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Owen Out Until Christmas

The club have today confirmed that Michael Owen will be out until Christmas after sustaining an injury in our 2-0 win over Otelul Galati.

Owen was setting up the opening goal when picking up the injury, although it was initially thought not to be too serious.

“Michael has a thigh muscle injury and will be out for six weeks or so.”

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  1. soren says:

    Cedars Yes, I know. One of the things I like about him.
    but honestly, I have an advantage to be chica haha

  2. Ash says:

    Get well soon mickey. I still believe he can contribute very much to our team .

  3. rohan19 says:

    why not just retire him and put him as a striker coach..
    hopefully then he won’t get injured s often..

    heard some tidbits of news saying we’re after eriksen! anyone heard anything similar?

  4. Bad Wolf says:

    Loving the new Studs Up comic

  5. Red Devil says:

    Gutted for poor Micky Owen….
    The lad has been completely professional ever since he joined us, has never a bad word to say about United and the manager and always does his best in training and whatever games he gets….
    And just when he seems to be getting some scoring momentum, he goes and gets injured..

  6. Zibbie says:

    After he retires Becks should come back to Man Utd and recruit players like Z-Zu for Real.

  7. Ruudboy says:

    Get well soon mickey.
    Here comes a chance for Kiko to stake his claim for d carling cup team

  8. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Owen’s involvement in the larger scheme of things should definitely not be underrated. I am pretty sure Sir Alex and the management knew the risks they were taking when deciding to keep Owen for one more year. He is most definitely unreliably, but they still chose to keep him. That was for one reason and one reason alone. And despite what you think, it wasn’t for a horse-talk companion for Sir Alex. :P

    His experience and advice will improve our young strikers considerably. Maybe not so much Rooney since he is already established enough. But, for the likes of Danny, Hernandez, and Macheda, Owen’s input in training will be invaluable.

    Add to the fact that we’ve lost enough experience over the past season that the presence of a personality like Owen’s is a must. I love reading him on Twitter because he is one of the few people who is consistently thoughtful & frank with his fans and uses the medium properly. His comments about United’s performances even when he doesn’t play are great. I loved reading his explanation about our attacking tactics against City in the final few minutes.

    You simply cannot have enough guys like Owen around for me. He may not be of much use on the pitch, but off it, he is just as important as our other players. Get well soon, Micky!

  9. RedHound says:

    There’s such a flurry of Spanish names being bandied around that South America is in danger of being eclipsed by Spain in terms of attacking young talent. Christian Eriksen? I dont know who that Daily Source is but boy is surely worth a look. And you have to feel sorry for Neymar, if we were to go by hype alone then Neymar Beiber is surely the best player in the world right now

  10. RedHound says:

    would be absolutely delighted if Neven Subotic signed

  11. keano99 says:

    Tevez depressed! Think of the people who are struggling for work and to pay the bills and pay for Christmas for their kids and then u will c depressed and their is poor Carlos earning 200 grand a week in perfect physical health(apart for being a minging cunt) and a superstar footballer god he’s got it hard.

  12. Jeet says:

    Actually, its not so strange. Whenever someone gets ill-earnned/ill-deserved riches someone up there throws in a small jinx to keep it interesting. You won’t see ordinary folks needing to visit the shrink every week, or feeling compelled to blow out their brains bcos they just cant handle their “ordinaryness” anymore. Or you can go with the less esoteric explanation, namely, Carlos is a cunt!

  13. nm says:

    slim – Hello mate. Yes anytime now pal. Already got the home and away United babygrows!. And Bottle. And dummies (hope he doesnt use them). …………………… and t shirts!!!

  14. nm says:

    keano99 – Spot on pal. Greedy moaning fucking cunt.


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