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Owen: After Breakfast With Fergie, I’m Looking Forward To Being A United Player

Michael Owen has spoken of the great fortune he feels at being a Manchester United player. He has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson rang him on Wednesday afternoon and after meeting with the manager for breakfast, there was no chance of him signing for any other club.

Sir Alex was drawn to Owen because of his ‘proven goalscoring record at the highest level’ which is why we’ve offered him a contract which should keep him at the club until he’s 31-years-old.

“I had just begun to talk to other clubs when out of the blue Sir Alex phoned me on Wednesday afternoon, invited me to have breakfast with him the next morning during which he told me that he wanted to sign me,” said Owen. “I agreed without a moment’s thought. “This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I intend to seize it with both hands. I am now looking forward to being a Manchester United player and I am fortunate that I already know so many of the players here. I missed pre-season last year and am pleased that I will be starting at Carrington from day one. I want to thank Sir Alex for the faith he has shown in me and I give him my assurance that I will repay him with my goals and performances.”

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  1. elz gooner says:

    yh i really pay for the stadium debt – good one. im off manc scum. milk the title while u still hold it. wont be there next season

  2. parth312 says:

    Mayb it will, mayb it wont. No one can predict where its gonna go. but i can tell you where its not gonna go. To your trophy cabinet. Goodbye

  3. parth312 says:

    Hargo will be back till Jan , tats wat i have heard. Even is he is half the player he was before, he will be worth it.

  4. TonyBee says:

    To the tune of ‘I will survive’ :

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified
    that Michael Owen has just signed for my beloved side
    but I saw so many times that SAF did us no wrong
    and we grew strong and we got all the gongs

    So Owen’s back —- from the other place
    I just clicked on here to see that bastards smiling face
    boasting of breakfast with Fergie, smiling & happy as can be
    if I’d have only known the scouse cunt would be back to bother me

    Go on Owen go, walk out the door
    fuck off you scouse cunt, you ain’t welcome any more
    we won’t be the ones to be hurt if you say goodbye
    you’d think we’d crumble—–and then we would and lay down and die
    Oh no, not I, —-The Mighty Reds will survive
    all our fans know we’d be better off without you in our side
    as they have all their love to give
    but not to a scouser div
    We will survive
    We will survive …………

    Hey hey…….

  5. parth312 says:

    Tonybee, take a bow son, take a bow.
    Dont agree with you, but the song was brilliant.

  6. ChineseElvis says:

    elz gooner, mocking the League Champions for being beaten in a Champions League final.I’m sure that soothes the pain of being perennial also-rans, hammered in the semis. Imagine what the same Barca side would have done to your ‘impotent’ side

  7. OTRed says:

    Serious question: why the heck are Arsenal fans here? If Scott writes an article mentioning Arsenal, you retards flock here and call us obsessed, now this article doesn’t even have anything to do with you and you’re here talking from your ar$e as usual. Go bother some Spurs fans or play in traffic if you can’t add anything constructive. Twat.

  8. OTRed says:

    SCOTT: I’d like you opinion on him, but on OBJECTIVE one this time, just pretend like he’s not an ex- Liverpool player and give your thoughts on him as just a player.

  9. RedUnderTheBed says:

    Like many I was left scratching my head and it seemed like a step backwards rather than forwards. I like Utd’s stated policy of not buying anyone over 26. But then this? But then had to reminded that he’s on free.

    But on reflection it seems like a win-win situation.

    Let Owen prove himself (as he will have to) and we’ll all be smiles (a la Sheringham and Larson). I think Sir Alex, canny as always, knows Owen has a lot to prove, not just Mancs fans but also the many who have written him off. He’s counting on that methinks…

    It costs Utd nothing at the end of the day. If he can come off the bench and score goals, then great. I also think he will also be a good influence around Wellbeck and Macheda.

    What we need are more signings. Perhaps one or two. Someone up front and in midfield if Owen Hargreaves (whom I rate highly) takes another setback to his returning timetable.

  10. Kings says:

    elz gooner – yeah do one you cunt.

  11. rdhanson says:

    He shit on the Geordies, he shit on the Scouse…
    Lost all his money on a fuckin’ horse…
    Bought is whole family a fuckin’ house…
    Michael fuckin’ Owen!!!

  12. wakey says:


    United did speak to Benzema, I would imagine that included Fergie. We had an offer equal to Reals final offer accepted. We were the club Lyon talked about having submitted an offer


    I don’t think it was a panic buy tbh. I suspect Fergie had the idea of having both players, perhaps owen for the start while Benzema settled in. On tuesday night when Valencia was unveiled we were the only club who had an offer accepted by lyon and we were talking to Benzema

    The BBC reported our bid via an a Lyon statement at 1pm on Wed

    1303 BST: Lyon confirm they have received a bid for Karim Benzema, but claim it is higher than the £30m quoted and refuse to confirm it is from Real Madrid.

