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Ole: It’s Massively Hard To Leave United… I’d Love To Come Back

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed that it was the talks he had with Sir Alex Ferguson recently that gave him the confidence to take up the Molde job. After turning them down several times in the past, he felt that now was the time to get that extra bit of experience.

Ole also confesses that he would love to come back and manage United one day, although we may have quite a wait on our hands.

“I’ve had conversations with the gaffer in the last couple of weeks and he said it was a good step – and that was the go ahead for me,” said Solskjaer. “He encouraged me and they were the words I needed to hear. I’ve enjoyed my time in England but I’ve got five or six weeks left here and I will enjoy it – but it’s time now to go back to Norway because of my family. I’m looking forward to this challenge but it’s massively hard to leave Manchester United. When I told the manager I almost had a tear in my eye. I’ve had an unbelievable time, I’ve played under him for 11 years and coached for three-and-a-half years, learned a hell of a lot and everyone at United has treated me fantastically. Anyone who’s played for United would love to manage the club – but as the manager told me, you need experience and this is the first step for me. Maybe in 25 years, maybe that’s the time.”


Pictures: 14 years of a legend
Video: 10 minutes of a legend

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  1. JTrappe says:

    This is the passion this lad has what a hero

  2. Utd4life says:

    He will definitely come back but please don’t make us wait for 25 years..For me, Ole is the Special One..Good luck Ole..and Thank You for everything..

  3. 20legend99 says:

    Methinks he’s going to be back. Something about Ole, can’t really describe it but I can see him sitting in Fergie’s seat before too long.

  4. Costas says:

    25 years? Hell no. He’ll be back sooner in some fashion. The way I understand this, he wouldn’t have left if Fergie didn’t give him that final nudge. Top man.

  5. willierednut says:

    The mark of the man, he has to coached to leave United. Top Bloke

  6. alan wood says:

    ole and scholes will be in my heart till i die

  7. Xyth says:

    Good luck and thanks for the memories!

    United Legend forever!

  8. bchilds says:

    You’ll always be welcome back Ole!

  9. redevil_83 says:


  10. Corea says:

    Good luck Ole and come back.

  11. Dave says:

    Good luck Ole. If you ever need a man to reaffirm your love for United, this is him. What a legend. Even if he didn’t score in the Nou Camp he would still be a huge fan favourite and that says a lot for someone who wasn’t first choice for much of his career here. He’s also one of the nicest

  12. Dave Malaysia says:

    He said during previous interviews he would leave when Fergie retired,thats why i was surprised to see this happen. Does he know something?
    I hope Fergie stays for the next 3 years. Respect the way he guides people and encourages them to progress in thier careers. I am sure he wud have liked Ole to stay,but its a great oppurtunity,going with Godfathers blessing.
    Saw ESPN report on Rooney training at Nike.Interesting.
    Feel worried but bit safe, Fergie might have sumthing up his sleeve for this weeks games.
    Wonder who will be the new reserve team manager.Think warren has earned it. But this does open
    up the oppurtunitys for Gary to start with,then Ryan.

  13. MG says:

    After Mourinho then :)

  14. CedarsDevil says:

    Sadly a dying breed but what a bloke. Humility, true love for his club, had the chance time and time again to leave for more money, more playing time yet he stuck it out for pure love for the club… Bloody hell the more I think of him more tears flow from my eyes……. Love him to pieces….

  15. Chep says:

    tears in my eyes seeing the lad on video posted by JTrappe. absolute legend. I hope in some day not just him, but also Sir Ryan, Scholesy, Garry, maybe Rio will rule the club together. strong generation

  16. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hope they told the new Norwegian boy Mats Moller Daehli that Ole is off.
    Could be a bit of a shock!

    Who will replace Ole as reserves coach? Imagine that Paul McGuinness will continue with the reserves but there could be a reshuffle.

  17. Moscow is my heaven says:

    When Mourinho takes over, he will stay. For good. So if Solkjaer wants to manage United, he’s gotta win some European leagues, get A LOT of prestige as a manager, and prove himself like The Special One has done so, and be patient, like Jose, because TSO will only leave us for his country’s national team, close to his retirement methinks.

