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PICTURE: Chelsea Fan Monkey Gesture At Welbeck

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. GerryDaly4 says:

    This should be sent to Chelsea FC and to police. Get him banned.

    Notice he is wearing same coat as John Terry was last night. Coincidence?

  2. stret end ryda says:

    Ban h!m

  3. Doghouse says:

    Ban Chelsea. What a tiresome bunch of cunts.

  4. Dwaza1985 says:

    I would expect nothing less from Chelsea, and the media failed to mention the continuous booing of rio every time he touched the ball. Pathetic bunch.

  5. unclezillion says:

    he could have been taking his hands out of his pockets!

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    How the stewards don’t have a word is beyond me. The man is in the front row and Chelsea are under a spotlight.

    Speaking of stewards, anyone here about the injured steward from the weekend game. Hope he is alright!

  7. Dave Pistol says:

    Every time the cameras pan into the Chelsea crowd there’s some prick giving the wanker sign

  8. okpe Gabriel says:

    chelsea can never be anything close to man united

  9. Hans says:

    This normal for Stamford Bridge. Until not too long ago they racially abused their own black players, let alone the visiting ones.

    Absolutely classless club. They should play Manchester Shitty every week. They are suited to each other!

  10. Cherry says:

    I saw another prick do aeroplane gesture, he stopped as soon as he realised I was abt to take a pic of him. Bunch of wankers these lot

  11. buh says:

    actually he was just asking “did you think i made a monkey gesture like this ?”

  12. irishred75 says:

    @ FletchTHEMAN

    …and is there any action going to taken against said fans for throwing objects onto the field / at UTD players? They were clearly visible on SKY cameras, not to mention the CCTV that is available.

  13. Dave Pistol says:

    Haha Buh

  14. Shebangsthedrums says:

    He’s doing that famous caveman dance!

  15. RPM Blues says:

    Excuse the rant – I wouldn’t normally walk in to the lions den but as a Chelsea fan I wanted to see this picture for myself and ended up here.

    I totally agree that what this guy did is disgusting and utterly wrong – the fascist scumbag should be arrested, banned from all football stadiums for life and fined – the negative politics surrounding Chelsea does seem to be spiralling out of control of late but don’t start accusing all of us (unless you work for a red top!) of being responsible for it.

    What makes me laugh is that you (presumably adult?) Utd fans are suggesting that this is what all Blues fans are like – you couldn’t be more wrong.

    The atmosphere at Stamford Bridge is generally great and I have had no problem taking my young kids along. Unfortunately, like all teams, there is likely to be a small number of idiots amongst the crowd. We need to work towards eliminating discrimination from all football rather than pointing the finger at one club and keep just the positive rivalry on the pitch.

    We need one and other to keep things interesting but, ‘we were robbed’, ‘you were robbed’ should be as controversial as it gets!

  16. MKRed says:

    Now we know where Chelsea’s racist centre-half was………..

  17. benjamin says:

    Actually he is a really monkey because he did like monkey.

  18. Little Red Ant says:

    Police say they won’t do anything as no complaint has been made – someone should.
    All one way traffic with this lot, the foreign players can’t understand English so say that Clattenburg called Mikel a monkey – it’s about deflecting everything away from them and their racist captain

  19. MKRed says:

    Talking of last night: why doesn’t someone kick up about the conditions visiting fans are forced to endure. We were in the Shed End lower and if we’d stayed in our seats we would only have been able to see one end of the pitch. No wonder everyone was squeezed to the front and in the aisles. There was a dad and his lad in the row in front of our original seats, and the boy was so excited when he took his seat about 20 mins before the kick-off. But when the ground filled up he couldn’t see a thing, and if he stood up his view was blocked out by the overhang from the upper tier. Last night might have put that young United fan off for life.

    You tend to expect crap seats and conditions in away European games, but what we’re subjected to at places like Anfield or Stamford Bridge, two of our so-called showpiece grounds, is a disgrace.

    So, RoM, maybe it’s about time you used your voice to demand a better deal all round for visiting fans, particularly when you consider the quality United offer to their visitors.

