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Owen: I’d Love To Win League With United

Michael Owen got another 90 minutes under his belt for Manchester United and has reflected on the reasons why he signed for us.

After eight years in Liverpool’s first team without winning the league title, Owen says he would love to win the league with United.

“When I was first asked to sign for Manchester United I went to bed thinking about what it would feel like to join a new club and meet new staff and new players,” said Owen. “Playing under Sir Alex was also a big attraction and I thought about how good it would feel to run out every week at Old Trafford and play in front of so many people. But the big thing for me was the chance to win honours. Manchester United is such a great club and I’d love to be part of a league-winning team.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Ruud, Ronaldo, Rooney - R3 says:

    Haha..I’d just love to see the look of my friend’s who’re Liverpool fans on this comment from Owen..priceless!! =)

  2. Sayyid says:

    Cannot wait to see StevieMe’s face when Owen lifts number 19 and Liverpool fail to qualify for next year’s Champions League

    When Arsenal beat Chelsea next week, we’ll be only 2pts behind and with 9 extremely winnable games coming up, I’m 100% sure we’ll be top by New Years Day. And with all our players being rotated and with Hargo coming back, Owen will be lifting that title come May

  3. RedDevil says:

    Hahahaha….Take that Saint Stevie. Owen’s making all the right noises for me…..if he would just start banging in some goals now, life would be perfect!

  4. Demon says:

    Start taking the chances then Mickey !!!!!!!

  5. Sayyid says:

    Only Rooney has scored more goals than Owen this season

  6. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Mickey could well be the key for that to happen

  7. Costas says:

    What a sight that would be! Many people mention how Gerrard will feel when he sees Owen life the trophy with United. What about Tevez though? At least Stevie Me won’t know what he missed out on!

  8. aig alex is god says:

    well said micky. but owen must stop talking and start delivering now.he has done well but is missing too many chances for someone of his quality.should have got atleast 10 by now.he is getting in good positions though so he will continue to get the chacnes.Hopefully he can finish them on a more consistent basis.

  9. kel says:

    Owen misses a lot of chances? The last weekend match, he only had half chances. The past few matches, he seldom had enough play time and the weekend match i can see him improve his fitness and seems to run faster than before. Let him more games and im sure he will score. 10 goals is too much to ask from owen. Rooney only had 7 or 8 goals. Owen is free and can’t expect so much from him. I do like to see tevez face. He will be facing more time on the bench than here. wahoooo

  10. Long John O'Shea says:

    Hi Scott, Sorry to go off topic but I see you have had yet another letter published by football365, congratulations keep up the good work…

  11. Islandred says:

    I’d love you to win the league with United as well, Michael!

  12. Vishal says:

    Owen is making all the right noises outside the pitch.But he needs to do the talking on the pitch now.We need him to bury the chances he gets.

  13. aig alex is god says:


    For someone of the class of Owen you expect him to bury those.He should have scored atleast once against everton and missed a hatful against CSKA. If he wants to go to the WC he will have to take these chances. Afterall thats what Owen is known for,isnt it?. As for Rooney, he is not a CENTRE FORWARD. He is more of a player who links play between midfield and forward line.Same as berbatov.They dont like to play as the main striker. Thats why Owen is the only out and out Centre Forward in the team.

  14. TheJackal says:

    I love it when some footballers try to act smart,and come with dumbass comments like this one,and the media jump on it like a shark on a sick seal..”Id love to beat Liverpool”,”Id love to win the title”,”id love to win the champions league this year!”…Try saying something controversial sometimes! “Id love to win the title with United,so I could rub it in that fat spanish waiters face,who didnt have faith in me!!”

  15. BlackBabyJesus says:

    He needs to start playing well and taking his chances.

  16. Xyth says:

    But for dodgy refereeing in two crucial matches against dippers (despite our bad performance) and rent boys, Owen would have been sitting prettily at the top of the table.
    Hopefully, come May, he would havel fulfilled his dreams that he could not at Looserpool.

