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Park Offered Two More Years

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Park Ji-Sung has been offered a new two year contract extension, which would see him in to his eighth year at Manchester United.

“He’s been offered a new contract, yes,” said Ferguson. “I’m sure he’ll sign it. His career at United has been nothing but excellent. He’s a tremendous professional. I’m sure he’ll accept a new offer and tie himself to the club for the next two years.”

Earlier this week, Park answered some questions for RoM and claimed he couldn’t understand why anyone would leave United.

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  1. CedarsDevil says:

    Fantastic news, I actually read about this earlier. That is what United are all about, loyal to those you deserve it and Park certainly does…..

    Bloody love the guy

  2. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Surprising, don’t we have a policy of not offering players over 30 more than a one year extension.

    Hey, I’m not complaining. Park is one of those players who never seems like he is over 30 anyway. His running is off-the-charts for someone his age. Not only his running, but his intelligence to find space, his movement off the ball and his passing are all exemplary. It is just sad that people don’t notice how good of a footballer he is because of all his running.

    I’m glad that this has been done. He is an important component of our team and long may it continue.

  3. scan74 says:

    get signing parky

    a top player for us and always comes across as a good lad

    remember his performance against chelsea at home in the prem last season was fucking superb

  4. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Reckon Fergie should move him permanently to the centre of the park. Hell we could use his energy in a lacklustre centre midfield.

  5. CedarsDevil says:


    He is a big player for the big games. I said this before and I will say it again, I think Park is the most tactical player we have in our squad. He always does the job perfectly… Remember the Milan game and how he shut out Pirlo?

  6. redcrab says:

    @Gorse Hill Red: not a bad idea at all.

  7. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Very impressive news which shows just how much Park has at the club and how fit he is. We really have lost alot of senior players his year so feel there will be a premium for retaining a core of 5-6. But make no mistake, guys like Park pull there weight and then some. Continues to be a huge plus for team efforts in asia as well which only adds to it. Though he retired from internationals duty last year, he captained south korea at the 2010 WC which shows how big a deal he is at home.
    Would love to here more about the diet that he attributes so much of his success. It couldn’t be as bad as everyone is making out? Could it!???? :lol:

  8. United4ever says:

    We need a super mid to compete with the likes of Barca. Keeping park as backup is ok, but him, carrick, fletch and adnerson are just not cut out to compete with barca and real.

  9. FletchTHEMAN says:

    sorry about the typos mates, shheesh!

  10. RedScottX says:

    For the last time,can someone shut the fuck up about Usurping Barca!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This thread is about Park’s contract extension,and we ought to be grateful about that..
    If you wanna talk about Barca,then shut the fuck up and hug a transformer..

  11. wiuru says:

    Great news , he will still be with us in five years i bet .

  12. TheRadLegion says:

    Shouldn’t you congratulate first for a good news and complain later?
    Seriously they are working on it. Modric wants Chelsea. Sanchez wants B-arse-a. Sneijder prefers to stay. It’s not like they didn’t put an effort.

    Park has been an excellent and loyal server who deserves this. His magnificent contribution helped us beat B-arse-a, and eventually winning the CL (even if he didn’t play). This history alone demands a better respect.

  13. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Seriously getting sick of this Barca attitude.

    Are Barca the best footballing team in the world? Yes.
    Will they be the best footballing team after a few years? No, because their style has found a once in a generation team. Once said team starts disbanding, they will find it difficult to survive.
    Will United still be top 2 or 3 in the world in a few year? Hell yes, our team has been built for the future with the signings we have had.
    Do United need another mid-fielder? Probably yes.

    And, in case you did not FUCKING notice, we are trying to get Sneijder, who is top 5 in the world, to United ASAP. And Sir Alex will have backups in mind if Sneijder doesn’t work out.

    So, stop fucking complaining and be happy that one of our most consistent performers has signed a new deal. Jeez.

  14. smartalex says:

    Congratulations Ji-Sung Park! Sign on the line, and we’ll love you an even longer time!

  15. King Eric says:

    Gorse Hill Red – Reckon that could be the plan mate. He has played there twice now on pre season. Great energy to play in the middle and gets stuck in. Not to mention the technical side to his game. Very good and much better than people give him credit for. As Balaji has pointed out further up.

  16. Kings says:

    Top lad. Thoroughly deserved.

  17. King Eric says:

    United4Ever – Real Madrid? They got smashed 5-0 and embarrassed more than us. Fuck those cunts mate. We could sign ANY midfielder and they would struggle to contain Xavi and Iniesta. Their time will come anyway the fucking arrogant tapping up cunts.

  18. King Eric says:

    Here here Balaji!!

  19. peterinkorea says:

    A lot of people – men, women, children – work and play with genuine smile on their faces because of Park’s contract extension. Thanks millions for the supports you gentlemen give to him!

  20. smartalex says:

    peterinkorea – Thanks for the millions of supporters you gentlefolk give United!

  21. WHAT ??? says:

    Park is quality, especially his finishing, he could be put through one on one with the Keeper and you know he’ll score with a cool head. Its no coincidence he pops up and scores in the really big games.

    Top player, and plays like he’s not a day over 25, glad to see the talk of him leaving was nonsense.

  22. Manchuchu says:

    Park Park wherever you may be
    Tae Kwon Do fuckin Gerrard’s knee..
    Could be worse, could be Scholes.
    And stuff your boot right up his bunghole

  23. wayne says:

    To label Park as a back up is laughable,top player,top lad and like most other lads on here love the guy and am very happy his contract is sorted

  24. Costas says:

    Well deserved

  25. willierednut says:

    Where’s my commission Scott? I broke this story last night. ;)

  26. willierednut says:

    Top lad, our Parky.

  27. Mikael says:

    Superb news. Outside of United he’s a bit of an unsung hero but we know who he is don’t we?!

    Great having you around Ji!

  28. StatesideAussie says:

    Great news. I would like to see him play more often — he is a fine, fine all-round player, stamina, speed, cool under pressure, good passing, finishes really well, excellent vision, tenacious, you name it.

    Has anyone ever had a career as strange as Park’s? He’s almost like a squad player in reverse — what I mean is, he is often hauled out for the big games, especially in Europe, and often not used for the smaller games. It’s just seems unusual. Anyway, I would like to see more of him, especially in the middle. (We’ve got enough wingers, haven’t we?) Apart from all his obvious qualities, there’s something about his patterns of movement that’s just hard for other teams to pin down.

  29. The Scottish Wonder says:

    very good news

  30. RedSeattle says:

    Great to hear. Always a solid contributor and class off the field. Plus, his hair styles/colors always keep me entertained.

  31. al says:

    good back up but kill that noise bwt him playing cm good back up and kill that noise bwt him playing cm good back up but kill that noise bwt him playing cm good back up and kill that noise bwt him playing cm

  32. King Eric says:

    Al. Yeah we get the picture. He is l capable of playing that position seeing as though he played ninety times or summat for his country there. Great finisher as well. Not remember his man marking job on pirlo eh? Give him fucking credit mate. I would say its his best position. He aint a winger.

  33. theboogeyman says:

    King Eric- He’s not a winger, nor a central midfielder. He’s just a big game player who does what he’s told.


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