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One Of Ours Has Been Stabbed Already

Greg Wheldon, 34, is the first stab victim in Rome, after he was attacked in the early hours of this morning as he walked to his hotel. The hotel staff ran out to rescue him whilst his attackers, obviously believed to be Roma Ultras, legged it. His injury was to his left leg, which along with arse slashing, is a trademark of the Ultras’ attacks.

He was taken to Santo Spirito hospital and then released with a spokesman saying his injuries were not serious.

Our lot haven’t been angels though. A couple have been arrested for being drunk and disorderly, whilst two others tried to pay for a 300 euro meal with dodgy notes.

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  1. Mic says:

    Well done Fifa, fucking brilliant to stage it in Rome eh, why not somewhere safer…Baghdad?

  2. EastStandManc says:

    Cowardly bastards.

    Still bitter after we took their bridge, I see.

  3. Chris20LEGEND says:

    Not suprised!

    Say platini is waiting for us to retaliate so he can fuck us all out of the champions league for a few years, Wanker…

  4. mltezr says:

    fuk the ultras. jelous bastards.
    anymore of this shit and UEFA should ban all games in Rome at least.

  5. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    that guy just walked out of his hotel and attacked by 4 ultras
    he’s released now thou
    so hopfully thats the end of it
    what fuckin meal costs 300euro

  6. doncobaino says:

    hope he’s ok, and gets to see the game.

    actually hope everyone enjoys tonight safely.

  7. Androo says:

    ^^ Italian pasta? lol!

    Platini is a jerk. EVERYBODY TOLD HIM, yet he’s Mr. Know-it-all!

  8. daveob82 says:

    Greasy cunts…….

    The logic behind choosing venues for these events seems to be lacking….

  9. Billy Meredith says:


    I don’t believe in an eye for an eye, but them Ultras have got it comin to ‘em.
    When I become a self-financed mercenary in a few years, they will be right at the top of my list.

  10. ajopaul says:

    Sad sad, please keep violence out of lovely and uniting game that is football..

  11. wazza says:

    to attack the innocent people is a cowardly act. Rome needed a lot of security for it to be safe during day & night. hope the victim is ok and that Platini should be removed from his post.

  12. Dani says:

    F8Cking cowards… Where are the “Eurotrip” United fans when we need them?

  13. ROYTHERED says:

    Hope to god we dont get United fans retaliating to any of this shit as we all know platini’s looking for an excuse to kick us the fuck out of europe. Rise above it Reds and walk tall.

  14. SoulManc says:

    Email UEFA to complain about their lack of control over violence in Rome

  15. AlphaRS says:

    If any fan was stabbed in England UEFA would have plenty to say about it.

    I’m sure Platini and Blatter would take great pleasure in banning every English club from this competition for 5 years!

    Every English team that has travelled to Rome has had problems yet UEFA still insist on holding on giving Rome the final.

    “But it’s ok they are only English and probably deserved it on that basis anyway!”

    Well done UEFA. Played a blinder there!

  16. jamiemufc1974 says:


  17. costas says:

    Bastards.Ban alcolhol and everything will be ok right?

  18. Redfanatic says:

    Another reported stabbing,an American tourist mistaken for a united fan.well done uefa,blood on your hands.I wonder will platini find an excuse for these stabbings

  19. redrick says:

    @billymeredith- am with ya, makes your blood boil, that frog eating fuckwit platini wont say much about it, and the mayor of rome saying it will be safe, MY ARSE. Glad the guys ok. UNITED ARE THE TEAM FOR ME

  20. anderson8 says:

    Fucking scum. Whats with UEFA constantly giving known trouble spots like Rome and Istanbul Euro finals?


  21. Gudjohnsen says:

    Fucking cowards. It was so satisfying beating them 7-1 at Old Trafford after all the big declarations by the Roma players in the press before the game.

    I just sent the email to UEFA, copy pasted it from the facebook group. I encourage everybody to do the same!

    Come on United!

  22. AlphaRS says:

    I have joined the group and sent an email off.

    Come on ROM readers. Support the cause because this won’t be taken seriosuly until somebody DIES. It is that serious.

  23. StenhousemuirRed says:

    usual fucking cowards, whats wrong with toe to toe ? cos they know well fucking killem fucking cowards . Perry Boy till i die

  24. THE KING says:

    Dont react Remember Lads….



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