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Only a minority are anti-Glazer?

David Gill, who will be stepping down from his position of Chief Executive at the end of the season, claimed this week that only a small number of fans still took issue with the Glazer ownership.

“There are still a small number of dissenters and they will always be there and they have had long held views which they are not going to change,” he said. “We respect those, but ultimately, someone has to own the club. They [Glazers] get the personal enjoyment and the important thing is that there is really no ego about them. They operate behind the scenes here, they don’t walk around saying ‘we own the club’, and they are very mindful of the traditions and the history of the club and people. Clearly, if you own an asset and it comes up with winning a 20th title, it’s unbelievable.”

Of course, someone he to own the club, but that someone doesn’t have to put the club in to ridiculous amounts of debt. As Gill himself once said, debt is the road to ruin, and we should be incredibly grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for his ability to win the league in spite of the Glazer ownership.

Remarking on new claims by David Gill that MUST only represents a small
minority of fans, Duncan Drasdo said:

“This is a time to celebrate the title and not a time to analyse the strength of opposition to the owners, however I’m sure David knows full well that we directly represent tens of thousands of match going fans including 18k season ticket holders amongst 190,000 members. However, more to the point we’d argue that, having caused the club to lose more than £550m in interest, fees and other costs the number of people who believe that the Glazers’ takeover and ownership has been a good thing for Manchester United could be counted on a single pair of hands. Actually – far from being a majority in favour can there be any single Manchester United fan anywhere on the planet who believes that was good for our club? Plenty of City and Liverpool fans love what the Glazers have done, of course, so I think that says it all. However now is surely not a time to debate this and we are surprised David has chosen to speak out when he has done. We look forward to a more positive relationship with his successor after he departs his CEO role at the club this summer.”

Following our 20th title win, season ticket holders received a text from the club to inform us that prices would be frozen again.

“On a more positive note we’d like to add our congratulations to Sir Alex Ferguson, the players and all MUFC staff on a tremendous achievement of a record 20th League Title coming at the end of a tremendous domestic campaign. The true measure of Champions is how they bounce back from disappointment, and after the events of May last year we could not have asked for more than to win back our trophy as quickly as was possible. Further good news for match-going fans came yesterday with the announcement that ticket prices will be frozen next season. While many fans will argue prices are still far too high and, perhaps, it was the least they could do given the huge growth in TV revenue, it is still something we welcome and we hope to see more progress in future, making supporting the club more affordable for its loyal fans.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. bruce thomas says:

    Let’s see what funds are available to strengthen in summer, eh?

  2. Duncan Drasdo's Non-Entity says:

    You speak for a lot of people, don’t you Duncan?

    ‘the number of people who believe that the Glazers’ takeover and ownership has been a good thing for Manchester United could be counted on a single pair of hands. Actually – far from being a majority in favour can there be any single Manchester United fan anywhere on the planet who believes that was good for our club?’

    I think the takeover was good for our club. Am I therefore not a real fan? That’s a shame. I’m a season-ticket holder, I’ve supported United all my life, but because I think the Glazers have been good I’m consigned to being someone who, in the venerable Mr Drasdo’s book, doesn’t exist.

    You must have a very large hand, Duncan, for I actually know quite a few similarly non-existent non-fans who share my views. I guess you’re not really interested in what other people think, though. You’re only interested in ‘representing’ those that share your views.

  3. wayne says:

    Yeah but the problem with MUST is they backed the Red Knights on promises MUST would become part of the decision making process.Red Knights plan was for fans to boycott Utd to ruin the Glazers so they could buy Utd below market value then still borrow money so interest payments would have still applied.
    So sorry MUST lost all credibility when they backed the Red Knights and had no problem with ruining Utd and accepting debt as long as it wasn’t the Glaciers
    Also MUST always quotes how much has been paid back in interest but never calculate just how much Utd’s revenue has gone up under the Glazier’s business plan.That’s MUST problem never give any credit and only tell part of the story.Let’s not forget Must predicted ruination under the Glaziers and the club has gone from strength to strength.
    I’ve said this a million times unless Utd is bought by a multi billionaire there will always be a loan and interest payments involved.Very few people in this world can buy Utd cash,simple as that

  4. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    This story is tiresome. The club have actually gone from strength to strength since the Glazer take over and they clearly have a good relation with Ferguson and let him do what he does best which is manage the team. Nearly every top club operates in debt in a sport where there is no salary cap. The club have become more valuable since the Glazer take over and the 10% of the club they put on sale have seen rises in the shares. If you feel as strongly as you do Scott just stop attending matches.

  5. mmmansuy united says:

    The Glazer’s have been the owners during one of, if not the, most successful period in MUFC history.

