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Pele: Ron’s No Slave & He Should Stay At United

Ignorant FIFA boss, Sepp Blatter, got everyone rather upset this week, after claiming Ronaldo was like a slave.

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, however, it’s not a great endorsement when someone of Pele’s stature comes out directly slating what you have to say, as Blatter will now know.

“You are a slave if you work without a contract or you don’t get paid,” said Pele. “If you have a contract then in any job you have to finish the contract. I think that when he finishes his contract, then he should be free to go wherever he wants to go.”

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  1. Ubibi Godwin Jr says:

    I think am sick and tired of this ronaldo saga,pele has said it all,but as for me I think we should let him go,he is ungrateful,and its a shame that he has no one to advice him…

  2. Kevin says:

    I am glad the men I truly respected as Football legends and all-time greats have come to the side of reason. Blatter and Platini may not see things to clearly but Bruce, Redknapp, and Pele all seem to see things with common sense. It is just to bad players don’t get to make all the decisions, but just like in any business, the board or the owners get the final say. If those business owners are doing incomprehensible things then and only then is it necessary to fix the problem. United has not acted in a wrong way at all. Ronaldo has a contract, hasn’t clearly stated what he wants. This just continues to dumbfound me and I wish Ronaldo would take a clear stance

  3. William M Clews says:

    Blatter needs to go! Everytime he opens his mouth denotes his lack of business sense. This includes Platini who also put his foot in his mouth. These two fools should never comment on such issues. Their position should always be neutral.
    Pele was spot on – one must always fullfil their contracts.

  4. Tom F says:

    Love that “Bruce, Repknapp and Pele”.

    That is the best line I have ever seen in the comment section of RoM.

    To be fair, I think almost everyone is on Uniteds side for a change. Even The Sun is calling for Blatters head.

    Like I have mentioned before, despite Q doing the International thing… “Good Times”


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