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Pete Boyle Judges Owen Song Competition

Whilst the mood has generally changed in favour of Michael Owen, there are some of us still having a hard time adjusting to our squad now containing a former Kop hero.

To make him feel more like one of ours, RoM ran a competition to find a song for Owen. Fans of the forum voted as well as the staff of the Republik of Mancunia football forum. I got Pete Boyle, chant maestro, in on the action too, to cast the deciding vote.

Fans voted: One Michael Owen
Staff of RoM forum voted: Ow, Ow, Owen’s on
Pete Boyle voted: Ow, Ow, Owen’s on

- Original (“I’m not aware of other teams singing it”)
- The tune is easy to learn
- The lyrics are simple yet effective!

“I have my own Owen song but I don’t post on websites any more till I’ve had chance to get it going at a game! I will let you mine if it succeeds or fails!”

Check out Pete Boyle’s website for new album ‘Best of Boyle 1-4′ which will now be on CD for first time, which includes a 2009 mix of Eric the King as featured in ‘Looking For Eric’ and You Are My Solksjaer. Available from August 1st.

The winner, Jason Carley, now gets to choose a shirt of his choice from the Republik of Mancunia shop.

If you want to watch Manchester United train for free the day before the Community Shield, be sure to enter our latest competition. The results will be announced during tomorrow’s liveblog for our match against FC Seoul.

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:


  2. JimJones says:

    Can anybody post the lyrics and the tune it goes to? I’m currently stuck in work so I can’t belt it out over the speakers. Cheers in advance.

  3. theboogeyman says:

    Ow,Ow,Owen’s on
    Give the lad the ball,
    he’ll stick it in the dippers’ net,
    And they will win fuck all.
    (To the tune of Row,row,row your boat)

  4. theboogeyman says:

    Congrats to the winner,by the way.

  5. Suprah says:

    what happens if he does not stick the ball in the dippers net ? o_O

  6. Suprah says:

    So what happens if Owen does not stick the ball in the bitters net ? o_O

  7. Nectarine says:

    Has he lost weight? Good on ya Boylie!


    You should run a competition to come up with a song about Pete Boyle.
    A United Legend Off and Off the pitch ! I am sure he is too modest to come up with one about himself but he deserves one by now for all the classics he has come up with – A better lyricist than Lennon or McCartney by a mile!

    Congrats to the winner – wear your tshirt in good health.

  9. bodzy says:

    Whats wrong with this writer “A crocked bindipper” what sort of welcome is that to a manchester united signee,apart from the fact that he is not a scouse(he’s from Chester and spent his youth playing for Welsh teams ) he is now a member of Manchester United first team squad
    If and when he proves to be usless then slag him off but up now give the player a break ,Cantona came from Leeds but that didn’t make him a moron
    Team spirit and belief is what we have at Old Trafford ,not stupid remarks


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