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PFA Team Of The Year: 4 United Players

Van Der Sar, Sagna, Cole, Vidic, Kompany, Nani, Nasri, Wilshere, Bale, Tevez, Berbatov.

Gareth Bale was named PFA Player of the Year, after assisting 1 goal and scoring 7. Nani, who wasn’t even shortlisted, has assisted 18 goals and scored 9. Jack Wilshere won the Young Player of the Year and Chicharito came 3rd.

The players from London clubs can pick up the Player awards… whilst our players will pick up actual medals. I wonder what they’d prefer?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    The PFA is a waste of space not much unlike the United Nations. I can’t wait for the next Planet of the Apes as I want to know how Cornelius’ and Dr Zira’s baby didnt drown when he was thrown of the side of the ship. Even more so how he ended up in a soccer loving family and got to join Tottenham. Proof indeed that Holywood is full of Jews. Anyway its nice that there is a different monkey on the news atleast for today anyway.
    How on earth did Wilshire get the call, he cant shoot, hes not the best tackler, he never helps back in the full back possitions. Hes just an annoying itch. Fuck if I was the Arsenal manager he wouldnt even make the Arsenal 11. News just in Justin Beiber has been signed by Arsenal, it seems Wilshires old news. Fucking Pedo maybe Fulham will erect a statue of him when he quits the Cockneys.

  2. T. says:

    Better not to get the awards. Everone that got it lately has been deported to Madrid.

  3. Wednesdayx says:

    I seriously hope Nani has the patience to deal with these Abu’s, don’t know why they can’t see how brilliant he is or they just don’t want to? As for javi, he thanks god every morning to be so fortunate just to play for United, all he wants is that medal around his shoulders in May, for fuck sakes!!!

  4. hammons says:

    if bale and nasri were in the team of the year then why isnt rafael?

    Berbatov, Nani, van der Sar & Vidic Honored By PFA

  5. xol says:

    Someone mentioned the fantasy stats.

    Hernandez (84points), 9.2% of fantasy players have him in their team. 1058 mins played.
    Wilshere (81points), 6.5% of fantasy players have him in their team. 2158 mins played.

    Nani (186 points), 43.8%, 2260 mins played
    Cornelius (110 points), 28.8%, 2159 mins played

  6. Saad says:

    Bale’s award was ridiculous when compared against Nani’s achievements this season.

    I’m not too peaved about Wilshere winning the YPOTR. He’s a good player and has done well for Arsenal all season. But who came second in that award?

  7. Saad says:


    I finally got the “Cornelius” joke. Good one, whoever came up with that!

  8. willierednut says:

    Saad – Well done mate, you got there in the end lol.

    @Goat Kudos lol.

  9. Kings says:

    kopite – Fuck off you rat munching cunt. At least Carragher the bastard got his reward for his vile challenge on Nani.

  10. Aviator says:

    Fellaini instead of Wilshere…

  11. Trevor says:

    I find it quite undeliverable some of the reaction Bale and Wiltshire has got for winning the PFA and YPFA awards!

    First of all the main problem with these awards is the fact it is decided in March or something stupid not taking the whole season into consideration!


    You cant question this!.. He was phenomenal in Europe for Spurs and in some leagues too!


    only our Hernandez comes close, but Wiltshire still stands out for number of games played. For many has made Fabregrass look second rate!

    I keep being told how United fans are the most hated, and when you see bruised Egos like some on here it isnt any wonder why!… Grow up and realise we cant win everything!

  12. AFC says:

    Why are you guys comparing Sagna to Rafael.. cos he’s a United player? They are both fullbacks not winger and how many goals has Rafael scored?
    The list is ok but I dont think Bale deserve the award cos he didnt really perform in the EPL compared to other nominees.
    Hernandez is good but cant be compared to Tevez even though he scores 30 goals.

  13. AFC says:

    How do you dare compare Fellaini to Wilshere? Pls do your maths well

  14. WHAT ??? says:

    For the record, its not about UNITED winning everything, its about Bale and Wilshire being miles away from the best players this season. If the award is all about “exciting domestic players” they should just fucking say so, that way we’ll stop expecting talent to be rewarded on merit alone. Eitherway, the reaction is NOT about United players not winning it. Scott Parker has had another fantastic season, I’d be happy to see him win it. Or Ashley Young, certainly the best England performer for their last few matches with loads of goals and assists in the league. Darren Bent? A proven talent with 11 for Sunderland and 9 for Villa compared with the 80 mill of goal shy Carroll and mis-firing Torres? Javier Hernandez for best young player, anyone? I won’t even mention the best winger in the League.

