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PICTURE: Fletcher back in training

Fletch training

“Darren came back in yesterday,” said Moyes. “He’s a long way away from being ready and we’ll use the doctors and physios’ advice. We’ll give him little bits of football and just pick him up over the coming months and see how he goes.”

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  1. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    As far as Im concerned regarding Kagawa I wouldnt be upset if we get rid. Im not disputing his ability as a player and believe he is better than Rooney in that possition just behind the striker as I believe in passing over running around like a headless chicken but he is asian.
    We had the trouble with Park that he would often not be an option for us when he had previously played in Korea or Asia internationally in midweek. But with Park we had a squad player that probably wouldnt have played every game anyway and certainly wouldnt expect to play every game. Kagawa is a so called star player that expects to play alot more. The issue is he cant. Jet lag is a real issue and I dont see why Manchester United should build two teams that can beat any opposition so we can cope when Kagawa is away and one where he can play. Its difficult enough for any manager to build one team to do this. Imagine if RvP had to take games out due to international commitments. We would suffer on the days he wasnt fit to play.
    I like Kagawa as a player but he doesnt fit to be in a top 5 team in Europe.
    And I told you lot why Kagawa wasnt playing due to the federations cup but all of you wankers still criticised and attacked Moyes. Fucking plastic Mancs.

  2. Traffordium says:

    Wont be surprised if Giggsy’ll play

  3. Costas says:


    It’s mere attention seeking stuff pal. We’ve seen it here before in recent times. That’s why I suspect it’s the same guy.

  4. bayoRed says:

    I wish Fletch all the best, but I have a Hargo feeling about it all.

  5. Gandalf says:

    Fletcher was quality, the rate at which he was becoming our main man and the kind of improvement he showed was very good. He would have been utd captain if things has worked out IMO.
    It is a pity his best years has been taken from him, wish him all the best.

    I don’t comment that much these days, but calling Fletch avg is just not on. He was on his way to being an excellent midfielder and our academy product too. Proud of him, such a humble lad.
    Fucking hate Cesc for getting him sent off in semis.

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Gerrard is no where near scholes. Paul’s technical ability and imagination can’t be matched by these two. Scholes controlled flow of games against the best, he dictated them. With his one/two touch passing made players chase shadows, he wasn’t the fastest but he had a quicker mind, he already painted and hanged his own pictures before other players even brought their own pencil and scrap papers.

    Scholes scored goals too, a master of timing runs or slamming in a screamer. He played effortlessly, he played his game at his own pace and rhythm. Scholes is a natural talent, he epitomises the term “beautiful game” and done all his talking on the pitch. It’s no wonder that the great technicians of the football game, those that actually understand rank him highly.

    Carragher has his own opinion but I can dispute it, he’s pretty deluded if he ranks scholes 3rd behind these two, they can’t even match scholes’ narural talent, they don’t get close. Just because scholes shuns limelight, he gets knocked back and underestimated. Scholes is the gift engurland national team never deserved and it’s no suprised they fucked it up with him, sticking a legend of the game, a master and conductor of the orchestra onto the left in order to accomodate lesser players. This is why they’ll always proudly wave the flag of failures and disappointments, arrogant smug bastard that care more about merchandising sale than quality, that’s why carrick sits on bench despite being the only proven central midfielder that control a game. LOSERS!!!

  7. Sara says:

    Hi peeps.Great day in Venezuela today.Looking forward to see the game,will be indoors and screaming my lungs out for the lads.Barbie,drinks et all as I cheer the boys.
    What a joy to behold to have Fletcher back.Was a vital part of our mifield and we have surely missed him since this bitch of a disease befell him.Long live Fletcher and wish you quick recovery.
    Gut feeling tells me we will batter Holloway’s boys and RvP will be on a roll today.A brace will do me just fine.Fingers crossed reds.

