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One More Player – Gill Contradicts Fergie

Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that Manchester United had finished their business for the summer.

“We are not looking at the moment but we are looking at combinations of central midfielders now at the club,” he claimed earlier this week, much to the horror of United fans.

Last season, the central midfield was crying out for a new addition, with United resorting to padding the midfield to compensate for the lacking quality. Now that Paul Scholes has retired and Owen Hargreaves has finally given up on his United career, the need should be even more pressing. Add to this the fact Darren Fletcher’s mystery illness has returned, it seemed insane that the manager would claim we would just have to muddle on with what we had already.

“At this moment in time I can’t see any other additions,” he said. “The type of players we may have been looking for are not available to us. So therefore I have to be happy with the players I have and carry on.”

David Gill has today claimed that there is still one more player we’re after, although we are not currently in talks with another club.

“We’re looking at one more player to bring in,” Gill told MUTV. “Nothing’s happening – nothing imminent – on that at the moment, but we’ll see what happens when we get home. There’ll still be 31 days of the transfer window to see if anything develops. But I’m not working on anything at the moment, in that respect. We’ve been looking at a particular position and two or three players in that position, but nothing’s imminent at the moment. But you never know – there’s often movement in August. I’m not sitting here saying I’m working on anything specific because I’m not, but that situation could change quickly when we get back to Carrington.”

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  1. says:

    @StatesideAussie – Stay thirsty my friend!

  2. smartalex says:

    Samuel – united WE stand with a great comment on the quality of Nani.

    He can be a world-beater.

  3. smartalex says:

    CedarsDevil – your salted cliquorice is sweet black comedy and music to our ears.

  4. Okporoko says:

    Fergie pls sign up nasri. Forget wes.

  5. Chica Chicha says:

    What a piece of nightmare news. Instead of a CM, we get linked to another striker Vucinic. Are we going to play with 10 strikers and a goalkeeper?

    Anyway, it may be time to gamble on Pogba as CM. He’s young and fearless. Give him a few games to limber up. His close control is fantastic. And he can shoot on target too.

  6. Zibbie says:

    Rio & Vidic
    And 8 strikers
    A 2-8 cool.

  7. Zibbie says:

    I always had a hunch when Man Utd won the CL they played a 4-6.

  8. ko_leos says:

    That’s plain stupid. Of course we can’t play with 8 strikers. We’ve got to have at least 4 defenders.

    De Gea

    Da Silva, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra

    Rooney, Vucinic, Nani, Hernandez, Berbatov, Young

    I think midfielders are overated. Ferdinand and Vidic are good at lobbing the ball 50 meters out to the strikers. Let’s just play to our strengths. This formation will force all opposition midfielders to become defenders anyway. Barca, watch out, here we come!!!


  9. StatesideAussie says:

    Chica Chicha … I don’t credit the Vucinic rumor. As for Pogba, I can’t wait to see hi (and the others). But it is a gamble in more ways than one. Not just for the team. It’s also a gamble with his career. The minute these guys step up to playing in the PL (as opposed to the Carling Cup), they will be exposed to all sorts of pressures, both on and off the pitch. It will be like nothing they have experienced before. Their every move, on and off the pitch, will be monitored and analyzed constantly — not by a few people here and there, and not just by us fans, but by rival coaches and players seeking to unsettle them, by the press, everyone. They’ll be praised and built up until they float, when they have some small success — and they’ll be torn down and stomped on for every perceived failing.

    It’s OK to throw people in the deep end. Sometimes it works, and wonderfully well. It can also result in the player picking up bad habits that last a lifetime, or even “drowning”. When SAF decides to bring these guys into the first team, I hope it is because he thinks they are ready (or close enough to it), and not because he’s desperate to “make up the numbers.”

  10. Zibbie says:

    Berbapaths or Berbaphobes, and Berbaphiles
    All of the above please.
    Godzilla vs Berba who wins?
    wee wed, a Freudian typo? or just a simple mistake…

  11. Zibbie says:

    @StatesideAussie good to have you back in Sac town and as always bang up posts mate.

  12. Zibbie says:

    Old Sac, heheheehe a knee hanger.

