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PICTURE: De Gea Banner In The Away End At Fulham

Following plenty of unwarranted criticism in the media, Manchester United fans supported David de Gea at Craven Cottage this evening with a Spanish flag with “In David We Trust” written on it.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Goat Peticoat says:

    Im glad you put this up Scott. I saw it being unwound in the away end and thought it a very nice gesture. Hopefully it cheers DeGea up a bit, cant be easy being a youngster away from home, in a hostile country. Hostile because of its chip shop newspaper press.

  2. belfast red. says:

    What a great gesture from our support! He needs confidence and for us to believe in him. He’s got my support! Show them what you are made of son!

  3. domunited says:


  4. Fife_is_red says:

    Important contribution from Dave tonight he definitely tipped the shot onto the post in the first half. Well done son!

  5. Red4ever says:

    He is the best shot stopper in the world for sure ,,,, if he improves his arial abilities he will be the best goalkeeper in the world ,,,,, in david we trust

  6. Wasyu says:

    In Degea we trust

  7. onlydale says:

    Great game for David

  8. Wasyu says:

    Let us believe in David Degea, he is still d best for UNITED, UNITED 4 LIFE

  9. Costas says:

    That’s the spirit boys.

  10. Berns otipah says:

    In David we trust!

  11. OJM says:

    I love the lad and am sick of the vendetta against him. If England’s blue-eyed boy Joe Hart made the same mistakes as De Gea this year (which he probably has to be fair), nobody would/has mention(ed) it.

    Well done to the lads that brought this banner – now we just need one 20 times the size for the next game, so he really feels the love!

  12. kingtubby says:

    I agree, his shot stopping is world class…no question..his foot work is top quality too, He will learn to be more dominant in his area.. he is a young guy..Just let him develop. I mean we are 10 points ahead in the league what else do people want?
    In David I Trust

  13. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Good from the traveling support as usual. Fantastic chants throughout! Awesome really. Our support is always top drawer at Fulham and today didn’t change my view. Get in lads.

    But I just have had enough of ESPN. Ragged on De Gea something terrible.
    So glad that slime won’t be back next year. Deserve to be sacked for their ABU views.

  14. ronnie says:

    gotta stick with this man.young players are discarded too easily these days just give the guy patience.he could become world class just give him a chance

  15. Jaino says:

    In david I personally trust is a young lad and is going to grow well. Nice to see u guy again, we need more of this from yoU. IN DAVID WE TRUST.

  16. mara says:

    I really dont understand what some people have against this guy. No one talks about pure performance by defence this year…what people want from 23 yo golman? He is superb..

  17. the kaizer says:


  18. SULLY says:

    I don’t really post much on RoM since 2008, but I do observe everything that goes on. I only post when I have to support one of our own. Gotta’ love this David fella. He’s been a sensation since day one. He’s attitude is bang on. He’s come in and had to shoulder the responsibility of being the number one goalkeeper of the biggest club in the land. And it’s a heavy jersey to fill. My respect for David has increased ten-fold after all the mayhem caused by the media. The boy’s handled it perfectly. Well done son. IN DAVID WE TRUST #RESPECT

  19. rafaisamadman says:

    I like this. In David I trust also. Top class.

  20. JIM says:

    What was the chant being sung throughout the first half? Was to the tune of Rooney’s chant but something about 32???

  21. ashafasylvester says:

    Actually d boy is world class,we don’t xpect him to start performing like vandersa so soon let just give him time.IN DAVID WE TRUST.

  22. rory says:

    fuck the begrudgers, he will be one of our finest!! give him time

  23. andy says:

    Fu*kin’ right!!!

  24. wayne says:

    I’m a red through and through,i’d just like to point out to be Utd’s number 1 you’d expect the goalie to be one of the top shot stoppers in the world because he’s playing for the biggest team in the world.So sorry this is what is expected of a Utd goalie nothing unusual here goes with the territory.Some have had a go at me saying i’m attacking DDG which is untrue,i’m just pointing out a fact that to be Utd’s number 1 have to be one of the best.So today he did his job but he still needs to get consistency and become more commanding.
    I really hope he makes it but i don’t trust him not to bale as soon as Real or Barca come calling so in the end this could be a complete waste of time,i hope i’m proved wrong.
    I think what’s bugging me most is there’s just to many fans going overboard when he does something right,it’s like grasping at straws to prove a point when really he’s just doing what is expected of a Utd keeper.

