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PICTURE: City’s stand of United banners


A picture emerged from the Etihad this evening during City’s home defeat against Chelsea.

The first banner was of David Moyes, the second of Phil Jones and the third of Sir Alex Ferguson.

So City fans have as many banners for our previous and current manager as we do. Nice one.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The key to enjoying expressing your views,on here is to give the very least of a fuck who you try to impress,and really go for it.. The key to being poster of fondness is cook yourself up in a delusional frenzy. I’m an optimistic observer, I have confidence in the youth coming through, I will sing their praises, I will pass on credit when it is RIGHTLY DESERVED and will hold my hand up when proven wrong.. That’s life, that’s how it should be. Criticism and frank honesty, constructive as to how you view a solution can be found.

    There are some that can barely string a decent debate about a cat shitting in a blender let alone the beautiful game, the self pro-claimed backward thinking dinosaurs that go on a tirade without direction, struggle to see the point of view from others/digest their information.. I think that’s the,issue.

    If ROM became site of skipping over rainbows, dunking hobnobs in piss, drinking cherry-ade and subsequently moving away from actual good strong footballing debate then i’m certain it will lose its appeal.

    Me, i’m the optimist and realist combined, I will only go straight to the point without hesitation, I think those with good views shouldn’t be anxious to express their thoughts on the club. They claim the world is free (deep down, there’s still a form of control) but get on with it.

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Another question out there, why does moyes persist with playing with wide-men and trying to solely get to the by-line as his primary objective when clearly the players at his disposal, the attacking ones are capable of so much more class and quality if played in the right system and if allowed to express themselves. Kagawa, rooney, van persie, mata, januzaj etc.. United have the guile and imaginative players but they seem restricted, the team simply hasn’t ticked all season. These are players capable of various attacking potency, they are more than capable of cutting teams apart, they don’t neccessarily have to get to the by-line for every attacking move, the likes of rafael can do that.. There just seems a lack of sophistication to what moyes is implementing, there’s no point backing him if he isn’t willing to see other side of the coin and adapt to the highest level. One thing is getting new tools and another knowing exactly the right way to get the best out of them. Moyes clearly is digging himself into further misery with his own making, the players are culpable for their own part but the manager must take the brunt of shit flung at him just as he would dancing to his cheered name as he conquers. Moyes isn’t helping himself at all, the scrutiny on a manchester united manager is intense, you hope he can turn it around for the sake of the club, the direction the club is heading is bleak and backwards at the moment.

    Moyes has 11 years of premier league knowledge.. He should be tactically aware, spot on with transfers more often than not, have a winning mentality and flexible. You’d think he would have learnt after claiming to watch several top teams in europe, does he not take,a look at bayern munich and see the level united aspire to reach? Pep would be shredded into ribbons if he,came out with “we have to get to the by-line” as the only form of attack, especially whilst possessing truly gifted players. Moyes needs to evolve and actually step up and be a true top level manager with his way of thinking and ideas. He is too timid, lacking belief and it does transfer to players and supporters.

  3. Jose says:

    i found a very interesting stat on four four two website.
    during the stoke match.,only three passes were exchanged between rvp and add insult to injury,all three were from kickoff.

  4. martin the nairobian says:

    only david moyes can have rooney.rvp.mata.januzaj,kagawa and chicharito at his disposal and struggle to score against relegation battlers like stoke.
    buy him messi and cristiano and you would still be served with dull uninspiring and sleep inducing dose of football.

  5. shaan says:

    @martin the nairobian. It’s not the style of football a worry for me, even the last few year under Sir Alex was not very interesting brand of football but ateast we had a belief, desire and confidence that we will see the opponent through. Under Moyes I dont see that.

    People say that the team needs changing and our players are not up to the standards, I wanna ask them:
    Is our midfield worse than Sunderland, Cardiff, Southampton, Stoke etc?

    They say we will be fourth if Suarez gets injured, really?
    I mean is Suarez better than Adnan, Rooney, RVP and Mata combined?

  6. tallestreD says:

    @shaan, individually we have a better midfield but passers mostly. There’s no drive in that midfield, no urgency, no invention whatsoever. I played footie a while back albeit not professional but they are games when you just have to hope on your players to use imagination. I’m not saying in all games, no. That is why I think some players need to step up and be counted.

    Samuel, playing all of Kag, Adnan, Mata, Rooney and RVP is risky but I too think that that should be the line we begin to thread along. Still in need of a mobile midfielder. Seems like our MF don’t join attacks anymore. So many cutbacks but to no one.

