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PFA: Rooney Punishment Totally Disproportionate

Professional Footballers’ Association deputy chief executive, Bobby Barnes, has slammed the FA’s decision to ban Wayne Rooney for two games because he swore after scoring a hattrick.

“It is always talked about the money these type of players earn, but it is not about the money, it is about not having the success, not living up to the extraordinary high expectations, it is almost a fear of failure,” said Barnes. “That is why it was such a release of pressure, enormous pressures on this young man’s shoulders over a whole year. Obviously it was not an ideal way to react, but while I would never condone it, I can understand it, and a two-match ban is totally disproportionate. It is unprecedented that the FA has taken action after a player has said something into a TV camera. This is totally different to what Didier Drogba did in the Champions League. He followed the referee, and was sorry for his actions afterwards. Wayne has not been disrespectful to any official or opponent, and I feel there has been a lot of discussion about what might happen next season. But the game needs to set parameters so everyone knows where they stand: for example, if you take your shirt off, you know you will be booked. There is no precedent for this, and Rooney needs to be treated differently. I would suggest a severe reprimand and suspended sentence, but surely not a two-game ban when he was clearly not intending to cause offense and apologised immediately afterwards. No one is saying what he did was right, I am not, but let’s give Wayne Rooney a little bit of understanding.”

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  1. redrider says:

    King Eric
    by that logic, West Brom ought to beat madrid too…

  2. MG says:

    ‘Arry can you be champions of Europe?

    Well Jeff you know we tried to get the Olympic stadium but you know it wasn’t triific but I can tell you the chairman was in the office the other day and he was asking me about Wembley.

    I think if we can get into Wembley then we will be up there with the big boys you know Jeff and that helps buying better players you know – we might be able to afford Bale at 80 million ;)

    ‘Arry what the fuck are you talking about?

    Their you go Jeff talking like Wayne Rooney again – I swear it I won’t ‘ave it. It\s bad for the kids you know


  3. King Eric says:

    Slim. He is a fucking mug mate. Even dragging the vermin into a spurs debate.

    Redrider. Ha ha. Absolutely mate.

  4. willierednut says:

    Kings – Ha ha, Magical Modric. Not tonight. Only seen the highlights of Inter’s game, but they poor by all accounts. They got out – played in the derby as well, on Saturday. Inter are too reliant on Sneijder, as are Spurs on Modric.

  5. MG says:

    Okay done with the Arry interview

    Was that me or did I just get no laughs on that one ;)

    Anyway goodnight Manchester United – tomorrow begins another chapter in our history and one which I believe will not be forgotten this year.

  6. Rai says:

    Fuck me gently just seen that goal from Stankovic. What a strike goal of the season without a doubt. Imagine if an English player (not playing for United) had scored that they’d be creaming over it

  7. King Eric says:

    Kings. Ha. Amusing as usual pal. “Huge centre parting cunt“. Quality. Yeah mate its a shame isn’t it we cannot watch harry running into the gantry and getting giddy again. Daft cunt.

    Wildly off topic but just watching jools holland and what a talentless ian brown wannabe cunt liam gallagher really is. They aint produced owt of note since 94. Citeh cunts.

  8. Red Dave says:

    I never used to believe the media was dominated by ABU bile and prejudice but the facts are clear. Barclay on Talkshite! 60fucking 6 5 live Saturday and that merseygobshite Mike Parry going on and on about Rooney and making out it was as serious as that poor young Irish policeman being killed. And drivel from Robbie Savage criticising Rooney and claiming he didn’t swear on the pitch (for those who don’t remember former United youth player – not good enough. bitter). Or, last night news on itn 6.30. On comes Shearer, yes, Shearer, who sticks up for Rooney and ‘cos they believe in balance, to criticise – Mickey Quinn. Such an honourable ex-pro. Just the man to take the moral high ground. Oh, didn’t he go to prison -yes prison – for repeated drink driving, and wasn’t he invesitigated for benefit fraud??? To ITN no problem. It’s saying fuck that’s more serious.

    Why do we tolerate these scum bags? Do what I do. Complain regularly about them especially to the BBC and force some twat to respond week after week until they get heartedly sick of the hassle and start doing something about it.

    They just can’t stand Mancunian success. Bastards.

  9. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    On topic read this of Skys website regarding Rooney.

    “WITCH HUNT? I don’t think so. Its bad enough he chose to use the language he did and if he’d used it in a pub or club in the manner and with the level of vitriol towards the camera man he may well have ended up in a cell for the night and in front of a judge! ”

    Pray tell has this guy ever been in a pub or club. Theres some of these places I know that if every guy got arrested for swearing there would be just bar staff, DJ and a few women left. Or does the DJ get banged up for playing The Next Episode?

