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Park: I Want To Finish Career At World’s Greatest Club

Park Ji-Sung joined Manchester United for a bargain £4m when he was 24-years-old.

Now as one of the more experienced lads in the squad and a reputation as a big-game player, scoring goals against Arsenal, Liverpool and AC Milan this season, Park has confessed he hopes to see out the rest of his career at United.

“If it is possible I want to finish my career at Manchester United,” said Park. “Manchester United is the world’s best club. There is no reason to move to any other team. As the club encourages footballers to stay with the team, there are many old boys such as Scholes and Giggs. If the club takes care of me and helps me improve, it is natural to stick with them.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    4million????????? what a buy

  2. dela says:

    Scott, I’m not too sure if you remember this but about a year ago, you put up a post wondering whether Park deserved a contract extension and I’d vehemently argued in the negative.

    I’m delighted to have been proven wrong. Love you Parkie.

  3. theboogeyman says:

    Big game player, really valuable squad man for us.

    Good on you, Ji.

  4. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Surprised he did not start more games in the Centre Midfield. Thought he plays much better there than on the wings.

  5. Walter Mitty says:

    Bought him just to sell shirts, eh? Hah.

  6. DEVILisRED says:

    well said park. glad too we have u in our team.
    4mil? lol, shrewed piece of business.

  7. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Stop talking about Park

    he’s uniteds little secret weapon

    the less talked about him the better.

  8. Costas says:

    He has been a grwta signing for us. I am just windering why he disappeared after the Chelsea game.

  9. Costas says:

    *great signing*

  10. MG says:

    Ji Sung Park

    True honest footballer who will fight for the team

    Glad that he’s here and our player

    Oh and he also sells shirts too ; ) What a bonus!

  11. theboogeyman says:

    Costa- Mate if you wanted to correct the “grwta” to “great”, you could have gone the whole hog and made “windering” “wondering”. lol Just messing. :)

  12. Costas says:


    Lol, I didn’t even notice that! Me and my damn typos. :P

  13. Fred says:

    Where has he been recently? I thought we could have done with him in the second half against Sunderland.

  14. Redhot Concepts says:

    Pride of ASIA!!!

  15. bchilds says:

    Important squad player for us, never going to hold down a first team spot week in / week out but definitely an asset to the team

  16. themufc1999 says:

    Fair play too him. I love when the players talk about the club like this.

  17. Fred says:

    “…there are many old boys such as Scholes and Giggs.” :-D Park is funny.

    @bchilds – you described him as a squad player who is never going to hold down a regular place in the starting XI, and that seems to be the case, yet the games he DOES play are always the biggest games: Arsenal, Liverpool, Milan, etc. Interesting paradox, isn’t it.

    In that sense he is a very unique kind of player. It’s “horses for courses” I suppose. You could call him a “big game specialist.” Hargreaves is a similar case, although that is down to his injury problems.

  18. come off it mate says:

    great player to have around the place. i think the rest of the lads seem to rrun more when he is on the team. he is a bit of a leader in that sense in my opinion. its like he leads by example.

    on another note altogether, where do you lot think the squad needs more strength? personally i think we could be doing with quality all over the place.
    we need a new keeper, maybe not urgent until next season as vds is still awesome and kusczak always comes in and does well.
    in defence we cant seem to rely on anyone except evra to stay fit these days, although we have some really promising young players like evans and rafael coming in.
    in midfield carrick has put in some catastrophic performances for us this season, id drop him for gibson no questions asked.
    and up front we have only really rooney in the top bracket.

  19. loughie21 says:

    I’ve always loved Park, two days before he signed I was in Old Trafford and asked for him to be put on my jersey, of course since it hadn’t been made official they couldn’t do it so I ended up getting another youngster by the name of Ronaldo. That worked out quite well too.

    Anyway, I’ve taken a lot of stick over the years because I always said he was underated and at times I even felt he was a first eleven player. He’s a great squad player, who can play in a number of positions, he pops up for important goals, works his socks off, loves the club and I’m so happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

  20. Anon says:

    come off it mate, come off it mate!

    We have enough quality. The injuries have been a freak. Apart from Rio, all our defenders have been injured at the same time due to one off accidents, not any chronic problem. I expect the likes of Vida, O’Shea and Evans to stay fit for most of 10-11. Rafael and Fabio are a weird case though.
    And am I the only one who thinks Kuszach has it in him to make it at OT in the same vein as Schmeichel and VDS?
    Agree about Carrick, but when he is on song, he is something else, and Fergie will do all he can to eke out that form again, before gving up on him. He will be at OT for some time. Plus Hargo coming back, and the return of Ando eventually will ease out the load in the midfield, which is definitely good news.
    And as for our strikers, I think the midfield woes have had a roll on effect on our strikers. If Carrick had displayed better form, we might have played 442 more often, with Berba getting more confident, and he is a confidence player, as the old cricket adage goes.
    Next season, hopefully, we can play 442 more often. We ALWAYS look better when he is on the ground. Without him, it seems we struggle to keep posession in the final third. And he ain’t going anywhere either. With Mickey Owen, Macheda, Welbeck and Diouf all fit next season and the incoming Mexican dude, we are pretty loaded in this department too.
    Our squad is better than any club in the world. Barca may have a better first eleven, but if it came to a test of endurance, we would leave them biting the dust. I am positive Fergie has learnt a lot about his players this season. In Ronnie’s absence, some unexpected faces have upped their game, Nani being foremost on the list. And I thought Macheda, the last two sub appearances, has been class. Definitely potential there. Gibson scoring so regularly is great news, as is Rafael’s performances, when fit. Evra, Fletcher, Park have been consistent as ever, and Rooney, is well Rooney. The final piece of the puzzle is definitely Berba, and I hope Fergie does to Berba what he did to Rooney this season, give the lad what he wants, more games, and see him leave defenders with, as Brucey once said about Giggsy, “twisted blood”!

