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Ole: I Ruined CL Final Opportunity By Scoring

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been interviewed in the 2011 Champions League final programme on the disappointment of not getting to play for half an hour in a European Cup final.

“When Teddy Sheringham equalised in injury-time I thought: ‘Fantastic, I’ll play 30 minutes of extra-time and it’ll be a great experience for me. Then I went and ruined it by scoring,” he said. “It was just a quick ‘Get on’ – no warning. When you come on and play on instinct, that’s when you play your best football. I felt I got into the game straight away and there were spaces and gaps because they had taken Lothar Matthäus off.”

Solskjaer also confessed he doesn’t actually remember scoring the goal that won us the European Cup.

“I’ve seen my goal so many times but I can’t recall doing it,” he continued. “I usually remember my goals as most of them were practised, but that one was just instinct. I stuck out my toe and guided it in – 99 times out of 100 I’d probably have skied it over the bar.”

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  1. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    Like Christmas Eve? Exactly that, only with more toilet trips.

    Shat about six times yesterday, already on three today pre-lunch, bowels already well aware its the European Cup Final tomorrow. They’re accompanied by the thousand or so butterflies (all of whom are driving a thousand super-charged quad-bikes) bowling round my stomach. I have to say though; Properly fucking confident about spanking Farcelona. Seriously, I am. I feel so much fucking pride in this team, so much, I love ‘em, more than before even though I didn’t think it was possible.

    Look along that alleged starting back-line, they love the shirt- Da Silva (either, both glorious) VDS, Rio, Vida, Mad-Pat.

    The middle; Tony Valence, Carra, A previously unnamed Premiership footballer aka a Spaniel chasing a piece of silver foil in the wind, Parklife- ah! Doesn’t that please the fuck out of you?!? (Assuming Carrick picks this game to turn up 100%, he can, we all know he can, will he? Yes.)

    Wazza (Come on Lad, United4Life? Be proud of yourself when you walk off that pitch at the end, you’re fucking mustard son) And the Little-fucking-God-I-love-him-more-than-a-grown-man-should-but-then-how-can-you-not-he-is-simply-stunning-Pea

    A decent bench to call on too. No complacency with this team, especially after Rome, getting slated all season by ABU’s and some plastics, but also the way we dismembered the Rent boys time and time again (barring the farce at Kremlin Bridge initially) that win or lose tomorrow, I will be cheering on a United who love the fucking shirt and count on one another to fucking put it in and let the Chorizo munchers know they’re fucking up for it. Spaniards? They do not like it up’em.

    Right, all that bombastication has got me an urgent appointment with some Andrex… but I no longer need a shit.

    Go on Lads, Come on you Reds!


  2. Dave Malaysia says:

    @smartalex: u speak shaman lingo, me no find da grammar understandable.

    me thinks CedarsDevil ‘NURSE, where the fuck is my coffee?’ is code to his wife ,lets get down on it!

    smartalex , how ur holding up? and i very tempted to take up yr offer to visit paradise,always thot it was tahiti , hehe.

  3. Dave Malaysia says:

    @ClaytonBlackmoresTan : i hope andrex is a med for the bowels,dont forget the air refreshener.

  4. thedonmassawe says:

    Thats how they make em, Cute, Cuddly and DEADLY!

  5. smartalex says:

    Dave Malaysia, you are very welcome to safari to the paradise I occupy! Very welcome!
    I have plenty of room for true Reds (and their families) to stay. Seriously.

    Regarding the ‘lingo’ :
    -Which Doctor = witchdoctor
    -tote em = totem
    -kilt = killed
    -skin dread = kindred
    -shame an = shaman.

    p.s. Africa awaits your attendance eagerly!

  6. billybowl legs says:

    YeeeeHaaaa get on…..Can`t wait to fuckin` dismantle that shower of bastards….BTW….I`m not watching it….I will be locked in the toilet,door closed,game turned off….til at least 9.50pm….mobile switched off as well….lol

  7. billybowl legs says:

    Anyone in Manchester City centre on Saturday night?

  8. Dave Malaysia says:

    @smartalex: thank you.

    see u tomolo dude,take care.

  9. CedarsDevil says:

    ClaytonBlackmoresTan – epic user name mate!

    Dave Malaysia

    NURSE refers to a house maid I recently hired, I am divorced you see. She is good at her job and does have very ‘special’ talents! hahahaha

  10. smartalex says:

    A little verse
    to a ‘special’ nurse.
    Be not averse
    to Cedars curse,
    just fill your purse.
    To be quite terse
    It would be worse
    if he swore in Erse.

  11. urval87 says:


    I agree with you. Carrick is going to be key. If he does not turn up, then we don’t have a chance in hell of keeping the ball. I recall at the start of the season Scott saying that our season will depend on how Michael Carrick and Berbatov play. The have both done brilliantly upto now. One more great night will put him in the big league of midfielders from next year !!

  12. CedarsDevil says:


    Fucking cracked me up! hahahaha What a bloody genius you are and RED to the bone may I add!

  13. smartalex says:

    We are riddled with red, Cedarsdevil! Red to the core!

  14. T4M says:


  15. willierednut says:

    Ole legend!

  16. Keano16 says:

    Ryan’ Giggs’ wife Stacey Cooke has finally walked out on him after being assured she will be given half of everything he owns.

    Stacey Cooke now has 6 more premiership medals than Steven Gerrard.

  17. Kevin says:

    Cant wait for the match. I hope we wipe the florr with them. Here is to a great in Kenya’s capital tomorrow night. All those representing us at the stadium, BELIEVE, the team needs you.

  18. Kevin says:

    @Keano I thought Ashley Cole’s wife was class, leaving everything that belonged to Ashley to Ashley. That was real love but when you have the partner asking for a share of the other’s hardwork really, was she in for the money?

  19. billybowl legs says:

    Women eh? bloody hell…..

  20. King Eric says:

    ClaytonBlackmoresTan – Superb post mate.

  21. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    All those going to Wembley tomorrow have fun, I’ll be stuck in Fallowfield been ignoring all the build up cos think most of its hot air but last night I dreamt I was playing in the Final which I thought was strange because those sorts of things are supposed to stop when you’re in your 20s! Anyway we won 3-0 and I won a penalty after 5 minutes. Not at all worried think its going to be a cracking game.

  22. Devil310 says:

    And that is why you are 1 in a 100 my dear Solskjaer

  23. scan74 says:

    glad you ruined it for yourself Ole

    the greatest moment of my sporting life what a fucking moment


  24. giggsalot says:

    “ruined it by scoring”

    u didnt ruin a thing i still get raised hairs on my neck when i hear that commentry. my grand kids grand kids thank you in advance of all the times i will tell that story or show them that clip.

    take a bow 20legend

  25. slouchie1472 says:

    Has anyone seen the interviews with him on the bbc north west news this week…looks like he’s doing a great job at Molde


    Cant sleep now guts are doin cartwheels…….20 hours and counting….

    20….its an omen COME ON UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. mark flynn says:

    This game has mickey owen written all over it.After wrapping up the 19th championship to overtake the pool…how fitting it would be for mickey to get the winner with 3 mins to go!!!!


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