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Ole: I’ll Miss Manchester

Ahead of leaving Manchester for Molde, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has given his last interview with the club.

“It’s dawning on me that I’m actually going,” said Ole. “It’s been a bit strange. Every time I do something it’s the last time I’ll be doing it. It’s dawning now that the family is leaving. My wife and I are going home, but the kids are moving away from home. They’ve lived their lives here. We’re all excited though. If we weren’t then we wouldn’t have done it. For me, work-wise, it’s a good step to get some responsibility and make my own mistakes, and as a family we had to do it now to see if we’re still Norwegian or if we’re totally Anglicised!”

Solskjaer has confessed that he will miss Manchester, but is intending on keeping his house here.

“I realised when I drove the kids to school, or went into Wilmslow or Manchester, that it wouldn’t be a part of my life anymore,”
he continued. “But I’m keeping my house here. It’s only just finished – it’s taken three years! Sod’s law, isn’t it? We’ll take a lot with us. It’s the little treats like mince pies. That’s what we missed about Norway – the little details. That’s what we’ll miss about Manchester.”

Solskjaer has obviously enjoyed his role as Reserve team boss and rates his team of youngsters highly.

“I think they’ve got a chance,” he said. “Two or three of these will hopefully get into the first team in a year or two, maybe even before. There are some exciting young talents and I think we all know who. It’s difficult to put money on players making it, because you don’t know how they handle success and setbacks. They’ve got the talent, no doubt. Now it’s up to them to grab their chance and be good pros.”

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  1. RedScot says:

    Well thats a fucking mercy mate…..You and Cedars did have me on A jet plane though, cheeky bastards! I pissed myself laughing when i read it.
    i Land where i want to, fuel or no fuel. lol

  2. jellybean says:

    @ Redscot- did you mean me? have you been smoking some sticky icky again? and not sharing? :P tsk tsk. btw i asked GHTT for your fb and i think he gave me the wrong one.

  3. willierednut says:

    RedScot – Well mate, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what the fuck can ya laugh at lol. I’m blaming Cedars, he’s a bad influence on us all lol.

  4. RedScot says:

    @ Jellybean, Hi Darling hope Asia is well hunney.
    No i dont do face book or none of that shite, I got enough boyfreinds already, and quite a few enemies, heavens knows why! lmao
    Any time you are free and want a real handsome and carefree Scots lad, that generally nurses a bottle of Whisky through the nite, listening to Abba cds and watching Mutv.
    I am availiable. and I brush my teeth every second day, bathe at least once a week!

  5. jellybean says:

    @ Redscot- only if i can finish all your whiskey :P although i did smash my head by falling backwards onto my bf’s toilet whilst attempting to pee (i was slightly inebriated :P ) so you may not want to let me hehe!

  6. jellybean says:

    i love it when Scott puts up a million articles on hungover days.

  7. RedScot says:

    @Jellybean, its so the comedians come out to play! lol
    And its great to read the whole blog….. right! :)

  8. willierednut says:

    jellybean – Des Kelly’s articles are always informative, with a twist of humor thrown in there as well. He wrote a great article on the green and gold campaign, last season. On big Sam, It’s the way football seems to be going atm, but what can you do?

  9. jellybean says:

    sigh, i wish we lived during a time when football wasn’t so commercial and…..prosaic. Giles is a lucky man.

  10. jrmill12 says:

    Sad to see Ole go, but I wish him nothing but luck at Molde. He deserves everything that comes his way.

  11. jellybean says:

    lol Redscot- i always have the RoM page open. just end up posting when i know i’m going to be sitting here for hours, cause conversations are too quick here lol! and its 6:52 am. ugh. why am i not sleeping? damn you funny people!

  12. united_greats08 says:

    Thanks for the memories Ole! We love you as much as you loved us and the club! God bless, hope you’ll come back someday…

  13. JackenDasGrock says:


  14. fayo93 says:


  15. Dave Malaysia says:

    Good luck, Ole.

    Love and respect to you and your family.God bless.

    Be back soon.

  16. Wednesdayx says:

    I will meet you, OLE one day… Thank you for your loyalty and passion for United.


  17. Belgo-Irish Red says:

    A smart man and a gent!

  18. Fred the red says:

    OLE 20LEGEND, its only when he goes back to molde that he’ll realize the glorious days he has experienced at utd, my god just cant see OLE without the utd tag on him.
    the baby faced assassin will now not regret of not having done anything at OT. his life’s cup here has filled. hope to see him here in the future as a manager of utd.


  19. Giles Oakley says:

    Just caught up with all you folks talking shit together, loved it all, had me rolling. Hope your head’s OK Jellybean. Reminds me of a tale from my youth, for no very clear reason as it’s nothing like what happened to you, except pee is involved. . Anyway, this bloke I knew was going for a date with this girl he was desperate to get together with, and she’d always been very reluctant (for very good reasons as he was a pretty ugly fucker – actually he wasn’t a fucker, at least in the way he’d like. ) He turns up at her house, suddenly gets all nervous and has a sudden urge to have a piss before knocking on the door. He goes off into the darkness behind some bushes and lets go. Suddenly he feels a spreading warm sensation down his front and he realises that his piss has bounced back onto him from the leaves. Oh shit, he thinks, I can’t go in with a big patch of piss on me. So he gets out his lighter and tries to dry his trousers. All goes well at first as the fabric starts to dry until, with a searing pain he realises that in the dark he’s set fire to the trousers, and burned his thigh in the process. He banged out the fire and wondered what to do next. Fortunately he had his school files with him so he placed them in front of the gaping, singed hole as he finally knocked on the door. AS he spent the whole, nervous evening with the file clutched in front of his nether regions the evening didn’t go well, and they never went out again. He reckoned that she thought he was hiding an embarrasing hard on. to the bargain. The only connection this story has with this site is that he brother was a United fan. I’m glad to say he wasn’t.

  20. CedarsDevil says:

    @ Giles

    Brilliant story mate, cracked the hell out of me. What an unlucky guy………. Mind you we have all had our own little moments I am sure….

    Still laughing

  21. Red Devil says:


    Yeah, the game being called off was a real shame…..the weekend football fix being taken away in such cruel fashion is absolutely disgusting, particularly when reading the follow up posts, many of which suggest that the roads and conditions aren’t that bad after all…..

    @ Costas…Its Polemic! ;)

    @King Eric — stay clear of the cold mate, we need all the experienced heads inside Old trafford cheering the team on……God knows what kind of havoc the recent financial issues are having on the club support, We can see empty seats in Old Trafford after many many years with tickets going on general sale…..unthinkable in the years gone by!
    We NEED all the old heads and campaigners to guide the new & young support to lead the team to victory….! :)

  22. United1990 says:

    20legend Good Luck


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