  18. redevil forever says:

    ole what a legend wish him good luck at molde him alongside giggs scholes gary cantona are our legends
    fuck rooney

  19. need to feel the love says:

    20legend thanks for the memories ole not your typical money grabbing modern day peo knew he was at the biggest club in the world and how lucky he was to have that as were we lucky to have him all the best for the future

  20. hammons says:

    absolute OLEgend.

    i remember where i was on May 26, 1999 – do you!?

    the tear he had in his eye is nothing compared to the tears of enjoyment I had watching him as a player. he, ahead of scholes and giggs, was the ultimate professional, because he was never a consistent fixture on Sir Alex’s team sheet.

    Thank you, Ole!

  21. xol says:

    A true professional, humble, unassuming gent. unlike mourinho.
    Thanks for your years of service Ole and hope to see the day you return.

  22. curtis says:

    Well whats the odd that we’ll be in closer connection with molde now?
    I can see the start of a super relationship between the two clubs
    united will loan out all our promising talent to ole at Molde so they can gain valuable 1st team experience and in the process help ole out by giving him good players to work with, while we’ll have 1st dips on any rising stars at his new club.. win win i think.

  23. Giles Oakley says:

    I loved the video of all Ole’s goals, which brought back such good memories of the man. It’s rare that a player has absolutely no negative connotations around him, from friend or foe. He’s one of the greatest goal-scorers I’ve ever seen at United, so clean in his execution, so precise in his placement, so cool as he chooses his shot – like a golfer choosing his club. When I was still playing football, up to around 18 months ago, when injury and illness curtailed things for a while, I always had Ole in mind as I warmed up, kicking into the goal. I would keep loosing off shots just inside the post, angling the ball into the side netting , left then right, left then right, sometimes going for the top corner, sometimes for the bottom, ping, ping, ping, always thinking, ‘This is how Ole does it!’ This was always my secret, none of my team-mates will have known what I was doing, not least because I have been playing at right back for the last few , er, decades… I salute you little Assasin, you’ll always have a place in my heart, and always be welcome back at Old Trafford, in whatever capacity. Thank you for everything!

  24. steamdigit says:

    fergie is letting ole go for his development as well as planting a trusted manager in another league where he can have our youngsters blooded and monitored :)

    it works both ways for ole and fergie :) good for our club as well :) because we have an “alumni” of sorts for all our ex-players managing and coaching and scouting, it continues our talent development of young players as well as potential staff :)

    this is a great move for ole – i would not begrudge the man his opportunities too – but thanx all the same ole :) you’ve been a delight to have in our family :)

    all the best :)

  25. The Baby Faced Assassin says:

    This breaks my heart. Ole is one of my all-time favourite United players, and forever shall be. I met him the Wembley toilets (of all places) at the Carling Cup Final, and even though I probably came across as an escaped mental patient (“IjustwannasaythatyouareoneofmyfavouriteUnitedplayersever!!!) he was a true gent. Here’s hoping he returns to us one day and that this is the start of a fantastic managerial career. I love you, Ole!

  26. RedScot says:

    I have never heard anybody say a bad word about him.I believe he is highly cherished at United and at Carrington.
    In this day and age says a lot on a CV.
    The true professional.
    I wished I could say “haste ye back” in Norwegian, but as i can barely speak English, I will pass.
    Jaysus with the amount of tears in here pass round the Kleenex eh! ****Sigh****

  27. Manchuchu says:

    I wept when I heard the news.

    But in a good way.

    When you love a person this much it’s always hard to see them move away.

    Good luck Ole, we hope to see you again but if we don’t, thank you for everything. You take a part of our hearts with you.

