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Our Great Support Finally Given Recognition

The volume of the crowd doesn’t seem to matter, they can be deafening or subdued. But the commentators will only ever comment on the “incredible” support of Liverpool, Portsmouth or Newcastle. Stoke get a mention every now and again these days too.

Our away support is second to none. Whether you’re in the midst of it yourself or you’re watching on the telly, there’s no greater feeling than bouncing at someone else’s ground, completely out-singing them, with a plethora of chants I’ve never heard any fanbase replicate. But rarely is this mentioned.

The Independent: “You’re going down with the Shearer,” they sang. The Manchester United travelling choir gave an extraordinary rendition of their greatest hits here yesterday, old-time favourites such as, “We all live in a George Best world” and “Yip Jaap Stam is a big Dutch Man” even getting an outing. But there was special zest – and perhaps accuracy – reserved for the mention of Alan Shearer.

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  1. Any_RED_Blooded_J'can says:

    I wish I could be there…(sigh)

  2. TheRedBaron says:

    I could hear ‘Glory Glory ManUtd’ at a deafening volume even on the telly, even if it was at the Riverside. Great job guys!

  3. Scott the Red says:

    RedBaron – it will have been who the fuck are Man United. Glory glory isn’t really sung unless they play it over the speakers at OT.

  4. TheRedBaron says:

    My bad. Well you get my point. Those boro scousers had their gob shut right after giggsy belted it it ever so elegantly. Effortless.

  5. gingerprince says:

    could also here the fuckin gooners sing “who the fuck r man utd” in game against pompy….

  6. jhunt says:

    i watched the game on a stream on my computer from 3000 miles away. but when giggsy scored and you could really hear our away support, it felt like i was there. great job lads.

  7. TonyBee says:

    all the ABU’s know our home and away support is second to none. When you here our away fans singing their fucking hearts out and shouting down the home team supporters it surely raises the teams never say die spirit.
    A truly remarkable support for a truly remarkable team.

  8. trevor says:

    The atmosphere at old trafford is a victim of United Popularity.

    I had been a One united Member for erm 10 – 15 years. Two years ago my situation changed and i decided this is the year i will go to as many matches as possible. I also signed my partner up to membership!

    I looked into a season ticket! but couldnt afford or comit to the Cup Matches – Rip off in my opinion! Discusted that they would screw an honest fan! Anyway thats a side greivance!

    Anyway, i applied for every home game, up until the end of november. Spent countless hours on the phone to see if i had tickets or not! Blah Blah Blah! And didnt get one!

    My brother managed to get tickets for the man city derby and i ended up paying over the odds!!! Great! Nice for an honest supporter! When i received the tickets they wernt even together! Great.. Screwed again

    Anyway!! – We won the match on the day, i was saddend that day with our cowd. Very few singing! Although very few knew the words to the songs! if they would be able to go more often in my case i would have knew more songs to sing!
    Your sitting next to people who maybe go to 1 or 2 games a year! If they are lucky enough to get tickets!

    i dont mean to sound racist but id rather favour people from the uk who apply for tickets than to give tickets to some chinese bloke on a holiday! Come on! Every one has the right to support the club i know, but id rather give honest fans more oppertunity to support their club and help impoving the atmosphere in the ground. We at times have no 12th man.

    The ironic thing is, i am have been to a few chelsky and asernal matches this year cause i can easily get their tickets! Im a united fan but i enjoy football, but it is hard not biting my tounge and pretending to cheer!! hahaah

    I also have been a regular at Crystal Palace although the football has been poor i love the atmosphere! I know most of their chants! Get involved and its good fun!

    My membership to One united has been canceled i am now a typical arm chair fan!

  9. Sindrinho says:

    They really deserve to play in The Championship next season

  10. costas says:

    Fantastic away support at the Riverside.They have really been our 12th player away from home this season.

  11. AlexOfMancunia says:


    I feel for you pal, get so annoyed at the amount of foreign day trippers and corporate suits that get tickets ahead of the more local fans who can’t get them/can’t afford them. There’s always a ridiculous amount of fans taking pictures of the Stadium before and after games. I wouldn’t mind if they would fucking sing, but the odd times I’ve had the misfortune of sitting in the South Stand its been ridiculous, I almost got thrown out for standing up, WHAT THE FUCK?! What right has some posh cockney bint sitting behind me got to ask me to sit down, be quiet and watch the game, if I wanted to do that I’d watch it on TV in my living room! (Even then I’d probably make more noise than them).

