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Park: I Know I’m Not Playing Well Enough

Park Ji-Sung received a battering from RoM readers on the live blog last night for his performance against Valencia.

Our midfielder has today recognised that he isn’t playing very well.

“I am not satisfied with my performances this season,” said Park. “I don’t know why my performances have not been good. Maybe I was not ready for the season. But mentally I have been weak and I have to improve. In the first-half last night my performance was bad but at least the second was better.”

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    I do wonder at times about this blog. Is it a space to actually slate UNITED players or support them?

    Being critical at of players is fine and its our right as fans but slating them blindly is borderline awful. Like King Eric mentioned earlier here, Park was immense at the Emirates when we slaughtered Arsenal as he was when we over ran AC Milan at OT…….

    Bloody hell people, every player goes through a bad patch, its our role as fans to stick by them and give them support….

  2. Costas says:


    That’s the real plus this season and who knows what kind of impact Welbeck will make in the future. Interesting point about Wayne. I was thinking today that this crap has to start dying down until the international break is over. I can’t imagine it going on any longer. He is working things out with his wife and his form is bound to bounce back over the next month.

  3. willierednut says:

    FletchTHEMAN – No probs pal, i just like shooting the shit with fellow reds.

  4. rooney the new king says:

    Costas – I am not going to defend rooney he messed up but is anyone perfect, but the media want rooneys career destroyed you can see it. They are bitter because he did not win england the world cup LOL yea like they really had a chance. What they are doing is worse than what ronaldo and beckham went through with the media, not even ferry cashley and stevie me had this kind of attention it is a disgrace to be honest.

  5. Costas says:


    That’s true. Because in those other cases, the media played their part in the summer and then the fans took it from there, booing Beckham and Ronaldo everywhere we went. In Rooney’s case, the media have been fixated on him for months. I’ve noticed that there were times that the Bolton fans didn’t care to boo him. Even other clubs’ fans must be getting sick of the tabloids.

  6. United1990 says:

    Well it’s a good thing he admits that

  7. redcrab says:

    Park is awesome.
    Even if he were playing like Messi at the top of his game he would say he wasn’t playing well enough, which is why he is one of my favorite players.

  8. Manchuchu says:

    I have faith in 3Lung.

    Doubters munch cock.

  9. Park's Dog's Dinner says:

    Haterz can suck my dick!!


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