    So no, its not a case of United supporters having bruised Egos, personally I couldn’t care less about the PFA because its all about medals as Scott alluded to. However, if we MUST discuss the much hyped and unavoidable PFA awards its perfectly fair to suggest the two winners haven’t done enough to justify winning it. Hernandez is clearly head and shoulders above Wilshire, but its okay, no problem, the English can have their new poster boy in WIlshire. My question is how long until he’s vilified? (Rooney) or mis-managed? (Walcott) or simply ignored? (Parker). That train is never late.

  15. AFC says:

    How is Hernandez also better than Wilshere? You guys needs to let aside sentiments and look at facts. I would have loved Van Persie to be in the EPL team of the year too cos he played 19 games and scored 13 goals with 6 assists.. compared to Berbatov’s 29 games with 21 goals and 3 assists and Hernandez’s 22 games with 11 goals and 1 assist.
    Wilshere deserves the YPFA.

  16. King Eric says:

    Trevor – Disgagree completely mate. Bale is a fucking joke pal. TWO good games and I literally mean two good games. Against the most over rated right back in Maicon in world football. He has no tricks, no skills, just pace. Very much like Walcott in fact.

    Dont even get me started on Wilshire. He has done fuck all mate. Where was he at OT twice? Yesterday? He is the new goldenboy but gets hyped up beyond belief. Its nowt to do with jealousy but he really doesnt deserve it. He is anonymous in all the big games. Liam fucking Brady my arse. Fuck me I could make Fabregas look average this season. He has been piss poor again. Did you see the cunt yesterday playing like he has gone to Spain already.

  17. King Eric says:

    Grow up? Oh please Trev. I know good footballers when I see them and these two aint that special. Wilsshire may become a top player but not Bale. Fucking fat head Spearing bossed it with Lucas yesterday as did Gibbo and John fucking O shea a few weeks back. Chokers of the highest order.

  18. The Neutral says:

    Fabregas average again king eric?
    by again, are you referring to last season when he scored over 20 and got over 20 assists?
    Bale is incredibly overrated, two champs league games against inter is all he will ever have.
    I think Nani should have won PFA player of the year. He has been superb.
    Wilshere deserves young player as he has been integral to that Arsenal midfield this season and make them tick. For a 19 year old that is outstanding. 24 year olds shouldnt be winning it-agreed. Hernandez has scored a lot of tap-ins domestically, and looks quality, but didnt deserve to win it. 18 goals youre quoting is all comps, and PFA is MEANT to be domestic, even if Bale has won it.

    Conclusion-Award quite a farce. Bale didnt deserve it, but he won, so surely he shud have won young player as well? Nani should have won best player. Young player should always be u-21

  19. fergie is the boss says:

    Trevor – I am a welshman and I can be one of the best judges of bale, he has been alright for wales, pants in the premiership and his assists record proves this. He aint a ronaldo for starters and rooney has had more better games than bale has had in the premiership, and rooney has not been on form for allot of the season. If bale deserves player of the year, then rooney and berbatov should be walking this award, has berbatov 22 goals this season is an outstanding record. Not bale who turns upo every 4 games, and he is has injury prone has torres and saha

  20. fergie is the boss says:

    Everyone calls rooney and berbatov overrated, then fucking hell bale’s tag overrated does not do enough justice on how overhyped this player truly is. Here are the reasons why bale aint worth 30 million let alone harry drunken redknapps hilerious price tag 80 million.

    The hilrious 80million price drunken redknapp has put on him, here is where I value bale
    he is one footed, he cant play on the right or even play has a striker, that ronaldo and messi can do reason why they are so valuble adding their goalscoring records. So that versitility is gone, thats 30 million knocked off his price tag.

    worth now 50 million

    he is injury prone, 8 times out of 10 bale will miss 3 to 4 months every season. Thats another 10 million knocked off his price tag

    worth now 40 million

    he aint a goalscorer, he will bearly get you 15 goals, his assist record is dreadful add his injury record. His freekicks have gotten worse, who in their right mind would pay a price redknapp is asking.
    Thats another 30 million knocked off his price tag

    worth now 10 million

    His age is the only thing keeping him going, since he is so young he gets another 15 million put on his price tag.

    worth now 25 million

    So in all, his weaknesses, he is not a goalscorer, he aint a great freekick taker these days, he misses atleast 4 months a season adding atleast 3 weeks to get up to speed. I think 25 million is a fair price for someone like gareth bale. And even at that price is very risky has fernando torres transfer to chelsea has shown

  21. Kings says:

    Bale stats: 719 passes, 42 of them key. Yeah great ratio you fucking ape like cunt.

