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PICTURE: Carrick’s wife has a pop at Keane on Twitter


Following United’s embarrassing defeat against Olympiakos Michael Carrick gave an interview. Roy Keane, who was working as a pundit for ITV, claimed the interview was just like the performance tonight, “flat”.

Carrick’s wife took to Twitter to respond to Keane’s claims, before later deleting the tweet.

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  1. Mark Everson says:


    I’m afraid to say you’re creating a rod for people to bash you on the back with. Your selections/formations have been erratic to say the least. Yes we know about the injuries and bad luck blah blah, but come on man help yourself out here. Go to Sir Alex for some advice ffs. You have to change your small team mentality and realise you’re at a club that doesn’t HOPE to get a good result ANYWHERE, and SHOULD get a good result EVERYWHERE
    Please don’t play Valencia. Please don’t play Cleverley. Please don’t play Young and definitely not Smalling at right back (he isn’t one) Yes Fergie managed to get away with it, But YOU are NOT Fergie. The afore mentioned players should be nowhere near the squad let alone the first team. People are really running out of patience now and it won’t be long before you are hounded out if you can’t change your whole ethos on managing the biggest club in the world.

    Listen repeat and understand.

    Mark Everson

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    It’s only too obvious he’s getting an easy ride compared to Villas Boas. Villas Boas was actually doing a better job this season than Moyes and had his Spurs side sitting above us when he was sacked. I remember Gary Neville on Monday night football questioning Villas Boas’s ability to handle big name egos and saying how is handling of the Adebayor situation was questionable saying he should have been shipped out altogether and not left around the squad. Neville also questioned his tactics with his high line football with the likes of Dawson playing at the back. I don’t see Neville questioning anything Moyes does becsuse his brother is first team coach. All we here from him Neville is “Manchester United won’t sack him. They don’t panic. He will be given time to get it right” same old boring shit. Grow a pair Gary and say it how it is.

  3. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Moyes has just stumbled from one post to the other since his arrival. He claimed before the season that we couldn’t win the champions league as we were 4 or 5 players short. Then in February he’s talking all bullish and claiming we can win the champions league on the eve of the embarrassing performance away to second worst team left in the competition after us. He claims we went into the game in good form? I obviously missed something. A decent solitary win away to Crystal Palace doesn’t mean you’re in good form. He now claims we can turn it around as we have done so before. Who’s “we” David? You haven’t achieved any of those past results. We’re barely averaging over 1 goal at home this season and couldn’t turn over a 2-1 deficit against relegation threatened Sunderland. We have shown absolutely nothing to suggest we can this around. I bloody warned people on here that Olympiakos was going to be a tough tie for us. The way we have played all season I’m not sure why people thought it would be anything less.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gary – gary won’t say how it is because he is too spineless I’m sorry to say and that’s not the gary neville we all knew..

    You could look at ir and say the british press are desperate to see a british manager succeed at a top job.. In the spirit of ridiculous national bulldog pride, they would rather united suffer.. They know if moyes fails then another british manager will never set foot into that type of job again..

    Or you could look at it from another angle.. The press have been waiting for a decline for years and we gave them tge appropriate opportunity to point hands and laugh by appointing a goodman, a decent coach but a manager that has no proven progressive playing philosophy, a manager that has no credentials of managing big players, a manager that has won FUCK ALL yet martinez, with lesser players, has an fa cup title.. Martinez out-played the city that have whipped united’s bollocks for a few seasons now. The press are loving it. “Give moyes time, he will come good”.. “manchester united must adhere to their tradition of sticking to a manager” and many more rubbish.. As it said, time waits for no-body, you have utilised it wisely… Moyes hasn’t shown anything to convince people. He had to change his entire way of thinking to suceed at united but the fact he went back for the 3 musketeers of mersey-side in steve round, lumsden and neville summed him up.. Moyes is a man that was given a ferrari but has been driving it like a bog standard oil tanker. He is a man with a defeatist mentality, a man with no clear progressive vision, a stubborn man lacking in ideas as to how to halt this uncontrollable massive ship..

