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Owen: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

If in 1997, when a young Michael Owen was breaking on to the scene with our hated rivals Liverpool, you’d never have believed someone if they told you we’d be overtaking their record 18 titles in a few years. But you’d have sent them off to the doctors if they told you Owen would be scoring for us on the last day of that 19th title winning season!

“As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them,” Owen told MUTV. “I won a lot of trophies with Liverpool but to win the Premier League is the pinnacle of anyone’s career. I’m very proud today. I’ve not played as much as I did last year but we all have to play our part to win the league and it’s been enjoyable, nonetheless. I’m really pleased and proud to have played with a great crop of lads and obviously the manager’s second to none.”

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  1. Saad says:

    Congrats, Mikey! I hope United give you a contract extension. You still got it!

  2. scan74 says:

    see the light micky

    congrats on today

    feel he maybe on his way in the summer

    if it is thanks for that derby day winner what a fucking beauty

  3. Whiteside says:

    Interesting article here:

    I particularly like the bit about updating Carrick’s status to heavyweight – not bad for a lad written off by many earlier this season.

  4. Zelh says:

    get in there YSB!

  5. and Solskjaer has won it says:

    Well done lad showed he still has that clinical edge…my opinion of Owen has improved dramatically since he joined…can’t be easy constantly wondering if you’ll even make the bench

  6. Mursyid says:

    Where can I get a bigger size of that picture where owen lifted the Crown?

    Thanks in Advance


  7. RedLife says:

    It’s a shame he hasn’t played more and scored a few more goals. He is a sound bloke. He definetly played his part, all the lads have. I’m glad he got his medal.

  8. giggsalot says:


    michael owen 1-0 gerrard

  9. Whiteside says:

    If we need a goal with twenty minutes left and Chicarito is not having a good one I can see Fergie going for Owen instead of the Berba – would be tough on the silky Bulgarian but which one would you bank on taking one chance right now?

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    Was delighted to see Owen get his medal, thats what you get for playing for the biggest club in the world…. Were you watching Stevie Me and Shearer?

  11. True Storoy says:

    @ Whiteside
    In my opinion, the most important player next saturday will be Michael Carrick. You could say that 11-14 of our players has to perform, but the most risky and important position is that of Carrick. He is pivotal in both our defence and attack, and I can honestly say that I can’t remember us losing a game with him playing well.

  12. RedScot says:

    Well you never achieved that at Liverpool did you Micheal a winners medal.You know you joined the winners, forget the brochures touting your arse around the country like Derby! lol.
    There is only one club that guarentees a dong, United.We love you Micheal, one goal in the 6th minute of extra time against City puts you in the record book of :: eyes ::: a light. its him.

  13. Whiteside says:

    You could be right there True Storey, as you say they’ve all gotta do their jobs but if Michael can’t turn possession at the back into attacks, it’s gonna be tough for our attacking players.


  14. KING_ERIC_BG says:

    Would love to see Owen to change his shirt #19 for the next season :) )))

  15. slim says:

    let me just start by saying i missed the crowning moment of the season, taking some stupid course so i can get a better job – hopefully that means i can finally go get a season ticket. But was truly gutted today, missed ROM like hell. Just want to say congratulations to everyone around the world,especially right here on ROM. You guys are simply the best. Now i’ve got to painfully go through all the post i’ve missed aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh

  16. Costas says:

    Proper red. ;)

    If he wins the Ch.League, he would have won every trophy out there.

  17. giggsalot says:

    i just think 99 smeichel left, and sheringham had won F all NOW IN 2011 vd sar leaving and owen had won nothing before.

    hoping these are good omens

  18. fergie is the boss says:

    Owen knows united are the unstoppable force and the immovable object

  19. 3/without/killing/anyone* says:

    Any one with video of Edwin and Patrice moment vs Blackpool ? When Pat bow down to Edwin after his save.

  20. fergie is the boss says:

    Costas – I think owen is a guy who likes football, but not a fan of a certain club. He knows he got the break at liverpool, but he was not a liverpool fan, he would not have minded where he played his trade. While rooney’s real goal was to join united and be one of the guys who blew liverpools record to ashes, owen is a guy who says, if I join united I would be delighted, he reminds me of scholes neville, he does not give a damn what other PPL say about him, its about doing whats best for himself not about what other PPL think

  21. tolumancunian says:

    what he couldnt win with scousers for eight seasons he won it with us in two seasons…manchester unted..a club they wish they were….congrats owen..goal scorer supreme..

