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PICTURE: Banners At Chelsea Tonight

Chelsea lodged an official complaint against last Sunday’s referee, Mark Clattenburg, for reportedly calling John Obi Mikel a “monkey” and Juan Mata a “Spanish twat”. Stamford Bridge currently has a banner for John Terry, who was found guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand by an independent commission, which reads “Captain, Leader, Legend”.

Another of the banners set for the away end tonight reads: “CFC – Standing up to racism since last Sunday”

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  1. JIXIE says:

    …..but going into the refs’ room to hassle officials is OK?

  2. Dela says:

    How much do you want to bet that the media will report the banner pictured above as United fans supporting Clattenberg in the racism case, instead of what it is, a mockery of the John Terry “captain leader legend” banner?

  3. LoneStarRed says:

    And so it begins.

  4. wayne says:

    How fucking sweet would it be to do the cunts twice on the bounce,small time pathetic cunts nothing to separate them and the whores,money will never buy class or integritiy

  5. The Left Bank says:

    I’m glad United have kept their heads above the fray and let Chelsea sink in the mire of their own mud.

    I read an interesting piece in the Daily Telegraph where rugby player Brian Moore said just let the refs wear microphones and you’ll cut out abuse by football players in 6 weeks if they knew they could be heard giving all kinds of crap to the ref during the game. I daresay it works both ways if the ref ever says something racist.

    I bet the FA won’t let that happen.

  6. eltricolor2014 says:

    jeez, Chelski lose one PL game and they have to blame the referee? Seriously? Isn’t there group therapy in London???

  7. Redharry4life says:

    What are the FA going to do about the intimidation of the ref after the match where a “delegation from Chelsea” piled into the ref’s room……where according to media sources “it sounded like a pub brawl” and where a player(obi mikel) was apparently heard to threaten to break the refs legs?

  8. LoneStarRed says:

    @ Elictricolor2014
    So funny so true.

  9. orez says:

    I wouldn’t give a shit what media makes of this banners, but both of them are absolutely epic. I just hope to see them on TV. LOL. Now this is what I would hope my fellow fans would do.

  10. ididnotzeeit says:

    Hahaha Priceless!!

    Anyone got the official starting XI yet?

  11. Joffrey Baratheon says:

    Am I the only one getting sick of all these supposed racist incidents. There’s one every weekend now it seems and they all seem to warrant a police investigation. Un-fucking-believable…

  12. WeAreUnited says:

    Lindegaard, Rafael, Keane, Wooton, Buttner, Nani, Fletcher, Anderson, Giggs, Hernandez, Welbeck

    this is supposed to be the line-up?

  13. Costas says:

    I love the first one. :lol:

    Other than Giggs, it’s a youthful lineup. Big test for the defence. If today is an indication, I am guessing Scholes is starting on Saturday.

  14. planetx6 says:

    who’s on the bench?

  15. planetx6 says:

    United: Lindegaard; Rafael, M Keane, Wooton, Buttner; Nani, Fletcher, Anderson, Giggs; Hernandez, Welbeck.
    Subs: Johnstone, Vermijl, Brady, Lingard, Powell, Tunnicliffe, Macheda

  16. selorm says:

    If this is career threatening when the ref is found guilt, it should be career threatening when the players are found to be lying…period

  17. Mitch Kramer says:

    do we really have to stoop to their level? let them be classless twats, we dont have to be. the banner just has racist undertones, which is embarrassing for chelski. we really need to make one just like it, 3 days later, supporting a damn REFEREE? you never hear about racism being a big issue in American football, basketball, baseball, etc. Even in “soccer” its never created much controversy over here.

  18. mufc m4w says:

    I was stood near this banner. The stewards made them take it down. Great away end tonight.

  19. wiuru says:

    Sense of humour failure really by Chelsea fans and even some United ones ..Great banner and good laugh .

  20. DohaRed says:

    Mitch @ 20.48, you need to chill out mate. This is British humour at its best – made me laugh out loud in the office this morning. Whoever you Reds are you are awsome guys.

    Actually it could be quite serious for the Ref. If he did say those things that’s totally wrong, even in the heat of the moment, and he could be in a lot of trouble. They will make an example of him.

  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    DohaRed Agree it could be serious and agree there should be a sanction if proved. But if the refs assistant don’t back it up it’s DOA in my view.
    The rumored charge of additional comments to Mata have already been dropped, as having non sufficient evidence.
    The only complaint by chelsea is on alleged comments “to” Mikel, which Mikel says he didn’t hear.
    Very iffy all around. The only radio is the refs and is not recorded. If Chelsea were monitoring that communication they could be in serious trouble of their own. They are also surely going to be charged for failure to control their players as it all kicked off in the Referees dressing rooms after the match.
    Some level heads need to step up at Chelsea and end this, just like they did 2 years ago when Terry and Cole made up a story about Graham Poll that eventually saw Terry fined 10K.

  22. DohaRed says:

    Fletch – I agree with you. Chelsea need to have a hard think and pack it in. In the heat of a match like that if you can’t take being called a Spanish Twat there’s something wrong with you.


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