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Owen Seeking Villa Move?

The transfer window closed just two weeks ago but the rumours for January have begun already.

Michael Owen isn’t playing very much, he’s obviously not thrilled about that and Aston Villa boss Gerard Houllier likes him.

Put it all together and what do you get? Owen is leaving United for Villa in January.

“You can only do your best and prepare and train well, so that you are ready when the manager calls on you,” said Owen. “After that, it’s up to the manager who he chooses. It sounds easy, but probably the most difficult thing is not playing for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden getting called up and being mentally and physically right to perform well. At the end of the season, I’ll look and think, ‘Was I happy with the amount of games I was available for?’, ‘Did I score enough goals in the games when I played?’ and ‘Did I play well enough in those games?’ You look at highlights of the season, did we win anything, things like that. But I wouldn’t put any goal or appearance totals out there because, at a club like this, you never know when the manager is going to use you.”

Looking back on last season, I think Owen can be fairly happy with what he achieved. He scored the winning goal in what will be remembered as probably the best Manchester derby ever, he scored a hattrick against the German champions in the Champions League, as well as scoring in our 2-1 win over Aston Villa in the League Cup final. Given that was the last part he played in the season thanks to injury, he’s got to be fairly happy with that.

This season might tell a different tale though, with him behind Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and now Javier Hernandez is pecking order.

Which is where new Aston Villa boss, Gerard Houllier, steps in.

“He has always been in my thoughts,” said Houllier. “I like him, as a player and a man. I went to Liverpool on September 4 for Jamie Carragher’s testimonial, and I saw Michael play a half of football. He still has the legs for it.”

But then this is the same man who last week wrote off Villa’s chances for any success this season.

“Aston Villa is not a club on the same level as Liverpool, let’s be objective and honest,” he said. “It’s a club that according to me has belonged between seventh and 12th place in the Premier League.”

Is this a man living in the past? You would think he knew that Aston Villa finished above Liverpool in the league last season. You would also think he’d know that Villa have been a top 6 club for the past three seasons. Maybe he just rates Roy Hodgson more highly than he does himself!

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  1. White Pele says:

    If anyone has a reserves stream online, pleasee post it here, would love to see Bebe, plus Obertan and Eirkem and Morrison, and C Evans

  2. Costas says:


    Hey mate. Here’s the thing though. Owen isn’t taking anyone’s spot. If Macheda is better, then he will get his chance. Hernandez(even though I wouldn’t put him ahead of Owen in the pecking order right now) has played more than him.

  3. holte ender says:

    10mill ashley young you guys are having a can have him for 30mill and throw us that crock owen for free.he is villa through and through

  4. Dr.Hannibal says:

    comn mickey you can score against dippers n it will be good farewell from utd fans

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Owen has done the business for United and will be well regarded if he leaves for football reasons. Right now, he is probably one of the best finishers we have. But he is injury prone and that is his glass slipper really. If he doesn’t leave to a competing club, then we should all applaud him. If he stays it will be fantastic as well because he can be a great role model for Chicho, Welbeck, Diouf etc.
    I personally think he will get opportunities and the Cup season is just about to get started. I have a hunch, that come January, he will be getting games and may well change his mind. If not, then good luck to him. I have confidence that our forward line and depth is one area were we are very very strong. But Owen is a finisher, knows the business, and has a very good head. Sad if he goes, but understand the reasons. A couple of fantastic goals from him last season. Will be on many highlight reels for years to come.

  6. stpercival, the former john ferry says:

    Agree with most post. There is no way we are getting Young. Simply no way.

  7. KD says:

    guys it’s real hard trying to find a stream for the reserves game this evening. help this red out plz. thanks

  8. KD says: stream via @Kdill_mufc come on Bebe light my fire

  9. parryheid says:

    KD Justi tv.on now.

  10. KD says:

    thanks parry watching it. hope for a good performance from Gabe more than im hoping for a great debut for Bebe. Bebe just needs a solid performance to keep the media monkeys of his back. he’s at United noe’ the only way to go is up. Gabe needs to step up as he’s definitely going to get chances with Tony’s injury. and i Love watching eikrem play. the guy looks so assured and picks passes like a hot knife through butter. come on United!

  11. parryheid says:

    3 0 villa .Harassing us all over the park good game though.

  12. man united says:

    man united lost 4-1 toingh bebe looked realy good on the ball hr gets his crosses in early and has loads of paste.

  13. United4ever says:

    This shows that we need a good player. Arteta!

  14. fucktheglazers says:

    bye bye michael… im sure anyone would like to see chicharito/macheda step up to the plate?

  15. TonyBee says:

    fuck the scouse bastard off as soon as …..

  16. TonyBee says:

    he,s never a UTD player in my book ….even after scoring the winner against Shitty still didn’t rate him …over the hill injury prone has been.


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