    I think we can all be in denial or step foreard out of the meek sheep following shadow and admit it…

  5. Zana says:

    What irks me is not Moyes per Se but an utterly not experienced coaching staff of a clueless Phil Neville.

  6. Zana says:

    I say this and am very sorry to say it despite being a greate supporter of appointing Moyes as united manager.Fergie have been a genius in bringing quality talent and unique players to our team but unfortunately he was mistaken by miles perhaps in appointing David Moyes and I am genuinely sorry to say this.he is a man after all, he thought probably that the players will quickly adapt to his style and Moyes will also get use to what manchester united is about but now he realized that he did a great mistake because transition should not bring you that far.I am patient believe of my dear reds but it seems that even patience has its limits.I am still hopeful Moyes can turn things around but we are deep deep down and sinking!

  7. ashtheking says:

    That was one of the worst performance I have ever seen. Ii have been saying from very first day that Valencia and young should not be selected but moyes as usual picks them in the most important game. And what worried me more is when even a 5 yr old football fan would have said that we needed a change after the first half display but moyes waited for us to concede second goal before Taking vLencia out. Kangas a showed y he is great. He was effective at least more effective than Valencia young combined. And why didn’t he use all three subs. Hernandez should have been brought but no moyes was happy with young. It was a joke. To those who are saying its better we get knocked out here as we would be thrashed against bay earn or barca. When hVe we become like this. We said the same against Sunderland in league cup semi where we preferred to go out than play city coz we would be thrashed. Then why not get relegated because we may get thrashed by Chelsea City next season. I would prefer going out to a bayern than to .olympiacos. And sir Alex won’t sack moyes. It was his decision toast point moyes so his ego won’t permit to accept his loss. Sir Alex has a big ego and in recent year that ego has increased. So don’t be surprised if moyes keep sons electing Valencia young cleverly Ferdinand etc instead of Hernandez kagawa . I have been defending moyes for long but yesterday I had had enough. Fuck his methods. I hope he is successful but a man should take his responsibility and learn from his mistakes but moyes is not that man. He keeps on committing the same idiotic mistakes. And rvp was mentioning ant welbeck when he said his team mates were interfering in his play.

  8. The_red_devils says:

    in the case of gary neville, its also beacuse he is a true red who ‘gets’ united, people of likes of gary, scholes, giggs etc will rarely criticize moyes…

  9. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Samuel, I am disappointed Neville has been so soft on United’s current plight. He’s literally not questioned a single thing Moyes has done apart from bizarrely of all things the signing of Juan Mata before hand. Neville suspected he wasn’t a typical Manchester United player. So what is then Gary? Ashley Young? He wants to say more but he wouldn’t bloody dream of doing it. He’s not the main problem though of course. We all know what it is and even the players are hinting at it. Like you said Samuel Moyes is a good steady coach. He clearly did some good things at Everton and stabilised the club, but they just floated around 6th and 7th for years while never giving the fans an awful lot to shout about. He lost the big games that mattered like to Martinez’s Wigan in the FA cup and Liverpool in the semi finals the year before. Once you’ve been doing that job for so long where you’re content to make your side difficult to beat and content to finish in the too half it is then so hard to break out of that. For him that was good enough at Everton. It was a shocking appointment by Manchester United to start with. I couldn’t quite believe it when the story broke that day. The men who appointed an inadequate manager are to blame more than Moyes himself.

  10. WilliamAR says:

    Really shameful by the players and shockingly bad tactics by Moyes yet again. I can appreciate that some people have tried to do their best in regards to sticking by Moyes, (people like Wayne Barker and Tommy ), but there surely must come a point where even people like that can see that Moyes really isn’t up to the job. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise this. the percentage of people wanting Moyes out is rising by the week. I was never sure of his appointment from the start but was hoping to be proved wrong and that Moyes would do a good job. I expected a team of our quality to have a dip after Fergie left but nobody could have possibly imagined it dipping to these low standards.

  11. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Ashtheking, exactly! Moyes sent out a suspect starting line up and then at half time it was clear it needed changing. What made him think it would get any better than what we had already seen? A good manager reacts in situations like that. Hell even Mourinho has taken players off after half an hour is he sees he’s made a mistake. That’s what a god manager does. He reacts before it’s too late.

