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Only 4,000 Season Tickets Available?

In almost 25% of the sections available for season tickets, the club class the ticket availability as “good”, limited availability in 30%, with just 45% of the sections completely sold out.

Less than three months ago, the club were offering fans the opportunity to join the “season ticket waiting list“, but today put 4,000 season tickets on general sale.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. dyl says:

    Glazers are cracking up!!

  2. Costas says:

    I wonder if attendance will reach 76k this season.

  3. BloodRed says:

    Glazers are ass cracked!!

  4. Arni says:

    The amount of green and gold compared to the red is almost symbolic.

  5. stretfordend ryda says:

    after zebra finance rejected my request to pay it monthly i declined my season ticket, man utd told me i had to cough up 684 quid within 2days HAHAHAHA told em sorry but thats not gonna happen, keep me on the list for next year and i’ll just save up and buy it cash upfront!

  6. U.N.I.T.E.D. says:

    I got a call from United yesterday asking if I wanted a season ticket for next season.
    How long had I been waiting from joining the waiting list? 1 day. Yep, I decided to see how long it would take for the club to contact someone who has only just registered. Just register (without a One United membership, not needed..) and within a day United phone you selling you a season ticket. If that is the case, United haven’t shifted anywhere near the report 50,000 tickets.


  7. Fze123 says:

    4,000 is a lot. Don’t think the atmosphere is going to be great at OT this season, when we’re not chanting anti-glazer chants.

  8. Stretford End Flags says:

    Season tickets are capped at 54,000, thats why they have approx 4,000 to sell as 50,000 have already been sold. (This figure does not include execs).
    Even though it says availability is good, that takes into account the seats they have to leave free for members. (A percentage of seats have to be given to members).
    The problem with the waiting list, is that people on it dont necessarily want to have/can afford the ticket offered to them. We could all stick our name on Ferraris waiting list for their new models, yet come the time of purchase, could refuse to buy as we dont have the money.
    Stretford End Flags helped to move some of our members into the available lower priced seats, but there werent many of these seats available and none in pairs.
    Therefore, those on the list who hoped for a £513 season ticket, found that they werent available and had an offer of a ticket in a price band above £600.
    Junior tickets are only available in either the family stand (Which is over subscribed) and North Tier 3, so those wanting a junior ticket next to them, would be forced to sit in tier 3.
    Its a pity that juniors have a restriction on where they can sit.

  9. Eight08 says:


  10. giggs11gerrard0 says:

    Glazer and Gill will be seating as this is the second year running now that they are selling season tickets for the season ahead. This coupled with Charity shield going to open sale to gen public does not bold well for the powers that be.

    This can only be a good thing people as the ground will still fill each week but they will now have to work for it. The cup scheme is the biggest joke, wtf has going to a home league cup game have to do with me applying for away games?

  11. aig alex is god says:

    Is that good or bad? Someone please explain

  12. bigphil2003 says:

    Maybe now when I apply for One United tickets I’ll actually get them!

  13. Aj says:

    sounds to me like your a bunch of immature kids and just dont understand, i have read articles done by scott before and this one and have no problems, its some of the immature responses that just gets me as you should be putting our fantastic club first and hate the glazers second. the season ticket sales have done better than what protesters wanted and long may it continue, i support manchester united whether glazers are here or not – aldo i am hoping they sort out their mess soon or sell up.

  14. Giggsys chest wig says:

    How recent is that image? I tried getting one ticket in East lower on that block shown as yellow and Utd say its sold out.

  15. sprite says:

    vidic has agreed a new contract.. amazing news!

  16. EastStandManc says:

    @AJ :

    “i support manchester united whether glazers are here or not”.

    Are you saying those who are behind the Green and Gold campaign don’t (support United)? If you want to talk about ‘mature’ and ‘immature’, I suggest you do a bit of growing up yourself, son.