    Sir Matt I just can’t tell you how much your words means nothing to me. I’m a Nigerian so you can take some more shots. “Sticks and stones”. And also “you can pay for school, but you can’t buy class”

  7. sir matt martin says:

    Ahaha.. Talking about Class, fyi am light years ahead of u in that, Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory. footy matters only.

  8. shaan says:

    @tallestreD. Mate what baffles me is most of the times our midfielders are nowhere to be seen. They just disappear. What I mean is the defenders have the ball but no one comes to claim it.
    When the defender passes it to the mid the mid player passes it back to them.

    There is something wrong and as a coach we expect Moyes to analyse it and treat it. There is something called as SWOT which very very small companies believe in, we are Manchester United for God’s sake. Moyes needs to bring some creativity.

    I am not against Moyes personally but currently all the other Managers look better than him.

  9. tallestreD says:

    Hmmm!!! Your comprehension skills are also baffling

  10. tallestreD says:

    @Shaan yeah as regards to mF not dropping to collect the ball. I wouldn’t say it is Moyes thing though. Since Scholes left it has been dire state of affairs in MF. We need that type of player again. And I think our reserves should have at least one that can play there.

    I saw the Villareal game yesterday ana 19yr old was bossing the MF. He may not do so all year but he is becoming wiser each year. Of all the players we could have gotten but didn’t get, Modric was the one I really missed.

  11. sir matt martin says:

    @Tallest fool.
    again i pity u, A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. if u dnt get that then go back eatin bananas.

  12. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    tallestreD – I dont usually agree with your view on Moyes print on this farce but dont bother yourself with sir matt. You’ve shown your class. I agreed with a lot of his views but after he pulled th race card and did not have the decency to apologise I dont think he’s worth anyone’s trouble.

  13. shaan says:

    tallestreD. That what I expect Moyes to do. How will we know if our 19yr old can boss the midfield or not till we give them an opportunity.

  14. sir matt martin says:

    Ahaha. and. talking about comprehension skills here, what a laugh!!!!! waistin my time talking to a fool. have got better thins to do. Fasa tasa espiontay!!!

  15. KwesiOwusuJnr says:

    sir matt will you just shut up. Seriously, isnt a moderator on this site? Hello Scott, I think we all agree racial abuse and comments shouldnt be tolerated here. Thank you.

  16. Matthew Fairclough says:

    I think Chelsea’s win last night said a lot about managerial candidates. You had a man (Mourinho) ready to take charge of United – surely it must have been a very real possibility at one stage – who’s won titles in every country he’s worked in, who’s won the CL with 2 different clubs…and instead you opt for the guy who’s never won a trophy on the basis that he’s managed a mid-table team for a decade??? Where in god’s name is the sense in that? Wtf is the rationale? Throughout his 14 year managerial career Mourinho has a 67% win rate; Moyes has a 42% win rate. Football is about success, particularly at a club like United. Which one is more likely to bring success? Hmmm…tough question.

    Instead of being a club with the real possibility of immediately continued success, United has this season become some sort of training ground for Moyes to see if he can step up and make it as a top level manager. I support United through and through..I always have and always will, no matter what! But I can’t understand the thinking of allowing a guy to manage the club when he’s won no trophies and done nothing to indicate that he can suddenly become this amazing manager that we’re all hoping for. Fergie was given time to settle in on the basis that he’d had previous success (and let’s be honest, it was pretty amazing) with Aberdeen etc…what are we giving Moyes time on the basis of??

  17. sir matt martin says:

    @ Matthew Fairclough.

    Moyes father and sir Alex was best of frend when moyeses move in to Abadeen, close to sir Alex home. So you are right mate jose should have gotten the job, Jose Mourinho a report in spain said he cryd when the job was giving to moyes. Jose would have done wuderfully well at united.

  18. shaan says:

    @Matthew Fairclough we say that Jose needs money to spend on players of his choice and we will have to break bank for him. What Irony, look at our current state. 70 million already spent for two players. One yet to prove himself another luxury.

    Mourinho spends around 35 million and gets what WE NEEDED.

  19. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Matthew and shaan, you’re Absolutrly right Matthew, fans might sugar cost but that’s the reality of the situation. Shaan, a bit harsh to call Mata a luxury player. The guys played two games and we all know his quality. A luxury player would be someone like Adebayor or Berbatov who we all know have great ability but tend to drift off into the wilderness for months and are not the type of players you want when the tough gets going. Mata’s attitude and stats suggest he’s for from a luxury player. They stand up to any creative players stats across the globe. Whether Moyes can put his abilities to their full use is another question though.

