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Park: Goals Against Chelsea And Liverpool The Best

Park Ji-Sung has a reputation for showing up in the big games, scoring important goals against tough opposition.

Last season, he scored the winning goal against Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-final, moments after Didier Drogba had brought the opposition level.

However, Park believes it is his goal from the season before against Liverpool, where United came back from 1-0 down to win 2-1, which is his best for the club.

“My most memorable goal is maybe the winning goal against Liverpool or the one against Chelsea, both at Old Trafford,” he told the official site. “One of those goals would be my best. Actually, with the one against Chelsea in the Champions League, even if we had drawn the match, we would have got through. So I’ll choose the Liverpool goal.”

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  1. CRS82 says:

    I love that man!

  2. smartalex says:

    Also my favourite Park goal for United! Big game player, sells a few shirts too!

    A video of the 10 best goals scored by Ji Sung Park, Manchester United star and retired South Korean captain:

  3. BootleBob says:

    Dog eater.

  4. smartalex says:

    Dogleish devourer!

    BootleBob is a scouse cunt!

  5. kelvinchanpw says:

    but it could be worse, could be scouse. Eating rats in their council house. Parkkkkk

  6. Mr C says:

    Great player and very underrated. Love JSP -nuff respect to the guy. He’s the kind of player who can be relied on to do whatever job he’s given to do well, with 100% effort.

  7. CedarsDevil says:

    I could just copy and paste the comment by Mr C….

  8. gora says:

    cum on man its gota be the looserfools terms of quality that was a brilliant divin’ header.

  9. kanchelskis says:

    Drogba had only brought Chelsea level in the match not the tie…

    We were still in a winning position (just), but Parky killed the game off.

  10. CedarsDevil says:


    Thanks for the video, great player and adored by United fans as well as those in his home country

  11. King Eric says:

    My memory must be fucked. When were we one nil down to the dippers and won 2-1? Oh yeah. The ladyboy scored with that header early doors. Just remembered.

    Park’s a funny one. He seems to struggle a bit early season then hits gear about October or November. Love the man.

  12. the truth says:

    Park is one of those players that I wasn’t particularly fond of, but always did have respect for him. I think its very easy to overlook his influence, especially when we had Ronaldo, who seemed to get all the headlines. It’s just recently, in light of all those money grabbing players, that I fully began to appreciate his attitude and loyalty. Even when the rest of the team arre having a bad game, Park never stops running, he never complains about not playing and he always seems to pop out of no where to score those crucial goals that are never highlighted on MOTD or any other site for that matter. He is crazy good. Small, but skillful, and he can score against Arsenal like no one else. It’s can be easily said that I have the utmost respect for Park now. Despite being played out of position for practically all his career at United he continues to shine. That’s the kinda of player united need more of.

  13. King Eric says:

    the truth – Great post mate. Some think Park is just all running and hardwork. Its bollocks. Technically he is superb too.

  14. smartalex says:


    My pleasure, friend!

    I chose that video to link because it also shows a couple of great goals that Park scored for his country, that we might otherwise never see. It is frustrating when our players are negatively affected by their international commitments and I’m glad that Ji has retired! Having said that I really want our United family members to be happy, which international success brings. Also, foreigners cannot play for United without the work permits enabled by representing their homelands.

  15. smartalex says:

    King Eric – Hello mate! Park is ‘technically superb.’

    Also, he is tactically unsurpassed at United, if not in England.

  16. Newton Heath Red says:

    Park is technically superb ….. really? dont get me wrong i love the man, but in terms of touch and control of the ball i think “superb” may be a little flattering

  17. smartalex says:

    Newton Heath Red

    You disagree in a superb fashion!
    Your true Red expression of personal feelings on our players is a credit to us all!

    We can all express clearly without denigrating or attacking our players.

  18. CedarsDevil says:

    I have always stated that Park is the most tactically aware player at United but he is not the most technical in our squad, that title for me goes to Berba

  19. Newton Heath Red says:

    Why thank you smartalex!

  20. Ancha says:


    Thanks! for the link, great video!

    Park has always been a good player, as the truth has posted its only in the last few seasons most of the fans started appreciating him
    and moreover he was excellent for his country as he played more central & given the freedom

    and anyone saw the pass from Fletch to Park for that goal vs Wolves…an usual MF destroyer as most of the fans try to project him wouldn’t play those kind of balls….his ball distribution and movement when he was on form was brilliant, i feel sad that many fans don’t see that in him..
    I hope he gets back to that form in a couple of games….that will definitely bring us number 20!

  21. dickson says:

    dang- the goals against liverpool and portugal would take some beating!

  22. King Eric says:

    smartalex – Hello my friend. Good to see you back. I keep saying after a bad result and the knee jerking on here that I am done. I give it a couple of days then normal service is resumed. Just have to ignore the idiots.

  23. Costas says:

    Ah, definitely the one against Liverpool for me. They had won the last 3 games against us, so I was finally glad to see us get one over the FSW again.

    Park is a top player with an impressive percentage of goals against the big 4.

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Come on lads, get off the pot. Park is 100% class 100% of the time. On the pitch and off. Looks the part of an attacking United player and never gets down. Has the class of an international captain that any englishman would have to envy, ya mates that’s on and off the pitch as well. May lack a bit of the deft final touch, but you are comparing him with some lads who won’t have an equal in 20 years so that is incredibly unfair. Always running always running forward. Always in the right place from his position. Never heard a United fan say sh*t when Park is coming on. Never heard a United fan question Park staying on.

    One goal and he matches Nicky and Gordon, which are two class attacking MF in my book, and doing it with far fewer games.

    Nicky Butt 11yrs 367 appearances 26 goals
    Gordon McQueen 6yrs 229 appearances 26 goals
    JS Park 6yrs 182 appearances 25 goals.

    There have been 3 Parkers, but there is on one Park!
    My man Park Ji-Sung, doesn’t know how to translate looser in Korean.

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    ***there is only one Park! ****

  26. notafish says:


    Thanks for the vid.
    I hope Park scores more goals like the video this year.

  27. smartalex says:

    Ancha and notafish – My pleasure for the link. He has scored some crackers!

    King Eric – I’m trying to ignore them! Their selfishness makes my sad and angry.
    You are right though, and staying away doesn’t seem to work!

  28. Okezie says:

    My favourite utd player, alwyz hapy to see him in d no13 shirt doing his job. Good conduct, on and off d pitch, a true utd stalwart. I hate d fact dat he’s 30, and wil soon b tinking of retiring, wish u could turn bk 20.I LOVE YOU My favourite utd player, alwyz hapy to see him in d no13 shirt doing his job. Good conduct, on and off d pitch, a true utd stalwart. I hate d fact dat he’s 30, and wil soon b tinking of retiring, wish u could turn bk 20.I LOVE YOU

  29. stretfordend ryda says:

    It was all about his second goal in injury time vs wolves last season for me, it was messi!

  30. AlphaRS says:

    This lad doesn’t get enough praise or respect out there. He is a top player and a very good professional.


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