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Park: I Have To Prove I Can Stay Here Forever

Park Ji-Sung has today claimed he hopes to spend the rest of his career at Manchester United although recognises he can’t take his position at the club for granted.

“When I came to United I didn’t expect to be here for this long,” he said. “Looking back on my career I can’t believe I’ve been here six or seven years. Hopefully this club is my last club – but you have to prove you deserve it. I hope I can improve every single day to deserve that chance. I haven’t played every match but I have to deal with that. If the manager asks you to play then you have to perform well; the boss expects it. I admit at first it’s quite difficult; but I have been here seven years now so I know how to deal with it. I’m not worried about that. I have to perform well even if I only get a short time on the pitch. If you do that then the boss gives you more chances to play. I’m satisfied with my performances so far this season but I know I can improve.”

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  1. wayne says:

    @Costas hi mate can’t see Berba wanting to go there,the amount of clubs that need a top striker if Utd are going to let him go for 7.5mill think they’ll be alot of interest

  2. CedarsDevil says:

    wayne – hahahahaha

  3. Mahesh says:

    This Kuszcak issue gets bewildering by the minute – and I honestly don’t like the club’s conduct on this one…

  4. Costas says:

    Hey wayne. My guess is that PSG will be back in the fold as well. And maybe Valencia too. Don’t know if the offers will reach the 12 mil mark they did in the summer though. And I know that Berbatov wouldn’t fancy going to Turkey, but what if it’s the best offer? Or the only offer? It’s really do or die in January.

  5. CedarsDevil says:

    Hey Costas

    You’ve been called into action on the other thread…. Surprised you did not make an entrance!

  6. Costas says:

    I laugh at any player calling himself a slave. Ronaldo did it back in 2008 and I said at the time that he should actually try living as one. That word is losing its meaning.

    That being said, like Mahesh, I have to side with PIG on this. I mean, does it make any difference if it’s Leeds or not? The club has made it clear that it doesn’t count on the guy. He’s 4th choice behind Amos and that in itself is somewhat humiliating for him. We let Brown go for 1 mil and now we are looking for value before we sell Kuszczak? His arguement about Euro 2012 is a valid one. It’s really his last chance to play (or at least be in the squad) for a major tournament.


    Really? Didn’t visit that thread tonight mate. I’ll go have a look.

  7. wayne says:

    @Costas,Berba could refuse to go and just sit out his contract doesn’t he become a free agent in the summer unless Utd re sign him.I’d have to think some Prem clubs would be interested at that price.Stoke paid 10mill for Crouch ffs,also thought a couple of italian clubs were interested in the summer.
    It could happen but i’d be surprised if he’d ended up in Turkey
    Read the link Mahesh posted,just like to point out imo Berba has had just as frustrating time as Pig yet Berba shows class and Pig has been talking smack since last year about his position
    If he thinks he can bully Sir Alex by going public,what a laugh.Now i don’t know why the deal to Leeds was blocked but i hate the cunts so that’s fine with me

  8. Mahesh says:

    @wayne – the difference between the Berba and PIG case is that Berba doesn’t want to leave, and PIG has for a while and has been blocked, even though the probability of him getting a game is signficantly lower than Berba’s chances of getting a few minutes/a game. Now if Berba wanted to leave, and he was being blocked again by the club, that would something to compare to Pig’s case.

  9. Costas says:

    That’s the thing. PIG does want to leave because he has next summer’s Euro in his sights. Plus, being 4th choice goalkeeper is a lot worse than being 4th choice striker. Not that I appreciate PIG being as vocal as he has been, but I get where the frustration is coming from.


    Yeah, Berbatov could refuse and leave for nothing in the summer. Also, from the start of 2012 he’s allowed to negotiate his transfer move on his own since he will be into the last 6 months of his contract. And here’s where he and the club might clash. We might have an offer for him in January, but he might want to wait for June. Why would anyone pay 7-10 million now when they can get him for free in the summer. Galatasaray are willing to do that because they know that they won’t have a chance in June when everyone else gets involved. The club rarely allows contracts to end, so we are in unchartered territory. It could get messy.