  20. unclezillion says:

    “Speaking of stewards, anyone here about the injured steward from the weekend game. Hope he is alright!” he twisted his knee quite badly so no real issues there. Hospitalized because work pays lol

  21. Shebangsthedrums says:

    The association of black lawyers should make a complaint, have they not set a precedent now with their complaint against Mark Clattenburg, despite no evidence.
    Chelsea, can’t win in this situation, and it serves them right. They’ll name and shame this fan ‘ cos he’s an easy target, but would that not make them hypocrites when they have John Terry as captain.

  22. Costas says:

    Nah, he’s just scratching his armpits…

  23. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sky is running this story of the Monkey chanting Chelsea fan.

    Says club will investigate!

    Well done ROM, a vehicle for social change!

  24. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Sky reporting that 2 assistants and 4th Official support Clattenburg and did not hear any abusive language over headsets during sundays match.

    Chavs In Deep end of the pig pen if they are only going on word of players who don’t speak english well enough to be spot on. This is not going to go well in the end.

    Chavs making another unsupported accusation about a referee. NEVER HAPPEN ….. er would it? :lol:

  25. RPM Blues says:

    Police are also aware of the photograph but have not yet received a formal allegation on which to open a criminal investigation.

    A statement from the club read: “Chelsea Football Club can confirm we are investigating an incident involving a member of the crowd at last night’s game against Manchester United.

    “The club will be examining all available footage and asks anyone who can identify the individual to contact the club.

    “Chelsea FC is committed to removing all forms of discrimination and if we have sufficient evidence we will take the strongest possible action, including supporting criminal prosecution.”

  26. RPM Blues says:

    Been in the wrong place for a while now (1st time for everything) so signing off

    MKRed – sorry, little we can do with regards to seats – need a bigger stadium. – best of luck with the rest of the season – looking forward to seeing how we’re received on 4th May!!!

  27. Ash says:

    Honestly Chelsea players sturridge,Moses,Bertrand,Obi mikel etc should be ashamed of their club. Ashley cole is a cunt so you cannot expect anything good from him.

    I hope clattenburg is proved innocent and these chelsea fans and players Are punished. Fucking cheating racist club.

  28. Proverb says:

    Chelsea is a disgraceful club, hope they get docked points
    Surely this aren’t good sign for football, they have forever been in the mouth of the people due to wrong reasons
    This has already cost people a lot (ask cappelo) and still seems nothing will be done to stop this on going racism from killing the game

    Fuch chelsea, we know who they really are….

  29. Shebangsthedrums says:

    The daily heil are reporting that Clattenburg allegedly said ” shut it monkey” to Mikel. Couldn’t he have said “shut it Mikel”? Doesn’t sound too different in a Geordie accent to someone whose first language isn’t English in a noisy football stadium. I honestly can’t imagine a ref making a racist comment in this day and age, particularly in this current climate . Why would he risk his career?

  30. Goat Peticoat says:

    Short memory my friend. Why didn’t the stewards have a word with him? Easy last time one did he got knocked out just last Saturday. The whole Clattenburg issue is to keep that fact out of the press. Still heard nothing in regards to that.
    I say stop the football now. Quite the season as it is and lets just do something else for a change. End the 2012 2013 season now, no winners and just take a holiday because this is fucking shit.

  31. Sushi says:

    @goat , it’s fast becoming a joke. I agree this is just fucked up no other season has started with so much off the field bull shit. I honestly don’t understand when everyone in the EPL became such whinging bitches.
    I know FA have their head up their ass but isn’t there some other body tat can take action? Make teams play in empty stadiums or slap a huge fucking fine.

    This ref business is a joke there is no way a respected trained ref would use racist language in presence of players and while 3 other ppl are listening in on his head set.
    My initial reaction was to laugh at this picture because it shows how much of a joke Chelsea is and really just proves that banner united fans had. But I just find it pathetic. Someone needs to take charge and so something soon.

  32. lordrt says:

    What else can we expect from a racist club… the next thing they would do is throw bananas on the pitch. joke club with a joke manager and owner. GGMU

  33. unclezillion says:

    The joke is
    Evra fined 15,000 for abusing Chelsea steward!
    Rio banned for x months for being a drug cheat!
    Cole is a cunt because he said no problem for Rio and supported Terry!
    Giggs shagging brothers wife for years

    Need we go on? clean up ur own house before you go on about others!

    Oh i know at United the club refuses to support its own players?

  34. RPM Blues says:

    Had to drop this back in as clearly nothing a Chelsea Fan says will wash with you lot – maybe better from someone who actually understands the game and can manage to be unbiased.

