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Our Heads Firmly In The Sand On This One!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. cherry says:

    They will celebrate this for ages. Such scoreline dont come around easily for the dippers. Enjoy it whilst it last. Thats ur trophy for the season

  2. vidic will get ya15 says:

    what do ya mean head in the sand??? have we even played liverpool at home?? lol

  3. furrball says:

    my fantasy team is full of dippers with stevie me as captain….

    i tend to curse whoever i put in my team :D

  4. wazza says:

    scott, expect the dvd to be out soon

  5. Mark Moore says:

    Scott, you know its not fair to mock the afflicted. Poor little scum getting all giddy. Is it true since the doleheads win, crime in liverpool has fallen?

  6. King Eric says:

    Why are some people on here thinking that picture is the dippers mocking us? If you read the text its us mocking them as Mark says.

  7. mrmyagki says:

    its not mocking us, its mocking them! read the text!

  8. BrisbaneRed says:

    Amazing isn’t it?
    A mediocre manager gets a job for live based on one football result, albeit a result that greatly flattered the victors.

  9. smokebreaksteve says:

    2-1 would have been a more reflective result. Let them dine out on for as long as can remember it. Reminds me of the City 5-1 in 1989. Serious case of selective memory when it comes to the 5-0 win in 1994 though.

  10. vidic will get ya15 says:

    smoke prefer the 3-2 at maine road, same season ok the score wasn’t as big but, 2 nil down to 3-2, bet they were pissed off:)

  11. jhunt says:

    lmao!!! i didnt know what this was all about earlier today. get a few in me and its all clear! poor little dippers. its too bad that they cant get jobs.

    ‘reduce knife crime in liverpool!’


    :beats the shit out of DJ:

  12. vidic will get ya15 says:

    any ways thank fuck tha premier league is back fuckin hate international week, last push now reds 13 wins and 3 draws would be enough to crown us quintuple champions, lets do this.
    and all of us who go to games lets get behind our boys for what could be an historical season.
    it could get emtional

  13. Bob Koh says:

    I’m waiting for the end of season read:
    Spurs (Keane 89min) 1 – L’fool 0
    1. ManUtd 87
    2. L’fool 86
    Love to see the FSW’s face when Sky interviews.


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