  22. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Love the idea.
    Sir Alex going for Wellbeck next year and with Chico, Berba and Rooney it looks like there wont be a place for Owen, especially in a squad of 25. However to campaign for Owen to stay, give up the famous No7 for our new superstar (however that may be) and for Owen to wear No19 would be fucking grand.

  23. CedarsDevil says:

    Our players showed so much class at the final whistle today, hardly celebrating in front of the team they just sent down…. You cannot buy class.

    I do feel sorry for Blackpool though, more so for Ian Holloway. Top bloke

  24. orez says:

    Ancelotti sacked!!! That was quick. No idea who will be tacking over. I think it’s good news for us for the next season. There aren’t much better managers in the market.

    On the topic congratulations to Owen. He has been very respectful and hard working all this time. He deserves the medal and I am happy for him and for all the guys.

  25. T4M says:


  26. sachu says:

    i feel for holloway too
    i think it will be van bastain
    carlo would be a good candidate for our next manager if he is available

  27. CedarsDevil says:


    How are you buddy? In no way was I referring to you in the other thread…. Hope you remember which one! lol

  28. willierednut says:

    How about a caption for the picture.

    Look shearer, this is what you could’ve won?

    Get in number 19!

    Also, give Mickey Owen another year.

  29. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Young Mickey dreamed of lifting the league championship in Red. Just always thought it was mersey red instead of the darker shade of the Red Devils. Top class bloke his entire career in my view. Glad he won it with us. 2 years 3 medals, and maybe more.
    2009–10 Football League Cup
    2010 FA Community Shield
    2010–11 Premier League

    That medal looks good on ya lad. Well deserved.

  30. Megamufcdiehard says:

    Good lad he is,hard working and so patient.he rily deservd dat medal.

  31. man_utd_19 says:

    Fuckin hell, I can’t believe it, Tony V is capable of smiling (to the right):

    On another note Owen 1 – 0 Gerrard
    Oh and… 19 :)

  32. dasilvatwins says:

    lads….the footballer super injunction case…ryan giggs?

  33. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    No worry Cedars, I didnt think you were seriously just making banter.
    Enjoying the day mate. No 19 has been the one Ive wanted all my life. Its the day of my Birth, my shirt number and my lucky number and right now mate Im kind of numb and deliriously happy. Of course there is always 20, 21 ………. but no19 is like winning the national lottery and I can say hand on heart I am happier now with No 19 than I would ever be with a million quid. United mean everything to me and this is it. Im so glad for Sir Bobby, he sits in the crowd every match and hes seen all this through wise eyes and the history whats hidden behind them and I always wonder what hes thinking, could he have imagined it when Sir Alex signed in 86. Fucking amazing. Have a drink for me mate and keep the party rolling.

  34. jellybean says:

    They didn’t show Fergie’s speech or the players celebrating with their kids here :( Did get to see them lifting the trophy..the twins, Chicharito, Owen was great! Scholes of course, reserved as always looking embarassed before barely lifting the trophy for a second! Lol wonder if they even managed to get a picture. Did Berba lift it? Anyone have a picture? Think he was about to when the damn camera started scanning the crowd. Oh 19….Last season on the last day I literally had tears. Knew we’d get it back come May.

    @Cedars- Thought the same. They must have been bursting inside, but reserved themselves in front of Blackpool. Can you imagine Chelsea ever doing that? For that matter, Ando did not make a big deal after scoring knowing it was going to doom Blackpool…it was the winning goal and Ando’s 3rd in 2 starts?! 3 goals this season, goddamn! Lol.

  35. CedarsDevil says:

    Get in with them vodka shots, get in with them tequila shots, get in with an endless celebration.

    Willie – nicely said re Shearer

    sachu – Yes sort of felt sorry for Carlo yet happy… He is no longer the right man at the wrong club

  36. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Not really bothered about that mate. Without wanting to reopen old wounds its not the same as Rooney. Giggs had an affair, two consenting adults and we all realise that having an affair isnt against the law even though alot of people have been hurt by that. It should not be blown up in the same light as Rooneys indescretion as his was morally repugnant because 1. His missus was pregnant 2. It was with a prostitute, which is against the law, like it or not.
    Giggs is only human and with great appeal and a large ammount of cash and sometimes you can get blinded on the way.
    Lets not tarnish this fantastic day.

