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Owen: I Want To Play All The Time

After scoring two goals in our 3-0 win over Leeds United in the League Cup last night, Michael Owen has insisted he will only be happy if he’s playing more regularly and isn’t here for the money.

“I’m not content if I’m not playing,” he said. “I get criticised a lot with things like ‘you don’t play, you pick your money up’ and all the rest of it but I’m not proud of that fact. I want to play all the time.”

Owen has reflected on his first season, when he scored a last minute winner against City, a hattrick against the German champions and a goal in our 2-1 victory over Villa in the League Cup.

“If the season was going to be like the first season I was here then I’d be delighted,” added Owen. “That was fantastic and I felt involved. I was always either on the bench or playing. Obviously I want to be involved again but I appreciate that there’s some top players in the team and in the squad and it’s a challenge to get on the bench let alone into the first team.”

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  1. Saad says:

    We should loan out Macheda and Diouf and keep five strikers in the squad.

  2. Mr C says:

    @Sparkz 20:19: I think the difference in emphasis between us is narrow, but I still don’t think we are saying exactly the same thing. Specifically, I don’t consider SAF has a certain way of playing, or a Plan A as you put it, save for United’s preference for playing attacking football. Rather, I think SAF has preferences as to who he considers to be the core of his ‘strongest’ side, player wise, the selection of whom will likely to beat most of the opposition we are likely to face in the EPL. However, SAF does change and will change personnel and tactics as necessary according to the opposition and the circumstances. WBA at home and Roma away will likely pose entirely different problems and require different options, player wise.

  3. giggs12gerrard0 says:


    Sorry for the late reply mate Uni is short for University

  4. Ahmad Al-Joboori says:

    @manc_sam says:
    As I know Michael Owen is not scouser

  5. King Eric says:

    Sparkz – Hello mate. Not being pedantic but Berba got winner at Blackpool as well.

    NRD – First game you have been to at Brum home? Thought you went alot mate.

  6. King Eric says:

    Ah. Did you mean first time you and old man been together?

  7. Mr C says:

    @LoneStar Red 20:26 Great post – it had me rolling around in stitches!

    ‘here the men are mostly Effing MEN, not Oprah Winfrey watching weenies.’
    ‘The lesbians didn’t like Bush either…..’


  8. Sparkz says:

    King Eric- Hiya mate. I’m sure he got the equaliser? Didn’t Chicha come off the bench and score the first and third goals?

    Berba did get the winner vs Bolton though if that’s what you were referring to.

  9. King Eric says:

    Sparkz – No mate. Berba was put through I think by Giggs over the top and rifled it into the near corner.


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