  17. Anirudh says:

    at least one player from the Liverpool Treble winning side will win the 19th league title.. it just wont be for Liverpool.. haha

  18. phaka sa red says:

    you come to the right club son

  19. Big Bad Wesley Brown says:

    These quotes are sure to stoke the fires a bit!

    Have that, YSB!

  20. Fze123 says:

    Ya hear that scousers…

    If he get’s more playing time then no doubt he’ll bury many of the chances he gets, I think Fergie will start him with welbeck/macheda against Bekistas and rest Rooney.

  21. rooninho says:

    make it happen mickey owen! fergie threw you a lifeline, time to start repaying united and the boss.

    off topic:

    what are the odds of owen starting at ot against the dippers and ruud of all people? this is just a horrible rumor right?

  22. vidic will get ya15 says:

    wouldn’t bet on it rooinho m8. ruud is very very injury prone, even if he does he won’t score half as many for 2 reason’s, he won’t take pen’s and there’s no david beckham, after beckham left ruud pretty much went down hill imo

  23. Red Army says:

    Ruud would never go there. He loves United and loves our fans. Maybe he had a little fall out with Fergie but he was past it by then.

    Becks and RVN, good times.

  24. Kings says:

    If it wasn’t for that cheating cunt Carragher, Owen would have been clean through on goal and scored.

  25. rooninho says:

    @vidic/red army

    i hope so. it would be horrible to see ruud wearing the dipper shirt. i hope he goes off to germany, italy, or back to holland. i think he only wants to be on a possible title winning, champions league club, and he would have better chances of that in those countries.

    i’d have to make the missus rename one of our pets if ruud ever crossed that scouse line!

  26. Sagar says:

    this is why michael owen has come to united:

    Gary Neville was introducing all his team mates to owen.
    “This is Ryan Giggs, he has 11 premier league winners medals!!”

  27. weeeeldrinkadrinkadrink says:

    I’m still not convinced Owen is anything like the player he was when playing for the scum but I’d love to be wrong.

  28. Red Army says:


    Neville also introduced Micky to Welbeck. Saying “this is 18 year old Danny Welbeck and he’s won the title.”

  29. Fze123 says:

    That’s what all football fans thought when Owen was bought, he’s too injury prone and isn’t the same porfilic goal scorer of before. This is probably just a flim flam type rumour, but I fear that the dippers will snap up Ruud. I don’t consider Real as rivals as the dippers are, but he still joined them, knowing fully well they’re a club Fergie seems to discard certain players to. Just hope he doesn’t join them, it’ll be sickeneing to see him playing in that shirt and even more sickening to see him scoring for them if he is fit.

  30. mara says:

    I would like to see comments on Liverpool s blog, after this interwiev…. :)

  31. Shimmy Shake says:

    RAWK probably imploded yet again when news of these quotes reached them.

  32. jellybean says:

    nooo ruud will never join the dippers! he’s still a damn good finisher when fit, so i really hope he doesn’t. i also hope owen starts scoring when he gets these rare chances, he won’t get to start too often. i kind of think he should’ve started against liverpool though, cause he had something to prove and given that our best chances came when he came on, i think he could’ve had a good game. what do you guys think? by the time he came on, he didn’t have enough time to make much of an impact.
    oooh, also i had a question. yesterday, my bf and i were playing the choice game, and i was wondering who others would choose. would you rather have becks (at his best) or ronaldo at Utd?

  33. Ruud, Ronaldo, Rooney - R3 says:

    @ jellybean

    Ronaldo, without a doubt! =) =)

  34. Cantona says:

    Let’s face it- Owen wants a PL winners medal ( who would’nt ) and he does’nt care how he comes by it , he just had the very good fortune to have been hired at the nadir of his career by Manchester United who have controlled the league for the last 20 years , he really should shut the fuck up and start performing on the park . Personally , I dont now – and never have – given a blast on a ragmans bugle for Owen’s ambitions or desires , he’s the luckiest guy on the planet to be allowed to wear our colours and if we do win the league again this year I wonder just how much a part of it he will feel . Great bit of business by Sir Alex though who will probably be voted businessman of the year on the strength of the derby goal alone.


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