  20. shaan says:

    @Gary dont get me wrong mate by Luxury I dont mean a player who might go missing and has an ego bigger than the club. What I mean is what someone rightly said in the previous forums “we have getting wet in the rain due to broken roof and Moyes buy a 72″ LED.

    He is a very good player and someone we can build the team around. He is one who can singlehandedly change the complexion of the game but we the situation demand someone else.

  21. sir matt martin says:

    How much did Roma got Kilvin Strootman again £13m or15m, how much did Fallaini cost again 28m or 30. compare and contrast both players.. you will find out evrytin is just wrong with amDavid Moyes.

  22. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Samuel, I tend to agree with a lot of your posts. You talk about Moyes evolving and adapting a lot though and I’m sure the only reason you do so is because you’re a supporter of the club and we all want him to get it right. I had severe doubts when I heard about his appointment, but was willing to give the man a chance (maybe less of a chance than others) but it’s like you say. We can deal with not winning the title and accept a rocky patch if there was positive signs to point towards and reason to be optimistic. We have seem none of these things and a ton of negatives to digest upon the shit result after shit result. I really don’t think the man can adapt as you keep saying. He’s been in the game long enough now and his management style is his own. You’re hoping the man can be something he is not.

  23. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Shaan, agreed he wasn’t the player we were crying out for most and still hasn’t addressed the central midfield issue. I personally was delighted to get him though and it was too good an opportunity to pass down considering his age as well. Next summer there will be no excuses (not that we have any now!) to not address this glaring hole in our team. Not only that now, but we could do with a new left back, another central defender and some competition to give Rafael a kick up the arse!

  24. shaan says:

    @Gary. I think Janko is a good deal. Heard good praises about his game and once he gets an opportunity them he might be able to show what he is capable of. Next year again wont be that easy for Moyes.

    The expectation and hopes of finishing high will be huge, we will have new set of players who will need/take time to gel and create a sense of understanding and the young ones will be banging if not knocking the door for first team chances.

    Also a point to note is by then players of Cheski and Looserpool and shitty would have gelled more.

  25. Tommy says:


    To answer your earlier question, Its not just about having patience, I firmly believe no manager should be judged until hes got his own players in, United fans (Those on social media) are spoilt by success, no team has a divine right to win and United are no different, He wont be sacked anytime soon, If he buys 6/7 world class players in the summer and this time next year we are still 7th then he will probaably be sacked at the end of next year, but for the time being he is not going anywhere so its pretty pointless people discusing it because its not going to happen! Furthermore those call Moyes a useless manager and all that other crap well I would take SAF opinion above 1000s of opinions on RoM when it comes to managers.

    @Sir Matt

    Why the fuck hasnt Scott banned your racist arse from this blog, Your a disgrace and a sad and vile piece of shit, @Tellestre I will apologise on his behalf for being racist, their is totally no need for the filth that comes out of his mouth mate!

  26. shaan says:

    @Tommy. Sometimes the expectations fuck up everyone’s mind or mood, atleast mine. I did say before that I wish i could have a patience like you and Wayne. I really appreciate that we have fans like you. I wouldn’t segregate die-hard and plastic, wum or ABU’s based on their comments. Just that we can’t stand the pathetic teams to sit above us and our club not moving towards positivity.

    It hurts when Moyes comes out and says words like I dont know what to do to win, we played very good football, we dominated etc.

    He needs to be honest and kick the arses of these spoiled highly paid so called professionals and let them know who the boss is.

    I feel the players either don’t rate and/or are not scared of him.

  27. sir matt martin says:

    Even a fool that you are recognizes that there is great sadness in a bucket of tears. But only a wise man thinks to conserve water and use that bucket to wash his car. footy matters only.

  28. sir matt martin says:

    @ shaan
    I wonder why you are talking to a fool like tommy, who keeps on supporting mediocrity just becos Sir Alex ask them too. Tommy was an Everton fan befor he started supporting this club so you can see why he is supporting moyes. he said it on here him self. The mind boggles.

  29. Tommy says:


    I agree that we didnt play well but then SAF said we played well when we didnt loads of times, Could he not just be trying to deflect the attention away from the players, knowing hes going to get a barrel of abuse from the press and social media, Just a thought tho

  30. Tommy says:

    @Sir Matt

    hahahahahaha, find me 1 comment when I have said im an Everton fan, I have been to more United games than you have watched on the tele so get fucking real racist man!!

  31. sir matt martin says:

    United needs to Get rid of Moyes & his Everton clowns, then, suddenly this same team will start winning under any manager of true winning pedigree: Klopp, Hiddink, did you not see how Jose got his celebration on yestday. thats a true passion from a Top manager.

