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Petition To Sign Carlos Tevez

If you’re interested, there’s a petition going round for United fans to show how much they want the club to sign Carlos Tevez. It’s a bit lacking at present so get the bandwagon rolling!

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  1. corea says:

    not sure. he is running and running…endless running
    nut on the other hand it will be really tough to find the lad with the same heart ..
    so more yes than no.

  2. OP says:

    I seem to remember some of these in the past and usually the player doesn’t sign

  3. costas says:

    Yes but the head shaking won’t help his cause.

  4. Luka chala - kitwe- Zambia says:

    please please man u sign this great player,u will regret if u dont!

  5. Rooney says:

    i didnt like how he shoke his head when he got subbed

  6. Si says:

    Are you serious lads? The fact that he shook his head is a good thing! If you ever see a player not upset about coming off in a big game like last night then he shouldn’t be playing for us!!

  7. Stephen says:

    Sign him, but negotiate the deal down.

  8. Chris says:

    You wonder why it’s lacking? Because people have sense. He is not worth the £25 million or whatever the fee required is to sign him. Why would we waste that on a player that we use primarily for the cups / backup? Fans like him due to his effort and commitment, that doesn’t justify paying an over the top price for him. It’s quite clear we aren’t going to sign him, if Fergie wanted him he’d of signed him long ago.

    I think we’ll do one of two things, either spend what we’d have spent on Tevez and go for Benzema or someone alike or spend half as much on a lesser known player, such as Vedad Ibisevic or Luis Suarez. Personally I’d go for the second as Rooney / Berbatov / Ronaldo / Ronaldo’s replacement are going to be the main prong of attack for the foreseeable future.

  9. the Count says:

    If we can get him for under 20 mill, yes otherwise no.

    wtf is all this about benzema – we don´t need more strikers we need creative midfield…

  10. Stephen says:

    the count, I totally agree if Carlos leaves we have Berba, Wazza, Welbeck, Kiko and Campbell to return that should be enough.

  11. Trevor says:

    Id love to see tevez signed.

    I like tevez but i feel he is not clinical enough. He gets quite a few chances but when he is about to shoot im not confident he will hit the target! he often seems rushe and uncomposed!

    What he does offer tho is unquestionable work rate which even if not scoring himself, wins back possession up the pitch! Creates loads of space for our other attackers which i think contributed greatly to Ronaldo scoring so many goals!

    I do think in this current climate more than 20 mil is a bit much! Id rather keep the money. Keep what we have with cambell coming back, the youngsers — Keep ronaldo.

    Then the following year add the 20 mill and buy someone big!..

    The important thing for me is keeping ronaldo this year!

    If we fail to keep him then tevez going doesnt matter to me! We need to get a good replacement. Id go for ribery of Bayern! & Benzima —- WHy not!

  12. King Eric says:

    Too much been made of this “head shaking”. Passion.

    Signed number 57 but need to get price down.

    Sick of hearing about Benzema. Don’t want him anywhere near United.

  13. gotta hate tiny tears says:


  14. keanesmagichat says:

    lads fuck benzema, he as a flop at the world cup in the summer anyhow.. let him fuck off to the virus…
    tevez loves the club, cult hero, all he needs is a run of games and he will be scoring again… i have a feeling he will have an important say in our season…
    sign the petition and fergie sign him up

  15. corea says:

    ok. with Carlos in the club what scheme we are going to play ?
    If you choose from Berba and Carlos my choice will be Berba.

  16. KING says:

    lol listen
    tevez is a good player and we all love his commitment
    but 20-25million?
    nahh.. as when it comes to finishing
    he is poor
    i think he had 1 shot yesterday?
    straight at the keeper
    berba will start 2nd leg
    he gave tevez a chance
    he did well.. but not as well how he used to play last season
    but maybe if we can talk the deal lower in price
    then you never know
    good player thought but needs to concentrate on improving
    attacking/shooting in his game

  17. rc7 says:

    Yes and no. For 20 mill yes but will he accept rotation policy? Not so sure.
    He has played more minutes than Wazza and Berba but if he’s making an issue about not being picked then thanks but no thanks Carlitos, Best of Luck.

  18. wazza says:

    gotta hate tiny tears: nice one mate. btw, who is emily’s favourite player ?
    i am not getting the Solskjaer chant sung by emily.

  19. bchilds says:

    I would love to sign Tevez on a permanent deal but not at anywhere near the reported £32m. If it was in the £15m-£18m region then great but for £32m I would expect a player to get far more goals than Tevez would ever get

  20. King Eric says:

    Slightly off topic but I thought Berbatov showed his class and composure when he came on last night. That little dummy that he let Ronnie or Wayne get on the end of. The tracking back but especially the retention of the ball. Whenever he got it he had three men around him but he is deceptively strong and just shrugged them off and layed the ball off. That bit of skill when he flicked it over his head a couple of times. Fuckin quality. He never gives the ball away and in the second half last night that was very important. Am sure he will start at the library.

  21. Bud says:

    Sign Tevez…before it’s too late.

  22. Trevor says:

    King Eric

    Yeah Berbatov did show is class. Nice touches, Nice passing and holding the ball up incredibly well when surrounded by Players. Next season will be make or break for him to be honest. He has to add something else to his game. Think he is trying to hard to impress ( although not through effort, i think its effecting his decisions!)

    With regards to benzma, The lad is quality. A differnt type of player to tevez mind you! He is young and shown to have quality! You cant also judge a player on World Cup form alone! i can remember him making a fool out of rio last year who for me is the best centre half in the world!

    To be honest he reminds me a lot like Torres who by far for me is the best striker in the world on his day! He was linked to United year after year and as i watch alot of Spanish football i was crying out for them to sign him. Then he signs for liverpool!! Great!

