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PICTURE: Beckham Is Green and Gold

david beckham green and gold scarf

It would take a pretty incredible moment to overshadow watching your team batter one of the European giants and second best team in Italy, AC Milan, 4-0 on the night and 7-2 on aggregate.

Yet somehow, the topic of conversation for most as they left the ground was whether they saw David Beckham put on the green and gold scarf as he left the pitch.

On BBC 606 on the way home last night, a man who had written some book on Beckham claimed that Beckham didn’t understand the significance of wearing the scarf. Whilst it is clear Beckham isn’t the sharpest tool, there is no way he could have misunderstood the message that action brought.

Good on you, David.

daivd beckham green and gold scarf

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. aig alex is god says:


    Totally agree with your post

  2. Costas says:

    A few other points about last night.

    Rooney is on 30 now, taking him ahead of Ole Solsjaer in the scoring chartes with 127 goals.

    Nani’s assist was one of the best I have seen in years. We do miss Ronaldo in certain areas, but service from wingers is definitely not one of them,

    Is anyone else releived we never went for Huntelaar?

  3. Costas says:

    As far as Hargreaves is concerned, the target is still the same for me. For him to start pre season training along with everyone else.



  5. aig alex is god says:


    I still rate huntelaar. The problem is he dosent play regularly for Milan. Pato and Borriello are the first choice strikers. At ajax he played regularly and hence got many goals. He needs games to get a good goal scoring run going. Being in and out of the team dosent help him

    With the number of chances we create he would have done well at United.I wanted him before the season started. Who knew Rooney was going to have a season like this?

  6. Costas says:


    Something feels off about him. I don’t want to judge him on the glorious chance he missed. God knows, every striker can miss that. I just didn’t feel threatened by him at either leg even though he came close to scoring. I know it sounds weird.

    Here’s the thing with the Dutch League. You will find strikers scoring there for fun. 12 years ago, even a Greek striker was the League’s top scorer! But will they turn into a Ruud Van Nistelrooy? Or will they turn into an Alfonso Alves? Huntelaar is a good striker, but is he good enough to play for a Real, a MIlan or a Man United? Pato is class, so it’s natural that Huntelaar can’t dislodge him. But what about Borriello?

  7. elvido says:

    Ronnie is probably cleaning up his box at the Bernabeu to see his old mates play in the finals!!!

  8. aig alex is god says:


    I agree he isnt worth the hype that was created when he was scoring for fun in the dutch league and he isnt anywhere as good as RVN

    Borriello is good striker and can score some crackers. However both of them really are nowhere near Pato who was certainly missed yesterday. Milan were toothless in attack. Pato may have made a difference

  9. RED SAM says:


    hi. i’ve also rated huntelaar but it’s not entirely on his perfomance at ajax. We can’t deny he had a fantastic record there but so did jan vanegoor of helsink and afonso alves ;) am not saying that he is the same class as them but i don’t think the dutch league is a perfect one to judge strickers on. Only ruud lived the hype from it but i think huntelaar had a chance to be a top forward but he blew it with his move to madrid.

  10. kappatango says:

    Becks is a Legend. ‘Nuff Said.

  11. Costas says:


    I should point out that I don’t think Huntelaar is anywhere near Alfonso Alves. :P But he is not RVN either. We should always be careful with strikers scoring for fun in different leagues. For example, Djibril Cisse is enjoying his best season ever in Greece…

    Rio and Vida did have a good game. I wonder if someone with Pato’s movement could have given them a few harder questions to answer. The problem MIlan had in general, was that because of Park and Neville’s hard work, players like Pirlo and Ronaldinho couldn’t deliver a lot of service to the front men.

  12. swapnil says:

    what a night…i absolutely loved the crowd last night.the reception we gave to one of our legends was great!!i was very happy with fans when they booed tevez but last night was something else!!its not that becks deserved it,but its about recognizing his contribution for the club..proud to be a manchester united fan and proud of you all fans too!!!!

  13. aig alex is god says:


    I think Vidic and rio would have been tested more. We know that they arent too comfortable against strikers who are quick and have pace. Pato is very quick adn clever too. Playing Park in midfield turned out to be an excellent move.he was brilliant

  14. themarkedman72 says:

    i rated Huntelar and I am now busy whiping the pie offa my face.

    He had about three touchs…rubbish.

    Becks is a f’ing genius!!

    Bring him back.

    set piece coach.

    ambassador for the club.

    We want Becks!!