    The Premier League Owl:

    We’ve all seen that photograph now, of a Chelsea fan appearing to make a monkey gesture in the direction of Danny Welbeck – but let’s be clear, that mindless mouthbreather is the embodiment of a particular type of football fan, not of a particular type of Chelsea fan.

    Some have used this as a convenient stick with which to beat Chelsea, and to direct claims of hypocrisy in their direction in the aftermath of the complaints made against Mark Clattenburg. Come on, that’s rubbish – this is an entirely separate issue.

    Unfortunately, there are still people who go to football matches who believe that paying for their ticket allows them to do and say whatever they want – presumably whilst sheltering under a flimsy ‘freedom of speech’ defence. No, this type of fan has no place in the game anymore, he’s a relic and a throwback to a time when football grounds were dark, lawless places. And they exist at every club. The chances are that you’ve heard or seen someone behave like this at your club, whichever one that may be – they say something that makes you cringe or causes you to be embarrassed to be part of the same crowd.

    Look at that picture again: the fan in question is a simpleton, but he’s not necessarily indicative of any kind of culture that exists at Stamford Bridge. If and when his identity is revealed, Chelsea will presumably ban him – as they’ve done in the past with those committing similar offences. If they fail to do that, then you can criticise them – but not before, that’s unfair.

    Chelsea may be right the epicentre of a controversial topic at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that all these different incidents can be clumped together.

  35. Goat Peticoat says:

    Couldnt agree more fella.
    Im not supposed to agree with a chelsea fan or whereever or whatever you support. Thats why I call for an end to this years season early. Football is dying or dead as we know it.
    By the way you missed
    Rooney pissing in the street
    Rooney fucking a prostitute
    Rio agreeing to the term choc ice which is a racial slur
    You forgot Evra running around his hotel room going biserk and using the N-word on numerous occasions
    You forgot Tunicliffe drink driving
    You missed Rooneys family getting in trouble with the law
    You forget Morrison

    Dont get me started with the Chelsea and Liverpool lot
    Football is dead, lets face it.

  36. Pav1878 says:

    Dave Pistol,

    Totally agree mate. Unfortunately you see morons making signs like that at every ground.

    I’m always checking to see I any of our lot do it at old Trafford to opposition players!
    Thankfully it’s minimal.

    But what is it about pitch side seats that attract all the idiots?

  37. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    I think this issue should not be blown out of proportion. It’s just one fan. Media exposure for this small incident is just making the problem worse. It’s like unneeded publicity.

    It should be dealt swiftly and quietly.

  38. Canada says:

    I’ve just heard this fans defense

    “no i did not just do this motion to you”

    And Clattenberg also indicates

    “no I did not just call you a ****”

    And Mikel indicates

    “no I did not just say I would break your legs”

    All the problems solved then eh? Everyone shake hands and move on.

  39. unclezillion says:

    Everyone shaking hands and moving on is what men do! Football is not a game played by men anymore!

  40. _Palmer says:

    @RPM Blues – Good posts mate. I don’t think most Utd fans think the whole of the Chelsea fansbase are vile racists like this idiot in your stand. I hope not, because that would be tantamount discrimination, and that is kind of what we are trying to get over, isn’t it?

  41. OAFC says:

    According to home office stats there were 23 arrests at premier league grounds in season 2010-11 for racist chanting. Considering the number of people at the games that is an incredibly low figure, although still too many. There will always be someone because some people are both racist and football fans.As it happens, Chelsea had 2 arrests, Man U 2, Liverpool, Newcastle and Spurs none. Villa and Bolton were highest but then only 4 each.

    Alcohol, ticket touting, missile throwing and public order offnces were all much bigger issues.

  42. maker luka says:

    yes for sure this is how chelsea club fans including their managers behave in general. and i don’t understand to why they filed a complaint to the refree when they are the only club in England who hate black while black are the main players in England squad.

  43. redbilly says:

    I know a couple of black Chelsea fans, good lads ept they support those cunts. Both said if someone did that next to them they would knock t out, quite rightly so.

  44. redbilly says:

    Gavin Kirkham’s in da house.

  45. unclezillion says:

    “i don’t understand to why they filed a complaint to the refree ” perhaps the Ref actually said it unless you personally know better?


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