  21. Marcwilliems says:

    Three lung park!! God bless u!! this are d type of players we want in UNITED not under-aged hookers customers (benzema)…some1 wu feels priviledged putting on d red shirt! Not some mercenaries somewhr…

  22. fucktheglazers says:

    i love his determination in games, fantastic player!

  23. Fred says:

    @Anon – “And am I the only one who thinks Kuszach has it in him to make it at OT in the same vein as Schmeichel and VDS?”

    I think you might be. :-)
    The squad needs tweaking, there’s no getting around it. We can’t stand still while our rivals strengthen their squads, it would be calamitous.

  24. five says:

    Great guy, you can see how much the club means to him in his performances.

  25. come off it mate says:

    i think we are capable of winning anything next season with the squad we have but I do think to avoid the problems we have had tis year we could be doing with a few new faces coming in.
    keep forgetting about the mexica fellow, maybe he can come straight in and do a job but i think he is more one for the future. but how could you know until you see him i suppose.

    i just feel like we are not quite ready to go out and dominate the way we habe done the last few years in the future without some kind of added strength. i really hope i am wrong but this season has been the worst we have played for four years in my opinion, even if eigan somehow manage to get a point off chelsea and we win the league..

  26. Anon says:

    Not saying we shouldn’t strengthen the squad, but there definitely isn’t a lack of quality. And I was particularly impressed with PIG’s all round game mid season when VDS was missing for a couple of games for some reason.
    His goal kicks were good, and he delt with crosses confidently, and his shot stopping has always been great.

    come off it mate:
    I think I agree that this season hasn’t been great in terms of our shape and form on the pitch, regularly at least. Personally, our wins at the Emirates, WHL, and our performance at Stamford Bridge were excellent, and overall definitely better than season’s past. In other games we have been slow off the blocks and sometimes just not showed up for the games, like Cheksea at home.
    The inconsistency needs to be addressed. and I think that consistency will come in time. With the new players coming to terms with the club and the crowd the team will start gelling better. When we have played 442 with scholes, Fletch, Nani, Valencia and Berba in the team, we have looked a class apart. The worrying part is that Scholes is so important for our midfield to succeed in a 442, and we can’t afford to play him every week. I think the answer to that lies in Ando.

  27. fullard says:

    i think he can be our next darren fletcher, the ‘winger’ that works his balls off and will do what the manager says, he has the loyalty and work rate to become a great center mid

  28. come off it mate says:

    @ anon
    probably agree with all of that. what i was asking is, what positions would you most like to see someone with a bit of class coming in to? have you any players in mind you would love to see being snapped up by fergie? realistic ones i mean.

    personally i reckon someone like gourcuff at bourdeaux has been doing a great job under blanc. what do you reckon?

  29. Wiuru says:

    No CR7 with this lad !!

  30. Fze123 says:

    He particularlly excels in big games, as shown this season and previously, but I still wish he played more often this season, to reward his great performances and the crucial goals he scored. Fantastic big game player with an admirable attitude.

    Park. Fergie won’t let you finish your career at any club other than Utd, so you’re stuck with us. :P

  31. Harun says:


  32. Anon says:

    @Come off it mate:
    Ideally, I am more interested in our academy kids. The kid Pogba is creating waves in the reserve teams. Cleverley has opened more possibilities with his performance this season. I want all these lads and the likes of Diouf, Macheda, Welbeck, et al to make a splash in the first team. Can’t wait actually. Obertan too. All these players excite me more than any player in Europe, to be honest.

  33. Anon says:

    But having said that, wouldn’t mind bringing in another left footed winger. Tosic is brilliant, but if he wants to remain at Cologne, we will need someone. Maybe Fabio can be pushed up to an attacking position…

  34. redscot says:

    I totally fucking disagree at keeping him at United, jaysus brings fuck all to the Park.
    We only see him now and again in selective games, he generally is asked to put more urgency into the team and closing the opposition down and harrasing them with energy.He does not achieve this, get rid.Even more so if he is happy to finish at the Club only being played occasionaly no loyalty.
    Get back to Korea via Holland.

  35. Fred says:

    @Anon – just to clarify, I actually like Kuszczak. He was brilliant for us during that spell he had between the sticks this season. In fact, I always thought he should have been ahead of Foster in the pecking order.

    I just don’t think he can be compared to Schmeichel or Van the Star. He’ll never reach their level, they are two of the all-time greats.

  36. Anon says:

    Well mate, considering he is just 28 years old, I wouldn’t make a judgement that quickly. He could still surprise us.

  37. Corea says:

    After moments like these described by the picture Scott posted here you finally make up your mind what kit you will buy this summer. Absolutely love the player and always loved him.

  38. cantona7 says:

    Park is capable of being our starter week in week out, it is just tactical that Fergie often leave him out. He is a better striker than Berbatov. Honestly, the only position he is not be good enough to play is the centreback.


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