  37. CedarsDevil says:

    Goat – Just washed down a shot for you buddy…. cheers (Was not banter BTW, there is a hateful cunt here, but thats for another day my friend)

    jellybean – As I said you cannot buy class…. Jay Tee would have gone ballistic, fucking idiot

  38. dasilvatwins says:

    @GoatinaUnitedShirt…even still GIGGS. hurts me to say it…tbh nothing yet has been confirmed it could all be bolluks (which im hoping) but i didnt see a giggs interview today after winning the lets just hope it dies down….and tbh its not just that the media hate man utd as much as it is. now they have something to feed on …on barca next week… lets hope it dont mess with his head

  39. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    Cheers Cedars I drink to your health too, alot.

    dasilvatwins dont worry about it mate, seems harmless enough and like you said could be bolox, could be a barca ploy.

    19 19 19 19 19 19 19

  40. dasilvatwins says:

    lool posted the giggs stuff on facebook…just been told i take football all too seriously.. i replied i dont take it seriously enough now ..lool now im getting stick of how “sad” i am

  41. NBI Red Onion says:

    Owen can do a job and could be decisive. However, I cannot completely warm to him.

    I admit I find it odd that a striker in his prime is happy to be fourth choice striker primarily playing in the Carling up. I admire players who really want to play and who leave if they are on the bench more. I can understand Ruud getting pissed that he did not play and I admire it.

    I think it is different for players like Wes and O’Shea because some seasons they play alot and they have been at United since they were young.

    Owen seems to like success and the order and structure of United. He is a player who could be first choice in other decent clubs, to me he is NOT A RED, but he is a player who in not very ambitious in terms of playing every day but has found a club he likes and is happy to play a bit part in an environment that works for him and is also near his house and horse racing interests.

  42. Always Be Closing says:

    @dasilvatwins – there’s an injunction posting it in the media because it’s an allegation and posting such a thing is damaging to a person’s image and character.

  43. Costas says:


    Personally I’ve always like him. Not so much as a player, but as a character. Robbie Fowler he is not…He didn’t set this team alight, but he wasn’t Fergie’s worst piece of business either. I hope he gets another year. But it will depend on Kiko and Welbeck’s progress, as well as Berba’s contract situation.

  44. slim says:

    This shit surrounding Giggs is making me sick, sick to my stomach. He fucked, allegedly someone outside his marriage. So Fucking What? And now you have fans coming here giving him grief. Well go fuck youself i say, he’s a grown man, if he want to fuck outside his marriage his fucking choice. Coming here and acting all goody two shoes is making me sick. For fucks sake an ex president of the United States got a blow job in the very office where peoples lives are played as if on a chess board.

    Is what he did right? Fuck knows, no one knows what goes on in the Giggs household and its no ones’s fucking business either. Like anyone here hasn’t fucked up in some way or the other. We win reach a historic landmark and this is the hot topic. Fucking disgusted. and for the record i didn’t give a fuck either when Rooney messed around with the two 1000 pounds a night experience. Poor lad from fucking scouse land had probably never been girls that hot in his life, he gets a chance and you think he’s gonna pass that shit up? Fuck right off. Tell me you go from 8 quid and hour to getting close to a quarter Fucking million a month and you think you won’t live it up; in todays world?! Get real people

  45. Neil says:

    +1 Slim, so sick of hearing about this nonsense. As if any of these critics would ever do anything different if they were in the shoes in the people they’re moralizing about. Who fucking cares who cheats on who, or who is sleeping with some trollop. Do I give a shit about the sex life of my bartender or my waiter? Fuck no!

    Just fucking win, and win with class on the pitch by respecting the United shirt you wear and I’m happy. You can cheat on any woman but be faithful to United and I’ll support you ’till the day I die.

  46. manutd4eve says:

    slim well said mate, who cares. come on giggsy u r our legend and never be a traitor in our eyes

  47. mustafa says:

    well, if giggsy hit that, and he’s played so well this season……….we need more beautiful women around to ‘service’ giggsy before the final

  48. Vkas says:

    Yes, finally he scored a goal….awesome.

  49. markynorbs says:

    Well done son.


    Jamie Redknapp. Mark Wright. Rob Jones. David James. Dominic Matteo. Stig Inge Bjørnebye. Robbie Fowler. Neil Ruddock. Phil Babb. Jason McAteer. Patrik Berger. Jamie Carragher. Stevie Gerrard!!!!!!!!!! Danny Murphy. Vegard Heggem. Sami Hyypiä. Dietmar Hamann. Stéphane Henchoz . Sander Westerveld. Djimi Traoré. Emile Heskey. IgorIgor Bišćan. John Arne Riise. Jerzy Dudek. Milan Baroš. Steve Finnan. Harry Kewell. Xabi Alonso. Peter Crouch, José Reina. Daniel Agger. Dirk Kuyt. Ryan Babel. Lucas Leiva. Fernando Torres. Martin Škrtel.



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