  13. Zibbie says:

    Sleep calls for Zibbie, have Red dreams all. (Nice Dreams just could not hold up to Up In Smoke)
    My name,,,, isn’t it on the license man.. Dunna, Dunna, Dun Dun Dun. Dunna, Dunna, Dun Dun Dun. Momma told me to…..
    19 going on 20, that,s what she told me officer. Fucking 15 wow……

  14. Manchuchu says:

    You give Xavi and Iniesta too much credit.

    Nobody can make too much kickyball without kneecaps.

    And nobody gets sent off for injuring anyone if they do it in front of everyone in the world.

    Just ask Mark Van Bommel.

  15. denton davey says:

    WillieRedNut @ 0:29: “blatant conjecture”

    Of course it is. But you have to admit that SAF has not been above doing such things. He has a long, long track record in that regard.

    So what ? They ALL tap up each others’ players except, of course, M. Wenger who did not see it.

  16. StatesideAussie says:

    Zibbie … Old Sac, a knee hanger — that’s quite funny.

  17. moscow JT says:

    From gill’s interview and his comment about how things might change after the tour, i think; 1. The deal is almost done but the club has planned a huge unveilling. 2. SAF and Gill made an effort for a world class cm but failed and want the fans to know it’s not their fault.

  18. Ritesh says:

    Gourcuff anyone? Or even Hamsik? Sneijder is asking too much I believe (both on transfer price and wages)

  19. Giggsy's Lawyer says:

    As if we’re in for Vucinic!!! Sky Sports must be seriously lacking content to run with that one… unless there is some semblance of truth to it and the rumour mills are turning regarding Berba’s future. To be honest though, Vucinic is only 3 years younger than Berba, but nowhere near as good. I hope this is all bullshit!

    Gourcuff is a good player, but fuck Hamsik. He ain’t United class. I do believe it will be Sneijder we end up signing though.

  20. covyder @ malaysia says:

    Correct me if i am wrong!! but my fear is Sneijder would just be another Owen Hargreaves….maybe good for 2 season the most. He injury prone….to many times. I really don’t mind waiting for Nasri another for free is he still want to join us…

  21. AlphaRS says:

    The last thing United need is another average midfielder.
    I reckon we are in for Sneijder. It would fill the gap between now and when Pogba, Tunnicliffe, and Morrison (if he doesn’t find his way in to a long prison sentance) are ready for the first team.
    I wouldn’t mind Naseri too as he can play left wing as well as his prefered position in central midfield.

  22. giggs12gerrard0 says:

    I dont know why everyone is stressing about the signing of another midfielder? It would seem SAF clearly knows he wants to add but wont buy unless either Nasri or Sneijder become available. For me personally I think it classic sir Alex activity in the market and we will sign neither and woudlnt suprise me if someone like Douglas Costa signs and it is all smoke screens to deter the bitters from getting involved.

  23. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Waiting for nasri? united were never interested and most likely will join city, wake up.

  24. thundercats says:

    cedars- its almost like u single handedly keepin the sneijder waters at bay. I really appreciate it. And m on ur side, opinion wise.
    Aussie- dat post praising berba was more like of rajnikanth( i guess u al knw him, or else google it haha ) towards d end.
    To the red army- good afternoon from india !!

  25. dannysoya says:


  26. giggs12gerrard0 says:

    Sammuel and dannysoya – chill out fella’s if you think were not interested thats fine but SAF has enquired about him with Arse thats what he does, he speaks and gains interest so the player starts to think also. If United didnt want Nasri do you think Paddy Evra would continually speak to him in the press about coming to united. That is classic SAF. I do think he is City bound so I personally have forget about him but lets not kid ourselves we were definately more than just interested.

  27. CedarsDevil says:


    Well come aboard to the light side!

  28. BerbaGod says:

    @ giggs12gerrard0 – Totally agree with you mate. I believe if we could’ve got Nasri, the deal would’ve been done. IMO, Sir Alex definitely defined him as one of a few for that central midfield role.

  29. willierednut says:

    I’d much rather, have an MG on my side, than a thundercat!

  30. giggs12gerrard0 says:

    I see Aguerro has landed for a medical, class act and will definatelty make them bitter cunts better.

  31. CedarsDevil says:

    Damn I cannot get rid of him, he’s like a bloody shadow! :mrgreen:

  32. Costas says:

    Thundercats, HO!