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I know you lot are trying to ignore him, but honestly. MG has been having a good piss on O’l Arrrwy!
    Nice one son!

    80M for Bale, 60M for Modric. Ha ha ha ha ha h ah aaaaaaahhhhhhh aha ha; ha ha ha.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaa ha xcz azzackkkkk ha hckkk chort… …… .l.lllll …… errrrpp.
    Oh my.

    No value in this market. Let’s all look elsewhere……mmmm Mexico, mmmmm Fulham’s bargin basement mmmmmm.

    Come on United. Chavs should be well worried. No english ref to save them tomorrow!

  11. smartalex says:

    MG, your interview/s were hysterical, as always!

  12. King Eric says:

    Red Dave. Spot on mate. Quinn is a fat scouse bastard whose only achievement is winning celebrity fat club. He is clearly confused. Or just a cunt. Yesterday pre ban he was saying it would be too harsh. The same self cunt today then starts saying its justified. He fancys himself as a real joker. A scouse scally if you will. A muppet is the word. In august he said city would walk the league and united wouldn’t get top four.

    M G. Yes its you mate. Get your coat. Only joking pal. Love ya posts.

  13. Real red devil says:

    The main difference between the last time we faced rent boys and this time would be Tony V.Its no secret that ashley cole hates facing Tony v.So there is one positive point to take up to the bridge…Its time to say that again…BELIEVE……………

  14. willierednut says:

    No mention of Nani, from this baby faced cunt. Bale is his player of the year, for two games against Inter. Both games against United, he was poor. He didn’t perform against Liverpool and Chelsea, so why is he player of the year?

  15. Rai says:

    MG – controversial and funny all in one day, we all enjoy your posts mate I haven’t read everyone today been hectic.

    We’re very much due a win at the Bridge but a score draw I’ll be chuffed – we shouldn’t go into the game with any fear we know we are the better team.

  16. willierednut says:

    MG – We love ya man! lol.

  17. Arse-seen, Wonk-er says:

    Team For Tomorrow…the team fergie will realistically go for !





    & bench: PIG, chicha, berb, giggs, park/gibbo, smallings, rafa/fabio

    Ideally i’d like chico to come on for gibbo/ park at half time so we can catch them off guard through our strengths out wide then with chico’s n rooneys ability throught the middle plus the little peas headers :)

    Then when Scholes tires the graceful Giggs to come on & tie up loose ends for a 2-1 away win :)

    We should play to our strengths , chelsheet’s only threats are set pieces where they have bigger players ( terry, ivanovic, essien, drog, lady-boy & Lumps)


  18. pibe says:

    Anybody know anything about Alberto Undiano, the ref for tomorrow at stanford bridge..

    I heard at the world cup Germany vs Serbia he gave 9 yellows, including one for Vida awarding a penalty and 2 for klose earning him a send-off, shouldn’t be a problem with our disciplinary record but I hope he does a fair job

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Pibe, Don’t know that much other than some folks think he has some class. Hope he hands out some cards to Senior Terry when they mob him, and toss essien for one of his trademark studs up. Maybe best that we keep Evans on the bench ;)

    Undianos wiki page says he has won the Best Ref Award award twice in La Liga. Sounds like a quality guy.

  20. Rai says:

    Kings, King Eric and everyone else who hates Brian Woolnough…..he’s at it again:

  21. slim says:


    Bloody genius, tirrific you know. Honestly the interviews cracked me up, after reading went back to watch his interview i swear its so similar. Poor harry

    Okayon a more serious note i hope this piss taking doesn’t come back haunt us then again shipping four past us i don’t see it,looking forward to the game tomorrow i’m all for tearing the rent boys a new one, Come on United

  22. xol says:

    Martin Samuel in the Daily fail reckons we first sang, “we do what we want” at O.T after Nani’s play to the whistle goal against Spurs. I tried to post a comment with the user name, “ThugishLesbianBlackEasternEuropeanGypsyOnBenefitsUK” but unfortunately my retorts aren’t being posted.—dont.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

  23. smartalex says:

    Woolnough’s wiki

    “Since 2007, Woolnough has been the presenter of Sky Sport’s Sunday Supplement, replacing Jimmy Hill and regularly spewing out an anti Manchester United agenda. He is a lifelong ABU.”