  10. Mahesh says:

    I think the Pig case is perplexing also because its not like he has much of a going rate anyways, and whatever it is is not going to appreicate over time. So he’s worth much less every day…given what he’s worth, surely his contract sets us back almost as much as whatever extra we might get (I doubt it) if we wait for ‘value’. So can’t tell what the hell is actually going on in this case…

  11. wayne says:

    @Mahesh what i meant was that Berba hasn’t gone public and made a fuss being left out of the CL squad after finishing top scorer,he said he felt ashamed didn’t blame Sir Alex.Was benched after scoring five goals,was benched last year after being Utds best striker to get Rooney in form,just took it.
    PIG was giving it verbal last year about he better be num 1 or he wants out,just saying mate there’s ways of doing things and let’s face it PIG was never going to be number one
    I admit it’s a bit odd why Utd haven’t let him go but there’s always 2 sides to the story and PIG has a history of mouthing off publicly to try and get his own way and to say he’s a slave when making i’m guessing earning 20-40k a week just a little dramatic,we don’t know all the facts only PIG’S rant

  12. wayne says:

    @Costas,clubs who are in contention with injuries might think 7mill is worth it or clubs who think with Berba might make the team good enough to challenge for a trophy,or a club who wants to get a jump without having to worry about other clubs in the summer.Can see a few reasons no doubt though depending how it plays out could get messy.I think alot of things about the Berba situation is puzzling to most of us.

  13. Mr C says:

    JSP is a much much better player than he gets credit for even though he’s reined his game in a bit to deliver what United demand of him. He uses his head too. I always feel better when he’s in the team. Nuff respect, Mr Park.

  14. wayne says:

    @Mahesh also if you think about it,yes Berba wanted to stay but i’m sure not in this situation.Had he been told by the club he would get a chance?,if Sir Alex had told him his role would be as sub and Carling Cup games you’d think Berba would’ve taken the Paris gig.So in alot of ways Berbas frustration has to be bigger than PIGS also begs the question if Berba wasn’t part of the plans why Utd didn’t sell in the summer and why the club has a chance of losing him on a free when it has a one way option for one more year.

  15. WillieRedNut says:

    Berba’s going to the MLS. Strike up that partnership with Robbie Keane again! yhihf

  16. WillieRedNut says:

    Yeah folks….he’s going to a galaxy far far away. 8)

  17. slim says:

    Berba’s not making any noise cause he isn’t an international any more. Kuszack is. and whats worse, it he doesn’t play soon he has no chance of representing the host nation – Poland, when the Euros begin next year

  18. Samuel - united WE stand says:

    never the most talented and even park would admit that but he is tactically aware and works extremely hard to make up for it, this is great because you can’t always have superstars all over the squad.

    Whether he’ll finish his career is debatable and not certain at all because some young talents are coming through but his experience will be valuable, has been a great servant for manchester united.

  19. sandeep1878 says:

    Good morning Red Devils around the world,

    3 Lung park will come great as the season progresses and as he put it, he can still imporve.

    His energy, tactical brilliance in man marking have been his strengths..

    Good day all

  20. StatesideAussie says:

    I think the key time for Berbatov is the January window. My understanding (could be wrong) is that the club has a one-way option to extend his contract for one more year, but that this option needs to be exercised before the January window ends. As a one-way option, it is totally within the club’s right to exercise or not. They don’t need to dicker with him at all, or even talk to him about it. They just need to decide, and then let him know.

    So that is when we’ll know the club’s intent.

    If they extend the deal, then they can keep him for one more year. Technically, however, I guess they could also use an extension to avoid him leaving on a free next summer. Once the contract is extended, then he is no longer a free agent next summer, which would allow the club to charge a transfer fee. But the catch is that he has to agree to any transfer, and if he won’t, then the club has to honor the contract.

    Personally, I would hope the club doesn’t exercise that option, just so they can avoid losing him for free.

  21. Corea says:

    Every team needs one Ji Sung Park. One of my favorite players.

  22. sandeep1878 says:



    that is the one way option we have..

    but the real question remains,

    do we have a role for him in our plans?

    if not he better be gone in Jan..

    i dont like to see him in this situation,

    he has told time and again that he loves to be here,

    with all respect to berba, the modern world can change any minute, either a player might change his mind or the club,

    I hope we hit a solution this Jan, one way or the other..

    if the reports are to be believed that we are hunting some Dutch striker, then the Berba story is heading for the exit without any doubt..

