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Phelan: World Cup Left Rooney Dishevelled

Mike Phelan has revealed the impact a disappointing World Cup had on Wayne Rooney and is pleased he’s got his first goal of the season under his belt.

“Wayne came back to us a little bit dishevelled from his England exploits,” said Phelan. “But as long as you keep your head up and keep persevering, things like this will happen. Strikers can’t score every week, much as they would like to. Hopefully now he can relax, enjoy his football and carry on from where he left off. He is not 100 per cent fit yet. He is still short on certain aspects of his game but that will come. Now he has got a couple of games with his national team and that will possibly help him.”

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  1. Kings says:

    Hopefully yesterdays goal will be the first of very many to come.

  2. Redfanfan says:

    Let’s hope he does well for Ingurland and doesn’t get injured or killde by the pitch.

    Come on Wazza, don’t let those bastards boo you!

  3. MG says:

    “Wayne Rooney is still short on certain aspects of his game”

    Those defenders better get used to it

    Best striker in world football – by a country mile : )

    About to get better – even better – spare a thought how close we were last year – glad the big man is back at His club where he is totally respected

    United… Somewhere along the line England (if at all!)

  4. StretfordEnd Ole says:

    isn’t this always the same? so many times in recent years Utd players have gone to global comps with England as world beaters, these players have then been used poorly by England and return to us in a bad shape both physically or mentally and it’s left to Utd to build the players morale back up again.

  5. Costas says:

    It always takes Rooney a while to recover after going through the England team crap. It’s really a shame that we will lose him for 2 weeks and he will probably get booed by his own, all the while Terry and Lampard have put their feet up and are enjoying a 2 week break.

  6. Joseph says:

    lampard and terry are out leaving roone to bord. Roone don’t go.


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