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PICTURE: Ando says goodbye


Whilst there has been no official confirmation yet, it appears as though Anderson will be joining Fiorentina. He took to Instragram this evening to post a picture of himself in a United shirt.

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  1. TheAdamSegal says:

    Goodnight sweets prince

  2. Fletch™ says:

    Say it isn’t so!!!! :(

    Alas, we hardly knew ye! etc etc.

    Won the lot with us!
    4 Premier League, 2 League Cups, 2 Community Shield, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA Club World Cup

    Good luck always to Ando!

  3. Only 1 Utd says:

    Better than Cleverley.

  4. Timothy Peng says:

    Such a nice guy, I just wish he had more opportunities here. When good, he was a quality player.

  5. Tommy says:

    Shame really, lovely personality around the place, popular with the fans, His 2009 form was exceptional and he couldnt quite keep up that form, and with injuries taking its toll then not a big shock really, Probably the right time to move on, Good luck in Italy!

  6. TopRed123 says:

    Came in with so much potential and expectations, left with a load of trophies but without having made a mark really. A shame, but probably the right move for both parties. Hopefully it is as easy for Moyes to get rid of a worse player in Cleverley too. But I won’t hold my breath as there are things like passports and stuff that are more important than actual ability.

  7. m09538061 says:

    Will be remembered for his song and pulling faces behind the wall unfortunately.

  8. Captain Murphy says:

    Or… maybe he just wanted to show his support to Cristiano Ronaldo who was competing for the Ballon d’Or tonight.

    Not saying I don’t think he’ll leave (if isn’t in this window then surely in the summer) but I don’t think this picture has fuck all to do with it. If only he didn’t struggle with injuries and match-fitness. On his day he was one hell of a player but never really fulfilled his potential. Maybe he’s a (very) late bloomer and will come back to haunt us… if he leaves. Love the guy, just makes you smile remembering his goal (celebration) against Schalke 04. Great lad, great character.

  9. Marye Tsadik says:

    The dacition is too late, b/c the magnitude of the club and Ando’s potential are unbalanced .simply he the player not qualified to play and serve for MAN UTD. IT IS GOOD TO LISTEN SUCH NEWS and hope fully a lot will come soon b/c most of the members of the squad are playing under minimum which is a big shame. good by ando………I wish all the best to you

  10. therealkimblim says:

    Looks to me like he’s applauding Ronaldo, who has just won The Ballon D’or..?

  11. Tsobela says:

    Even the the rumor is true. I believe this pic was post more than anything for support for Cristiano wining the Fifa award…

  12. Tom Macdonald says:

    Or he’s saying well done to Ronaldo, having just won the Ballon D’or.

  13. Marko Maric says:

    Thanks God, he is leaving…we payed him a lot, gave him big wages and he didnt play good enough…and TopRed agree about the passport

  14. Mark Reid says:

    Best of luck didn’t do a lot but best of luck.

  15. siffery says:

    Judging by the two photos before and the one after it on instagram, I think this was more of a salute to Ronaldo.

  16. rayan1303 says:

    how is that a goodbye? it’s a photo of him and the guy that just won the ballon d’or. clapping hands, not waiving bye bye

  17. IbroBawa says:

    You sure he’s not just congratulating Ronaldo on winning the award tonight?

  18. clarson131 says:

    Looks to me he’s giving CR7 a congrats for winning the Ballon d’Or since he posted clapping hands along with a pic of him riding on Ronaldo’s back.

  19. amankali says:

    Tnx ando ur the best and also best luck,no problem u better than all manutd midfield except (januzaj&kagawa) we wiil not forget alwayes

  20. Javier Ignacio Paredes says:

    So much better than Cleverley.

  21. Azid Zakaria says:

    He’s a decent player, as decent as Cleverly is. But the problem with Ando is that he always gets injured, and his fitness is like an overweight Chihuahua on cracked. Not good enough.

  22. Eric Nesh says:

    I think its more to do with Ronaldo winning the ballon d or…………

  23. Min Gel Ze says:

    Thank you so much for what you did to MU, Ando, u got many trophies vs us and we proud of u. May z lord God be with you and gives many many success in your carrier in italy. We never forget your contribution. GBU!

  24. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    All the best Ando. Will miss you

  25. Navina Valere says:

    goodbye ando,hope one day you’ll be able to capture your fitness,you have before , and football can offer you an award , becoz you could be a world class player, GOOD BYE NICE GUY,

  26. Mark Haslam says:

    Shame! He had the potential, but he just can’t stay off the operating table. Good Luck to him.

  27. Bharath S Honnegowda says:

    why not sell cleverly to a third division club.


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