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Ole: Ando Will Be A Great United Player

Anderson has gone off the boil since his storming first season with Manchester United, which he ended with scoring one of the sudden death penalties in the European Cup final against Chelsea.

Still, in the pre-season he scored a blinding freekick against Boca Juniors and this week he scored for the Reserves.

We have been left to question his attitude, particularly after his falling out with Kiko at the very start of the season, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reckons Anderson has what it takes to become an important player for us. What is encouraging is the revelation that Anderson asked to play for the Reserves this week!

“Ando has shown his qualities and attitude,” said Solskjaer. “Now it is a case of him taking his chance when he gets it and putting down a marker to stay in the team. He is going to be a big player for Manchester United. It was all glory for him in his first season, but then you sometimes get a bit of a reaction to that. It happens to a lot of players. But with Cristiano Ronaldo gone, we need players like Anderson to step up and say `here is what all the talk was about when you signed me.’ It is always going to be a big challenge at United to get a place in the first team. No player at United is going to step aside and say `here you take my place.’ You have to fight for it and he is more than capable of doing that as he is proving. He volunteered to play for the reserves. Asking to play just shows his professionalism and determination to succeed.”

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  1. Scott the Red says:

    Tufty – I probably didn’t support United when Kleberson played? Go fuck yourself you arrogant tosser. It really is no surprise you’ve got such a reputation as a wanker. Kleberson didn’t spray inch perfect 40 yard passes here, there and everywhere, something Anderson has done on plenty of occasions – his problem is his inconsistency at doing this, not his ability. Kleberson wasn’t the dreadful signing he is remembered as, in the same category as Djemba x 2, but he wasn’t as good as Anderson, not in this league anyway.

    Anyway, go and think of another embarrassing banner. Or better still, go and pinch another one from Anfield like you did with that dreadful “Can’t buy class” effort. You had the whole Stretford End cringing with that one, well played!

  2. SteRDLK says:

    Those opinions can easily be disspelled with facts.The facts are there that Fergie isnt shit, the facts are there that Rooney isnt a talentless thug, the facts are there that Giggs hasnt been useless for 5 years.

    Fergie – Won the last 3 league titles
    Rooney – Average of 20 goals a season, already scored almost half the goals Sir Bobby did for England
    Giggs – Won PFA Player of the Season just last season

    His opinion than Anderson didnt have a storming first season cannot be so easily disspelled, but obviously now he has made the comparison to Klebersen his argument looks a lot weaker, but you cant just insult somebodys opinon if you think he is wrong. Only once he has tried to back it up can you say “yes, hes wrong” or “no, i was wrong”.

  3. Scott the Red says:

    “You cant just insult somebodys opinon if you think he is wrong.”

    Yes I can. I just did. I think it’s pathetic to say Anderson had three good games in his first season. That’s my opinion.

  4. SteRDLK says:

    Kleberson was far from shit, the fact he got back into the Brazil squad this year is testament to the players abilities. Similar situation to Veron and Forlan. They never really adjusted to things at United for one reason or another.

    The next 2 seasons are make or break for Andersons United career, (stating the obvious), he has all the tools required to be a United star, just if he utilises them.

  5. SteRDLK says:

    Youre not very mature then if you insult somebodys opinion just because you disagree with it, without even listening to the reasons behind it.

  6. Datnana says:

    Ando will make’s difficult to dispossess him of the ball when he goes on his runs.want to see more of those runs.he’s got to be confident and work on reducing his weight.fantastic as an attacking midfielder. We are looking at a potential left-footed ronaldinho.

  7. irishred#1 says:

    SteRDLK and Tufty should not be able to call them self football fans because anyone that gives a shit about people calling each other pethetic is one dozy cunt and anyone that thinks ando only had 3 decent games is not only pethetic but a complete and utter gobshite and as the great roy keane said he was probably too busy eating his prawn sandwiches

  8. SteRDLK says:

    Irishred, so me stating that Scott insulting Tufty for an OPINION means Im not a football fan? Great logic, so Im assuming you insulting me for this means you arent a football fan either? No wait, you insulting me means you are a GREAT football fan, right?


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