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Ole: I Stole Fergie’s Line

Molde won their first ever title in their 100 year history this year in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first year of management with the club.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing and Solskjaer has today admitted to stealing a line Sir Alex Ferguson used on Manchester United players in 1996.

Following the 6-3 defeat to Southampton and 5-0 defeat to Newcastle, Ferguson sat his players down and gave them a talking to.

“If there’s anything about you now lads, I would take all your money, your mortgage, and put it on us winning the league because we will. You’ll never get better odds than now.”

United went on to win the league by 7 points.

Following a 5-0 defeat at Haugesund in May, Solskjaer stole the words of his former manager.

“I could remember it as clear as day,” said Solskjaer in his interview with The Daily Mail. “And of course, United won the league easily.”

Solskjaer has reflected on his time at United and how Ferguson’s model for running a club has rubbed off on him.

“I look at that as the perfect way of running a club,” he said. “In our little world, with different facilities and resources, you have to make it into a mini Manchester United. How the gaffer runs it is a template for everyone. If it’s good enough for United, it’s definitely good enough for Molde. I’ve got to do it my way. I can’t compromise and be someone else. When I was a player I could never be Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Cantona or Keane. But I could still take bits from David’s mentality or Eric’s ability to improve myself. It’s the same with the gaffer. He’s got a few traits that suit me but others that don’t. I try to make that into Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the manager. I don’t need it for the money, the recognition or the success, but I really enjoy it.”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    Ole you beauty, learned from the best in the business to also become the best in the business….

    The dug out at OT is yours whenever the boss decides to call it quits

  2. ClaytonBlackmoresTan says:

    Ole, how do I count the ways….

  3. RedHound says:

    I’ve just read the full Dailymail article and it was amazing, he apparently took down notes about everything Fergie down to the very last detail like what he told players in different situations. Ole also changed the entire club system and how things operated, and he says his aim was to turn Molde into a “mini-Manchester United”

  4. Red Devil says:

    Love you forever OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE

    Alan Shearer was f*&%ing dearer……

  5. brett1985 says:

    Assassin’s Creed revelations is being advertised.

    Is that ole under the mask?

  6. NYDUDE says:

    Great commentary from a True Legend at OT……

    I was in the Camp Nou when Ole but the ball in the Germans net which I will never forget!!!!!

  7. Clint-iamyourpapii says:

    Ole looks and sounds like a top manager.
    He has to impose his own approach on his mini manchester united model because Unlike SAF I doubt Ole has the ruthless edge and is more like a friend/teacher figure than a father/scary head-master figure SAF is.

    I hope to see Ole managing us in 10 years

  8. ZuluUtd-Malta says:

    For me there’s no need to look elswhere. Just someone with experiance for a couple of years and than it’s all yours Ole’ and we will be wright behind you all the way !!!
    Good luck and God bless you Ole’ for many years to come

  9. denton davey says:

    There’s an excellent article in the TelegraphOnline, filled with quotes from OGS.

    If managerial history is any guide in these matters, the only transition that was truly successful was Shankly -> Paisley. OGS certainly seems to have the right stuff to follow SAF – but it will be a daunting task. Hopefully, Fergy will stay on for two-three more years to complete the transition to his fifth-and-final championship team and then hand over the reins to a successor who will have the players-in-place to continue domination.

  10. Only one Keano says:

    Never thought Haugesund would be mentioned on ROM ! My local club! great:)

  11. Fred says:

    Greetings to all Norwegian Reds! :)

  12. norwegian says:

    I actually thinks Ole has a ruthless side of him as well, today he said to the Norwegian press that there is some “big time Charlies” in Molde which does not look like they are hungry for more success in the following years and may not be in the club for the next season. Also Kjeltil Rekdal, legend for the national team and manager for the norwegian cup-winners Aalesund says that he does not recognize the “innocent” image made by the press of OGS, and he was Ole’s roommate when representing Norway.

  13. moussa from Cape town says:

    You couldn’t have said it any better 0le,well done n congratulations once again,u learned from the master! Keep going n do what u made for! UTD 4 LIFE


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