    We’ve got this huge stadium, but only the East Stand, the Stretford End and the upper tiers of the North Stand sing! That means two of our biggest stands are quiet as mice, if only the stadium was filled with the kind of fans we take with us to away games, it would be rocking. Sadly with that fucking cup scheme and ticket prices the way they are I probably won’t be able to afford to renew my ticket, only for some rich suit to take my place, asking everyone else to be quiet so he can watch the game in peace.

  12. FailsworthDevil says:

    I was supposed to have gone to Riverside on Saturday, but i got pissed up Friday (at a fuckin 70th) lol… and didnt get up in time, so missed the coach..

  13. King Eric says:

    I sit at the top of the North Stand two rows in from the boxes, level with the half way line and the atmosphere up there is pretty good most of the time.

    Try contacting a supporters club Trevor and you will probably have a good chance of tickets. That is how I used to get the games. There may be twenty or thirty members but usually one or two don’t go so we used their tickets. There was nearly always one or two tickets available.

    Yeah bout time the support was recognised.

  14. wazza says:

    i loved the Ryan Giggs chant yesterday especially the week Sir.Ryan Giggs has had.we need more to sing of CR7.he should not feel left out.

  15. suhayl says:

    Our away support is the best no doubt. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME

    Fally……slept in?? lol

    Costas….u about mate…yesterday felt good…today like the ill vermin diseased dog they are, the scousers got their predicted win. 6 points looked soooooo good yesterday…..the ABU and scouse pundits all over tv have started their ‘cmon liverpool’ again.

    I know its clutching at straws…but JUST 1…JUST 1 game where those scum dropp points would be so so so valuable for us. Easy the load and pressure on us. Hence we wouldnt have to rely on the arsenal and hulll games. Whats your thoughts today….will we have to get the required 2 wins 1 draw? Or do you think the vermin will ever drop points until the end?

    Off topic slightly….yesterday we got a big big win v boro. YET the first 5 mins analysis of our game from the scouse bastard hansen and abu lineker on match of the day was ” vidic handball should change the game..penalty” ” Vidic got alliallidiere, another pen” ” giggs goal came from a foul”

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!…..and then to cap it all….he goes on to say..” utd face city next week…hope…( correction…swallows the word hope…incase anybody picked it up…then)….they could get something there. BASTARDS.

    C’mon our fans though…fuck em…lets create the BELIEVE ATMOSPHERE FOR TE 2 HOME GAMES…AND THE WIGAN GAME. Hopefully that should see us through.

    Still cannot fathom why we have to play Arseholes sat morning after our game in hand. I mean there are no midweek or european games after that…why cant we play sunday…bastards…seriously trying to screw us over any which way they can. Just hope we dont need to get anything that game.

  16. Trevor says:

    I must try Clubs again.

    suhayl – Every teams away support is often always better? Why? Because these are the real fans!

    If did a poll on away fans and asked who havent been to watch their team at home this season you would get a low number!!!!

    If took a poll at old traford as to how many this was thier first and only game of the year you ould probably get a higher number than the whole of the away support!!

    I currently live in east sussex, although not your typical supporter from the south as i am irish!!

    On another note there has been some moaning about ticket prices increasing this year by 2-3 percent or what ever! If we look t our current prices its way low in comparison to Chelskys & Crew! I would have no objections to paying this little extra.

    The glazers for me have stuck by their word! They havent increased everything that much, altholugh the season ticket cup match thing pissed me off! More importantly is that they are willing to invest in the team!

    Look at Arsenal for example! Winger hasnt been given much but what he has been given he has done well with!

    Chelsky is bought and paid for team! Although not bad business by the Ruski! With transfers and cost to purchase the club he has paid less overall than what the glazers have paid for United!

    On another note! I keep having the same convo in the pub! How many years will it be before Man City win the league! Like if money is no object it is only a matter of time! I am arguing that it will be more than 6 years! My argument is that it will take a good number of years to be able to attract the players to the club!…. I also think that there is more chance of the arabs getting bored of wasting money and sell the club and accept the loss!