  15. Red Devil says:

    @ Costas

    I am one of the ones who feel relieved we didn’t sign him….really didn’t pose any threat in the two games at all…was actually looking disinterested yesterday…I dont think he got more than 4-5 touches (around the danger area) in the whole game, which is really poor… least he could have made the effort to drop back a bit into midfield to see the ball more!

    This Christmas, someone is definitely begging Santa to call off his dream from last year….(you are more than welcome back here Lad)

    The ABU media can go on and on about Le Arse and their sexy football for all I care….they can continue their wankfest till they’re dry…

    I’d rather have people like Ji-sung park and Fletch in my team anyday..

    Also is it just me or does Patrice Evra need to get in some extra practice with his final ball…..for all the good positions and space he gets into, his final effort is almost embarrassing sometimes…can’t he take some crossing lessons from the Nev?


    Seeing David Beckham back at Old Trafford made me feel really, really sorry for the poor lad.

    He has been married to Victoria for 12 years.

    Jamie Bulger`s killers didnt get that long and they are scousers.

    Poor old Becks.

    Love United Hate Glazer.

  17. sppibsihmkcrkg says:

    guess those who were doubting red nev have some humble pie for dinner today! He was excellent and kept ronaldinho quiet though apart from the cross for the goal his others were bit wayward. Park played well-another one doubted. Was welling up myself wi becks reception, not ashamed to admit and at 3-0 up really wanted to see him score that volley. I’m so proud to see one of ours go on after the abuse he got after 98 and truly believe it can only happen at a club as great as ours

  18. spencer says:

    we haven’t made the final yet so lets stop the arrogance please in some quarters. we have a long way to go yet. i still think barcelona will take some stopping

  19. PossePossebon says:

    Scott you should make a shirt out of this.

  20. Wakey says:

    @King Eric

    They have been hired to look for more Red Knights in Asia to each put £20mill into the pot.

    Brian Blessed is a Newcastle Fan I thought.


    Huntelaar screwed his own career over imho. He had the chance of being a real world class striker but his refusal to leave Holland sooner ruined his footballing education. The Dutch league just isn’t a challenge and by the time he did leave it was too late, he was at an age where he should have been a 1st team player not but part player while learning his trade

  21. Gee says:

    @ AIG

    Pato and Huntelaar are both overated mate, although Pato is a lot better than Huntelaar. When at Ajax Huntelaar bagged goals but for the virus he was ordinary and for milan hopeless. Ruud came from Holland and bagged goals for us then the virus and now for Hamburg, thats why we havent signed him!!

    On topic: Well in Becks lad, like many have said pictures speak louder than words!!

    Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma United Road

  22. Costas says:


    That could be it too. Especially when you look at Ruud and how he developed under Sir Alex. But even now, has Huntelaar worked with a top class manager who willhelp him develop his game? Probably not.

  23. willierednut says:

    Media whore or Red knight lover? ps Brain Blessed is a United fan he was mutv with Terry Christain

  24. King Eric says:

    Wakey – No mate Blessed is a United fan, a huge fan.

    spencer – chill mate, its not arrogance, its just people are happy with that performance last night. As the banner outside the East Stand prior to kick off says “MUFC – Not arrogant – Just better”.

    boogeyman – Happy birthday lad.

    Hunterlaar is shite, no balls or no fucking heart for big games.

  25. Wakey says:


    Strange as I have seen him on TV claiming to be a Newscatle Fan. In fatc he has a ‘party trick’ where he can name the whole squad of of their last Championship winning side (or was it cup winning side)

    “He supports Newcastle United football club. On Soccer AM (Sky Sports 1, 10 January 2009) Blessed admitted he also admires Manchester United. He has also been quoted as saying that he supports his home town club Doncaster Rovers.”

    And this Interview with Maxim states he is a Newcastle Fan. Although he does say

    “It’s a toss-up between Newcastle and Man United, actually, because in 1948 Man United won the FA Cup 4-2 and they passed through our village to play their last game in Sheffield. We were little kids out on our playground and they stopped off there. We put our school strip on and we played Manchester United in a game and they let us beat them 26-0. So I’ve always had a warm spot for them.”

  26. willierednut says:

    Sounds like he has more clubs than Tiger Woods.

  27. RedMist says:

    Chuffed he got the reception he deserved. He was clearly moved by the passion behind his warm welcome, was great to see.
    The only way last night could have been better was if Becks had smashed that volley in, would have loved to hear the response from the stands.
    Top bloke, and endorsing the G&G campaign like he did shows he knows the score.
    Don’t want to hear this bollocks about him sniffing our some publicity by wearing the scarf….G&G is going well but lets not kid ourselves that Becks NEEDS to wear it for the publicity, everyone connected with the capmaign should be kissing his green and golden balls this morning. He’s given it serious gravitas.