  8. Sara says:

    Hi peeps.Great day in Venezuela today.Looking forward to see the game,will be indoors and screaming my lungs out for the lads.Barbie,drinks et all as I cheer the boys.
    What a joy to behold to have Fletcher back.Was a vital part of our mifield and we have surely missed him since this bitch of a disease befell him.Long live Fletcher and wish you quick recovery.
    Gut feeling tells me we will batter Holloway’s boys and RvP will be on a roll today.A brace will do me just fine.Fingers crossed reds

  9. CC says:

    Absolutely predictable how the usual idiots come on to say that Fletcher was “Our Gattuso”

    Fucking deluded and sleepwalking to the same fate as Liverpool because of all you fans who never ever have anything negative to say because all they want is mutual validation from the other “real fans”

    I am sure you are the “real fans” Fergie was referring to when he said “the Glazers were great owners but then the real fans get that”

    “Fletcher is our Gatusso” fucking priceless
    “The Glazers are great owners” fucking priceless

    “That CC is a wum” totally fucking predictable.


    Is that what you want to hear all you dicks who jump on anyone who doesn`t share your opinion.
    I hope your kids all grow up to be City fans and marry scousers.

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    What does being asian have to do with his actual ability? Very basic to go around comparing kagawa to park, no offence to ji but kagawa is far more talented and has more potential. Kagawa fits into manchester united, a top manager will find a flexible system to get him in it and I’m giving him the benefit of doubt in terms of his claims of players needing,recupperation etc, I would hope kagawa will soon be given his,opportunity and he’ll grab it. I don’t see kagawa moving, wants to prove himself.

    Yes, the distance is an issue but that’s why united built a huge squad and moyes will have to learn he has to rotate and utilise all players.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    To be fair though and it’s obvious, fletcher wasn’t the most talented, he didn’t grab the headlines but his contribution can’t be underestimated. He has had to work twice or even 3 times as hard to make the grade at united, his determination can’t be faulted. He played as a more defensive minded midfielder, his passing wasn’t spectacular but it was effective, it didn’t have to be. He tracked runners, tackled. Basically was a platform for more attacking minded players to play. He was pretty disciplined and read the game, he knew his job in the team and carried it out. He was never the most talented but defensive minded midfielders are,rare headline grabbers and when they don’t, it means they’ve done their jobs. If fellaini does the same thing effectively, he may justify his place at united.

  12. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Fantastic News. This man is a fighter and I hope that he will finally put this sickness to bed forever. Looking forward to seeing him in some cup games or reserve games at least. If Fletcher was around, we wouldn’t be talking about how porous our midfield is. He was everything we wanted in a midfielder,=. High energy, excellent tracker, Pops up with the goals too (remember his two against city). Awesome man, super professional. FLETCHERINHO!!!!

  13. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    samuel – united WE stand
    I wasnt talking about ethnicity but where he comes from, the distances involved, jet lag, non synchronized playing times with Europe. Read what I write if youre going to comment on it not jump off as soon as you see a word that rustles your jimmies.

    Kagawa is a key player to any squad. A rooney type, A RvP type you cannot have those players missing due to things happening on the other side of the world. You cant with any justification criticise Rooney for turning up late for the season due to chugging beer and eating big macs and then be soft for Kagawa for turning up tired and unfit due to playing when he should have been on holiday. Ferguson said many a time that it was a problem with Park and maybe when we brought in Kagawa we thought he wouldnt be quite as good as he actually is. I have no issues with his play but now we have a star that cannot be picked for important matches. Maybe he surprised us a little with his ability. Maybe we thought only parts of his game would translate from the german league to the premier league. But with not playing comes the big stars mouth wagging. He believes like all sports men that he can play every match. He is a danger for squad unity.

  14. Proverb says:

    Hi, hello, good morning!
    Here’s to the enjoyment of proper reds contribution.

    Pal gay, hey! You pretentious fuck, trying to be funny by copying cedars posts, copy pasting things from other sites, your greatest pleasure is to see regulars fight with each other, keep licking NBI’s bollock you brat.

    Matchday hello welcome get them fuckers excited we gonna rape shit, bring it home!!!!! Buzzing!!

  15. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Kagawa’s out with the flu. FFS. Whatever you do just don’t start Young.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Goat – like I said, the distance travel is an issue but looking at the player and their quality, the club has to find a way to work things out and I think it can be done if willing. I don’t think he comes back unfit, I think it’s just the distance and he needs to recorver and perhaps start off bench when he returns, I think this is where man-management becomes key, I don’t think there’s been much discussion between kagawa and moyes, he wasn’t even part of the pre season squad and then all the international games come, those moments that could’ve been used for valuable understanding of each other. He and moyes need to sit and discuss what’s best, it is not that complex and I think it will be sorted.

