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Park: Tevez Should Be Patient

Park has today claimed that he thinks his best pal at United, Carlos Tevez, should learn to be more patient. He reckons it will be a disappointment for everyone at the club if he goes and thinks Tevez should stick around to keep scoring important goals.

“It would be disappointing not just for me but for everyone involved at Manchester United because he is one of the best players and we need that,” said Park. “Hopefully he will stay. This season when he has come on the pitch he has scored a lot of goals and helped the team. He has saved the team. Only Carlos can do that. He works hard and he scores a lot of goals. If he does not like his role maybe he can move but if he can stand it he just has to show his ability on the pitch and he will get chances. Manchester United have a lot of games and no one can play every game in one season, it is too hard. He should be patient.”

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  1. Neli G says:

    the two of em and evra are lovers, so its not surprising,

  2. denton davey says:

    100% right. Carlitos is doing himself no good – at UTD.

    But he’s doing KiaJ. lots of good by beating the bushes ahead of the re-sign deadline which will let them know if there really is “real interest” in signing him for the amount they are expecting. And, I suppose, that that’s not bad for UTD, either since that bush-beating will give both sides a sense of the market for Tevez’ services.

  3. equalizer says:

    He’s been waiting for 2 years for united to offer him a contract. Gill said United were happy with his performance and would offer him a contract. He has waited patiently. But he can’t stay if he’s not offered a contract to do so. If you really want someone at least offer a contract and get that bit sorted. Gill always said United turned down Tevez and Mascherano. Carlos simply realises now United never wanted him, he was just a stopgap until Fergie could get Berbatov who he wanted to sign from Leverkusen.

  4. Little Miss says:

    You tell him, Parky! :)

  5. wazza says:

    Tevez should STFU. he has again stated today bout his’s really annoying to hear this every other day.

  6. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:


  7. costas says:

    It’s too late now but i think that his transfer to Liverpool is not as easy as some people speculate.Would Liverpool spend 25 million on a player that they already have(Kuyt)?

  8. Oranges says:

    Man i actually love Park, he may be my favourite United player! And no im not Asian, I’m Irish!

  9. denton davey says:

    equalizer – what the fuck are you talking about ? He and Mascherano were “offered” to all and sundry in that dodgy deal that West Ham took – and it cost them untold millions in fines and more untold millions in lawsuits. So to say that UTD never wanted him is ridiculous. And, while I am in agreement that he might be frustrated by the negotiations taking place behind the scenes to extend (or end) his current deal with UTD, he should just keep silent until matters get sorted, one way or another. IN either case, he’ll be making a LOT of money. But by going public with his “concerns” he’s jeopardizing his current team’s concentration on the most important single game of the season. I doubt that that will win him much affection from SAF.

  10. costas says:

    I think Carlos was on his way to get a new contract until the economic crisis kicked in.At that moment,the board realised that maybe they shouldn’t spend as much money on Carlos.From then on,it has become a mess.

  11. AlphaRS says:

    I actually want Carlos Tevez to stay at Old Trafford.
    He is clearly a fans favourite and it would be a shame to see him go.
    That could quickly turn around though if he keeps talking to the press!

    Carlitos you need to understand that when playing for a club like Machester United you will not get to play every game. But the trade off is that you will be playing for the best club on the planet and will be able to win more trophies than at any other club in the world. If you can accept this then you will stay and become even more of a success.

    Moving to any other club at this moment in time would be a step down. Simple as.

  12. equalizer says:


    Calm down mate, i’m just offering my opinion on it. My eyes have been opened recently… what David Gill actually said, was that Tevez was NEVER on the shopping list as far as United were concerned. Basically meaning, we never wanted him. With Mascherano he said the football people at united had watched him and decided he wasn’t what we wanted. Therefore those were his reasons at that time why United didnt want either player.

    That same summer, United tried to sign Berbatov from Leverkusen. But he chose Spurs instead. Following summer, Fergie tries again to sign Berbatoc from SPurs. This time he’s already had enough of Spurs and wanted to leave but they wouldnt let go so soon. So, Fergie turned to Tevez after he’s rescue act for West Ham, but only on loan… Gill reveals a deal was agreed to make it long term and that United are looking to sign him long term.

    Fergie says the deal for Tevez is already agreed and calls it “cheap”. Tevez then has a good season, scores 19 goals and helps United win 2 trophies. Summer 2008 arrives.. and united go back for berbatov again. This time they get him but Gill reiterates United still want to sign Tevez. He says once we sign him then we’ll have a first class squad. He says there’s no issue with the fee cos United are happy with it. and says all that needs to be sorted is a long term contract for him. He promises it will done by the end of the year (2008). So Tevez waits… and waits… and waits.. for a contract offer… which never arrives! He got played basically.

    In January UNited made more signings. But still no contract offer for tevez. If they wanted him they would have offered a contract by now, think about it. United wouldnt allow him to be in a position where he can start talking to other clubs. Nothing stops UNited from sorting that part out even if theyre not happy with the fee anymore. But no contract has ever been offered contrary to what fergie claimed.. Tevez got played basically.

    He’s served his purpose as far as Fergie is concerned,, he was just the short term stop gap until Ferg could sign his real target Berbatov. Tevez was never on the shopping list, those were David Gill’s words precisely.

  13. leetguy101 says:

    He’s won over the hearts of us supporters around the world (no homo).

    I think that he’s become the 21st century 2Olegend. Or at least, Fergie’s trying.

    Think about it. Ronaldo, as the top goalscorer in the team, has take over RVN’s role, but at the same time, plays out wide to assist, filling in Beckham’s old role. He attacks from the wide right wing, and Berbatov, as both a striker and someone who can assist and create goalscoring opportunities (unfortunately, I have to bring up the 2-1 this season at Anfailed – but, his *assist*. That was gold.), will add to the goal tally. Rooney, we know if he had the ego of Ronaldo, United would be playing a more stylish game than Barcelona. But, since he’s so selfless, he can still supply Ronaldo (1-3 at Emirates this season), and yet, score goals.

    And, by playing Rooney on the right/left wing ocassionally, we would have a quadruple attack force of Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, and Berbatov.

    Provided nothing bad happens, we will march to a quintuple + 1 (hextuple?) next season, and kill the morale of every single defender in Europe bar our own, too.

  14. Markus Revolver says:

    park and tev are like best mates, no?

    go on parky, put the idea in his ear.


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