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Park Hoping He’ll Be Offered A New Contract Soon… Are You?

It is safe to say Park Ji-Sung has improved every season he’s been with United, after joining us for £4 million in 2005. For that price, it would be hard to argue with the fact he’s was a great bargain.

His contract is up for renewal now, with just one season left to go. Park has yet to hear any news on whether a new one will be offered, but is hoping one is.

“I only have one more year left on my contract and there has been no contact about a new deal yet,” said Park. “I want to stay here but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m not letting myself become too worried. I just want to concentrate on playing well for United and, hopefully, we’ll talk. If I play well and show that I’m an asset to the team then maybe I’ll get a new contract.”

What do you see Park’s future at United being?

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  1. realred says:

    To be honest at first my answer was NO but after a seconds thought….i realised i would rather want to see Giggs out the squad (hopefully retired with some dignity) before Parky!!
    Hes not good enough to merit starting as much as he has been but he is definately a usefull player for the cause.
    Giggs on the other hand is simply taking up room in the squad…..doing next to nothing as far as i can see?

  2. jamos9 says:

    Good squad player but no great shakes…..the jury’s out!!

  3. Firestarter says:

    He gets a new contract. No doubt.

    Refer semi-final against Barca last season for his utilities.

    We need people with such work rate.

  4. red1968 says:

    nah…. tries hard but nowhere near good enuf. he seems to be gettin time that tevez should be gettin aswell, which is fuckin wrong.

  5. chichi says:

    He is an excellent squad player, who does not mind being on the bench for some games. He is also a good replacement for either Ronaldo, Nani or Giggs when they are injured, suspended or need a rest. Especially with Giggs close to retirement we need to keep Park and add another winger, looking to be the young serbian Tosic. Valnecia is another winger who looks good and could do a job for us.

  6. n667 says:

    works like an ass, running arnd like a headless chicken , pretty much without any end effect, finishing needs be a lot better….

  7. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    I think it’s safe to say that Park is Sir Alex’s second choice winger at the moment. Nani’s had very few opportunites because Park’s been playing so well and even though Park isn’t as much a goal threat as any of the other wingers, he rarely loses the ball, his crossing is suprisingly good and his work rate is phenomenal. He will surely get a new contract and it’s just a matter of whether he sees his future at OT.

  8. james f says:

    He works a lot and never complains. He knows he’ll never be our first choice winger, but he hasn’t got any problems with this. I’d suggest a new contract.

  9. Gazza says:

    realred – shut the fuk up

    doing next to nothing? Do you really think the younger players would have won what they have done over the last two years without the older lads? his experience and know-how of how to win is priceless

    He’s played well this season when he’s played n he still has a lot to offer.

    Your post is the worst post of all time


  10. Gazza says:

    Im on about giggs btw

  11. EastStandManc says:

    I’ve always been under the impression that his transfer fee was £2.5m, Scott – an even better bargain!

    For a player with such workrate, stamina and temerity, who is conscious of his place within the squad, I think we’d be paying much more at current market rates. I don’t know which games n667 has been watching, but Barcelona last season, Chelski away this, as well as Citeh away all prove that he is not only a valuable member of the squad, but worthy of a starting place in the First XI when the going gets tough.

    Given SAF’s comments about him, I have no fears that he’ll be offered a new contract.

  12. RED_ARMY says:

    realred) all i gotta say is that ur disgusting …. i cant believe u make a comment like that about giggsy….i think ull be better off supporting liverpool coz we dont need idiots like u making comments about giggsy or any united player..

  13. Mic says:

    Give him a contract!!!

  14. Raaaaawr says:

    FUCK YEA GIVE THE ENERGISER BUNNY A CONTRACT!! He’s up there with anderson and nani in every aspect..

  15. nagraj says:

    he’s the reason there are 1 million koreans with United credit cards…
    seriously, a good player and verry underrated…

  16. The Gaffer says:

    He has been doing incredible!
    He has superb work rate and determination while his passing and dribbling ability is really good.

  17. The Gaffer says:

    We are gonna buy Tosic, a left winger.
    It’ll be strange to have Park, Nani, Giggs and Tosic as our left wingers, because in my view that’s too many.

  18. EastStandManc says:

    Tosic may very well wait with Ljajic ’til the end of the season before joining us.

    Let’s not count our chickens, eh?

  19. corea says:

    untouchable player. of course new contract.
    ps. he can play on two wings.

  20. King Eric says:

    New contract for definate. Great squad player, excellent work rate, tracks back and has been superb in some of bigger games this season!

  21. invertedquestionmark says:

    Yes, of course. You can’t have a team, compound from big stars only, you need players like Park as well. And he fits the team perfectly, good as a sub, good as a regular, good on both wings, good in defence… He’s only bad when he’s near the penalty area by himself, cause he lacks the physiques.

  22. excitedforunited says:

    Park will stay. Simply because of his work ethics. He works hard and he plays hard. Sooner or later we’ll see the fruits of his labor on the pitch. And Sir Alex will also need to maintain the Asian aspect in United. :)

  23. five says:

    For every Ronaldo and Berbatov we need a Park and Fletcher, players who love the club,live the shirt and are willing to run themselves into the ground for the team. Park Ji Sung will never stop running and while he can’t do much with the ball he is still a valuable asset.

    Barca,City and Chelski away this season he was great.