    Kagawa didn’t suprise me with his quality at all,although past achievements at dortmund has to stay where it is and has to prove himself here, I felt he had the quality, technically especially to make an impact. Things of course don’t always go to plan, injuries and adaptation period in general was always going to happen. He’s had that last season, gained experience and settled a little more, I hope he can now take the iniative and start being a key player. He can’t play every match but with the pressure from japan, they expect him to do so and he does want to please them but it’s a,squad game, moyes has to show his managerial ability as he can’t treated united as he did at everton with a tiny but knitted squad, has to keep players pumped up. They did warn moyes about the several stresses that comes with being a manchester united manager, his every move and decision is under scrutiny, there those in the media that will praise him in one game and then set a trap for next. This kagawa thing is part of it and he needs to get it fixed and move on Hopefully

  17. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    I agree with CC’s post at about 1.30 last night. When Fletcher was playing many would groan at his inclusion. I was always amazed at the Fletcherino name that was given to him as i thought he was the least Brazillian in the squad. I presumed he just had a gentleman sausage hair trim.
    I wish him well but I doubt hell ever be a force again and to be totally truthful we should give up on him. He has missed so much football that he will never really be on the ball, he will also be too old to build a team around, his inclusion would stiffle the development of a youngster and he would be better suited to the play more regularly at a regular pace in a lower team. I wish him well but like for Norman Whiteside, football and life is cruel.
    I do think that people have been blinded by a loss of a player and its clouded their judgement somewhat. Like when a loved one passes away you think the sun shined out of their arse but when they were alive you never even bothered to see them. Its like Lady Diana, a cunt before she died and a press manipulating fuck who nobody really liked that much. Then after the death the sheep of Britain lined up so they could be seen by Skys tv cameras and treated her like the death of a demigod.

  18. Proverb says:

    Fletcher got ill came back in a game, I don’t remember quite well it was against whom, but it was in a CUP, league cup or the carling cup. Okay let me get to the point.

    The way he imposed himself was refreshing to see, marshaled the back four like the real boss, his energy was second to none.
    Well, considering that that was his first game after a long lay off and to slot back in sucha fashion it was amazing to see. I’m sure had fletcher partaked against barcelona in those finals the chances of us walking away with the cup would of increased by a mammoth. I miss him, his spirit/mentality is priceless cause after all he’s one of ours, he’s an academy product, he understands what this club is about, Life would be easier with him around. That belter against shity ohhhh
    Get him in moyes.

    Wums should get a grip and realize how blessed they are to be witnessing the success this club is having in and around the pitch.
    First of all I don’t have any issue with posters who bring in constructive criticism but sure I do with wums who don’t have a single positive thing to say about the club, those losers have no life, demand perfection when their own life is a misery, fucking hypocrites.

  19. belfastred says:

    Anylinks for game today folks?

  20. Proverb says:

    @goat yeah i agree with some you posted there, fletcher has a big field to cover to catch the same level as with the rest, but you just can’t write him off, appreciate the level of mentality he has to still want to get involved, its quite difficult as it is, and support at this point is critical.
    I for one believe he can make a full recovery, he’s a fighter many would have already given up

  21. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    samuel – united WE stand
    The international issues in regards park and Kagawa are the same. However Kagawa is a much better player so when hes missing it hurts us more.
    Imagine the scenario where on days Smalling or Jones could be missing for whatever reason or Young or Valencia. That is what it was like with Park and his international trips.
    Now imagine Vidic, Rooney or RvP is missing or DeGea. This is an issue now.
    Kagawa was brought in because we needed a ball moving attacking midfielder and we delight in him playing but equally we are lacking and dissapointed when hes not playing and then criticise Moyes for not finding the player we already have and cant play due to his other commitments in life.

    We have all whinged on here after finding out that after champions league matches away we find our selves playing difficult away fixtures in the league and questioning whether its all a fucking fix to try and make things more difficult. If thats the case then after the international breaks why is it ok for a player like Kagawa to be missing for these crucial clashes that were so wonderfully arranged for us. Ok this time we are lucky with playing Palace who we should rape to buggery today but if we argue on one hand that we get unjust fixtures then we should be ready and aware that we need all our players for these big games and herein lies my issue with having a Kagawa on the team.