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I admire Wayne and Tommy in that their loyalty to United can’t be questioned. They’re supporters who stick with the team through thick and thin for sure, but they would be putting the boot in if this was happening to Liverpool and having a right good laugh at their expense. Yes we should have been prepared for some rocky moments after Fergie’s departure, but we have had literally nothing to cheer about on the pitch all season and now our season looks like it is over completely. There is no excuse for the plight of the team. Moyes has spent 60 plus million and basically has 3 new players in Fellaini, Januzaj and Mata to add to last years run away champions. We have fallen like a bloody stone this season and it keeps amazingly getting worse. I feel like such a spoilt brat questioning Fergie, but seriously he needs to admit he got this one wrong. Moyes is an uninspiring character devoid of any of the credentials to be a success at United. It’s so obvious it’s painful. Not his fault as he was basically given the job and why wouldn’t he take it? I blame the people who appointed him and threw him in at the deep end.

  13. demoniclsayer says:

    I am kinda patient with DM for a long while, but I really think he would have been better off not finding any excuses. Those who always give excuses for their own shortcoming are one who will never gain respect from others.

    United this term will be bolstered by a number of players in the summer which will be a crazy spending. If that ever happened, Moyes will be sack if he could not make the team perform. His fate will be the likes of Mancini.

    I don’t think our words here will give him any realisation. Everyone or Somebody please write a letter to him and teach him what he got to do please before this whole nightmare turn worst. Even my limit has come to an end when he keep making excuses.

  14. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Seriously if the sole reason for the board not assessing Moyes capability as United manager at the end of the season is because “they don’t want to offend Fergie” then they should ALL be removed from their positions. T

  15. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    They are appointed to look after the club FIRST. Part of looking after a club of this size is taking the tough decisions. You won’t please everyone but it has to be done. The board needs to sit down with Moyes at the end of the season and see where his head is at and demand some explanations. Yo think the fans are going to sit through ANOTHER season like this? Surely not.

  16. Mark Reid says:

    Most of us on here are fans no doubt ,a few trolls and we all know who they are.Its a gut reaction when we lose and it will get better no point in us having a go at one another we are all fans.One thing I have to mention what about those Greek fans yesterday very impressive.Maybe it’s Moyes maybe it’s the players maybe it’s the owners not sure,but something has to change.Not sure that getting rid of the manager is the solution but what is the solution?

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I’m not saying get rid but surely they have to at least sit down and talk with him and LET HIM KNOW that this is not acceptable. He goes on like he’s under NO pressure at all. Fergie’s shadow is protecting him and the board members are scared to called him out on this disaster of a season without offending Sir Alex. He really doesn’t feel like he has to win now to keep to his job. It’s the only reason why he keeps going back to the same rubbish WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK FFS.

  18. wayne barker says:

    Tht’s the worst i’ve seen Utd perform in god knows when there was no urgency or energy i couldn’t believe what i was watching.Up to the first goal nether team looked like scoring and i honestly thought it was heading for 0-0,the result sickened me
    John the fact you’ve been invisible for weeks and you come on here and get so much delight in this result and wanting to go after Tommy and i says it all,you’re a troll and a pathetic cunt

  19. Mark Reid says:

    @Wayne yeah I was thinking the same thing not a word out of him till now I think he’s an Arsenal fan.

  20. WilliamAR says:

    @wayne barker

    Despite your unwavering faith in Moyes so far I would be interested to know what your true feelings are in regards to

    1) The job Moyes has done so far?
    2) why you think the players are not performing like they can?
    3) where you think our club is headed under david moyes or if you think he will be shown the door?

