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Owen: Of Course I’ll Celebrate Against Liverpool If I Score

Michael Owen has confirmed that if he does score against Liverpool, he will celebrate.

The former Liverpool striker, who was recently booed at a testimonial for Jamie Carragher, insisted when talking to Sport magazine that he’s a professional footballer, not a fan.

“I’m a professional footballer,” said Owen. “I’ll be going on to the pitch wanting to do well in the game, wanting to score a goal and wanting us not to concede. I won’t be the first person to play against a team that I used to play for, and I won’t be the last. Yeah I would have no problem scoring a goal or celebrating. People would find it a bit ridiculous if I answered that in any other way. There is no getting away from that, and I was proud to play for Liverpool. I am a professional footballer, I’ve got to give myself the chance of winning trophies, of earning a living and of playing at the best standard I could, just as the man in the street would if he gets an offer to move from one newspaper to the next or one bank to the next. If they give him a better job and everything else, I’m sure everybody would do the same. So I’m not a fan – my loyalties are for the team that are paying my wages, and that is how it’s got to be. It’s hard for any fan to understand as they are a one-team person and they will never understand, but they only have to open their eyes and look around the Premier League and see that players do move.”

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  1. sayyid says:

    I hope Fergie actually plays Owen from the start for once

    I would like to see a front three of Berbatov, Rooney and Owen

    SAF, says Valencia could be back by February…..excellent news….he’ll probably be back before Hargreaves

  2. Costas says:

    As long as he doesn’t celebrate like Ince did, then Liverpool fans have nothing to complain about.

  3. kanchelskis says:

    Felt sorry for Owen coming off the bench on Tuesday and being put on the left. Give him 90 mins in a central role against the dippers at OT, and I reckon he’d bury one.

    Not going to happen though. This will:





    Only one I’m not sure of is Park. He had a pretty dire game against Rangers, but Fergie does trust him in the big games.

    The other possibility is Nani starting on the left, with Fletch on the right, and Ando making a surprise return to shackle Stevie Me once again. That would be awesome.

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    A 94th minute winner by Owen would do me just fine…. Would be the perfect tonic for the rest of the season regardless…..

  5. Callum says:

    Park will play on the left. Fergie will want someone to watch/punish Glen Johnson and Park is the man for that.

    Because there’s nobody else I see starting on the left, that means he won’t deploy Park in the middle, which I think could mean we do see a surprise inclusion in Anderson.

    The thing here is how to fit Rooney and Berbatov into the same team, because we’ll want Fletch and Scholes to be playing but they’ll be outnumbered by Liverpool. So Rooney either on the left or in midfield is probably best.











    will be picked, I reckon. Personally I like the look of the latter.

  6. Costas says:

    I am going with Kanchelskis’ line up too. The only doubt I have is whether it will be Brown or O’Shea at right back.

    Ando will probably start at Scunthorpe. If he starts this Sunday, it will probably be him and Scholes in midield and it’s not a good move to take Fletcher out of the heart of the midfield in a game like this. Unless we play with Nani and Rooney on the wings, Fletcher-Scholes-Ando in midfield and Berba as the main striker…

  7. sayyid says:

    PLease God no O’Shea

    Liverpool are crap lets be honest

    I would go for:


    Rafeal Rio Vidic Evra

    Fletch Scholes

    Nani Berbatov Rooney


  8. Callum says:

    Actually, a front three of Rooney-Berbatov-Nani looks pretty terrifying. All three are creative, goalscoring players, and it would probably work well, with Berbatov dropping deep, sliding passes out for the other two to cut inside, and scoring the odd goal himself.

  9. Callum says:

    I hope Hernandez gets on because i’m looking forward to seeing him calmly collect a Scholes pass with a beetroot-faced Jamie Carragher puffing like an old carthorse 18 yards behind him

  10. Costas says:


    Yeah it would. Valencia was a big part of our attacking plan, so now we have to come up with something different. Don’t know how happy Rooney might be though. He was starting to come into his own as a centre forward.

  11. kanchelskis says:


    I’d forgotten about the Glenda Johnson element. He’s clueless with players running at him.

    On that basis, I’d say Nani looks a better pick on the left than Park. If we get the ball out to him regularly, Nani could give Glenda a horrid afternoon. But then who on the right?

    Fletcher could have a lot on his plate – ie shackling Gerrard and Joe Cole, who was by all accounts pretty good last night.

  12. Callum says:


    We can only afford one centre-forward in this sort of game, and there’s no doubt about who our best option is at the moment.


    Yeah, if it’s just Cole, then Scholes will be fine, but Fletcher will need to be sitting deeper if Gerrard is in behind. Cole was unbelieveable yesterday, for all of 29 seconds and then he was anonymous. I’ll be surprised if he starts.