  22. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Questions still remain if fletcher can get back to the level he was or even close but it would be harsh not to give him the opportunity to redeem himself. I don’t think he’ll be keeping younger players out, he has to justify his inclusion in a game anyway and he’s still far off first team. Think the likes of januzaj, although different calibre of players are ahead of him.

  23. Ash says:


    You say you are season ticket holder but you behave like a dick. You are nothing but a WUM. No one said fletch is a Gatusso but dicks like you cannot understand importance of him. I bet you would have bashed Carrick also. Your hatred for glazers is valid but no one likes glazer, we love our club and we support thrm. You come here and just talk bull shit. Present a proper argument then we will argue you fuck head

  24. Cool Goat HOT POTATOE! says:

    I accept your sentiments but where we can criticize Sir Alexs reluctance to get rid of the holy trinity and play them too long when other teams are paying a fortune for world stars who are now playing their part in making them successful we shouldn’t maybe have the same hold onto sentimentality in regards Fletcher.
    Im a bit more of a hard nose type who would have no issue sacking a player once he has found his play decline in such a way that he is no longer a Manchester United player. Giggs is a different issue as he can still perform and fill in in a number of roles. Admittedly he has had dificulties this term but thats because he has played every game due to the other players, Kagawa, Young, Nani being unfit or tired and not ready for the start of the season. He shouldnt play every match and it probably isnt in the plans to play him every match just something that unfortunately happened. fletcher however plays just one position, has very little experience compared to the holy trinity and has been out of the game for so long. Even if he was fit NOW he would still take 3 months to get back to match sharpness to achieve Manchester United standards. I would have no problems pulling the plug on the Fletcher show.

  25. Proverb says:

    In a nutshell

    Fletcher is an academy product, like giggy is. There is no harm if both are selected and justify their selection. Problems I have is with likes of ash young who club got ripped off for them and still cannot hack it.
    Instead goes missinng in games whilst better academy players are being kept out in their favor

  26. iced earth says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson will be in the stands at Old Trafford today

  27. sid says:

    Kagawa will play today if not start…..who fuckin evr said Fletcher is not gud is either drunk or in bed wid his grandma!! D commitment he had was tremendous…..i hope to see him back on d field soo,

  28. Proverb says:

    I’m off laters

    Great point, but shity paid top dollar for average player or nuckleheads who are just a detriment to dressing Room
    Players must like it here to be considered

  29. Proverb says:

    My last post aimed at @goat

  30. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Unbelievable. Young Starts, Nani’s not even in the fucking side for the game today. Fellaini on the bench.

    On the other hand, there’s good news. Rooney starts, Anderson gets his chance to prove his worth, Moyes has finally recognized that Fabio CAN play RB and so he starts today too. Valencia starts too. Hopefully a smooth game with a good win.

  31. Proverb says:

    Oops had to pop back

    Great line up
    I hope young improves

  32. Proverb says:

    With Rooney we have a chance, he’s the heart beat

    Get in

  33. Squeaky says:

    Only average player at best? Fuck off…

    Fletcher is a good player & he showed it last season when he played. He’s had his surgery, he’s being eased back into football/ What more do you want?? If he can still do a job let him do it, even if its only League Cup football.

    We’ve got enough games to go around and something tells me Moyes will be taking ALL competitions very seriously, so he’ll need every option available to him.

    So let him pace the Squad as he sees fit (FFS)

    Welcome back Darren!

  34. CC says:

    @coolgoat hot POTATOE
    “Its like Lady Diana, a cunt before she died and a press manipulating fuck who nobody really liked that much.”

    Brilliant mate – keep it coming.
    I thought that was so funny mate and absolutely spot on – too many grief junkies on here these days. Like Lady Diana, Fletcher is being re-created in people`s memories to being something he never was.

    It is unhealthy for a club to have supporters that never see anything that needs improving. Too many on here who are just seeking approval in my opinion.

  35. LoneStarRed says:

    That is excellent news to have Fletcher back in training!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. mckzie8 says:

    I hope he will catch up soon.

  37. mckzie8 says:

    We missed him, thanks to God is back.


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