  21. wayne barker says:

    WilliamAR i’ve said this on more than one occasion i don’t know if Moyes is good enough or not but he was hired by SAF and the board and Sir Alex asked for the fans to stand behind him.Some fans have been predicting this type of season for a while now,parry who no longer uses the blog figured Utd would finish mid table last year.As i’ve said also more than once without RVP,Rooney and Carrick for a chunk of last season Utd would not have won the league,simple as.I also think taking over a job at Utd following a icon such as Sir Alex is not that easy it was complicated by Gill also leaving,Utd should have persuaded him to stay for the summer imo.
    So taking everything that’s happened squad problems prior to Moyes taking over that wasn’t addressed,having a rookie GM appointed to do the summer business in what is Utd’s most pivotal season in two decades,having the toughest start to the season ever,add that to constant injuries,core Utd players getting older and just not good enough to perform at the very highest level anymore,most mangers would’ve found this a trying season
    What i saw yesterday was a lack of commitment and intensity i’ve never seen before,players mailing it in need to be cut from the squad and the younger lads brought in because there’s to many who don’t care anymore or just not good enough and that’s effecting the whole squad,that has nothing to do with Moyes or his tactics

  22. WilliamAR says:

    @Wayne barker

    Our players are good enough as proved last season to finish top 4. we’re well off that standard at the moment with the same players. granted we’ve had a lot of injuries this season but we’ve had terrible injuries in defence the last 2 seasons and still been able to compete. this season we’ve had players come out publicly through social media criticising things and now questioning tactics. Sure the players have to shoulder a lot of the blame for this season but it’s this manager who decided to make our winning coaching staff’s positions intenable no matter how the story gets painted. If moyes had left Rene to do his job and not decide to take over coaching and just been a manager who was there to learn of Rene and Mike and Eric, pick the team under guidance from these guys and learn the job of being manchester united manager and focusing on motivating our players we would not be in this position regardless of injuries. Instead he has changed a working formula and team coaching staff completely, made the team play negatively and without confidence, publicly come out and dented a lot of our players confidence through bad press meetings and interviews, showed very little in the way of things improving and put us in a position in the league so low we haven’t seen that level of mediocrity since 1989. His methods clearly don’t have the backing of the dressing room and that is reflected on the pitch. I admire your faith given our current predicament but there is no denying that at least 70% of our problems stem from decisions and actions made by David Moyes. He employs the tactics and he pics the team and he is charged with making our players believe in the cause and themselves and at the moment that is not happening.

  23. wayne barker says:

    WiiiamAR the only job Rene wanted after Sir Alex left was manager Rene was offered the same job with the same wages if he didn’t want to stay his choice,quite frankly i’m bored of hearing that over and over again as if it was Moyes fault Rene left.I also wish people would stop referring to last season anyone thinking Utd would’ve won the league without RVP,Rooney and Carrick are just fucking deluded.
    If you can’t see Moyes inherited a squad with problems which sooner or later was going to implode we just see things differently i’ve already been through my reasons to why Utd have struggled and it’s not all Moyes if you don’t agree with me fair enough
    i’m not saying you but some posters on here have been Moyes haters from day 1 only showed up after Moyes was hired and have never given him a chance, this i have a problem with because their enjoyment and contribution to this blog comes at Utd’s failures.

  24. Unagi says:

    @Wayne Barker.

    Wayne I many times disagree with your naming and calling out posters on this forum (I admit to some degree some really come here just to enjoy the lost) and I find it to harsh (even for the ones who deserve it). Still everyone are entitled to their opinion.

    Recently you had more posts on particular subjects connected with the club (Glazers, Rooney, last game) and I enjoy reading your insight.

    As to last game I do not agree that players performance has no connection to Manager or tactics. I think it has to do with that, with training methods and as I wrote in other post it seems that most of the team does not have chemistry with Moyes “vision”. I based that in connection that there were too many bad performances of majority of players in many games comparing to the same bunch working under SAF.

    I find it just impossible that so many people go down so much in such a short time.

  25. Darrenshepperto says:

    WILLIAM AR ^^^^^^^

    you took the words right out of my mouth, thats exactly correct on all counts! basically Moyes has fucked it all up and will continue to do so!

  26. Unagi says:

    I second it is not Moyes fault Rene left. Rene wanted to be the main man and chosen to do so.

    In connection with my previous response. I also agree that trouble with that squad were coming but I wouldn’t say that anyone forecasted it will be in such big degree.

