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Owen: Hernandez Is A Cracking Lad

Michael Owen has denied that Chicharito plays the same way he did at 22-years-old, instead claiming that the Mexican striker is just a better version of how Owen plays today.

“I wouldn’t say he is similar to how I was in the early stages of my career,” he said. “But with injuries and the way I have adapted my game, he is probably quite similar to what I do now, apart from he is a bit sharper. He is 10 years younger of course, so maybe he is a better version of the current Michael Owen. Javier has been the surprise package this year without a doubt. He is certainly sharp and is a cracking lad as well. That probably isn’t that important to the people who just want to see him scoring goals but it is important for those who are around him and at the club in general.”

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  1. rat1p says:

    do a wolfsburg tomorrow michael!

  2. gazzor72 says:

    Owen always seems to say intelligent things too. Quite like him, has the right attitude.

  3. udemsky says:

    m.o,finish off schalke please,i’ve got my money on you.

  4. Union Jack says:

    Chicharito is just the sort of lad you would want your daughter to marry. Polite, intelligent, humble, talented and able to get free tickets for United games

  5. Scorp says:

    A top pro he is, Owen

  6. Giles Oakley says:

    If your Dad was Jeremy Clarkson (what a loathsome thought) you might not want your daughter to marry Chicharito…

    Michael Owen consistently comes up with astute evaluations of players and situations and seems a genuine team-player. I really hope he’s given a proper chance to play against Chelsea. He’s got bags of energy, still has that crucial big-match temperament and seems well liked by his team-mates, and would love to nick one under the imperious gaze of John terry.

  7. Denise Williams says:

    Capello claimed that Owen wasn’t a team player and didn’t associate with team mates. I feel that since he has been with us Owen has made a mockery of those idiotic statements. Owen is a team player he gets on very well with the rest of the team and has shown himself to be thoroughly decent and likeable. What kind of chump does this make Capello look? He does not even know Owen for gods sake.

  8. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    Alright we’ve had enough of the talk, now is the time to be counted and do that walk, the whole squad needs to be united to cross over the finishing line, chelsea without doubt can potentially cause danger but we have to believe even though we’re all nervous right now.

  9. Wednesdayx says:

    19 goals in his first season? what a bargain. I hope javi develops well at this club, surely we’ll expect great things from him, the guy’s intelligent! and knows what it takes to be successful at United.

  10. Red Devil says:

    No wonder Sir Alex tried to get him to United when he was a teenager….and you would’ve been better off coming here mate!

  11. samhill says:

    I’ve got a lot of time for Owen

  12. wayne says:

    i mentioned a few months ago because this his first season and the burn out factor the kid was more effective coming off the bench and berba should start,still believe this last few games beginning to look tired,its time to bring berba back for the run in

  13. berbatunday says:

    Does that mean chicharito smokes crack? :D

  14. Buruk says:

    Realy javi is faster but fergi is doing a big mistake, berbatov is a funtastic,artful,wise totaly awesome player of the world of all z time. But javi can’t even control a coming ball so please…

  15. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    I like owen, proper striker & all ways been a decent person

    newcastle was 15 backwards steps from him coming from Real.

    Owen on the ball is decent and can pass and causes a hell of a lot of problems in his 10 min cameo’s for United

    I’d like to see this as our strikeforce next season.
    and Danny “boy” Welbeck

    I dont see berba staying with 1 year left on his contract, stalled negotiations :( SAF will get £10-15 mill outta him.

  16. El-Em-Ey-Oh says:

    We need a massive squad clear out and big spending spree to have United Sorted for the next 5 years!
    Ferguson wont be around forever so he needs to build a squad for the next guy (laurent blanc or pep guardiola)

    VDS ‘s Replacement = De Gea or Buffon (Now!)
    Evra’s nearly 30 has 2 years in him :( = Buy Coentrao as Lwb or LM in (2012 summer)
    gibson = Buy Alex Oxlade Chamberlain (Now)
    Giggs = Ravel Morrison will come in around the next (2-3 years)
    scholes = Sneijder (Now!)
    Berba = welbeck will come in (Now !)
    owen= joshua king (2012-13 Season)

    we will need to get rid of “Fat Pat” Anderson who is tubby if he flops next year
    Rio’s replacement is already here…Smalling
    Evans will do until Vida Retires or leaves.

    Only Four Targets and is Very Realistic :D for the next 3 transfer windows

  17. Union Jack says:

    @ Goles Oakley

    Oh I don’t Know, tickets for the game and luxury drive to the game. Sounds good to me

  18. itsfergietime says:

    Im pretty sure all of you will like this article on Chicharito on . Sums up his impact very well. If you like the article become a follower of the blog. Cheers fellas


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