  17. EastStandManc says:

    Almost forgot:

    LU/HG (See which order that came in, AJ?)

  18. willierednut says:

    sprite – Just seen it mate, great news. I did say if he didn’t want to sign a new deal, then sell him, but i’m happy he’s staying. ps We need to get wazza tied down as well

  19. Giggsys chest wig says:

    Wonder if evra will stay

  20. RedevilzAdvocate says:

    Great news on Vidic, I’m a big fan of his and i’m over the moon that he’s agreed, get it signed quick before his wife hears lol! It was clear how inportant he is when he came back after his injury last season. Oh and shame on those who were already abusing vida and comparing it to the Ronaldo situation even when none of us really knew the true position. Here’s to him hopefully giving us many more great years of service and helping us win loads of trophies. he will murder ya’!

  21. Keeno1967 says:

    I bought four about ten days ago, I have been trying for years to get one, three of them went in names of people who were not even members and have never been to Old Trafford they were desperate to let me have them, I even considered asking if they would let me spray the seats green and gold

  22. fabioandrafael says:

    ok we bascially got vida and wazza signed up now we need 1 midfielder and were complete… ozil or schweinstegier 4 me

  23. RedScot says:

    Does any United fan know how many people were on the waiting lists in previous seasons and like for like on season tickets sold at this time,say in the last 5 years to see the trend.
    Or possible a link or site were you can view this information.
    To me it all looks pretty dire and Effing sad.

  24. EastStandManc says:

    @RedScot: ‘Sad?

    This should be a happy day for us all. Hopefully it signals the beginning of the end of the Glazers’ ownership.

    Let’s continue hitting the bastards where it hurts.

  25. wayne says:

    it seems the green and gold want to ruin utd because they hate the glaziers i’m sorry i’ll never willfully ruin utd and don’t understand that mentality

  26. RedScot says:

    I cant disagree about hitting them were it hurts, and if you were aware of any of my previous posts mate, were I have got myself into hellish trouble with dreadfull language being used bye me.And fell out with other Reds on the blog, which I hate.
    If you see as an empty staduim as the way to rid the Club of those people so be it.
    Prepare for a long and painfull journey, I said this ages ago I cant recall if it was here, sorry, there are going to be some very bitter pills taken, to achieve what we all want.
    I cant help but note you declare your SN as EastStand Manc, does this mean you have renewed?

  27. says:

    Our supporters need to establish a difference between supporting our team and protesting against the glazers! Support the team 1st regardless of what tools sit in the boardroom!

  28. Aj says:

    eaststand manc, i am not saying all the grèen and gold arent real fans, most of them are bùt some are just trouble makers who wants to harm the club with idiotic ideas of damaging the clubs cash flow. and i sèe you saying you put our club first.

  29. Red Sticky says:

    I did not re-new this season and have had e-mail after e-mails come through then last week got a phone call asking the reason….. When I spoke to the caller he said they had one or two come back but not that many!!! When I told him I know 10 lads that had not renewed he said it was the sign of the time!!!!! I agreed LUGH……… He said what he would do was put me on next seasons waiting list, so I asked how many was on this list for 2011/2012 he told me 30!!!!!!!!!! When me and my Dad got our season tickets 19 years ago I was told that we were so lucky as there were a 15 year waiting list…… This shows the sign of the time……. No matter what I will always love united and this season will be the hardest one ever as I dont know what the hell I am going to do when I should be getting ready for the game………

  30. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    It’s been like this for a while. A friend of mine was only a memeber and got a season ticket quite easily in 07/08. Its not just the prices which have been frozen but still take the piss its the added cost of everything getting to the ground. Regardless whether you’re from Manchester or Chigwell. The match day experience equates to a very expensive night out to a weekend away regardless of where you come from. The club is full of it and this story doesn’t surprise me at all. I renewed my memebrship last week and the guy on the phone tried to flog me a season ticket. I would have bought one if I could afford it. LUHG. These cunts need to get out of our club because its obvious that they’re bleeding the club dry. We went from being able to offer/buy almost anyone to a situation where we were in the mid 90s.