    I have lost hopes..

  23. five says:

    Would love for this lad to end his career at United but Sir Alex can get ruthless never thought I’d see the day someone like Sheasy gets sold but it had to be done to make way for the Da Silvas and Jones.

    But Park is the ultimate big game player, Barca 2008–the protection he gave the back 4 was incredible and the Milan game where he ran himself into the ground for the cause not to mention the countless important goals he’s gotten for us, respect!.

  24. dannysoya says:

    FFS LET THIS IDIOT KUZCZCAK ( or whatever the fuck his name is) GO!!! He is eating up wages.we don’t need him anymore. Let him go and live his “free” life somewhere else. he was always garbage when he played and he expects to be number one? cannot even kick a ball effectively. Always throwing or to another player. He was one of the master architects in our most embarassing game last yr away to west ham in the carling cup. Rubbish.

  25. dannysoya says:

    I mean there are other ways to express your dissatisfaction not to say we are treating you like a slave. We gave him his chance he did not take it by any means and yet demanded a starting spot. And let’s be honest even if he went to Leeds and played for the entire season there is no way in hell he’s starting a game for Poland at the Euros. Szczesny already has that position LOCKED DOWN. Plus Kuszczak was always gonna be picked regardless of whether he was at united or not. He’s their second or third choice keeper. Not happy with the way he has been talking about the club for a while. The anger was building up in me for a while now.

  26. Costas says:

    Now Suarez is demanding an apology ffs,

  27. Zelh says:

    Suarez called Evra something that the Manchester players call him on the training ground.

    Funny that. I ask myself how he knows that :lol:

  28. Zelh says:

    And Kuszczak makes the “Heinze”.

  29. dre says:

    past few games its been park’s spark thats kept us going. anderson, young and nanis gone missing and rooneys cameo in the middle has been less than whats been expected. parks brought back some of that energy thts been missing since our opening few games. very underrated, hes more than just a three lung. parks got football brains and feet too, he gives penetration in whats been a very static midfield recently. he deserves a place in our squad definitely for years to come.

  30. YorYor says:

    Park is as underrated as JoS I think. One of the most reliable and consistent players United have. He doesn’t play badly often, if at all, but can still produce the odd stellar display, independent of how the rest of the team performs.

  31. Jeet says:

    @dre: Spot on. Easily MotM in the Sunderland game for me…

  32. StatesideAussie says:

    I don’t like the way PIG is conducting himself. I understand his frustration. And I do think that if he really wants out, then let him go. It’s not like we’re talking major money, either coming in from his sale, or to replace him. But none of that changes the point. He signed a contract, and he’s legally, ethically and morally obliged to fulfil his part of the bargain. He knew when he signed that he would have to compete for a starting place, and it’s wrong to start bleating now it’s obvious that he has lost that battle. I mean, stiff shit.

  33. pmcelevey1 says:

    Carrick is your bog standard prem league midfielder, hence the fact when everyone is fit he doesnt make it onto our bench, albeit with us having a multitude of problems in centre midfield.

    Yes he does a job, but against the best hes gets found out spectaculary. His horror show in last seasons CL final still haunts me

  34. nm says:

    pmcelevey – Nonsense with all due respect. Horror show? Yeah because they all played blinders at Wembley. Carrick isn’t dropped when everyone is fit. Thats also not true. Check who has made the most appearances in the middl;e of the park every season since 06. Against the best he is found out. What like against the rentboys last year? Best player on park in all the games. Carrick is criminally underrated. When he doesn’t play teams can drive a bus through us. He is one of our best performers in Europe. One thing he does better than anyone is reatin possesion. Please don’rt come out with this myth he only passes sideways etc. If there is no movement in front of him then yes, what option has he got? Yes he suffered a slump but I feel better when Carrick is in the side than fucking Anderson who misplaces pass after pass. I really do get pissed off the stick this lad gets. His positioning is sound, he blocks, intercepts, reads the game. Great range of passing. Can fill in at centre back. In a very similar mould to busquets who is key to Barca. Bog standard? Yeah thats why Fergie has kept him here 5 years and the lad has helped us win title after title in that time.

  35. Omare_ says:

    180degree from his x best mate Teves

  36. Devil310 says:

    Dear JS Park,

    “Show me the meaning of being lonely”


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