  25. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne mate, I myself understand what you’re saying though I don’t agree with you, besides that he should be more commanding.

    Commanding is the only thing that is lacking from him, and he’s 22. In the game against fulham he did command better, and I think it helps that Evans plays in front of him, they’re almost at the same age and different to Vida .

    If we keep thinking that he will go some day, well you know as a die hard supporter that players go, if we’d had think the same with Ronaldo we couldn’t have enjoyed his game, because we would have only had to think “ou no he’s leaving”

    If DDG decides to leave some day, well we’ll get someone else, maybe Johnstone is ready at that time and becomes our number 1. It could be after 5years or 10. Either way enjoy the lad and his attributes with us. Don’t think it too much. We have some players that shouldn’t be United quality, but they wear the shirt so we support them.

    Why not support DDG who could give us 5-10years of trophies and those glorious saves. Don’t worry to much mate! He will become worlds number one.

    The whole team is behind him, and he supporters also, not saying you’re not, but think about it, he’s 22 and will become even better than he is, imagine that!

  26. wayne says:

    WeAreUnited mate when it comes to Goalie i don’t give a fuck about age and it’s not a development position,my whole point is DDG is number 1 so he has to perform week in week out,i’m confused why everyone is fawning over him for just doing what is expected of a Utd goalie.This is a area that’s unforgiving this isn’t a rookie position….period.I hope he becomes the best ever but i’m not going to lie it’s very worrying for me because he’s getting way to much praise when he does his job,were in VDS case it was expected week in week out,that’s my point

  27. kungfoocantona says:

    great to see….he will feel good after seeing this…also what a performance by the boys tonight…everyone performed really well and i was so frustrated as it had nil nil written all over it, not because of lack of effort but because 2 or 3 games a season u get those matches were fuck all goes in and i feared although the performance was there it was just gona be one of those nights but it wasnt thanks to wazza and im so so chuffed with this victory..reminds me of the time ronaldo scored here then we went on to win the league…hope those dirty bastardin scousers can pull something outa there dirty holes to get something from the game…also great team selection tonight so well done fergie was really pleased to see a 4 4 2 with nani aswell

  28. tom c says:


    he’s getting copious amounts of stick from the media for basically every mistake he makes, so as supporters of course we’d jump right up in his defense.

  29. wayne says:

    tom c mate that’s the whole point if DDG was performing every week to a level of Utd num 1 wouldn’t be getting any stick.Thing is mate i’m a Red and have no time for breaking in goalies,we gave him last year that’s enough.Fuck the age etc,etc he has to step up and prove he deserves to be num 1.It’s about time everyone stopped treating him as a kid Utd spent 20 mill on him

  30. MansionOfTheReds says:


    so are you saying that united should only go for united quality English born established keepers or those so late in their careers that they won’t want a move away from ot? The list is pretty small mate. Madrid got phenomenally lucky with casillas being a local.

  31. StatesideAussie says:

    Wayne … I’m not sure that any of the top keepers were actually available when VDS retired. Realistically, who was available and which of those would you have chosen?

  32. need to feel the love says:

    Considering how iffy the defence has looked/changed the lad is doing ok we should expect people/press to be having a go because we are what sells the papers lets look at some facts 10 points clear

  33. kel says:

    Brilliant from the fans. It gives DDG a lot of strength! He pull of stunning world class saves!!! He will always be my number 1.

  34. TheCANTONA says:

    De Gea is superb and just like Jones, Welbeck, Rafael or another youngsters they tends to make mistakes. But this is United, a place where youngsters are allow to make mistakes when they learned they trade at game. This is what makes United special for me.
    Media witch-hunt against de Gea were very unfair, i saw Le Arse against Lvfool on wed. i couldnt believe how rubbish their keeper really are yet not single media highlight this, i saw Joe Hart made a mistake against sunderland (city loss 0-1) yet media choose to praise johnson goal than highlight Hart mistake, same goes for Ibramovic goal against England.
    Tell me if this isnt double standard by media?? So this is something understandable, when United fans being so defensive when it comes to De Gea.

  35. Mahesh says:

    @wayne: the point is, if you’ve watched joe hart this season, he has made much more (and worse) goalkeeping blunders, and he has got nowhere near the criticism that De Gea has got. There is a witch hunt on, because honestly, yes there have been a couple of shaky performances but on the whole I think he’s done just fine, regardless of age blah blah…and I don’t know what “united quality” exactly is, because if its VDS and Shmeiches that you are referring to, bloody hell there are very few goalkeepers out there who come come – I think De Gea will get there…by the way I know one of the major options was an ‘experienced,’ available goalie – and I heard Stekelenburg being bandied about a lot. How exactly is he doing then?

