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Ole: You Sacrifice Everything To Play For United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has today revealed that he may have neglected his wife and kids at times to ensure that his Manchester United career lasted as long as possible.

“I played football for 11 years at Manchester United and put my career ahead of everything,” he said. “You sacrifice all that is required to play at United for as long as possible. And it sounds all wrong saying that my career came first, but it was so important that some family stuff I had to come second. Many times I felt that Silje and me and the kids should do something together, but because I had the match in three days, then I wouldn’t. I have sacrificed a lot and I have missed a lot because it might have effected me before the matches on Saturday. I was thinking all the time, the next game, next game, next game.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. RedMegleeker says:


  2. Mikael says:


  3. GNev2UnitedsNewMascot says:


  4. redevil_83 says:

    19 times

  5. nanny says:

    what’s with all this 19? let’s aim for a new milestone. 20!

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    He gave alot and it will serve him well going forward in like. That they stayed committed towards each other must say alot. What is the context of this interview?

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    ++ in life++ sheesh

  8. the red indian says:

    forever my solskjaer….!!!

  9. AnomanderRake says:

    United. Kids. Wife.


  10. Bash says:

    You are a legend mr.Solja!

  11. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    If the players have to sacrifice that much, just imagine how much the gaffer has sacrificed in his 25 years at the club. Of course, football is his drug, so you can understand, but still he has sacrificed the most to see us on top of the perch.

    I think the families of players and the gaffer deserve as much credit as the players. It’s not easy being like that for sure.

    I guess that’s why they say, Behind every successful man, there’s a woman.

  12. Kings says:

    You are my Solsjkaer.

  13. thesavage says:

    Just when you think you can’t admire this man any more he says something like this and you love him even more.

  14. thesavage says:

    Just when you think you can’t admire this man any more he says something like this and you love him even more.

  15. King Eric says:

    20LEGEND – Simple as .

    Off topic. There are some right fucking clown footy supporters. Heard “Tel the cabby” the cockney West Ham fan call talkshite to vent his spleen about the club. He was seething. He said there is only one man who should be given the job. Bill Gardener. Whe asked who he is, he replied he is a lower league manager. No he aint he was/is one of the top boys in the Inter City Firm!!! Yeah good one Tel. Lets get a fucking footy hooligan with NO experience whatsoever to manage the club. Fuck off West Ham.

  16. King Eric says:

    Balaji – Spot on mate. Prime example of that is yesterday. Instead of Fergie putting his feet up with Kathy and enjoying winning the nineteenth , he is at MK Dons watching Darrens Posh in the play off final!!!

  17. Sir Alex says:

    United, Kids, Wife – In That Order!


  18. Kings says:

    King Eric – What a cunt that guy is mate. Shit small time football club. Seeing that mat with ‘Acadamy of Football’ on it when entering the pitch is fucking laughable to say the least.

  19. scan74 says:

    King Eric

    You’ve fucked up son gonna have the I.C.F hunting you down

    and when they catch yeah they will open you up like a can of fackin beans

    remember what they did in the cup in 85

    took fackin liberties all day run us boys ragged

    ha ha run will you can mate!!!!! or your be a chapter in there next bullshit book

  20. scan74 says:

    back on subject

    Ole enjoy your wife and family you deserve it my man

    fantastic player for us

    my missus used to work with a bird from the Norwegian FA

    who said he was the nicest most humble fella you could meet

    treble winners

    still buzz me tits off just typing that!!!!

  21. dre says:


  22. yustaq says:

    proved points… That what it takes to be united, tell me? How would this guyz not knock anybody off their perch. That river of greatness flows in every united players… LONG LIVE LEGEND OLE. ONCE UNITED-NEVER DIVIDED…

  23. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    My only Solskjaer

    (continuing from Kings’)

  24. united_greats08 says:

    I’m sorry to hear that a family man had to sacrifice for the club’s benefit, but knowing that his wife supported him all the way towards success, is by itself a victory for his family too. Well Done Ole! You made us proud – and family guys like us cry too for our loved ones who are always waiting for us back in our homes. :)

  25. KeanoFcukin'Magic says:


    You make me happy, when skies are grey….

  26. Red Devil says:


    Would you stfu mate already…..

    It is embarrassing how you’re going around on every thread posting links to that article of yours…

    I know you’ve written a good article but its frankly gay going around posting those same two lines on every single thread…

    I wish Smartalex were here..!

  27. YorYor says:

    You make me happy

  28. missingOTnowiminoz says:

    That article link is tops!! Absolutely spot on, maybe all the abu journos ought to read it, muppets!!

  29. BerbaGod says:

    Oh Alan Shearer,
    Was fuckin’ dearer,
    Please don’t take,
    My Solskjaer away!


    (continuing from KeanoFcukin’Magic)



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