    Their tie with us next week is currently giving me sleepless nights! I think if we win this we win the league but have a feeling they are going to pip us! Why!! – Such a massive game straight after a european tie? We have proven that we always struggle with these! Irrespective of the team we put out!

    Whats your view guys?

  17. King Eric says:

    Not at this stage Trevor, the lads and Sir Alex will make damn sure we get the three points. I know Citeh won’t be easy especially after their last couple of results but come on we are United and we have almost 5 days to prepare for it. We are this close now we aint gonna fuck up. People thought yesterday would be a banana skin but the lads coasted it, like a practice game. See Scousers were playing against ten again.Is that the 10th time this season? Did anyone really expect owt than a home win? Suhayl the dippers WILL drop points at the Boleyn Ground and possibly against Spurs. Anyway fuck them horrible bastards cos as long as we keep winning they can’t do fuck all about it. Games are running out now. UNITED!!

  18. King Eric says:

    Suhayl – How the fuck was that a penalty for Alliadiere, he miskicked the ball and fell. ABU Cunts.

  19. suhayl says:

    Trevor – You’re right away fans make up proper real fans. Cos travelling away from home…to far flung places…abroad also. Takes more money…more travel…. more sacrifice. Going in and mixing it with some vlugar home support…eg going to the council house on merseyside…travelling to geordie land etc..takes proper fans ho can mix it who can sing…who can support our team like firms…like the ultras. Those are the die hards. NOT saying the fans at OT arent die hard. However with the die harders in 60% of the ground… do get 40% corporate munchers…vip free ticket hunters….1 game a season glory hunters…..neutrals wanting to see the game….tourists who get hold of games….picture takers……ronaldo rooney spotters…basically alot who dont know much about football…but get on the glory hunting gravy train…not knowing much about the game or our club.

  20. suhayl says:

    KingEric….yep the twats said Vida took him…hit his legs first…hence Alliadiere couldnt get his shot off properly. Infact they concentrated on anything they could get their hands on. Seriously clutching at straws…fucking ABU brigade.

    As for the run in..Trevor/ KingEric… know how nervy i get KingEric. So im bound to stay Every game for the last 2 months has had me on the oxygen mask needing hospital treatment.

    Positives:- we seem to have ovecome the blip..overcome difficult away days v sunderland and boro. Sandwiched in between clge games…fatigue…and stinking fixture schedule. Esp Boro our bogey side. We ve overcome a rampant Villa side….without so many players and having had no rest pre or post game. We ve also beaten the most inform team in the lge in spurs. So saying that last 5 games we ve done what we had to do. However the scum havent dropped as many as we would like. Yes they dropped 2 v arse. Would have been good if that little avram grants child hadnt popped UP AGAIN and got a lat ditch goal. If he hadnt we’d be looking at 2 wins and we’re home. As it stands we need 2 wins a and a draw from the last 4.

    On the face off it seems something we could do with our eyes closed at any stage of the season. However come the end and the finishing line…everything becomes so magnified and sooooo difficult.

    So….for us nervy fans….a mental state of relatively easy corresponding fixtures in octtober…may seem so daunting now.

  21. suhayl says:

    Dipping scum wont drop any points…wish they would…but they’ll scab through in the 99th min as usual. So that will put them on 86.

    Seeing for the first time our GD is inferior…we cant rely on that.


    City at home – picked up form, dangerous players in ireland, robinho, elano, wright phillips. Hughes wouldnt love anything more than to do us over. Not to mention last years results they had v us. And derby games form goes out of window. Saying that last year we battered them at they flucked a win. And at OT we were seriously in a state due to the munich anniversary. This result will depend alot on what we do on tuesday…see the lucky arse off in clge and our boys will be really boosted. Plus we need the fans again bigtime.

    Wigan away – normally a decent ground for us….however its our game in hand and comes after the derby. Fatigue maybe. And brucey has got some very decent and effective players up there. Valencia…rodellaga…nzogbia.

    Arsenal home – Really hope we dont need anything from this. Top team ofcourse and wouldnt love anything better than to dent us. AND WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO PLAY THEM 2 DAYS AFTER WIGAN GAME ON SATURDAY MORNING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. why cant we play them sunday…theres no games in midweek after wigan game. Bastards

    Hull away – dodgy pitch…team fighting for their lives…really do hope its wrapped up before this.