  13. 7seagulls says:

    @ sayyid
    I like your way of thinking mate but there’s absolutely no chance of us playing a front three like that, its far too risky. Expect a 4-4-2 with Rooney and Berbatov, Id imagine Nani will be on the right and Park on the left or vice versa with Scholesy and Fletch in the middle. Personally I’d like to see Brown/Evans at centre back with Vida, as in my opinion the 80 minutes against rangers isn’t enough to have Rio prepared for, an albeit out of form, Torres. Round it off with Evra left back and Rafael right back for his pace and obviously VDS between the sticks and Id say we’re on for a win :)

  14. kanchelskis says:


    So you reckon Berb won’t play? Despite being rested on Tuesday?

  15. Costas says:


    Well, Fergie has confirmed that Berbatov will start, so we will probably play 4-4-2. Berbatov has done very well so far, but I still don’t think his best position is to lead the line. So in all likelyhood Park will have a winger/3rd midfielder type role.

  16. kanchelskis says:


    Berb led the line amazingly well against Everton. Seemed to relish the role.

    But then I can’t see Rooney not playing, so 4-4-2 it is then.

    Which concerns me a little given Liverpool’s attacking midfield options.

    Looks like we might actually get an open game, which would be nice. Lawro’s predicting 0-0 but I really can’t see that happening.

    I’d love an entertaining 4-2 win. A Super Sunday classic.

  17. gerriered says:

    Callum bro says it all. On the topic though, Owen also speaks well. I’ve always respected him. As for the game against poooooools lets hope thay whoever the gaffer puts out there will give 110%, coz we just have to win it. I feel that we have toyed around with the a little too much. Also revenge to hogson(3-0 vs Fulham), J. Cole(that goal at OT) AND ALL THE OTHER DIPPERS.
    Lets remember to pray for Tony, I miss him already.

  18. sayyid says:

    Fletch and Scholes can play deep and let Nani, Rooney, Berbs and one more cause havoc

  19. Callum says:

    Can’t see Rooney not playing either, so I reckon he’ll either be in midfield or on the left. It’s not a big shock when you think about it but it’s been a while since Fergie’s pulled out a “what the fuck” team sheet, so he’s overdue a surprise.

  20. Costas says:


    If Hodgson plays Gerrard as a 2nd midfielder again, and with our defensice weaknesses, it could be quite an open game. And it would be a nice change of pace compared to the United-Liverpool games we saw while the FSW was in charge.

    Berba did very well at Goodison. It’s just that I prefer to see him pulling the strings and have someone else play ahead of him. We’ll see. Other than the game at Anfield last October, Fergie has been lining up with one striker in the big games for the last year and a half.

  21. kanchelskis says:


    The only problem is ‘what the fuck’ never seem to work in the big games.

    Remember the Barca final in Rome? Straight away everyone knew it would be a work of genius or a horrible miscalculation. I think we know what it was.

  22. Callum says:

    Well, that wouldn’t be too big a ‘what the fuck’ except to the likes of the daily mail and various other football supporters who do not have a brain

    “He’s playing Rooney on the left?! He’s terrible on the left!”

    and so forth. as we all know, he does a very good job there, and berbatov is the man in form anyway.

  23. Busby says:

    I would go with Fletcher, Scholes and Park in midfield with Nani, Rooney and Berbatov up front. This would give us the flexibility to go 4-5-1 when we defend and 4-4-2 when we attack and I think it accomodates our best players in their best roles.

  24. RedGem says:

    Owen scoring against Liverpool would be a lovely sight, and while I’m fine with players not celebrating against old clubs, this time I’d be screamin’ my lungs out if he did score and celebrate! I do hope to see on Sunday.

    Happy that Berba will start. Rooney needs to flush his demons out and focus on the game. Maybe the fear of facing his in-laws is proving to much for him?

  25. guidedbyunited says:

    Bebe premiers for Reserves:

  26. man united says:

    van der sar
    brown vidc rio evra
    nani flecther scholes giggs
    rooney berbatov

  27. hooligankicker says:

    I’m not going to criticise a current United player, and I will say that one thing Owen is is certainly professional, but I would be so disappointed if an ex-United player who’d been at the club for 13+ years and then left, celebrated scoring against us…..

  28. parth312 says:

    @hooligankicker, I agree with you.. but then an ex-United player with 13+ years experience would not think about leaving United….and even if someone did leave or has already left, they wouldnt celebrate in an insulting manner.. They all have far too much respect (and a little fear maybe) for THE Godfather…
    Just look at Beckham.. He still loves United and wouldnt and didnt play in the EPL so that he wouldnt become a direct rival…

    Thats the difference between ex-liverpool and ex-united players.. Ofcourse there may have been 1 or 2 anomalies, but then those players are exactly that.. Anomalies and an exception to the rule

  29. parth312 says:

    I think Nani will start on the right, since most of last season the majority of our attacks came from the right wing via Tony V. Glen johnson might not like players running at him, but Nani is most definitely more lethal from the right side. And besides, Liverpool dont have much attacking prowess down the wings. Rodiguez, Jovanovic, Babel arent the greatest wingers in the world. So Park on the left to stiffle Johnson and their right winger (whoever that might be since Kuyt is injured) , would make sense.


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