” was first sang, although the original words were about making beckham look shite, not England.

    What a classic away that was.

  11. Drew Vader says:

    Ahhh I love the Black 07-08 kits…. Where would be the best place to find one of those? E-bay??

  12. Drew Vader says:

    Oh, and cue all the gooners saying that ROM is obsessed with them….

  13. cheranthedingo says:

    ahh my bad Scott

  14. Danillaco says:

    Who the Eric kits of last competition? That is the best kit of all!

    I’ll send my answer. Hell of a game, funny, I was thinking about seeing this game again. What’s teh best site to DL previous games?

  15. Che Guevarist says:

    And we are facing Valencia.

  16. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    And i was wondering if anyone was following the draw

  17. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    And mourinho gets to face his ex

  18. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    oops sorry his ex country i meant,not club

  19. Che Guevarist says:

    United, Valencia, Rangers so far. Strong group to be honest.

  20. Sketch says:

    Funny, how we keep getting the team picked out first? Its a hard group. Just a question. Would the winners from our group play the second from group D?

  21. KIngOfStretfordEnd says:

    nope its a random draw for round of 16

  22. Che Guevarist says:

    United,Valencia, Rangers, Bursaspor

    Hard group, could have done without a trip to Turkey too

  23. Red1990 says:

    This is my favorite game with us v arsenal. I was in a pub in London, full of Arsenal supporters, only 3-4 united supporters, and I did not even know them. I managed to get out of the pub injury free…fucking great night

    2-4 for us, I think that was the last game we played in Highbury.

    Hope I win the shirt.

  24. willierednut says:

    That game was an end of an era, Keane and Viera both left the season after, memories eh.

  25. Maik says:

    I already have that one… That was one great kit.


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