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PICTURE: Berba Wearing United Gear For Friendly

Every year, Dimitar Berbatov plays five-a-side friendlies in a competition with his friends. They were kitted out in United shirts and in the picture above had just won a game 10-5. Berba scored 2 goals but played in defence.

Thanks to Inna Ivanova for the picture

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  1. LucasUTD says:

    Zibbie says:

    JUNE 11, 2011 AT 1:49
    xol says:
    SAF please sign Ininesta

    I don’t get it?

    Well, there’s a new player called Ininesta, who has both the defensive solidarity of Nesta and the passing and vision of Iniesta. Rumours are Liverpool are in for him.

  2. dannysoya says:

    Do Venkys think they are dealing with idiots? if you think he is worth 25 million pounds then you can keep him. Maybe Dalglish will pay that crazy amount of money for him. Fucking asswipe indians.

  3. Robbinhood Savage says:

    wow that was really nostalgic. I envy you really. Watching Robson and Maradona live is a dream come true for any fan.

  4. Robbinhood Savage says:


    those chicken heads are trying to figure out what ‘ buy-out clause’ actually mean. I think they probably need 25 million quids for expanding thier chicken business in Iraq, libya and sudan.

  5. prasan_UTDfan4life says:

    @ Cedars Devil are one lucky person to have witnessed that great night and our Captain Marvel top post my friend as always!! Reading posts of people like you, MG, Sir Giles Oakley and so many other fellow reds who love this wonderful club to death makes me feel so privileged to be a supporter of Manchester United. For me, every single moment spent at ROM is a learning in itself and every single moment spent on this great club from my life makes me feel close to heaven! :-)

  6. manc_sam says:

    get a life son

  7. dazbomber says:

    I hope this transfer goes through or we could end up with egg on are face

  8. jespermoses says:

    IMO he’s been treated badly.I feel for the lad alot and just hope SAF can fit him in somewhere next season

  9. sachu says:

    good morning all true reds
    dont worry mate he wants to come here so we will get him

  10. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Good Morning ROM!,19528,11095_6982440,00.html

    Liverpool Cheif Comolli says that Henderson is just the start of Liverpool’s spending spree.

    I would like to see how it ends – probably with Marlon Harewood I think.

    Once more gentleman, all together now, Let’s all laugh at Liverpool.


  11. sachu says:

    well good morning mate
    apprarently they want silvestre
    is it certain we will get jones

  12. Saad says:


    Just watched the highlights of the match on Youtube. Were you one of the lucky few to invade the pitch?

  13. Kings says:

    CedarsDevil – Fantastic post at 7.55 my friend. Two genuine greats of the game and you had the privilege of being there. Hats off to you buddy. Get well soon Robbo, we love you.

  14. CedarsDevil says:


    Sadly no! From where I was sat it was impossible…. As much as I wanted to though…..

    Robbinhood Savage

    I was lucky enough to watch Robbo every week my friend, a true honor it was….


    Keep coming my friend, this is a place for true reds

  15. CedarsDevil says:


    Cheers mate

  16. Jumping Jesus says:

    If Venkys think they can get £25M for Phil Jones then good cluck to them…

  17. smartalex says:

    CedarsDevil Good day, and thank you for sharing, my friend! You might have felt a knob before the game (kidding!), but your good deed opened the door to a life filled with love and joy.

    Hello Kings, how are you buddy? I enjoyed your piss-take at 6:51, brilliant!

  18. Whiteside says:

    We are too hard boiled to fall for this. They must think we’re chicken shits.

  19. CedarsDevil says:

    smartalex – I did hahahaha…. good day to you too my friend…. Maxine is on the Rooney thread, lets have some fun

  20. Clint-IamYourPapii says:

    I enjoyed reading this back – Could’ve Wet my pants at the number of Venky’s jokes.

    Where the hell was i during this? :(
    Reading MG’s essays in response to that Cum Stain in the other thread.

    “Big Sam told Fergie, Phil Jones is a good egg. ” :lol:

  21. smartalex says:

    Phil was also at the Karaoke bar, singing Eggbert Humpastink’s classic:
    “Please regrease me let me flow”

  22. Whiteside says:

    For I don’t l’ouef you anymore.

  23. smartalex says:

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Venky: We missed one?

  24. CedarsDevil says:

    I have found a new love

  25. smartalex says:

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Arnie: It vill be back!

  26. Whiteside says:

    How many chickens does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Contractually, 16.5 million.

  27. Whiteside says:

    Who’s the new love Cedars – some hot chick?

  28. smartalex says:

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Bill Gates: To purchase Chicken 2.01a, which will both cross roads and calculate the energy it used. There are bugs, yes, but if you uninstall Traffic 2.0 and Farmer 1.2 it will run. If it freezes at WhiteLine 2.0, we have a patch …

  29. Whiteside says:

    This new signing has put a spring chicken in my step.

  30. CedarsDevil says:


    LOL – No mate just adding lyrics to the Engelbert song! hahaha

  31. Whiteside says:

    Oh right nice one cedars! As long as you’re not tickling the eggs of some fowl old bird.

  32. CedarsDevil says:


    Hahahaha, nut cases the lot of you….. Bloody love this place

  33. smartalex says:

    If you wanna end doubt
    You’ve gotta take it out
    If you wanna get paid
    or just get laid

    We will fight,
    for our bite,
    It’s our right,

    If your player is gone
    And you wanna bolt-on
    Don’t forget this fact
    You can’t get him back

    Hold the phone,
    No more moans,
    He’s our Jones,

  34. Whiteside says:

    Yeah me too mate – you can’t beak this place.

  35. willierednut says:

    What a pack of roasters!

  36. Whiteside says:

    Nice one smartalex, think Clapton wrote that back when he was in The (Farm) Yardbirds.

  37. smartalex says:

    Whiteside, I think it was when Eric was with Cream (of Chicken), broth(er)

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    James Cagney: It crossed twice. The dirty double-crosser.

  38. Whiteside says:

    U is on fire smartalex! Well, on the BBQ anyway.

  39. Kings says:

    smartalex – Hello my friend, I’m good thanks. How are you buddy? Glad you enjoyed that 6.51 post mate. Love your chicken jokes, brilliant! As our good pal Cedars says: ‘BOFA’

  40. smartalex says:

    I’m cock-o-the-hoop Kings, thanks!

  41. Mayorrah says:

    Berbatov is a prolific striker, he has a ball control??? He is going 2 put more goals in d net next season…, beware of berba

  42. Mayorrah says:

    Berba is a prolific striker…. He knows what 2 do with d ball…

  43. smartalex says:

    Q.What did the chick say when his mum laid an orange
    A. Look what marmalade

  44. smartalex says:

    Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?

    They won’t stop to ask directions.

  45. smartalex says:

    Psychiatrist: “What’s your problem?”

    Venky: “I think I’m a chicken.”

    Psychiatrist: “How long has this been going on?”

    Venky: “Ever since I was an egg!”


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