  28. King Eric says:

    Wakey – Well what a twat. Going on the Terry Christian acting the “top red”. He clearly said on that show he loves and follows United. Told that story that you mentioned as well.

  29. brett1985 says:

    The green and gold campaign is just people venting now. It has no purpose, it will come to nothing and it is pretty clear that no one is prepared to hit the glazers in thier pockets. It is a half baked cause overall.

  30. King Eric says:

    brett – pretty much agree mate. As I said last night the g&g has basically become a fashion accessory at OT. Dozens infact hundreds in their green and gold last night at the same time as being laden down with megastore bags and queing at kiosks. If Fergie spends money in the summer I expect it to die down considerably.

  31. Fred says:

    What a pair of fannies you two sound. I’ve long suspected Brett1985 is a sockpuppet but I’m very surprised at the way King Eric has turned so pro-Glazer. Stop griping and get behind the movement to reclaim our club.

  32. Costas says:

    Just because a portion of the fans finds it “trendy” to wear Green and Gold scarfs without understanding what they stabd for, it doesn’t mean that the movement has lost its value guys. Watching from the television, I saw more G & G scarfs than any other home game. And I highly doubt that all of those additional fans belong in the category that King Eric mentioned.

  33. Fred says:

    Exactly Costas, those people are helping the cause just by wearing the scarf. I can’t understand these apathetic people pouring scorn on United fans doing something so positive.

    “Grumble, grumble… it won’t make any difference… groan, groan… there’s no point… whinge, whinge…”

    FFS that’s the spirit isn’t it? You gutless wonders. :-D

  34. King Eric says:

    Fred – I am not pro -glazer mate, not at all but just dont know what anyone else would do. I have heard both sides. For what its worth I do sing all the songs at OT about the Glazer’s but I just don’t trust the redknights. I also bought a green and gold scarf back at the Burnley game but the fucking colours are shite. More turqouise and orange than green and gold.

  35. King Eric says:

    Costas – You would be surprised fella. There were thousands with them on and the official shirt or merchandising. As I said I am biding my time on this till the summer to see what gives. Bit unfair to lable me pro Glazer just cos I won’t jump on a wagon. Not you mate but Fred.

  36. King Eric says:

    Fred – But we won’t be reclaiming “our club” will we? It will be in the hands of more money men and if you honestly think they have our intentions at heart you are deluded. They are in it for one thing. Anyway thats it from me.

  37. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Oh, I believe you. The thing is that this category of fans goes with the territory. You can’t escape that. I think that the movement has gained pace without their presence, but that’s just me. I wonder how many first timers were at OT last night. From personal experience, I can tell you that you can’t escape the temptation of the megastore. :P

    A bit of a silly question, but where do fans get the scarves? Are they handed out by MUST outside the stadium?

  38. BD says:

    100% agree with King Eric… They are investors who pool all sources of money together so that fans can run the club? C’mon… Be serious…

    MUST is looking for any option that would get rid of Glazers, and I guess they are entitled to.

    But the bulk of the support of the Green & Gold movement is with MUST, not necessarily the Red Knights.
    I assume that is what Becks was trying to say in his post match comments.

  39. Tjalan says:

    Bojan Djordjic supported the Green and Gold on swedish television last night! Bojaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  40. King Eric says:

    Costas – No mate are they fuck. They cost a fiver from the various street vendors who will be making a killing.

  41. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Ah ok. Thanks. They all looked so similar that I was wondering if they are sold at the megastore. But that wouldn’t make any sense…

  42. brett1985 says:


    You have long suspected what exactly? This is essentially the first time I’ve come to any judgement about the campaign and how you could have long suspected anything on that basis is a mystery to me let alone the fact that I post on here maybe 5 times per week- rarely on this issue.

    You’ve been caught out to be honest and are a bit of a liar about me.

    The G&G campaign is ineffective, people participate because it lies within their comfort zone, makes people feel part of an emotive cause which perversely brings fans together.

    At the extreme end of a worthwhile campaign is militancy and rebellion. People hitting the glazers in the pockets. If it was going to happen it would have by now. No, people are doing what they always have done, going to matches, buying merchandise etc.

    The campaign is just a matter of vanity for participants. Last year I recall similar sentiments aimed my way when I refused to sing and criticised people for chanting ‘Fergie sign him up’. I wish people would wise up.

  43. brett1985 says:

    King Eric

    Exactly. It’s a fashion statement and all I can say is I hate fashion.


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