  28. jamiemufc1974 says:

    I dont post often but felt i had to tonight…

    Thank you ole,, thankyou for being so patient when you were being told you werent starting, thankyou for the goals, the smiles, the celebrations, the 4 at forest, the 4 against everton, thankyou for putting the ball in the scousers net, for putting the ball in the germans net and the other 116 goals you scored for us. But most of all thankyou for giving me memories that i’ll never ever forget. You truly are 20LEgend and you are etched into the very fabric of my mind and our club.
    You are my solskjaer, my ole solskjaer,
    you make me happy when skies are grey,
    oh alan shearer, was fuckin dearer,
    oh please don’t take my solskjaer away.

    all the very best ole. dont leave it too long eh lad.

  29. Snoopy says:

    Good bye, ole….I will miss you, hero…
    Hope you back to MU one days…

  30. Lovin' United says:

    And it’s massively to see you leave to OLE….

  31. raldoez says:


  32. indiandevil says:

    Ole has been a great servant to this great club. 20LEGEND, R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!

    Btw, here’s an interesting piece on the changing equations in the Manchester Derby, along with a look at the top 5 derbies of recent times: C’mon you Reds!!!!!

  33. YorYor says:

    And to think he was almost sold to Spurs. It has been a great journey together Solskjaer. Wishing him all the best, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to strike up an affiliation with Molde so that we can send our youngsters there knowing that they will get some playing time, or at least not be mistreated.

  34. bobkoh says:

    Don’t be a stranger, Solskjaer, I will always remember your CL final goal. I will love to see him back as manager one day! Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole….Solskjaer has left the room…

  35. Mark says:

    Remember when he got the red card, Ole took one for the team, was it against Newcastle?
    I think it was 1-1 and close to the end of the match, we needed the points.
    Ole was the last man back, he knew what he had to do – PROFESSIONAL foul.
    He did his job and got up, knowing he he’d be carded and walked off.


  36. manunitedthebest says:

    You’re always welcome here! I love to see you as a united manager one day.. me, my son and my grandkids will be there to support you !! True Legend.. God bless you!!

  37. manunitedthebest says:

    I’ll truly miss him presence around with united.. associate with united!! I was one of them so keen to see ole after sir alex being boss! May be he needs the experience .. so good luck please make sure you’ll be back in here!!

  38. redintoothandclaw says:

    Hasn’t Ole got the boot? I don’t think Fergie liked his comments about Bebe, criticising his touch in his first week. I think he saw it as cheek, that Ole was getting too big for his boots. Fergie also says his replacement must have experience, that rules out a back room boy like Ole. I think Ole has been jostling for the top job and Fergie has shut the door, so he’s off…

  39. King Eric says:

    redintoothandclaw – Where on earth did you hear that? I take it you are taking the piss? Fergie loves Ole.

  40. KVN says:

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – UNITED LEGEND. nuff said

    Will miss him, and I truly wish him all the best in Norway. He’s a complete professional, and
    genuine nice guy.
    25 years? Nah, i think if he approaches management like he did as a player, then we will see him
    back as United manager in 5 years. I’m an optimist!
    He would be ideal manager IMO, having the experience then coming back to United and winning
    more trophies. Would love to see that happen.

    Have so much respect for him. And SAF holds him in such high esteem too.

  41. Sandra says:

    Ole>> Om du läser det här, så tack för allt du gjort för vårt älskade Manchester United! Eftersom du är norsk så antar jag att du förstår svenska ;)
    Hoppas att du återvänder till Man Utd någon gång i framtiden! <3

  42. redintoothandclaw says:

    I haven’t heard it anywhere King Eric, just a hunch.
    Ole appears to be a shrewd, ambitious operator despite the babyface bullshit. But ambitious people can be disruptive, especially if you haven’t got experience to back it up. I can’t see Ferguson being impressed that his new signing, Bebe, was slagged off by a minion – the reserve team coach.
    I’m not saying Ole will never be man utd manager but he has a hell of a lot to do.

  43. RedScot says:

    @ Sandra can you whisper that in my ear, sounds real sexy! Can you roll your tongue too

  44. Sandra says:

    Haha It´s a message to Solskjaer. I assume that he understands swedish, because he’s norwegian :)


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