  24. vidic will get ya15 says:

    parky gets stuck in tracks back and a positive he would run through a brick wall for the reds, re giggs comment he is class still what he has lost in pace he has gained in guile, he woz top of our clubs fitness test, and been brilliant in cm, why should he retire??? sign park and tevez please alex :)

  25. immortal11 says:

    He should be given a new contract.. The best ever ball retriever that we have. No doubt about his ability and his work rate from joining us till now. If you look back on his contribution (positive) he was covering up and down.. I been wonder a lot of people criticise he was running like chicken without head… Look back his covering possession…

  26. Whiteside10 says:

    Should definitely be given a new contract… great utility player to have, chases around like a frustrated dog, which incidentally is what he eats in his own country…

  27. Whiteside10 says:

    … he also doesn’t complain at sitting on the bench.. his only fault is that he needs to score more goals, which he’s definitely capable of, from what I saw of him playing in the Dutch league…

  28. RooVez says:

    I have always said it
    there is no question,
    our two most UNDER RATED PLAYERS
    “Park And Fletcher”
    i pray they both get new contracts
    park is an excellent player and a very hard worker

  29. Gazza says:

    Roovez – fletcher signed a new contract earlier this year along with scholes.


  30. themarkedman72 says:

    Would like to see those far post crosses get picked up. He seems to be a bit too defensive minded at the moment. Could get some more goals too. Definately deserves a contract though. really good club man. Never complains. Awesome attitude. Work rate, Never gets booked. You will never see any petulance from Parkie.
    Great squad player.

  31. peaceunited says:

    as far as i could recalled, since park was with united, we have been a winning team, so it would be a big big loss is any of our rivals get hold of him

  32. cotw says:

    park makes the energizer bunny look lethargic !!!!!!!!!

  33. red says:

    he’s a great squad player to have around so hopefully he’ll get a new contract

  34. MancunianForever says:

    To me, he well deserves a place. Even in the first eleven. give him two more years at least.

  35. DanS says:

    Not sure about Park to be honest. For me:

    1. his reaction is seconds too slow;
    2. he hasn’t got the best ball control; and
    3. he often looks like he is chasing shodows.

    However, that said he is a good squad player and has some big lungs!

    Yes, give him an extention.

  36. marvsharpe says:

    It seems to me that we play Park out wide to give us some extra grit and defensive stability which is a detriment to our attacking play. Park doesn’t really offer anything going forward. What i don’t understand is why we don’t put Anderson out wide if it’s a lung burtsing Terrier we want. He has all the energy that Park has and can offer much more going forward.

    I’m indifferent to Park to be honest. If he stays then fair enough, but if he goes, i won’t be worried.

  37. invertedquestionmark says:

    I remember some photos of the celebrations when we won the title in 2007… Park was still in crutches, but looked happier than most of the other boys. If we lose players like him, United will become a souless team – like Arsenal or Real, for example.

    And what’s the problem with him anyway? We doesn’t cost that much, his salary is relatively low for the team, he doesn’t cause any problems…

  38. EastStandManc says:

    Re: Park being our best ball-retrieving winger … I dunno, I reckon Nani gives him a bloody good run for his money.

    Park must be played correctly, obviously, and there’ve been occasions against weaker opposition when we should’ve been playing with a more attack-minded approach that we’ve played him and yes, I’ve been frustrated with it, but in hindsight it isn’t Park’s fault he’s selected ahead of your Anderson/Nani forward-type character, is it?

    @ marvsharpe: “Park doesn’t really offer anything going forward.”

    Nah mate, I disagree with that entirely. I know we keep banging on about it, but it’s because it’s so fresh in the memory; Citeh away and Chelski away would count against you in those stakes.

  39. klauq says:

    erm firstly a question to realred.. which red are you?
    This is the time when the older generations like Giggsy, Scholesy and Neville contributes through experience.

    Back to the main thing, I would love to have Park signed a new contract. He provides us with another option, he is an alternative. We need that alternative because we face various kinds of tactics. Even if we get those Adem and Zoran, we still need a player like Park.

    I see Zoran will be competing with Nani as a long-term replacement for Giggsy, Adem and Anderson for Scholes maybe..

    But Park… He is just so important to our tactical options.

  40. klauq says:

    Forgot to say.. I think the club has not offered Park a new contract yet because PARK NEVER COMPLAINTS!

  41. suhayl says:

    inverted, eaststandmanc and klauq SPOT ON..VALUABLE ASSET IS PARK

  42. TonyBee says:

    He was fucking superb tonight v Middlesboro…. man of the match

  43. Tony Starks says:

    Park is twice better than Nani, who is just sooo frustrating to watch

  44. Morangt says:

    Park is a ball of energy nothing more nothing less, his lack of real ability tonight was exposed as he failed to capitalise on many easy chances to score or set up his team mates against boro. I dont know how it can be justified that he starts ahead of Giggs or scholes. Yes I can see Ferguson’s argument of legs and protection away from home but tonight a bit of know-how and class was needed and Park simply doesn’t have it. A great squad player to fill gaps but a regular starter at United? No but they should retain him as he is versatile.

  45. invertedquestionmark says:

    Morangt, he missed lots of chances, but so did Ronaldo and Rooney, the difference against Boro was that he created as many as he wasted.

  46. john ferry says:

    Yes Park is need, but he has reached his full potential. Nani has not reached his top playing form yet. Given a choice I would give Nani more playing time. However, I have always pictured Park as a sort of Ole of the mid field-always loyal, a go-to player you can depend on that will always bleed Manchester United Red.


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