    On 3rd issue I would say last yera without RVP it would be close race but United would be there (more closer to 2011/2012).

  27. WilliamAR says:

    @wayne barker

    I’m not saying that moyes didn’t inherit a team with problems. I’m saying our problems weren’t big enough to make a team of internationals implode like they have done so far. if we take away RVP and Rooney we still have 2 capable international players, who given the right service will score. chicha and welbeck both play for very high ranked international teams so they are no mugs and chicha has the best goal ratio i’ve seen in a while. we’ve had fletcher who could fill carricks place. people forget that darren fletcher has won every trophy domestically and is a champions league winner and a world club cup and super cup winner. he no mug either. Every team has problems and we’re no different but there’s problems and there’s completely imploding on ourselves. something has caused that. It can’t be happiness because they are all multi millionaires who never need to work again effectively. it cant be ability as we have a team loaded with players who have won multiple honours and win trophies almost every year and all play internationally. The way we have played the game this season has completely changed in terms of tactics and there is only 1 person to blame for that. Moyes! Even Lee dixon who was a great footballer said we looked so one dimensional. this has been a common theme all season. When moyes got here a lot of people were sceptical and not too sure of the appointment (myself included) but nobody wanted him to fail and nobody wants to see united crumble like this. This is heart breaking for a lot of people and we certainly can’t blame the glaziers as they tend to not interfere with the football matters, and have proved that they are willing to spend.

  28. wayne barker says:

    Unagi mate firstly look at the back 4 Smalling is not a right back but Rafa has had a lot of injuries this season and i’m not defending Tony V because he was poor last night as well but he was getting double teamed most of last night due to no overlapping threat,eliminating Utd’s right hand side in that formation is a big deal.Rio is done he’s a bad apple not performing and undermining the manager through social media should be dropped from the squad,Vidic is also not performing to past levels he’s already thinking about Italy.Evra has been a defensive liability for some time,like Rio and Vidic imo already thinking about moving on,Jones,Rafa,Evans all with injury problems,so just starting with the back 4 Moyes had issues.
    Playing Fellaini in back to back games after such a long layoff would’ve been a risk,so the options are Fletch or Tom C,Tom C has been mainly poor all year but again Moyes isn’t left with many options this has what he’s been given to work with and let’s face it Carrick wasn’t up to his usual standards last night
    Now some will argue Young isn’t good enough and Januzaj should’ve started Nani has been injured all year but again Moyes options are ltd.Away from home Moyes was going for a defensive minded side which is just common practice by any manager in the CL try and steal the 1-0 win and until that fluke goal Olympiakos never looked like scoring
    All i’m saying take a look at the whole picture,aging players who are already mailing it in,players who are not performing or just not good enough but are the only players Moyes can work with.Time and
    time again i hear the same posters slagging off Moyes then slagging off players for not being Utd quality well that’s a contradiction in itself isn’t it?,these players weren’t Moyes signings,add that to constant injuries Moyes hasn’t had a chance to pick a regular or his best 11 all season i can see why Utd are having issues and it’s not all Moyes imo

  29. tallestreD says:

    The team selection set us up for that display. Why didn’t he just stick to what worked, because this same personnel haven’t worked together all season. He should shake things up. For this performance the Manager takes the cake for me, but in saying that anyone who is in our team roster shouldn’t be putting that kind of display.

  30. wayne barker says:

    tallestreD mate Mata was cup tied and playing Fellaini back to back so quickly after a long lay off is risking injury,he had no choice to play Rio and Vidic because of injuries and let’s face facts can’t handle back to back games anymore.He could’ve played Fletch over Tom C and Januzaj/Kagawa over Young that’s about it.
    It was a disgusting lack of effort or urgency i’ve seen from a Utd side in a long time,like i said fuck all to lose now so start bringing in the kids who at least want to play and will give 100% effort

  31. Unagi says:

    Well I think it will be interesting how Moyes reacts to this game…

    This can be the landmark…

    United need 3-0 and even better 4-0 to be comfortable that they will go through and not loos late goal to take them out of the competition…

    To achieve that Moyes will have to play cards right… If he does that can be the sunray in stormy sky that will tell there is something to look forward to.