  24. Debred says:

    Chelshit have only 1 title to aim for so they would be really up for this one and with inter milan already knocked out…they know there is a good chance of going on the finals…having said that I really hope we give it our all…if we can score an away goal and not conced any or too many…it will be great….but too many fans here talk about the ref and how it will not be an english one which should ensure a fair game…have we all forgotted last year to Bayern…Rafels sending off…We need to be up for this one and play a physical game…David Luiz needs to be given it back…I just hope Rio or Scholsey can ensure that…
    Feeling very very jittery though…Our record sucks at the bridge…

  25. Kings says:

    willierednut – Hello mate. Schalke looked good in that game and could have had more than the 5 goals they scored – they have pace going forward. Yeah Inter massively rely on Sneijder. I think Inter are a poor side overall and with the exception of Sneijder, there is no one else in that team I would take to United.

    King Eric – Hello mate. As much as I hate Madrid, I am well pleased they absolutely butchered them cunts and put them in their place. Everyone has been talking about them as if they are the new powerhouse of European Football. Fuck off please. Now Wilkins is saying that Chelsea will beat Barcelona in the Final, obviously dismissing our chances before a ball has even been kicked. Yeah we’ll see you Dr Evil look-a-like cunt.

  26. theboogeyman says:

    Debred- No Luiz today. He’s cup-tied.

    I think we’re gonna beat them today, I really do!

  27. theboogeyman says:

    Morning guys.

    Is anyone here?

  28. Dazbomber says:

    I am good morning

  29. pibe says:

    good evening for me although i cant wait for it to be tomorrow morning!

  30. pibe says:

    12 hours away from the whistle! not that we need it but anyways good luck!

  31. Jeet says:

    @Boogeyman – yeah mate; not to jinx it, but somehow I fancy our chances. Interesting to see how Fergie lines up today. It’s a CL match, but Chelsea is always better tackled with 2 upfront. Also, does he risk players like ando, rafael, and park? and would Valencia be available for 90 minutes after saturday, and so soon after serious injury?

  32. Kings says:

    Rai – Hello mate. Yeah I saw that. Fucking sheephead cunt. He just wouldn’t let it go last Sunday on the Sunday Supplement calling for him to get a ban, a wish that was eventually granted. Just goes to show what a massive influence the media have on the FA’s decision making. CUNT.

  33. ancha says:

    good morning jeet, theboogeyman

    my line up would be

    EVDS – Rafael/fabio,smalling,vidic,evra – nani, carrick,scholes,ando,park – rooney
    if he goes for 4-4-2 then ando/carrick out berba/chico in

    for the last two seasons, its been very difficult to predict what SAF is going to put out, its the injuries the reason for this unpredictablility fucking hate them

  34. newtown_red says:


    I guess the back line will be about the same.Although i think Valencia has to, and will start.Nani on the left.With no Fletcher, i would say Park may get a role in the middle.Don’t think Ando will be included in the starting line up to be honest.He has been out to long.Maybe Rooney may drop back into the Midfield like the Arsenal game.
    Whatever the formation or line up Sir Alex selects, I think the team will be really fired up.Although i hope that we do not lose our bite like we did in the second half against Chelsea at this season.If we play a high tempo, we the wingers and fullbacks we have, their midfield be stretched a lot more often then the last time we played.
    Come on United.Don’t give the Abu’s any more chance to belittle our great club.

  35. parryheid says:

    No way is he going to send a team out that doesn’t contain Valencia.

  36. ancha says:

    jeet, Costas
    how are you ?

    been held up at a remote place so wasn’t able to post the whole week, seriously missed ROM

    who’s sheen ?
    did you guys miss my lecture on history to Mr Frank Lampard ;)

  37. ancha says:

    newtown_red, parry

    sorry for replying to your posts in different thread
    but I am surprised at the way we are using valencia, I have excluded him from my predicted line up for today just because of that only reason that he has been relied upon very heavily considering that he has recently returned from a long lay off he has to be rested properly, if he starts tonight that will be 180 mins in a span of four days which is very hard for player returning from such an injury, I’m very much worried because of that, hence I feel he should be on the bench and can come on later if needed,

  38. ancha says:

    sorry my last two posts are supposed to be on the Lampard thread

  39. newtown_red says:


    Thats a fair enough point i guess.Maybe a impact sub than.I really feel that Valencia will be involved in some way.He provides us the directness that is needed at times.

  40. parryheid says:

    Every body goes on about the ref because it’s the biggest factor British football with it’s take that you cunt tackles are alien to them and they don’t mess about.Interfere with an attacking player cert foul and likely card I am sure we will be awarded a penalty tonight we have to many tricky players for Chelsea 2-0 us game over Chelsea.

  41. james says:




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