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Olympic Gold For Anderson?

At just 19-years-old, Anderson already has Premier League and European Cup winners’ medals, following an impressive debut season for United.

His passion and commitment for the cause, chasing down any player regardless of their reputation, has won the United fan base over quicker than any new signing in recent years.

It has today been announced that he will be travelling to Beijing for the Olympics this summer, being named as one of the 18-man squad.

What better way to end this fabulous season than an Olympic gold medal? Brazil are certainly favourites to do so and have twice before claimed the silver medal.

Should Brazil make it to the final, it means he will miss United’s friendly against Juventus, the European Super Cup final against Zenit St. Petersburg, Portsmouth in the Charity Shield, as well as our opening two league games against Newcastle and Portsmouth.

Would you be happy to see Anderson miss these games if it meant he returned to Old Trafford with an Olympic gold medal?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. nikelesh says:

    I give a fuck about him winning a gold to be honest!!!i just want anderson to be with us for the full season.I wasnt too pleased when i first heard that he was called up to be honest.

  2. eddidaz says:

    No. United come before England or any other international team.

  3. DuudeLove says:

    I wouldn’t have been to bothered with Anderson away, if it wasn’t for Ronaldo missing the first few games through injury and Nani being suspended for two matches. we may really need to to get off to a flying start.

    However, thinking long term… if he comes back with an olympic medal, that will help him mature, gain a load of experience and will hopefully help him develop his game and stamp his authority on world football.

    Anyway we would have signed a player or two, so their absence wouldn’t be felt as much i hope.

  4. Steeley says:

    From his perspective – great.

    Fronm United’s – not at all good. With Quieroz off and the whole Ronnie debacle, United need to close ranks now, buy some decent players and make sure EVERYONE is available, fit and chomping at the bit – not so much for the Toon (cos we should batter them as usual) but for all the aways that follow.

  5. Eddie says:

    Club over country! Nough said.

  6. Tom F says:


  7. Craig Mc says:

    If we don’t buy, we are really going to find out about the depth of the aquad Fergie declares we have now. We have the hardest start, without Andie, Ronnie and little man Nani. If Saha truly is fit for the first few games, that will help. But can’t blame Andie for wanting a gold medal for his country though!. As long as he don’t come back injured from Beijing.

  8. ManUtd Fan from saudia says:

    I realy don’t know. but if we can start the season without him. it’s ok he can go.

    we have scholes. hope that we don’t need anderson.

    good luck anderson with the Olympic

  9. denton davey says:

    C’mon; he won’t miss many games of any significance – the Charity Shield ? who cares about that since it’s Portsmouth and not one of the other real contenders ? And, if UTD – without Anderson and Ronaldo and Nani – can’t kick the shite out of the barcodes then it will really be a long, long season.

  10. Scott the Red says:

    We get to pick 4 players from Scholes, Hargreaves, Carrick, Fletcher, Giggs and Park to play in our midfield for a couple of league games.

    Christ, it wasn’t long ago we beat Chelsea with Fletcher and Smith in the centre of the park! We’d have been crying with joy over the options we have now back then! lol.

  11. Tony Starks says:

    Look people, if he plays in the Olympics he will get excellent experience which can only be good for United.. Imagine what it would do to his confidence if he did really well,

    Who knows, by next summer he could also be looking for the Real move!

  12. DanS says:

    Would rather him at Utd – but we should be OK.

  13. azza says:

    hope he comes back with a gold medal and a clean bill of health, tevez isnt in the argie squad tho is he????

  14. OTRed says:

    No call me selfish, but all i care about is him coming back without an injury.

  15. Tom F says:

    There’s no doubt we’ll be ok for the 4 games or so he’ll miss…

    I just don’t really care how Brazil do in the Olympics. Or any country in any of the events.

  16. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I hope he shines for Brazil, proves he’s better than Gilberto Silva and Mineiro combinded, and comes to United as confident as ever

  17. jim says:

    hes a fantastic player whos playin at the highest level

    2 games in the season where he can be filled by scholes giggs carrick fletch hargreeves in the centre
    so he could poss win at 19 3 major football medels in 3 m,onths

  18. Kevin says:

    I love this kid and I hope he does win a gold medal. When our players do well for there international team it reflects well on United. I hope he can continue to develop like he did last year, part of that development is playing in International competitions.

  19. suhayl says:

    I couldnt give a fuck about brazil. Last season we had a shit start and nearly paid for it. with manucho, saha, ron all crock at mo and now anderson off to bejing….we are going to be short. And i unlike others want us to win every flamin trophy and have a our record and museum bulge bulge bulge… for comm shield and esp super cup…which i want us to really win…we dooooooooooooo NEED ALL OUR PLAYERS.

    THE END.


  20. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    With ronaldo recuperating,nani suspended and park still suffering from injury,it would be a tough start for us without anderson.But he is going to gain experince from world class player like ronaldinho,robinho and thiago naves,he is going to a championship that will groom up for the great task ahead,

  21. Drew Vader says:

    out of that list scott, i personally would go with….

    Park on the left
    Carrick and Scholes in the middle
    Hargo on the right

    With giggs first off the bench in the 65th minute….

    Thats strong enough to beat the fuck out of the barcodes, and should be more than enough to beat pompey. Although diarra played pretty well against us in the fa cup last year….

  22. Just1n says:

    Great opportunity for Anderson. Good luck to him.

    I feel Argentina will win it. Tevez not called up. He won gold last time and finished top scorer and most valuable player. Argentina’s 3 overage players are Riquelme, Mascherano and Burdisso. Messi and Arguero in attack. Scary stuff.


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