    Real didn’t have an offer accepted until around 10am the next day. So when Fergie gave Owen the phone call we were still the only place Benzema was going if he left lyon. They will have known like everyone Real was his first choice and may have suspected that Real would match our bid but the didn’t know for certain.

    Also surely Fergie didn’t just ring him out of the Blue at United End. It was surely something that must have been discussed with David Gill atleast and I would have thought Fergie would not have made a snap decision. I really think it was supposed to be Owen and Benzema. This could mean someone else is still coming in.

  13. fuzzy says:

    please stay fit Owen
    I know very well that when fit, you always score

    and please SCORE a goal IN FRONT of the KOP

  14. Rick Mell says:

    Fergie is quite obviously switching back to a 4-4-2 with Rooney, Berba and Owen sharing the duties of the two strikers (neither of the latter two have the pace to play in a 4-3-3) On that basis, I think there is no need to worry about Wayne being pushed back out to the front left side. I sense the manager knows it is now time to make him the fulcrum of the team. I do hope he now becomes the penalty and free-kick taker. The sight of him standing over the ball at every dead ball situation with ‘I saw my mate…’ bellowing around Old Trafford would just be unbelievable!

    Big shame thought that the counter-attacking/ roaming forward movement of the 4-3-3 Ronaldo/Tevez/Rooney era is over. It made 07/08 such a special, special year and not just for the trophies but for the way we played. I would therefore love to see Quieroz (who appears to have been responsible for this style of play) back at the club at some point.

  15. fuzzy says:

    for all of you discussing the under-26 policy, it is meant for big transfers only i.e. Berbatov is the last over-26 player to join United on a big move like 30m pounds
    I must remind you that Michael Owen is FREE

  16. Dave Mack says:

    This one move epitomizes what I believe is a major drive for Fergie as he reassembles our squad this year. It’s HUNGER, a deep desire to play for UNITED and huge motivation to prove people wrong. It’s unbelieveable but despite having just completed a hat-trick of titles and two consequtive CL finals my guess is that a bunch of our players will feel they have something to prove this year, post Ronaldo and in the apperant shadow of the Glacticos and Barca. No chance of complacency then and the sort of seige mentality that Fergie loves.

    Can’t wait to surpass the dippers record this year using one of their own to rub their faces in it.

    Wecome MO ….. a brilliant signing, Fergie.

  17. AlphaRS says:

    At least he is being a gentleman about it. That gains alittle respect.

  18. OTRed says:

    How do we know the under- 26 article has any truth in it?

  19. wakey says:


    I think the Under 26 rule for big money transfers is almost certainly true. But then I don’t think its just us, why spend stupid money on a player with limited seasons at their current level or better. You want a good player who still has time to improve not one that’s at their peak and in two seasons time is needing replaced . The question though is more what is ‘big money’, I doubt we are going to turn down someone over 26 is the value is right.

  20. Corea says:


  21. Wayne wonder Rooney says:

    Hahaha atleast v have players who want to sign for us…fabregas is cursing his luck for extending his contract! He rly wishes he played for Barca haha gooners atleast try winning carling cup to save ur reputation!

  22. King Eric says:

    elz gooner – Bet we don’t see you on here next May you cunt. How many times do the anti-United brigade mock Sir Alex only for him and United to prove them all wrong…………………………every fucking time. Where are your goals gonna come from now Adebayour is going?

  23. King Eric says:

    John – Rooney has no physical presence up front?. What the fuck? I am not been funny mate but I have only seen you on here since yesterday and EVERY SINGLE comment you make is negative. You have annoyed me actually.

  24. theboogeyman says:

    Maybe he means height,King Eric.

  25. King Eric says:

    theboogeyman – Perhaps but Berba is 6 feet 2 in or summat.

  26. theboogeyman says:

    Maybe he’s an idiot,then.

  27. Micky says:

    Elz Gooner

    You’re a thick prick mate! What are we? Four days into the transfer market with a possible £85m still to spend should Fergie need/want to, and you’re already writing us off?

    I highly doubt you’ve ever been to an Arsenal game to be honest, because you obviously know fuck all about football.

    Ronaldo has gone, there is no replacing him. However, Fergie knows what he’s doing and will change the way we play to cover his absence.

    Tevez has gone, but he’s already been replaced with a statistically better player in Michael Owen.

    Oh and by the way, it’s ‘Mancs’ not ‘Manks’… surely the website you’re on should have given you the hint there?

    Look at Arsenal with Henry, the whole team was based around him, when he left you played better for it, although still won fuck all! I’d rather cut my own throat than support that shower of piss.. you have two good players RvB and Fabregas, and they won’t hang around long.


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