  33. willierednut says:

    He man would kill them damn cats!

  34. King Eric says:

    Samuel. Again you seem to argue for the sake. We were in for Nasri as it goes mate.

    Giggs gerrard. Hello mate. How are you? Spot on about Fergie and signings. Although I wouldn’t concern yourself with that fat cunt Aguero. Decent player but over rated imo and have been saying that for a while. At one point he couldn’t even get in athletico side. The fact he is maradonas son in law has gave him all this exposure. Looks a stone overweight to me. And what’s with this “kun“ nonsense. No matter how good he is he will not do for the bitters what the Judas did. Their best player by a country mile.

  35. willierednut says:

    I wish I was overweight like Kunt!

    He’s a bloody good player.

    A tad over rated, but far better than the one paced Serb.

  36. RedsOfManchester says:

    I am actually glad the noisy neighbour is signing aguero, cause it just proved that clubs are selling higher cause they know city is bidding. Just look at torres few years ago at alt. madrid when he was so good everyone want to sign him and eventually got him at 25MILLION! Honestly even if today torres is valued at 25millions i will still sign him. Regarding the sneijder rumours, i don’t get it why people keep saying he has no re-sale value! I mean if he comes in and we do indeed win the champions league and the premier league then trust me nobody is going to remember he was signed for that amount!

  37. parryheid says:

    How can I make this any clearer we are in for Nasri and have been since the start of June.Why do you think Wenger said that same week he will not sell him to United.Were in for him and we will get him it’s a stick on certainty for two reasons,he wants better pay and wants prizes.He will get both with United and play for the number one team in the position he prefers to play game set and match United.

  38. Legolas says:

    Its obvious Nasri is our man, why then will we be biding our time?? He will be magnificent alongside Nani. Another interesting prospect is Javi Martinez and that is if we dont move for De Rossi; he reminds me of Carrick-of-old..tactically sound but with a huge upside.
    @Stateside. Yeah, Dimi is dat cooooool.

  39. utdforever says:

    Just to fuel Denton Dave’s theory of us going after Modric with $25m + berbs, perhaps this is why we’ve enquired about Vulcinic as Berbs replacement possibly?

    So would you keep Berbatov and hold onto the $25m to invest in WS or anyone else that fits the bill?


    Get Modric and Vulcinic for $25m + Berbs + $15m

    For me I’d hang onto Berbs.. why? The man is fucking class.

  40. willierednut says:

    Vucinic story is BS.

    Modric will stay at Spurs.

    We’ll get WS. Hopefully…

  41. MUFC-STRONG says:

    good on ya david

  42. giggs12gerrard0 says:

    King Eric

    Im all good mate how about yourself? I think the thing with Aguerro is he is probably more suited to the prem and I was more than happy with their pairing of Balotelli and Dzeko they would have won fuck all.

    I stand by what I said above SAF clearly wanted Nasri or Wes I think the Glazers would have preferred Nasri.

  43. King Eric says:

    Willie is spot on. That vucinic is fucking dogshit. Its a total non story. This cunt has been linked to us for the last three summers.

  44. thedonmassawe says:


  45. indiandevil says:

    What if we dont buy, wont be end of the world for sure!

    All combinations that the Scot could look to use in the upcoming season. All possible center midfield combos explained, what might work and might not

  46. lordrt says:

    I read on another site that nasri stated himself he will leave arsenal only for man shitty, so no point in waiting for him, and it’s better to move quickly as well now, as shitty got aguero and have a more deadly attack now and more am sure will come from them in terms of signings. So It’s time to make a decision on the midfield, and if needed, give extra training to the youngsters to promote one of them. With our current squad, it would be yet another difficult season away from home, as we have almost the same players, and with that VDS, Scholes no longer part of the team, VDS did well to keep us afloat away from home the past season, will De Gea or Lindegaard be able to handle these games?

    So while waiting for a decision, here’s my list of some worthy players who can be bought:
    1. Douglas Costa
    2. De Rossi
    3. Ganso
    4. Pastore
    5. Gourcuff (someone mentioned him in this topic)
    6. Martinez
    7. Sneijder (if they lower his price and he accepts a cut in wages) – last resort :)


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