    If he blows that… well then it is no CL next year.

  32. wayne barker says:

    Utd are definitely not out of this just the shocking lack of effort i can’t get my head around,as i said early it was like the team had caught a flu bug or something,couldn’t believe what i was watching

  33. tallestreD says:

    Wayne regarding Fellaini’s injury, he was on the bench mate. If he could make the bench then he could have played. I mean since RVP and Rooney returned from injury they haven’t been dropped once. Also why didn’t he just replace Mata with Kagawa. I don’t really see why we should be on the defensive against Olympiacos. Sitting back against any team is asking for trouble.

  34. tallestreD says:

    Wayne regarding Fellaini’s injury, he was on the bench mate. If he could make the bench then he could have played. I mean since RVP and Rooney returned from injury they haven’t been dropped once. Also why didn’t he just replace Mata with Kagawa. I don’t really see why we should be on the defensive against Olympiacos. Sitting back against any team is asking for trouble. And don’t we have any reserve player for RB? What’s with Smalling in that position

  35. Martin Thomas says:

    This stupid woman is an embarrassment. Michael did look uneasy (he looked almost sick!) and it wasn’t a good interview or post-match summing up. Keano was right when he said it was flat. And he said that because he cares about United, he knows how they (should) work and he understands the (true) United Way…. Something some silly WAG will never grasp or ever begin to understand. Some people (well, a lot actually) can’t take any sort of criticism and they get offended about absolutely anything, and then go squawking all over Twitter (most people who use Twitter are pricks anyway!). Keano only said it was flat. Anyone would think he had called Carrick a sack of shit, the way she is going on. It’s pathetic….

    This incident (the interview and the WAG squealing) remind me of two incidents from United’s past:

    The first is when Dave Sexton had to ask Lou Macari what he (Sexton) should say to the press before a Manchester Derby. Macari was astonished that the manager of MUFC was asking him what the manager should say before such a big game! When Lou said ‘Just say we will stuff them 4-0′ Sexton looked shocked and said ‘I can’t say that!’

    That is the attirude that seems to be at United these days. The guts, defiance and bravado of the Doc, Big Ron, and Fergie is seemingly long gone…

    The second is when Alex Ferguson was on the train station platform, en route to the FA Cup Final Replay in 1990. The (deservedly) dropped Jim Leighton hid behind his wife, and Leighton’s missus verbally abused Fergie and flicked him the V’s. embarrassing, clueless and pathetic. Just like Mrs. Carrick. She really is as bright as she looks.

  36. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Olympiakos only need a single goal meaning we will have to win 4-1 to go through. We’re barely averaging just over a goal a game at home in the league this season. Only Norwich in the carling cup have we managed to best anyone at home by more than 2 goals. It’s a massive ask considering how shit we are playing.

  37. Mark Haslam says:

    I have mixed feelings at the minute. I think we can all agree we are trying are very best to support Moyes as fergie requested but he really is making it hard for us. But I have to agree with Keane that that was one of the worst displays we have every seen from the club and some of them players dont deserve to wear the shirt. It was just shocking to say the least. It just seems that Moyes and the back room staff are clueless. There was always going to be questions regarding Phil Neville, Chris Woods, Steve Round, and Jimmy Lumsden replacing the back room staff of experienced champions. It feels like an engine has been ripped out of a Rolls Royce and replaced with a Ford escort.
    I understand Moyes needed to put his own stamp on the club but to strip it back to its bare bones was madness. If the club was in crisis and he was replacing a sacked manager then then yes we would understand but the United Engine was running a team of Champions. A few fine tweaks was only needed for now.
    But Fergie has seen something in Moyes and he did do wonders with what he had available at Everton. Let just hope this season is a transitional period and things start to settle. Although not being in the champions league next season is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for the Glazers. And next season its going to be harder than ever if Moyes wants to bring in world class players. I dont think anyone predicted United would be not in Europe next season and I dont think Moyes and the board did either.


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