    As i said the closer it gets…the more nervy it gets…that we dont blow it at the last min. Its more nerve wracking this year than most because the FILTHY SCUM ARE CHALLENGING FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. And id rather die….than see them lift anything.

    Is the scum hadnt fluked all thos smash and grabs and daylight robberies in the 99th mins and played v 10 men bloddy TEN TIMES THIS SEASON..WHCIH IS A RECORD……then we would have been home and hosed.

    i suppose i’ll stay nervy until its mathematically impossible for them. I just hope they drop something somewhere….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. TheRedBaron says:

    True. No team can ever match our consistency. Heck we’ve been consistent for more than a DECADE now!

  23. inmoscowwemadeit3 says:

    lads what d’ya make of some so called reds touting briefs for tuesday for 6x times there worth and some supporters clubs giving out spares for this game and allowing their own members to tout the tickets on craiglist etc?

  24. jcolas says:

    Best supporters in England and some of the best around the world in any sport.

  25. Macheda is GOD says:

    Well im sick Atm,so i can’t get to the emirates :’(

  26. five says:

    All I could hear even when Boro were coming at us on the telly was chants from the away support.

    If I ever got to Old Trafford(financially impossible tho I did catch the team in Japan and am going to see them in Malaysia hopefully)I guess I’d be classified as a “tourist” or “day tripper” but obviously I would take pictures to savour the moment so critisizing tourists for taking pictures is not something I like.

    But I know United songs and I’d definitely sing along with the fans and I think its ridicilous that fans arent allowed to stand up

  27. Chris20LEGEND says:

    Our away support was smashing yesterday, was watching MOTD saying to be meself are we playing away? to think these cunts are going down and there ground is a libary, there supporters a joke.. We have the best fans in the country, Liverpool? ME BOLOX, were where they 3-1 down at home when the rent boys were singing their massive chelsea, chelsea chelsea song! ha famous atmosphere me bolox…

  28. Chris20LEGEND says:


    Pal i was in the South stand just at the pitch level for the porto game and me and the bro where the only lads in the spot singing and chanting, tryn to stand up, especially when the ball was down the opposite end, and what do yah get? sssssh, sit down would you,.. the day trippers who take pictures during the game i can handle but these mugs who are getting there free tickets for doing business, cunts…the stand is a disgrace, so got me tickets in the East tier 2 for the arsenal game, wopper atmosphere, standing for 90 minutes singing and chanting the way it should be… did take a look down at the south stand during the game looking at the boring cunts and the few flashes from the camera’s

    What i cant understand about ur usual first timers, one timers etc.. WHY DO YOU GUYS PAY ALL THAT MONEY TO COME SEE A FOOTBALL MATCH AND WASTE IT ALL TAKING PHOTOS? i dnt get it at all…

  29. BrisbaneRed says:

    Off topic subject , but it still should be mentioned.
    After the anti-UTD bullshit last week about the penalty being responsible for the team going on to score 5 goals, how much comment will we hear this week about ‘Pool’s first goal, clearly offside, being responsible for ‘Pool going on to win v Toon? Nothing. One type of comment for UTD, another for ‘Pool.
    I have yet to see any serious commentator even say the goal was illegal.

  30. kaka says:

    yes great fans, so what was all the booing berbatov. what a disgrace to man u. what about when we went through a bad spell a few years ago and the booing of saf? short memories eh

  31. Drew Vader says:

    You beat me to it Brisbane… I wonder if anyone will be hounding the Linesman until he admits it was a mistake… I doubt it. Not to mention another red card for them, when Palacios tackle was about ten times worse than cunt Joey Barton

  32. Doherty says:

    fuckin right. i was there on sat. best away buzz iv ever witnesses. lets hope we can do even better at the emirets on tues.

  33. RedSarg99 says:

    Was a season ticket holder last year and been a member for 5 seasons now. But I didn’t renew due to the cup scheme. I was in the north west corner up infront of the boxes at the back of the lower tier.
    Was pretty annoyed by the lack of atmosphere during the league games, but during the cup games when seats got moved around there was much more people willing to join in the singing.
    Its no good one or two people in a block tryiing to sing if no one else is going to have the guts to join in and SING!

  34. corea says:

    costas, where do you get the stats ? like comparison between Tevez and Berbatov etc.