  31. wayne says:

    i’ve always been confused about this because i’m not sure what the end game is.i thought this movement was about supporting the red knights but now its seems to have morphed into ruining utd but then what? it was announced this week utd are worth 1.83billion its going to take 2billion to buy the club whoever takes over is probably going to be in debt aswell so will someone please explain what the point of this is.i get the feeling most green and gold think utd should be a non-profit communtity owned, well guess what its not its a massive buisness and do you really think that a few thousand season tickets not being sold is going to effect a 1.8bill buisness grow up for gods sake gate reciepts is a minor part of the operation and there will always be walk-ons on game day.will someone please explain the point of this and what is expected

  32. kel says:

    I expect it. No way there is waiting list. Many people dont want their money to go to the Glazer pocket.
    The fans want their money to be invested in the club and not their businesses. Next season will be a big season. If we never win anything, next summer will be vital.

    By then the legends will have retire and let’s see who we buy in the summer. No buy, there is definitely problem with the club with no money available and the season ticket might be lower.

  33. bchilds says:

    Support United, go to games but don’t buy the new shirt, food at the ground, £s in the megastore.

  34. kel says:

    Which one do you want to see? United going down like Pools or coming back strongly after getting out the Glazer? Of course we want the fans to be owning the club. I know it could be a mess but fans like we are united. Now we are slaves to the owner. It’s so heartbreaking.

  35. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ Wayne – 40% of the clubs revenue comes from ticket sales and if they can shift 4000 more season tickets at say £650 per head. That cash up fromt will garner a lot more interest than if people walk in on the day. I do see where you coming from but the point is the glazers failure to communicate to the supporters truthfully since day one. They don’t give a fuck about us and may as well stick it on a banner outside the ground. Eventually they will have to realise we’re not sheep like the Tampa Bay fans.

  36. wayne says:

    @kel sorry mate your comment doesn’t make any sense thats a dreamworld it would be great the fans own the club all the money gets pumped back in and everyone lives happily ever after i had that dream last night then woke do you know the next owners won’t be worse than the glaziers and just exactly what have the glaziers done to make the fans slaves i don’t even understand what that means.utd is a buisness and unless the new owner is a multi billiuonaire who doesn’t give a shit about losing money any owner of a buisness wants a let me get this straight the glaziers are evil because they want to make money out of a buisness they the fans ruin utd and turn them into a championship team so a new owner can buy them back cheap and bring us back to were we are now,thats a great fucking plan makes perfect sense to me

  37. Paul H says:

    We will have a better view of the overall attendance situation during the first few months of the new season, but I sincerely believe that the slightly reduced number of ST sales has more to do with the economy than anything else.

    If you think about the outlook for the UK, with steadily rising unemployment, with another million or so more jobs to go in the UK public sector over the next 6-12 months, you can understand some folks opting for picking and choosing their games and perhaps catching others on the telly. I know one or two people who have done exactly that for the 2011/12 season.

    I’d be interested in seeing some statistical comparisons between ourselves and other Premier League clubs, but would expect the trend to be consistent.

    Anyway, let’s see. Too early to draw any meaningful conclusions at this stage.

  38. wayne says:

    @notorious unless you have a group to move in and buy utd who only have the clubs interest at heart what is going on here? utd are the biggest sports franchise in the world and have had alot of success under glazier ownership the value has gone up 512 mill in 3 years and as sir alex has said never refused him anything unless you know whos going to buy the club its a crap want to ruin utd because they don’t like the owners its madness and take it from me if utd were ruined and did end up in the championship alot of the so called fans would be fans no more,i’m just really confused about what is being achieved here if the movement is not backing a buying group thats been approved

  39. willierednut says:

    In all honesty, i think the Glazers will be happy about this, they probably thought the numbers would be worse.

