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Park: Honour To Play For World’s Biggest Club

At a fan meeting at Manchester United Restaurant & Bar in Hong Kong, Park Ji-Sung has informed reporters there is no truth to rumours linking him with a move away from the club.

“It would be honour for me to keep playing for Manchester United,”
Park told reporters. “I have nothing to say about any transfer rumours – I just want to stay at Manchester United. As an Asian player, it’s honour to play for the biggest club in the world. I and other players want to achieve 20th league title for United.”

Comments had been attributed to Park last week which suggested he was contemplating his retirement, believing it may be at a club other than United.

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  1. GreedySwede says:

    Hope he stays. Top class player

  2. Real AB says:

    3 lungs park.. top player and top man.. love his humbleness alongwith berba’s.

  3. Costas says:


  4. T4M says:

    Good lad.

  5. Giles Oakley says:

    Bit of an Un-Sung hero. He always conducts himself well and is a credit to himself and United. Glad he wants to stay. He’ll always be welcome, he’s a good lad, as T4M says.

  6. livewia says:

    Yes, yes Parky! You know it makes sense!

  7. aenemy7 says:

    The way he stay’s away from the press limelight reminds me of the one and only PAUL SCHOLES, …..hope he stay’s until he decide to called it a day!

  8. oneloveoneunited says:

    One of my favourite players, never stops running for our cause. Hope he stays for the rest of his career.

  9. Macedonia_United says:

    Ji Sung Park FIGHTING

  10. Jeet says:

    he is Sung, not unsung!

  11. rat1p says:

    i hope pat finds a girl for ji

  12. willierednut says:

  13. Cyril Sneer says:

    Good man, and very cool with the Bruce Lee haircut.

  14. adkoillusion says:

    pride of asia n man utd..

  15. wayne says:

    be as mental as getting rid of berba,showed last year how much the team missed him,also like berba excepts his role and never bitches about not playing,top players like park and berba who are team oriented and not fucking greedy selfish cunts are like gold in this day and age and like berba don’t think age will effect park very much clearly takes care of himself,see no upside in getting rid of park or berba

  16. Red Devil says:

    I love this guy…committment and sense of duty is great, his energy almost unparalleled….
    Good on you 3 lungs!

  17. berbafan09 says:

    the great thing about united is the players noe its a team game. players like berba n park r brilliant examples. when u look at man city, their players r a bunch of egoes etc. dzeko n milner who think they should play every match when they can’t even lace welbeck’s n pogba’s boots respectively.

  18. smartalex says:

    Excellent comment by wayne at 13:09

  19. Saad says:

    All that frog-meat, exotic fungi and raw fish must be doing wonders for his liver!

  20. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    I am one of Park’s biggest fans but I will admit when he first joined I swear I was a bit baffled by what Lord Fergie possibly saw in him. It was in 2008 he finally won my heart in the semi with Barca :lol:

    This is my season by season opinion of park three- lungs.

    05-06: Nutcase all he does is run…get the ball more…why can’t you be more like ronaldo ! :P
    06-07: Okay Your good at winning the ball. decent cover for giggs on the left. Needs more games though.
    07-08: This guy has the lungs of 5 Men. He’s relentless & harasses everybody. What a Game Against Barca.
    He’s gotta be on the Bench for the Final, he deserves it ! Unfortunately he was left out.
    08-09:Key Player, Big Game Performer, the way he helped demolish arsenal.AWESOME PARK. Gets in the squad for the CL final. He deserves the recognition. UNSUNG HERO.
    09-10 : Key Man gets the late winner against the scouse shit, scores vs Arsenal, destroys Milan…This guy I love him, he’s like a fairy tale story.
    10-11 : :shock: Who Knew he’s this good ! Added more goals to his game, better passes, can play in midfield !
    He also scored 8 goals ! How we missed this man Mid season because of his international commitments.

    Basically I Love park now. Hell i Love the players at United but not obertan. Only a Mother could love something that hideous :lol: I joke I loved his his great goal for us in turkey.

  21. CedarsDevil says:

    J S Park

    It is also an honor for us supporters to have you at United…


    Loved reading that, both inspirational and also put a smile of my face…

  22. Yang says:

    Park keep improving that is the most positive stuff from him. He need to improve passing range a bit otherwise there are really no shortcomings in his game.

  23. WFW!!!? says:

    Park, Park wherever you may be
    You eat dogs in your own country
    It could be worse, you could be scouse
    Eating rats in your own Council House

    Agree with the poster that Berbs and Park are like gold and we would be very foolish indeed to ever let them go. I think that this is what Lord Fergie means by no value in the market. You need people who WANT to pull on the Red shirt and fight for the cause. Not a bit like the mercs at City as was also mentioned above.

  24. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    thanks Cedars

    Not been very active on RoM Recently, trying my best to find time but by USA tour Time Im sure I will be back by then.

    Oh Im on Holiday by the way 8) In the Land of ze French…Lille to be precise :)

  25. smartalex says:

    ” ‘Park’s contract with Manchester United runs out in 2012 and Sir Alex Ferguson wants to keep him,’ said Pastorello to Calcio Mercato. ‘However, Juventus technical secretary Fabio Paratici definitely wants him.’ ”

  26. smartalex says:

    ‘No, we are not interested in Park,’ Marotta told Sky Sport Italia.,19528,11661_7004412,00.html

  27. Marq says:

    Non-Starter of a story

    The Juventus of 10 years ago would have attracted good players, but now, they are just about at the level of Spurs and Everton


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