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Ole: Ferguson Deserved 1999

“I look at that picture and I remember exactly what I was thinking,” he said. “‘You deserve this, after everything you’ve done for the club’. The only thing I could think about was how much Ferguson deserved this.”

Solskjaer has also reflected on how money has never been his motivator, rather the fear of disappointing.

“There are a lot of things I don’t have to do any more, I’ve got money enough to lie on the beach and relax for the rest of my life, but that would get boring pretty quickly,” he continued. “No, money does nothing for the inner drive. Money has made me comfortable in the sense that that part of my life is taken care of. But it’s never driven me. It’s the fear of disappointing myself that has driven me. Disappointing those around me. And Ferguson. The worst thing I knew was to disappoint Ferguson.”

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  1. kel says:

    The fact that you really dont care about the money and do care about the club is when you think the same as him.

    He cares for Fergie and i like this. Legend.

  2. King Eric says:

    Cedars – Hello mate, you ok? Yeah its silly isnt it? Especially that horrible cunt Burley. Why drag up his first seasons in charge? Tosser.

  3. Kings says:

    King Eric – Hello mate. Losers like him should learn to shut the fuck up, especially as he plays for a team who are perennial losers and have won nothing for 6 years. Talkshite were compiling a list of players who have won medals by crook – throwing in names like Traore and Nunez in respect of winning the 2005 European Cup. That cunt should be on that list as well for winning the Euros and the World Cup despite doing fuck all. Totally agree mate, when you have an arrogant cunt like Wenger mouthing off about quadruples and how great his ‘kids’ are, then that will transmit throughout the squad. Seems the most vocal ones are that bottle job cunt, odd-bodied cunt Wilshere and mincing cunt Nasri. I fucking hate that shit football club and the supporters are cunts as well. How the fuck anyone can call that cunt Wenger a genius is beyond me. He wins nothing for 6 years and gets the benefit of the doubt, Fergie went 4 years without winning the League and he was apparantly in decline and it was in the best interests of the club to let him go. Pearls of wisdom eh?

  4. Kings says:

    I thought Burley of all people was a fan of United, after all it was his shit back pass that let in Beckham for the winner in the semi-final of the FA Cup in 1996. I hate that cunt as well as that prick John Champion.

  5. AON: Americans Out Now says:

    Words from the future Gaffer !! Get that experience Ole. We want yu back here !!

  6. GNev2UnitedsNewMascot says:



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