Watching football games is never enough for most Manchester United fans. Some have to be there at Old Trafford week after week, others have to check out all the latest injury, team and transfer news for both United and the rest of the Premier League, and others simply enjoy playing football games too.

Whether they’re at home, on public transport or in a spot where they have nothing else better to do – technology advancements allows them to play mobile games these days too.

Here is a look at some of the popular online sports games for Manchester United fans:

Fantasy Football

Think you know football? Fantasy football is the ultimate amongst sports fans, competing with your fellow mates, colleagues and supporters to prove you have the better knowledge. Whether you’re keen to include the maximum number of United players in your team, refuse to put any of your rivals’ players in, or simply using the best strategy to win – fantasy football is always a talking point on a Monday morning, Friday afternoon, and most importantly, at weekends.

Traditionally done in the newspaper, those fantasy games are dying out as the internet age takes over. Fantasy football is now predominately an online game, allowing you to make changes to your team any day of the week.

Football Manager

Disappointed with Louis van Gaal’s latest signings? Angered by his formation? Or that he played Wayne Rooney in midfield? Recreate the Premier League season for yourself by playing the ultimate football management game, simply known as Football Manager.

Manchester United are the obvious team to be for a United supporter. Win the Premier League in your first season with your tactical knowledge, or buy the best players from around the world to support the likes of Rooney, Michael Carrick and Luke Shaw.

Being Manchester United means you can sign just about anybody on the game too. Not too dissimilar to real life…


With the enormous popularity in smartphones comes the large number of football game apps out there, for both iPhone and Android.

There are so many choices out there – games where you control the players by touching the screen, management games and quiz games.

Perhaps you want to prove or test your knowledge with a quiz game – there are games to identify the teams by their crest, players by blurred out images and multiple choice questions, all available on your phone.

So Much Choice

It doesn’t even have to be football. The internet and mobile games cover every sport alike – whether it be tennis, rugby or cricket – there is something out there for everyone. With the football season currently on summer holiday, perhaps Manchester United fans are willing to give over sports games a go…