    Now could you imagine us with Torres and Rooney up front! That would be awsome!

  23. Trevor says:

    one thing is that the 32 mil quoted united have already paid 8. This was their downpayment for his loan! If they decide to bye him then united have to stump up the difference!So in effect he will be purchased for 25 mil.. But question is, is he worth that?

  24. Gman says:

    yes hes worth it

  25. Jake says:

    don’t sign him

  26. Eleven says:

    There something we (..well i definitely did) missed the whole of this session, which i had the chance to see again which was free flowing ..high temp ..blistering counter attack in the first half against arsenal ..i believe tevez had a big part in making that happen. I don’t understand why we changed a winning formula ;/

    And this is to all those doubter saying tev had his chance and didnt turn up etc ..have you guys forgot what he did for us last season when he was playing regaler football?

    Then there the story on the price tag, the so called 30 Million no were near that it more in the region of 20, we all ready paid 10m thur the loan payments, if its 20m what take to sign tev i fink we should go for it, ..if we can get players like Carrick, Hargreaves, Nani & Anderson around 18m then whats 20m for tevez.

    iv jus got two words… SIGN TEVEZ!

  27. trevor says:

    If you took tevez and berbatov out of united who would you want to see replace them?

  28. Cocci Malta says:


  29. Da Cunha Malta says:

    those that said not to sign tevez are really fucked up! Fergie SIGN HIM!

  30. misterq says:

    First of all, I don’t think Sir Alex reads these petitions.
    Second of all, what will happen when Tevez gets older or he just gets exhausted at the end of the match- he’s not gonna be able to run so much and not with the same speed. This is his only weapon and nothing else. Very little skils.
    I wish, Rooney, Berba or CR7 were in his position when his shot was saved in the first half
    Good luck Carlito! In La Liga or Serie A- they have much less technical abilities, so you should just fine there

  31. Bas says:

    If anybody think berba is worthy for 30m then tevez is worth more than 35m. So signing him anything under 30m is more than happy for any club in the world. Do you know one thing he is the one who saves west ham from relegation. Berba is an selfish bitch. But tevez is an unselfish who gives everything for the club.

  32. sam says:

    signed it. Think we’ll sign him regardless though. Can’t see Fergie letting him go, it’s not the united way

  33. mustevez says:

    a) Tevez is not a prolific goalscorer(goal/matches ratio-even though had hatricks),had more bad games than good ones.
    b) Tevez runs tirelessly like Park ..proper work rate but cannot does not have at least 75 % composure in the final third to finish !They are good for playing a Sweeper role more than strikers or goalscorer)
    c) Tevez is not worth £32m or £26 m-In terms that there are other players
    out there that fergie knows will give him 30-40 goals /season.(2nd V.Nistelrooy or a Drogba -a poacher,standing striker,finisher,who only one thing on his mind-hit the net at all cost,any angle,any situation,header,thigh,chest,,back,hips,Arm;-) )
    d) Man utd are very reluctant to invest so much in such private ownership(Kia ).
    e) Tevez is an Argentinian international,Travel too far for international duties, is tiring and less desirable.To have someone from europe is what fergie wants that travel burns you out !
    f) Tevez easily influenced by south american media,doesnot speak english after being so 3-4 years here !Even anderson and nani made an effort to learn the language and given their interview in english !He doenot need to but thats what add VALUE to transfer fees too.Since CQ left ,you can clearly see and feel a communication problem for these 3 players!
    g)The physical attributes of Tevez is more of a Attacking midfiler rather than a goalscorer !
    h)Tevez has been great for us,we love him …but Man utd is a Brand also it or not ! Having a striker that not only is prolific in every sense on the pitch but one that also sells shirt, is finally what this fuss is all about !

  34. anderson8 says:

    Sign him up! Sell Frazier Campbell for about 5 million (really should have taken the 7m on offer last summer). Sell Nani,I reckon we can mug someone into givin us about 12m for the waster. If the final payment is actually around the 22-24m mark then that’s about two thirds of it taken care of.

  35. Super fan says:

    Carlos Tevez shouldn’t move because he is a young and great player ,Alex Ferguson would be stupid to let Tevez move from Mu

  36. maxsisac says:

    i want carlos to stay
    i dont know any other player that plays that hard for the team
    its not strange that he is so macho when he have such a big heart
    go tevez you legend

  37. pablokuko says:

    just to respond all the fans that think he should leave, i wish he leaves and man u suffers his goals like when he was in west ham and beated the reds (already champions) at their home and he saved his team to loose the category…
    I cant believe that people want to see this freezer called berbatov instead fo charles.. the only reason he is not playing is because they already bought this ice cold chest berb…

    good luck carlitos!

  38. adrian says:

    sign him 4 god sake he is class he proved it against wigan,man city and tottenham..he is lot better than berbatov and has one of the best work rates i hav ever seen him. jst sign him.

  39. 99hardid says:

    What i want to know is why did we pay all that money for Berbatov when we had a player who scores as much as is a great asset to our team, that player being Tevez? His work rate is brilliant and given a chance to play a little more often than this season he would score more goals in my view!

  40. טכנאי מחשבים says:

    i love tevez, i really do. i think he should be playing in starting line-up but i also appreciate berbatovs skill.

  41. sean says:

    pull the finger out fergie !

  42. tevezthegreat says:

    i would choose Tevez ANY DAY over Berbatov. Tevez actually works his ass of while Berbatov takes crap penalties and misses them. if he wants to be the highest paid player, then make him the highest paid player! he is simply brilliant. if we want to win a 4th consecutive Premier League title and another Champions League title, signing Tevez is the first step. SIGN HIM UP!! KEEP CARLOS TEVEZ!!


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