    We have an amazing amount of talented youth coming through and apparently no shortage of funds in the market (prove that wrong… you can’t.. Bebe for 7mil without seeing him play? I think he’s got the funds to do whatever he damn well pleases).

    The business model is ever-evolving and is perhaps the most impressive in the sporting world.

    The traditions of our club have been retained, and in some cases strengthened (think SAF statue, SAF stands, singing section, hiring consultants to achieve best atmosphere).

    And most importantly to me, they have the full backing of SAF and Gill.

    While I admit the takeover was less than ideal and there have been unintended cultural ramifications in Manchester, it’s not enough for me personally to overlook their stunning accomplishments.

    Is it time to stop crying over spilt milk?

  6. AlphaRS says:

    I have asked this question before and I will ask it again.
    If the debt has been paid down and the revenues have increased where is all that extra money going?

  7. GENTLEKEZ says:

    Mine is that d Glazers shouldn’t have surfaced in d first place. We were healthy financially & with or without them those success will come cos utd was growing rapidly as a football club. D deals signed in early 20th century e.g NIKE was a pure proof

  8. MJ says:

    @AlphaRS: until last summer, bayern had to annually pay for their stadium. with this debt now a thing of the past, they have splashed 77 million € on martínez and götze ALONE (albeit in two consecutive summers). right now i’m painting a nice picture in my head…

  9. CC says:

    The Glazer “model” – buying cheap young players and selling off the assets like Ronaldo required the willing collaboration of key employees to “sell it to the fans”. This was guaranteed for the Glazers in the form of “The dirt file on SAF” handed to the Glazers from the Cubic Expression guys who Fergie got greedy with and fell out with – thereby precipitating the sale of their stake to the Glazers and ensuring Ferguson`s collaboration to tow the PR line for his new masters.

    Gill got rich.
    Fergie got rich
    We saw prices rise and the overall quality of players fall.
    Both Fergie and Gill were paid out from the flotation despite Fergie`s press conference lying that he wasnt getting anything – If you believe that you are frankly stupid. “The Glazers are great owners, REAL fans know that” Fergie recently bought a nice Brownstone on the upper Eastside of New York – far from cheap.
    The club got weakened and every single blade of grass got sold off to sponsors from Aeroflot to
    ching-chong gambling machines.

    In order to get an RVP we had to first ship out Park and Berbatov and Nani was supposed to go too but wouldnt roll over so was made persona non grata this year. Parks Salary £60k – Nani £90k – Berba £100
    RVP salary £250k – Its a zero sum game not a statement of spending largesse by the Glazers.
    Dont believe the lies.

  10. wayne says:

    CC I read the first line didn’t go any further I’d hardly call DDG,Jones,Smalling,Zaha’,Kagawa cheap young players and Utd paid 24mill for RVP who’s 29.Utd haven’t sold off asset’s Ronnie wanted to leave,simple as
    When your first line is complete and utter dribble and totally untrue,don’t need to read another 3 paragraphs of nonsense

  11. Sunny says:

    Strange finding myself saying this but I’d rather have the Glazers than Abramovich. They stay out of the footballing decisions, which is the key reason we have been so successful under their reign. Also have to admit the Glazers are pretty professional business men – they have managed to increase the revenue of the club enormously. Still, not happy about being indebted to the extent they have done – can’t they offer some more share on the NYSE and get rid of that?

  12. AK says:

    I agree with most of the comments here. Glazers have put the team in debt but it’s manageable debt in that they knew they could make this team a powerhouse especially with a numerous amounts a fans across the world. Sports is a business (shocking right?) but they don’t interfere with football side of the club and let SAF handle that part of the business. There were way too many fear mongerers at the beginning of the takeover thinking that they were going to run the club to the ground, but why would any owner try to let that happen? As long as we’re competing for the top trophies it shouldn’t matter. And as Dortmund have shown with their champions league success thus far that you don’t need exhoberent amounts of cash to have a competing team on the pitch every week. I like when we buy shrewd signings and they succeed; it just feels better IMO. So enough with this anti-glazer bullshit because they’ll be here whenever for a while. They debt will vanish slowly. Money is being spent on players but the amount of money certain fans want to be spent on world class players is also being used to strengthen our academy. This balance is crucial of we want to be long lasting and successful down the road. I hate these anti-glazer rants, get over it.

  13. brett1985 says:

    Its not all been a bed of roses but our club is really well run and I am a big fan of the glazers.

    MUST represent fans who can’t think for themselves and who are content with paying lip service to protest and revolution.

    If we could get rid of MUST and those that follow them I’d be less embarrassed about our club.


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