  40. Costas says:


    Yeah probably. The thing is that the attendance average has been dropping for the last 4 years. I wonder why…

    I’ll be happy everytime we hit 75k in a league game next season.

  41. kel says:

    @wayne Yeah that could be a great dream. But Glazer has make those fans a slave because they use the profit to pay off their debt. The money goes to other business and not back to the club. This makes the fans sad which is why we are all angry.

  42. wayne says:

    @kel thats what everyone keeps telling me but i’ve never seen what they’ve took out the club and the main problem i have if the glaziers are bleeding the club why has utds value grown bigger than any other club over the past 3 yrs,utd are the richest sports franchise in the world real madrid rates 6th on that list the closest football club to in 2007 the difference between real and utd was 417 mill the gap has now grown to 512mill which means utd are putting distance between them and everyone else which doesn’t make any sense to me if the glaziers are bleeding utd dry,utd are getting richer under the glaziers not poorer.the green and gold movement want the glaziers to sell to the red knights for 1bill because thats all they can afford which also by the way would involve debt.why would the glaziers sell for 1bill when the club has been valued at 1.8bill,there is alot of peolpe with their own agenda here and i think the ave fan is getting sucked in without understanding whats going on

  43. Ash says:

    I completely agree with wayne.Guys if glazer had to sell the club they would have sold already.when i watched united for the first time you know what attracted me the most it was the crowd it was their passion.And now you want all that to be over.I cant understand how some guys prefer a half empty stadium.I know every one loves united here but our first aim is to support and cheer for players whenever they play and not booing glazers.

  44. mattbw7 says:

    I think a few things though obvious need pointing out, the much discussed season ticket waiting list is from the days when OT had a capacity of 38,000. Factors that have decimated this and left it as no more than a marketing tool (a marketing ploy I would use in a similar situation) are, yes the Glazers and thier price rises but lets have some honesty here, the recession has had a huge affect on peoples ability to justify and afford an ST add in the current 76,000 capacity and Uniteds reliance on the income from even more expensive exec boxes and premium seats many of which are funded by companies who can no longer justify the expense and you have a more rounded picture of the issues.
    My own position is I’ve renewed, I was here before the Glazers and I will be after they’ve gone, whatever state they leave the club in.
    I much prefer not to buy merchandise of any type which I haven’t done for a number of years in any case and I will now extend that to purchasing food and drink etc, though I might have to succumb to a coffee on cold winter nights

    In essence I will continue to go, why because I have that choice, it doesn’t however make any less of a fan or any less an oponent of the Glazers.

    I’am curious about one thing, how many of the Red Knights have renewed! now there’s a set of c***ts.

  45. Gee says:

    Ive thought alot over this summer about the Glazer situation and boycotting season tickets and merchandise etc… on the one hand I think we cant afford to buy players and we have massive debts and I wish the Glazers dead and we should all do what we can to get them out!!

    BUT then I think well what happens if they just dont sell EVER and they just bleed us and bleed us and the fans keep boycotting and the club cant afford to repay the debts and eventually we get a winding up order and because of the massive debt no one wants to take us on and we cease to exist!! I know that probably wouldnt happen but back in the 90′s I didnt see us having a £700 mill debt either, SHIT can happen!!

  46. Tom Addison says:

    I phoned up earlier this week, asked them if they had any season tickets left in the Stretford End, she told me there were 2, so bought one through Zebra finance (the 5 payments thing) and that was that. I don’t believe in the green & gold thing as much as most, our accounts show that we’re not as broke as people say, and the situation has given me the best opportunity ever to get my first season ticket.

  47. james21 says:

    Is this to do with the Resession or the Anti Glazer protest? Personally think there isn’t a great deal of money about and people are still struggling to make ends meet. My friend struggled to pay for his and I also had to wait till the last minute to get the cash together.


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