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Move on lad, Bale Who? Never expect these awards to go to United players. Pleased when they do, but never find myself expecting or waiting. I can put my suggestions in like the rest, but really find it a bit pointless most years.

    Speaking of another United great who never won, Scholes is being remembered for by the talkSh*te lads
    for his creedo “Talk lightly and always put a big boot in!

  23. King Eric says:

    The Neutral – I was referring to Fabregas’ average season THIS season when saying “again”. I didnt mention his last seasons mate.

  24. Kings says:

    Trevor –


    ‘You cant question this!.. He was phenomenal in Europe for Spurs and in some leagues too!’

    Yeah he was so phenomenal in Europe he went missing against Real Madrid. He has been such a revelation in the Premiership that Rafael had him in his pocket at Old Trafford and they failed to score against us in either of the league games. He is clearly being awarded based on his performances in the double header against Inter Milan, because apart from that he has done fuck all. Nani has made a much bigger impact in plenty of games this season, you only have to look at his stats to know that.

    I will accept players from other clubs winning it if they deserve it. As much as I hate the rent boy cunts, but Lampard deserved his award in 2005 for the impact he made on Chelsea’s season with his goals and assists. I hate that fat cunt, but he deserved it. There is absolutely no justification in my opinion for Bale to win this award instead of Nani who was amazingly overlooked for the shortlist. The same thing happened in 1999 when Keane was so far ahead of anyone in the Premiership, yet that cunt Ginola won it based on his individual goal against Barnsley. Please tell me of any other contribution he made that season that was better than what Keano made? Keeping in mind that Keane made the biggest contribution that season in what was the second biggest game that season, the European Cup semi-final against Juventus and that despite the fact he knew he was to be suspended for the final. An example of a player who can perform in the biggest of games unlike Bale. I know Keane won both awards the following year, but he should have won both awards in 1999 too.

    Wilshere went missing against Barcelona and didn’t get a sniff in both games at Old Trafford. He was also ineffective against Birmingham in the League Cup Final. Verdict: Big game choker.

  25. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Just out that Micky Owen voted for Nasri, but says the voting is too early and looks a joke now.

    Far enough Micky, but Nasri?

  26. fergie is the boss says:

    Trevor – bale was gd in europe, not phenominal

  27. willierednut says:

    You can’t vote for someone on your own team Fletch. At least, I think you can’t.

  28. Gerry Gooner says:

    1. Congrats on the title

    2. The PFA awards are a popularity contest. If you come from the British Isles and don’t play for a big four team you have a head start.

    IMO while we could argue all day whether Nani should win it or not – the fact that he wasn’t even nominated is a joke. Not the most popular among his peers (see 2). Bale winning is laughable. The media made up their mind that he was the greatest last september. A season of injury and delivering little of note hasn’t stopped them giving the award.

  29. WHAT ??? says:

    Fellas, this is the best article I’ve read on the PFA and how it works. Wasn’t too sure on the format but it all makes sense now. This explains everything.

    Most players say they are more concerned with the views of their peers and supporters, than the press. Despite that, the Football Writers’ Awards are given more prestige by occuring at the end of the year. Thats why the PFA occurs at an odd time, to accommodate all those friendly writers and their unbiased views. Gary Pallister thinks both awards should happen the end of Season for obvious reasons, and it makes a lot of sense NOT to downplay the PFA for the sake of the FWA, FFS. After harassing, ridiculing and living parasitically off the Players all Season I doubt many players honestly give a FUCK what those CUNTING JOURNOS think. Heaven forbid, this year some may harbour ulterior motives against certain players and clubs, after going on and on all year how poor the runaway leaders have been…

    Good read.

  30. and solskaer has won it says:

    Wilshere is in the team and wasn’t even nominated in the pfa player of the year.Charlie Adam and Scott Parker were.This shows how much sense that makes.Don’t even get me started on Nani not being on the shortlist.But who gives a shit I could tell you all the winners of the premier league since 1990 but I couldn’t tell you who won the pfa

  31. Don-crawn says:

    I dont know y som people hate nani. Looking at it he is the best and he deserve it. But maybe is becaus he is not a britian just as d princess says. But all i know is that nani is d best among them and he deserve it but due tn tribalism


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