  35. costas says:

    Hey Corea.Nothing special.I just keep a folder of the starting line ups for every game since 92.Not the substitutes,just the starters.

  36. TonyBee says:

    Fucking Hell Suhayl mate….take a chill pill and relax ….. do you honestly think we are gonna let it slip …..
    I agree with your comments on the Motd ABU bastards, when we win, SAF should ask to speak to the panel and thank the thick dipper cunt Hansen for his gee up comments…. remember when he said we wouldn’t win fuck all with kids…..SAF used his words time and time again to make us prove to all what a complete and utter cunt he is…
    Keep dissing us Hansen, you fucking bellend, you,re fucking big mouth is gonna bite you in the ass again, you gobby cunt, you are to TV punditry what I am to the anti-swearing brigade … the cunts.

  37. TonyBee says:

    Fucking hell Corea and Costas…. Just noticed the time of your blogs entries….. you two in the uk?

  38. wazza says:

    btw, Tony Bee where u from ?

  39. costas says:

    TonyBee i am from Greece, so i posted 2 hours later from the time you see.I also like to believe that we won’t let the title slip.But i also want it at Old Trafford.So unless West Ham get something of the dippers,we have to get the 7 points by the time we have played Arsenal.

  40. socamad689908 says:

    I live in the isle of man and had a season ticket for two season’s but had to give it up this seaon as not just the travel cost were cripling me but tha added cost of the cup scheme I just had to give it up, I want to get a season ticket again, but maybe will look to share with a local red if I can.

    Anyway, you can always hear our away support, they were great yesterday and the local fans were pretty shite.

  41. costas says:

    Off topic: Rio has trained and he is ok for tomorrow.Wes and Evra missed the training session though.I hope Evra is ok.

  42. Red-Dan says:

    can any of ou point me in the right direction to find a suporters group?
    ..i havent a clue where to start ..but id love to go to more games.

  43. King Eric says:

    Red-Dan- Yes if you go onto United official site there is a list of all official supporters clubs. They are all Kosher .

  44. Red-Dan says:


  45. corea says:


    nope. i mean the stats like the number of games we won/lost when Berba played with us and vice-versa.
    hope you are still reading this topic)

  46. KR says:

    from a season ticket holder in the stretford end i am going to say this in a non racist way as possible – get rid of the chinks!

    The atmosphere at OT apart from our section is shit! can’t stand the daytrippers, the corporates or the foreigners one bit. it’s time to give this club back to it’s rightful owners…. MANCS!

  47. pipmc05 says:

    why can our ground not be packed with singing fans . . .

  48. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Best away day of the season for me, and my mates said it sounded it on the telly aswell, something that doesnt always come through.
    And KR, thats a pretty poor attempt at non-racism.
    I do take your point you’re trying to make, but what you have to understand is that I dont think our club can build its History on non English players like Best, Law, Cantona and Keane, or managers like Sir Matt and Sir Alex, and in the same breath say the club is for Mancs, and Mancs alone. It doesnt work like that. Some fans outside Manchester, and England, are more passionate and commit more (financially and emotionally) than some fans that live a stones throw from Sir Matt Busby Way will ever be.
    My problem is with people that go just for the day out, to take in ‘the experience’ and not actually ‘support’ the team. I can only imagine what noise 75,000 United fans could make, if approx 15,000 fans can make the current noise (steadily getting better). I dont care where a United fan is from, as long as he is a genuine United fan, and would stand up and sing bedside me…

  49. suhayl says:

    here here North Stand.

    I have no beef with fans from anywhere in the world….more fans we have the better. Only thing that grates me is…some tourists just take pictures all game…WITHOUT WATCHING THE GAME. That celeb spotting big brother fans behaviour does tick me off.

    As for fans around the world at OT..singing standing. More the Merrier

  50. Stephen Simpson says:

    I was one of the fortunate few thousand at the Riverside for my 2nd away game. 10 hour round trip by coach but it was worth it! My voice was extremely hoarse the following morning. Particularly liked out piss take of one of their stadium songs when we scored :P I now want to go to as many games as I can afford but its not easy as I’m already a season ticket holder in Stretford End T2. Loved the new “Istanbul, Istanbul!…” chant :D

    If anyone would like to see any pics of videos from games can add me on Facebook and have a butchers.



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