    Jose yestday: We train evryday to be the best, and to be the best you have to beat the best.

    Moyes on Satuday: I dont knw what i have to do to win.
    (I dont knw what i have to do to win)

  32. shaan says:

    @Tommy I just wish that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t support the idea of sacking anyone. I am just frustrated at no growth and the way we have become a laughing stock. I am sure the Owners also care about their business and brand.

    Also I wish Moyes surrounds himself with people that can challenge his ideas and bring someone new on the table. We need creativity. He needs to take risks at this stage me guess. But poor guy is in a catch-22 situation.

  33. sir matt martin says:


    Sarcasm will make your
    tits fall off. Talk, talk, talk: the utter
    and heartbreaking stupidity of
    Fools like you.

  34. NBI Red 21 says:

    @ Tommy – Hello arrogant fuker. No manager should be judged till he’s got his own player in? You’re having a laugh – you think all the squad should go and be replaced by Moyes signings and then we judge him? You think RM would let a manager come in and sell Ronnie & Co and bring in his own players? A top manager is judged by how he uses the players already at top Clubs and how he strengthens. SO Moyes was managing Barca or Bayern untill he got rid of Messi and Lahm and bought in his own players he should not be judged. What a joke kind of criteria is that. Fool.

  35. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    @shaan. Sorry this is in reference to your comment about the brand of football not being the best under fergie. I actually agreed with this point, and iv heard before. But now that I think about it. It actually was a very exciting brand of football. Its the PLAYERS that were limited! You can’t play with any amount of flair with carrick+cleverly in the middle of park. With them at his disposal Fergie actually played EXCEPTIONALLY good football. We’re realising it now. If fergie had chelsea’s midfield+mata+rooney+rvp+januzaj he would dismantle Barca :-P

  36. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    @shaan. Sorry this is in reference to your comment about the brand of football not being the best under fergie. I actually agreed with this point, and iv heard before. But now that I think about it. It actually was a very exciting brand of football. Its the PLAYERS that were limited! You can’t play with any amount of flair with carrick+cleverly in the middle of park. With them at his disposal Fergie actually played EXCEPTIONALLY good football. We’re realising it now. If fergie had chelsea’s midfield+mata+rooney+rvp+januzaj he would dismantle Barca :-P

    Personally I think one of the funniest things about this whole situation is that mourinho has NOT done what many expected he would do with us at chelsea. He has been collected, respectful, charming…. He was avoided because ppl assumed he would come here bringing arrogance and trying to be bigger than the club. He has looked towards young youthful players, he is not spending money frivously and is looking to leave chelsea in a better position in the FUTURE. Complete opposite to the manager we’d all expected to come, win a trophies with agein players and leave them in need of an overhaul. All will be well though guys. We’ll keep tearing up that byline.

  37. Tommy says:


    Hello no brains inside, Hope your well, First of all Barca and Madrid dont employ managers they employ coaches, A managers role is to control the football club, but at Barca/Real Madrid, the manager (Coach in reality), has no say in transfers, so they are all run on instant success storys, so to compare the situation at United to clubs like them is ludicris and utterly poinrtless, If some of the players are crying because SAF is no longer here then they will be gone in the summer, simple as that, Hes gonna be here for atleast 1 more season, so get used to it and stop crying like a fucking tart!!

  38. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    @tommy and NBI

    Guys we’re on the same side here. But that aside, you both have valid points. Who do I agree with? Well both.
    Should a manager be judged on his ability with the players @hand? Absolutely. I can’t think of many prominent managers that haven’t had to prove their worth with a little before they’re trusted with a lot. But Moyes may have a case to be treated as an exception…

    At everton Moyes seems to found stability soon, but his consistency was cemented when he was afforded time to bring in his own players. So as an individual one would expect that as a manager he is most capable when given room to assert his own philosophy using his own set of players. Managers unlike players are not judged on potential so their record and history is pretty much the full measure of our knowledge in forecasting how things might turn out but this presents another problem…

    Moyes has failed at everything we’ve expected from his well documented “achievements” at everton. He was brought in for:
    Man management-failed
    Upholding united onfield traditions(fighting spirit)-failed
    Defensively tight-failed

    There is no doubt that moyes would do a better job with his own players replacing some of our deadwood. Unfortunately his tactical ineptitude will likely never have us competing against teams we should be comparing ourselves to. I agree with Tommy in saying tht he is going nowhere. But at the rate he’s going now losing the dressing room+fans could put his job under immediate threat. Moyes could quite easily go on to lose another 4 games this season looking at some of our opposition and in truth there are few managers in world football capable of doing a job worse than this.


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