  36. Zulu-Utd Malta says:


  37. WeAreUnited says:

    @wayne my friend.

    the thing is, I understand that at the moment we as supporters are trying to point every save that he makes, and as a United goalie, that should be coming automatically so ti doesn’t need that.

    BUT and bear with me.

    When every ABU and Pundit is against our goalkeeper and in a witch-hunt, of course we will be scrutinizing every great save, we will make banters, we will praise him and will support the lad.

    I think the DDG thing is making us more United than ever here on these threadsm cause we are supporting the lad TOGETHER! and going against the ABU’s and “pundits2 that they call themselves.

    OF course we don’t have to highlight every save cause that’s what a goalie with an United shirt on should be doing, I get that, but the witch-hunt is on like donkey kong, so we will hunt them down and TRUST IN DAVID, give him support.

    IF this is not Manchester United then what iss? slating players? like I said, we have had and have some players that don’t deserve the shirt, (not many, but still) but I will support them! Like you also do.

    But DDG is getting us together and showing our Unity and it’s feeling good man, come and enjoy the ride against the ABU’s asn pundits, cause they have been amazingly wrong haha.


  38. wayne says:

    I don’t see this as a witch hunt if you play for Utd any player is going to be under the microscope like no other team.this is the pressure of playing for the club.I don’t give a fuck how any other keeper is playing so for fucks sake stop comparing him to anyone.I think Hart is overrated but he went on loan and proved himself before he became num 1 but I really don’t give a fuck my concern is Utd having a goalie that can be trusted week in week out

  39. wayne says:

    Mansion I don’t give a fuck if the goalie is Chinese,Arab or from fucking Mars just want one who’s going to show up every week and do his job

  40. In David We Trust says:

    I got to change my username, from FITB to IDWT, after the saves he pulled off, and the media’s lack of attention to this outstanding performance, it has to be done. Funny how the media continue the anti de gea witch hunt, after another great game. Their coverage had nothing on the 2 amazing saves, and we are linked to yet another mediocre keeper, just to fuel their agenda

  41. 412 says:

    I notice he’s beefed up

  42. MansionOfTheReds says:


    you seem to have a problem with the possibility of him going back. All I’m asking is in your assessment which other keeper is abetter choice for united?

  43. rijah says:

    My hero, the rise of the superstar… He has begun his journey towards becoming the best united has ever seen… GGMU…

  44. wayne says:

    Mansion you’re right mate i don’t trust him i think signing any Spaniard is a risk because ultimately all of them want to end up at either Barca or Real.If he was the finished article fine i’d have no issues but to spend time,money and wins in grooming him so he can fuck off as the finished article to 2 teams i hate is a problem for me.As i stated i hope i’m proved wrong he turns out to be one of the best and becomes a Red
    I don’t know mate but 20 mill buys just about any goalie in the world

  45. redkev says:

    @JIM the song is
    we fought in france
    we fought in spain
    we fought in the sun and we fought in the rain
    we took the kop and chelsea too
    but what we like most is kicking a blue
    kicking a blue kicking a blue
    what we like most is kicking a blue…

  46. ahjs says:

    But Valdes and Casillas can play for a few years yet and at least there’s only two clubs: Barca and Real or nothing. Guys like Silva, Mata, Torres, Reina etc have stuck around. And Barca and Real have long been the biggest attractions from players all over the world so it’s a risk buying anyone, in that sense.

    There aren’t many options. People wanted the Dutch guy but he hasn’t cut it at Roma. Now you want us to throw another keeper in at the deep end and throw away any progress that DDG has made? If there’s another VDS out there I’d agree with you.

  47. gfunk says:

    He’s gonna be top. I think he is now! Its the spanish way. He reminds me of a young casillas! Reina is the exception of course! Wayne is right, if you’re good enough, age is irelevant, I really do think he is good enough!! Singing his name more is better than scouse style flags! I’d sooner everyone sends him a postcard at the club. He is a fine keeper, will only get better……. Have faith doubters!!!!

  48. King Eric says:

    Class banner as was the 20 minute rendetion of “Kicking a Blue” .


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